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I am Jared Mason. Teaching in my classroom was not fun, It was always either to hot or to cold. Oh well, I wasn’t really paying attention to the heat today, I was thinking about something else, or should I say someone, Alice, I don’t know her last name we met online and have been talking Via social networking for a few weeks, It started off like this.

Jared says : Hey

Alice says : Hi 🙂

Jared says : How old are you?

Alice says : 18 you?

Jared says : 25

Alice says : Cool, I like older men 😉

Jared says : are you still at school or are you working?

Alice says : I’m still at School.

Jared says : Cool, what school?

Alice says : Can’t say sorry

Jared says : Ok, doesn’t matter then 🙂

Alice says : What’s your job?

Jared says : I’m a teacher.

Alice says : I like men with authority too. 😉 What do you look like?

Jared says : Brown hair, blue eyes, athletic body, and I’m about 6′ 1″.

Alice says : Hot 😉

We must have talk for a good couple hours, about Everything and nothing.

From what I knew she was about 5’7, Brown hair, skinny, 36D, and a virgin.

The last bell rang and I packed away quickly and drove home, I couldn’t wait to see if she was online. A Minute after I signed in, so did she…

Alice says: Hey Handsome, I’ve been thinking about you all day. 😉

Jared says : Hey sexy, how’s you day been?

Alice says : Good, I got out of my History lesson and made myself cum in the girls toilets thinking of you. 😉

Jared says : If I was your teacher I wouldn’t let you get to the toilet, I would fuck you right over my desk. Spank you hard for being a naughty girl! 😉

Alice says : Ohhh, I would love that. 😉 What school do you work at?

Jared says : I can’t tell you unless you tell me what school you go to. 🙂

Alice says : Brooklin High. 🙂

This is when it hit me. I knew this girl, Alice Clarke a nice young girl from my classes, She’s around 5’7 maybe 5’8, brown hair, green eyes and the best smile I have ever seen, She was a virgin from what I knew and she wasn’t lying about her breasts 36D. She didn’t talk much to boys and she was very smart in my lessons, the perfect slutty nerd.

Alice says : What school do you work at?

Jared says : Brooklin High. Hey I might be your teacher.

Alice says : What’s your last name?

Jared says : I’m not saying Miss Clarke, let’s just say you might have your fantasy come true 😉 I’ve gotta go bye. x

*Jared is offline*

The next day I parked in the teachers car park and I could see her talking to her friends. Her long legs covered a few inch’s above her knee’s by the gray school skirt and her blouse a button too low I thought. My eye’s traced her body and all I could think about was her sexual fantasy, being fucked over my desk, Ass and Waxed pussy exposed to me. I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about her.

I walked passed her saying “Hello” as normal and carried on, I reached my class room on the top floor and closed the door, locking it. I sat down at my desk at thought about what I was going to do to my deviant student, soon enough I had my cock in my hand, pumping quickly and cumming. If she had tried to come in, I would have opened the door and made her suck me off!

I cleaned up and got the lesson ready, I finished writing the work on the board when she walked in the first one here alone. “Morning Sir” she said happily taking her seat at the front desk.

“Morning Alice, you can do the starter in your book while the rest of the class join us.” I said sitting down at my desk. Our class was small only about 9 kids where in it, Math wasn’t a option everybody wanted but Alice seemed to enjoy it. 6 other kids followed shortly after. “Does anybody know where Jaden and Beth are?” I asked while taking the class register.

“They aren’t at school anymore Mr. Mason, they where found doing things they shouldn’t in a class room” Alice said lightly lifting her head and giggling. I notice her hand sliding over her thigh and tracing her pussy before crossing her legs. God she could make me hard without even knowing it.

“Mr. Mason, I don’t understand question 15 can you help me please?” I heard her say quietly after 20 minutes of silence in the classroom.

“Sure, come over here with your book” I said putting the homework from another class to one side, She put her books on my desk and leaned over me.

“Sir, It makes no sense” she said pointing to the question, I looked up to see her breasts right next to my shoulder, I could have easily grabbed her and felt her up right in front of the class, I respected her and my job to much to do that, in front of the class anyway, under my desk where nobody could see was another story.

“Take a seat” I said and she did what I said, as I explained it to her I placed my hand on her thigh, slowly moving up and down, my hand tracing her pussy, I seen her smile as she placed her hand in my pants, rubbing my cock.

I let my hand slide under her skirt and felt the başakşehir escort wet patch in her panties, getting more wet by the second, I finished explaining and moved my hand away.

