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Bill leaned against the balcony railing and looked out over the Atlantic Ocean. He had picked up the key to the condo at the rental office and driven the few blocks to the “Verandas” condominium building in a driving rain. The parking garage was full of families preparing to spend a week at Myrtle Beach, S. C. and one of the elevators was not working forcing him to wait with his one little bag while parents tried to keep their excited kids under control until their turn on the elevator.

Thanks to one of those kids who pushed every button, the elevator stopped at every floor until he was the only one left when the doors opened on the eighth floor. The key fit and he walked in and surveyed the condo. The place looked and smelled clean and he dropped his bag on the living room sofa on his way to the balcony overlooking the ocean.

“This will do just fine,” he said to no one as he sniffed the salt air.

He was high enough to still hear the sound of the surf but too high to hear most of the screaming and yelling coming from the people playing on the sandy beach and running in and out of the surf. Directly below him was a pool area complete with a spa and what they called a lazy river where mostly kids allowed themselves to be carried around a circular pool by an artificial current.

A bursting bladder prompted him to quickly find the bathroom and he leaned against the wall with one hand while holding himself with the other to avoid having his stream miss the toilet. The bathroom and the shower looked clean and shiny and he could see the reflection of the neatly made up king sized bed in the bathroom mirror and the ocean beyond through the sliding glass doors.

“Too bad I’ll be sleeping alone,” he thought as he shook a few ataköy escort bayan drops off of the end of his cock and tucked himself back into his shorts.

Now that Sandy was out of his life he wondered where he would go from here. He had forgotten about the reservations she had made for the condo until he got a telephone call reminding him that check-in time was Saturday at 4 p.m. He had debated about going but decided that he needed a break from work before he went nuts.

It was a little more than a month ago when he had come home from a business trip and found the apartment to be empty of her belongings. He called Sandy’s cell phone and she answered on the second ring. She wouldn’t tell him where she was but she did tell him that she was not coming back. According to her, his work was the root of their problems and she was tired of playing second fiddle to his clients. With not much more than that statement as an explanation, their three-year relationship evaporated into thin air and here he was – a 35-year old bachelor on vacation from himself.

Sandy never answered any more of his calls and he gave up after a week of trying to contact her.

The rain had stopped and Bill was hungry. He had forgotten on which level of the parking garage he had parked and he finally found his car after walking up and down the ramps trying to appear like he was not looking for his lost car. A food stand on Main Street caught his eye and there was a handy parking place almost in front of it. An Italian sausage on a bun loaded with fried onions, peppers, and yellow mustard took care of his immediate hunger before he headed to the supermarket. The store was crowded with arriving ataşehir escort bayan vacationers doing the same thing that he was but soon a shopping cart full of soda, beer, and the other bachelor nutrition essentials were quickly loaded into his car and just as quickly stashed in their rightful places in the empty cupboards and refrigerator of the condo’s kitchen.

After eating a sandwich and drinking a can of soda, he took a quick shower and decided to take a look around. It was dinnertime so the beach was nearly empty and the tide was almost out when Bill left his footprints just out of reach of the lapping waters. It felt good to walk shirtless and in bare feet in the cool sand. The sun was still hot and he remembered that he had not thought to bring sun block or a beach chair.

“Oh well!” something to do for tomorrow he said as he turned around to head back up the beach to his condo.

He noticed that most of the people walking along the beach at this time in the early evening were couples but there were a few families watching their kids still playing in the water. It was not yet dark but the fishermen were starting their quest for their nightly dinner and the ubiquitous low-flying airplanes dragging their advertising banners in the sky along the beachfront had gone away for the day. His feet sunk into the soft sand between the high tide line and the condo’s wooden boardwalk as he headed back to his room.

“A swim in the pool and a few minutes relaxing in the spa should do it for the evening,” he thought and looked forward to drinking a few beers on his balcony.

He held the gate open for a woman with short-cropped blonde hair carrying a folding beach avcılar escort bayan chair. She wore a white halter-top and matching shorts and carried what looked like a shawl over her arm as she headed for the beach. She smiled at him and murmured a “thanks” before brushing past him. Her light scent made his head turn and follow her so he could continue to enjoy it wafting back towards him as she walked away.

She only went a few steps before she stopped and balancing herself against the fence that kept people from walking on the sand dunes she lifted one leg after the other and removed her low-heeled sandals. He watched as the white soles of her tanned feet came into view and he felt a stirring in his groin as he admired the red polished toenails on her thin feet.

Bill tried not to stare but he was attracted to her and he appreciated her trim body while noting that she was older than she looked at first glance. Her tanned skin had that slightly leathery look that some women who spend a lot of time in the sun seem to develop but her ass and her legs looked fine to his eyes.

Shaking the sand out of her sandals she glanced back and caught him looking at her.

“Beautiful evening! Isn’t it?” she said through a big smile.

Her white teeth were in sharp contrast to her tanned face and the sunglasses perched on the top of her head made her look like a mature fashion model.

“Yes it is! A beautiful evening,” Bill replied as she offered him a slight wave and turned away.

“Nice looking young man,” Murphy thought when she caught him looking at her. “He’s too white, he obviously doesn’t spend much time in the sun. I’ll bet he ends up red as a lobster by Monday.”

Bill didn’t even get to finish his second beer before he dozed off slouched on the plastic chair with his feet up on the balcony railing. He had watched the woman who he now identified as “the woman in white” set her chair in the sand at the high tide mark and settle down in it with her shawl wrapped around her shoulders against the cooler night air. She was gone when he woke up and he hauled his tired and aching body into the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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