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Office Odyssey, Ch. 03

As soon as Dana arrived, I let her know that Chelsea wanted to see her. I really wanted to give her some warning as to what she should expect in Chelsea’s office, but at this point I wasn’t about to disobey a direct order from my boss – the boss who had just entirely dominated me, forcing me to eat her pussy and ass while I stroked myself to orgasm. Dana gave me a look like she knew that something was up, but just quietly went to Dana’s office to find out what was in store for her.

She was gone for just under an hour. In the meantime, I tried to get some work done, but was distracted with thoughts of what was going on just down the hall. I imagined Chelsea treating Dana the way she had treated me – forcing her into submission and using her tongue as a sex toy. When Dana came back, she was visibly shaken. Her makeup was running and her eyes still appeared puffy, as if she had been crying, but she had the most satisfied smile I had ever seen on her.

“Was it… OK?” I asked tentatively.

“Oh… it was… it was good. So good. It was amazing. She told me what she did with you while we were playing at the beginning. It got me so fucking wet. Then she really turned on the dominant personality and just… had her way with me. I’m not supposed to tell you any more details. And she explicitly said not to fool around with you at all today. Also, she wants us both in her office this afternoon at 4:30.”

“Both of us?”

“Mmhmm, both of us. I think she has something big planned.”

For the rest of the day, Dana and I both worked diligently and did our best to keep our distance from one another, knowing that Chelsea would be watching out for any signs of us disobeying her command.

Just before 4:30, the last remaining co-worker of ours packed up their things and headed home. This left just me and Dana in the office. We nervously walked together to Chelsea’s office, though I think that both of us were more turned on than anything. Surely this was going to be something enjoyable.

Chelsea had her feet up the desk when we entered. She gave us a blank stare and motioned for us to take a seat in front of her desk.

“Good day of work for both of you?”

“Yeah… productive,” I answered.

“I would say so,” Chelsea agreed. “It’s amazing what you two can accomplish here when you’re not fucking each other senseless.”

Dana blushed and averted her gaze, staring at the floor in front of Chelsea’s desk.

“Well, did you tell him what we did this morning, or did you follow my instructions?” Chelsea’s face was stern as she asked Dana the question. Dana responded with her eyes still toward the floor.

“No, I listened like you said.”

“Good slut. Now I don’t have to punish you. So, I have a task that I need both of you for.” Saying this, Chelsea rose from her chair and began to walk around the desk. She gazed down at us with an imperious grin as she unbuckled her belt and started removing her pants. She walked behind us once they were entirely off and closed the door, locking it firmly and turning to look at us with a ferocious glare. She then removed her shirt and bra. Chelsea was naked in front of us, while Dana and I were still fully clothed.

“Take those clothes off. You don’t need them for what comes next.”

We undressed and tossed our clothes into a pile. Now all three of us stood nude. Dana and I waited to see what would happen next, as Chelsea simply scanned our bodies up and down, savoring the power she was wielding over us.

“Dana told me all about your relationship earlier,” Chelsea said, addressing me “She told me how she feels about you… I was impressed, honestly. I thought this was just some office fling, purely physical. But it’s more than that, isn’t it Dana?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Why don’t you tell him what you told me. Tell him how you really feel.”

“Oh… you said it would be our secret.”

“No, I said that I wouldn’t tell him. But you are going to. If the three of us are going to have this sort of relationship at work, everything needs to be open between you two. Tell him what you told me. Say the words.”

Dana blushed, and looked at me nervously. Her lips were trembling as she formed the words.

“Tyler, I… I feel things for you that I’ve never felt. You make me so happy kadıköy escort and give me so much pleasure, and… and you’re all I can think about. You make me feel so safe, and so beautiful when we’re together. I feel appreciated.”

“Say it,” Chelsea commanded. “I know you want to.”

“Tyler… I love you. I love you. I can’t describe it any other way. I almost told you yesterday at my house, but I couldn’t get it out. I love you. I want to be with you.”

“How does that make you feel?” Chelsea asked me.

“It feels… right. The sex has been amazing but it’s more than that. I love you too, Dana.”

Dana broke out in an uncontrollable blushing smile at this. Chelsea simply looked back and forth between us, gauging our reactions to this new openness. She motioned for us to get closer to her, and each other. As we did, she put a hand on each of our shoulders and pushed us together.

“Kiss. Show how much you love each other.”