“Thanks sir” she said standing up and walking back to her desk, I checked the clock, there was 2 minutes to the bell I stood up.

“Ok class, put your things at the end of the table Miss Clarke will collect them” I said cleaning off the board for the next class, hiding my growing erection. The bell rang and Alice placed the books on my desk and went to turn away “Alice, Can you come back after school tonight please? I need to speak to you alone if that’s ok.” I said looking into her green eyes.

“Yes course, Mr. Mason” she replied, winking as she walked out the door.

After the 2nd lesson finished I went for a walk round campus for the break, I liked being outside in the fresh air well beside the girls at the school, they all fancied me even other teachers have told me the hear them talking about me, I didn’t want any of them girls, I wanted Alice, she was smarter than most of them. She was the one that wanted to be fucked by a teacher and she had a side to her that only I knew about.

The rest of the day passed and I cleaned up my class room from the last lesson, Alice arrived.

“You wanted to see me sir?” she said softly shutting the door behind her.

“Afternoon Alice, take a seat at my desk I will be done in a second” I said collecting the work of the tables.

“Ok sir” she said quietly. I sat at my desk and looked at her up and down,

“Alice, I’m going to tell you something. I know about you” I said, she met my eye’s with a sexy smile “Sir, What are you talking about?” she asked,

“I know about you Alice, your sexual fantasy, your wants, your needs, the fact you wax your virgin pussy” I said shuffling some papers on my desk around.

“Your a naughty girl aren’t you Alice, wanting a teacher to fuck you over his desk” I continued,

“Oh yes Mr. Mason, I’ve been a very naughty girl, I think I need a good spanking” she said leaning over my desk as I walked over and locked the door, I walked back and forward teasing her, making her beg for me, “Sir, Spank me! I’m so wet, I need a good spanking” she kept saying,

“Beg me to” I said simply.

“Mr. Mason, Please spank me hard, I’ve been a very naughty girl! Please?”

“Ok then Miss Clarke” I said standing behind her, I lifted up her skirt to reveal her baby blue cotton panties I slowly slid my finger around her pussy, rubbing her clit hearing her moan “Miss Clarke, do you know anything about sex?” I asked still rubbing her clit.

“Yes sir! Well what I learned from porn movies” she said moaning again.

“Your more naughty than I thought” I said as I removed my hand from her panties and spanked her ass.

“Ohhh” she said in surprise, and again I spanked her getting harder each time. My cock was rock solid by now, I wasn’t going to fuck her though. Not yet anyway, her ass was red from her spanking and her panties were soaked, I slid my fingers into the waist band of her panties and pulled them off, I placed them into my pocket. “Miss Clarke, It’s late now and we should leave, would you like me to drive you home?” I said putting on my coat and picking up my things, “Aww sir, I’m too horny! I want you to take my virginity right here, right now please!” she begged, still bent over my desk. “No, Miss Clarke. C’mon, I will drop you off I don’t want you walking home with no panties on do we?” I said standing by the door, “Ok sir”, she said sighing as she fixed her skirt.

We walked into the empty car park, we was the only people left beside the cleaners. I heard Alice chattering from the cold I took of my jacket and placed it over her, “Thank you Mr. Mason, but it’s not my top half that’s cold it’s my pussy” she said catching my attention, “Well Miss Clarke you should wear panties then shouldn’t you?” I said unlocking the doors to my car, I opened her door first, then the boot of the car where I placed my folders and got into the drivers street. When we was passed the school gates she placed one hand in her pussy, rubbing her clit, with the other hand she put it down my pants and got out my dick, slowly she started pumping it getting faster and faster until I was about to burst, I pulled over to the side of an empty road “Suck it.” I said looking at her she licked her lips and smiled “But Sir, I don’t know what to do” she said in a innocent voice, “I will help you, first lean over and place you lips on the head of my cock” She did what she was told, gripping my cock she put her lips on it’s head, licking it and tasting the pre-cum. she knew what she was doing, she just wanted to be told what to do she really was a slut, “Now suck it ” she did as I said, I placed my hand in her hair, making her bob up and down on my cock, hearing her moans turned me on more, before I knew I was parked at the side of a empty road, cumming in her mouth, she forcing it down her throat and sat up kissing my lips, making me taste my bayrampaşa escort own cum. This girl was acting the smuttiest of all the women I have dated in my whole life, god she made me horny! .