The subsequent kiss between Dana and me was full of passion, with our hands roving over each other’s naked bodies. We kissed deeply, tongues wrestling against one another, each trying to overwhelm the other. We did this for nearly a minute before Chelsea forced us apart.

“I’m glad we got that out of the way. Now, Dana, take a seat behind my desk and spread your legs.”

Confused but compliant, Dana did as she was told. Her ample tits swayed back and forth as she walked. Now I stood there with Chelsea just inches from my raging erection, while Dana sat and observed behind the desk.

Chelsea bent over her desk and presented her perfect round ass to me. She looked back over her shoulder and beckoned for me to approach. Once I was close behind her, she turned to look at Dana, their faces only inches away.

“Do you know what happens now?” Chelsea inquired.

“I… I don’t…” Dana answered nervously.

“I’m going to fuck the man you love, right in front of you. I’m going to steal his load from you and make him fill my pussy instead. And you’re going to sit there and watch. You’ll wish that it was you, but it isn’t. You’re lucky that I’m even going to let you touch yourself.”


The look on Dana’s face was a mix of disappointment and lust. You could tell that she had been hoping to get my cock right now, but that she also couldn’t help being turned on by Chelsea’s idea.

“Put it in. Put that cock in me.”

I pushed forward and was overtaken with the blissful feeling of Chelsea’s tight pussy. She felt incredible, beyond my wildest fantasies of fucking her.

“Mmm Dana, he’s in me now. His big, hard cock is in my pussy. I bet you wish we would trade places, huh?”

“Yes ma’am,” answered Dana as she played with her clit. I began to thrust in and out of Chelsea as she gloated in front of Dana.

“Poor thing… maybe if you’re good you can fuck him too. But for now, I own his cock. And you know what’s funny? He’s fantasized about doing this to me for longer than you’ve even worked here. I’ve always been his biggest work crush. Since Day 1. Isn’t that right?”

Unable to lie to the woman I was currently fucking, I admitted it. It pained me to say it in front of Dana but it was true.

“Yes, it’s true. I’ve thought about this for so long. So… fucking… long.”

“You know, Dana,” Chelsea continued as I increased the pace of my thrusts, “I’m willing to bet he thinks about me sometimes when he’s with you. I bet when he has you bent over to take his load in your pussy, he thinks about doing it to me instead. Is that true? Has that ever happened?”

Chelsea had me under her spell. I couldn’t lie to her. Dana, who was still working her clit furiously, looked at me pleadingly, as if begging me to deny it.

“It’s… it’s true. I’ve thought about it.”

“What? What have you thought about? Tell me”
“Oh God… I’ve thought about cumming in your pussy while I’m with her, thought about giving you my cock while I’m giving it to her.”

Dana let out an indignant moan at this admission, though how much of it was purely theater to fit the mood of the moment I wasn’t sure. Chelsea looked back at me over her shoulder as I pounded her, nodding her head encouragingly.

“That’s it baby, fuck the pussy that you üsküdar escort really want. The one you’ve craved for so long. Don’t be shy about cumming in me either. When you’re ready, I want that load in me.”

She turned back to Dana, whose face was flushed with arousal. Dana was working three fingers into herself as she watched us.

“How does it make you feel, Dana? How do you like knowing that your man thinks about another woman while he’s filling you? And not just any random, distant woman from a porn site on the Internet, not some celebrity he can only ever have in his mind… a real, live woman that he sees up close every day. A woman that could take him from you if she wanted to. Does it make you feel like a cheap whore? A slut who he’s only using as a place to shoot his cum until he gets what he really wants?”

“Oh… I… oh my God…” Dana was getting closer to orgasm as Chelsea taunted her.

“You know it’s true, Dana. You know how you feel on the inside, and you feel like a dirty cumslut. Even more so now that he’s fucking someone else too. And that gets you wetter than anything you’ve ever experienced. Say it.”

“Yes ma’am, it’s true. Oh my God, yes! Oh… oh my God I’m cumming…”

Dana went silent as she was wracked by a full-body orgasm.

“I want you to cum, too,” Chelsea said to me. I had been keeping a pretty steady pace, trying to hold off, but that did it for me. My cock spasmed inside her as I began to shoot my thick ropes of semen. Chelsea let out a satisfied moan as I emptied my balls into her. Once I stopped shooting, Chelsea pulled herself off and admired my work.