I heard her phone ring in her bag “Sorry I gotta take this” she said to me, “Hey mum, I’m on my way home now” there was a voice on the other end of the phone “I had to stay after school because I needed help with math” she said winking at me, “Yeah ok, I will be home about 10 minutes bye” she said hanging up the phone. “Sorry about that, my mum worries when I’m not home on time, she thinks I’ve been kidnapped and everything” she said laughing, “Hey you never know, I could go the wrong way and not take you home, and fuck you all the time” I said winking “I wish you would, I want you to fuck me but you won’t” She said with sad eye’s, “The only reason I won’t fuck you is because I think your a naughty girl who needs to be punished” I said smirking. “Please fuck me, I’ll be good!” She said touching her boobs “Nope.” I said, “Now do I take a Left or right at this road?”

“Right and then straight down to the corner house” she said fixing herself, “Are you ever gonna fuck me?” she said as I pulled up outside her house. “Maybe, If you do what I say.” I replied turning off my car, “Anything!” she said, almost as if she was pleading. “Tomorrow, at school wear your skirt very short, No underwear, and leave lots of buttons open on your blouse, and then in Math you must touch yourself for me doesn’t matter who’s watching.” I said putting my hand in my pocket, “You know, baby blue really suits you.” I said smiling, She blushed and got out the car “Night Sir.” she said as she shut the door.

After getting home, I logged into my E-mail to see if I had any new messages, Alice had sent me a picture. She was naked on her bed, touching herself with a caption underneath she wrote “This is what you do you me sir”.

I replied, ‘ If this is what I make you do without fucking you, you’ll be in for a very big surprise when and if I ever do fuck you.

The next day I arrived at school, parked in my normal spot to notice Alice wasn’t with her friends, I approached the girls “Morning Girls, Where’s Alice today?”

“Oh, We don’t know, she isn’t answering her phone and nobody has seen her all morning.” Replied the short red-headed girl,

“Alight then, see you later girls” I carried on walking, up to the top floor I bumped into a fellow teacher, “Hello Steph, How are you this morning” I said with a smile, she looked very hot today, a tight white blouse with a gray pencil skirt that showed off her ass perfectly, “Morning Jared, I’m fine thanks There was a young girl who came looking for you, I told her to wait in your room if she wanted to.”

“Oh thank you Steph” I said as I strolled into my room, I locked the door and turned round.

Alice was lying across my desk, pussy exposed. I walked over a placed my tongue on her pussy, licking round for the best spots to make her moan, I licked and kissed her pussy, leaving the clit to last. I gently kissed her clit, making her moan loudly, licking and biting it hard with my teeth, she came there and then, my tongue lapping her pussy slurping up all her juices. She breathed heavily for a few seconds, she sat up “Thank you sir, I’ve wanted that for a long time”

“No problem Miss Clarke, I have a free lesson if you need tutoring in your math”

She smiled “Sorry Sir, I have graphic design but I can come back after school again like yesterday?”

“Of course I will be here after school, come whenever you need ‘Help’ ” I said using air quotes and winking, “Oh, and Miss Clarke I’m glad to see you don’t have any underwear on” I added looking at her from head to toe, She giggled a girly laugh and walked out, moving her hips gently as she walked.

The day passed slowly, each time we passed I felt the bulge grow, just knowing what I was going to do to her.

Alice sat in the dinner hall with her friends “Al, what happened to you this morning? Nobody could find you ” Hilary asked twirling her blonde hair,

“Oh, I had to go see Mr. Mason about something” Alice replied casually, trying not to blush.

“Something? Al, your a A+ student what did you need to talk to him about?” Bonnie asked.

Alice felt her pussy getting wet, “Oh it was nothing, seriously.” she said playing with a bottle cap.

“Wanna go for a walk round campus? It’s to warm in here” Alice said standing up, knowing that Hilary and Bonnie would follow. Alice knew what she was going to do, she just didn’t know how to get it to work, she had to find a way to get Hilary and Bonnie to sit in Mr. Mason room with her.

“Oh shoot! I can’t find my phone. I must have left it in Mr. Mason’s room come help me find it.” She said running into the math building, not giving her friends a chance to say no.

She ran up 3 flights of stairs and strolled into Mr. Mason’s room and flashed a smile when she seen him sitting there, cock in his hand “I would put that away if I was you, Bonnie and Hilary beşiktaş escort will be here any second” she said looking at his hard member and licking her lips. He put his cock back into his pants and leaned onto his desk, pretending to look busy, Alice pretended to look for her phone, Bonnie ran in first followed by Hilary “Found it!” She called.

“We ran up all them stairs for nothing!” Bonnie complained “It’s your fault for being slow, wanna sit here for a bit If Mr. Mason doesn’t mind” I said looking at Jared.

“Of course girls” he said looking at Alice up and down.

They all sat by Jared’s desk, talking and laughing, Alice kept making the conversation dirty, He just wanted to take her there and then, in front of her 2 friends, show them how dirty their friend really was.

The bell rang loudly in the empty building “Alice, because your already here you can write up the starter for me.” He said as Bonnie and Hilary left the room, closing the door behind them.

********** **********


Just then, Mr. Mason caught my hand and pulled me to him, kissing my lips hard, he stopped and smiled.

“Mr. Mason, I think I need to be taught after school, I don’t understand any of today’s lesson plan.” I said as the class filed in from lunch, “Yeah Alice if you really want to” He said smiling a brilliant smile that made my pussy throb.

“Alice! Why are you always first here?” Matt said making me jump, “I…I…I just really fancy this lesson.” I said glancing at Jared.

“Don’t you mean You fancy Mr. Mason.” He said jokingly but my heart still dropped into my stomach “I do not!” I said hitting his arm and laughing.

The lesson passed and with each glance Jared threw at me made my exposed pussy throb. I opened my legs under my table when Jared sat at his desk, flashing my sweet pussy, Crossing them every few minutes as he sat at his desk struggling to keep still with his erection. I glanced around to see nobody watching me, I slid my hand under my skirt and started flicking my clit. I had to bite my pencil to stop the moans, Jared’s eye’s burned into me with each flick of my clit.

The bell rang loudly as the Head teacher walked in, Mr. Shore was about 36, Tall, dark and Handsome, he was the only reason my mum came to review days and stuff, just so she could flirt with him, can’t really blame her.

“Everybody, because of your amazing test results you get to all go home early! have an amazing weekend guys” Mr. Shore announced “Oh and Mr. Mason, I need to ask you something”.

Shit! My mind raced through the last couple of days. He couldn’t know about Jared and me, could he?

“Michael, You know Miss Clarke don’t you? She is struggling with her extra math, so she’s staying after school for help.” He said turning to me and winking, “What do you need to talk to me about?” He said as Mr. Shore sat on the desk next to me, I crossed my legs again and smiled.

“Well Jared, There’s a trip for 2 teachers and 2 students and I’ve chose this math class to go. It’s in a hotel in New York next year, Steph is going, would you and two other people of your choice go? I’ll E-mail you the details tonight.” He said happily.

“Yes. Oh, goodness, that would be so cool, Miss Clarke, Would you and Matt like to come? You both are my best students.” He said looking at me.

“Really? Um…. Yeah ok I’ll call Matt tonight at ask him, Like he would say no.” I answered happily.

Mr. Shore left and it was just Me and Jared. “Miss Clarke, you do know that In New York I can fuck you as much as I want” He said standing up, his erection was huge!

“Well Mr. Mason, you can do that here.” I replied walking over and pulling down his pants to show his big cock at full attention, I placed my lips on it and sucked the head, moving further down each time. I caught his balls in my hand playing with them as I sucked and licked, I felt his balls tense and then what seemed like tons of hot white cum came splashing down my throat, overflowing my mouth and dripping onto my chin and my breasts while his groans got more fierce until it ended. I pulled back and breathed hard “Bend over my desk and take off your skirt Miss Clarke, I think you need another spanking” I did what he asked sliding off my skirt and bending over with my ass high in the air, “Mr. Mason, I’ve been an extremely naughty horny slut. Teach me a lesson.” and with that a hand came down on my ass, the pain powered through me as my pussy got even more wet, as he spanked me each time I moaned and my pussy was dripping.

He placed his finger by my hole. “I’m going to do this gently Alice. Your pussy is so hot and tight.” He said as his finger invaded my hole, my legs wanted to clamp down to stop him going further but I forced myself to let him carry on “Ughh! Alice your so tight, I might need to add another finger if I’m ever going to get my cock in there.”

He pulled out his one finger and then slipped in two, moving slowly he pushed his fingers into my hole as I moaned in pleasure, his fingers slowly pulled back and slammed back in again as I moaned loudly, he did it again forcing my moans to get louder until I came over his fingers, the hot white cum dripped onto his fingers, he took out his fingers and sucked before licking my pussy, catching lots of my juices in his mouth “God Alice your so delicious, Taste” he said then he kissed my lips making me taste my juices, our tongues twisted together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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