“Quite a load you gave me. Get over here and look, Dana.” Chelsea snapped her fingers and beckoned Dana to our side of the desk.

“Get down there. Look at what your man did to me. Look at what he gave me.”

Dana dropped to her knees mere inches from Chelsea’s dripping pussy. Her fingers still glistened from her wetness and the orgasm she had just experienced.

“I know you think that load belonged to you, huh?”

Dana nodded in agreement.

“You will do anything for his loads, won’t you? Anything to satisfy your addiction to his cum? Anything at all?”

Another nod, with a slight look of apprehension from Dana.

“Then here’s your chance. You’re lucky I’m even letting you do this. Use that tongue to get the load you want so badly. Take it out of me, as much as you can.”

Not waiting for an answer, Chelsea grabbed Dana’s hair and forced her face into her pussy. Dana started eating her voraciously almost immediately. It was clear that Dana truly was on a mission to retrieve my cum, no matter how she had to do it. Despite just cumming, I was nowhere close to going soft with this scene in front of me.

“Get it, slut. Get in there. Get that cum you want so bad. You like getting it this way, huh? That’s good because you’ll be doing this a lot when we’re all together. Maybe this is the only way I’ll let you enjoy his cum when I’m around. Would that be fair? Think a little slut like you would enjoy that?”

Dana only managed a desperate moan as Chelsea held her down to keep her at her task. For several minutes this continued as our boss brutally used Dana’s tongue for her pleasure, heaping on the verbal taunts as she went.

“Does he cum this much for you? Probably not. See what a man’s cock can do when he’s with the woman he really wants? See how much of that precious cum he can give me?”

When Chelsea finally relented, Dana attempted to catch her breath. She looked bewildered and shocked, but primarily hungry for more action.

“Now, Dana, it’s very important for any cock that I use to get cleaned immediately after. And I think you know the best way to do that. Open your mouth.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Dana stared up at me with her mouth open, waiting for me to put my cock in. Chelsea urged me forward as she smiled serenely down at Dana.

“Clean every inch of his beautiful cock. Suck him as deep as you can. I want to see you appreciating this piece of meat that I’m nice enough to let you enjoy.”

Dana’s mouth felt as great as it always did when I plunged in. Sensing what Chelsea wanted from me, I didn’t take it easy on her. Instead, I put both hands on her head and started giving it to her rough. tuzla escort I watched the glorious sight of Dana’s plump lips being forced up and down the shaft of my cock as she made slight gagging noises under this oral assault.

“Keep fucking her face. She’s our fucktoy and I want to see you use her,” Chelsea said as she sat on the desk, vigorously pleasuring herself with her fingers. “I want to cum while I watch you two.”

Suddenly Dana began to sputter and choke on me. I let her off of my cock to give her some air. Her heavy breathing caused her ample tits to heave up and down as long strings of saliva dripped down onto them.

She looked up at me pitifully as if she wanted a break, then looked meekly over at Chelsea. Our boss must have been in a giving mood as she climbed toward her orgasm, because she relented in her demands.

“No facefucking then. Just let the whore clean you with her tongue, all the way up and down. Don’t forget the balls, either.”

“Thank you, mistress. I want to get this cock nice and clean for you.” Dana set herself to completing her task, starting at the base and letting her tongue meander up the shaft to the head. She repeated this several times, rotating slightly each time to get every square inch. Soon, Chelsea began gasping quietly with the occasional louder moan getting through. She was cumming, and it was beautiful. Not the loud, crashing orgasm that I had been expecting from her, but a quiet, intense one that was more visible than audible. I watched, enraptured by the view, as Dana continued to pleasure me.

When Chelsea came back down from her experience, she smiled lovingly at both of us. She came to us and pulled Dana up from her knees. The three of us stood arm in arm, exchanging soft kisses, giggles, and whispers for some time after that. The feeling of both women’s plump, soft breasts against me was something entirely out of this world. My hands wandered down to each of their asses, getting a handful of each and reflecting on how lucky I was. Looking into Chelsea’s eyes as I fondled her, I knew that she would let me have her ass soon, but I would need to work for it.

At some point, both women got their hands on my stiff shaft and began stroking me in unison. I knew I was building toward shooting another load, and soon.

“Let’s make him cum again, slut. Keep stroking. God, that dick just never goes down, does it?”

“No, mistress, it doesn’t. Believe me, I’ve tried,” Dana joked.

I was entirely at the mercy of these two beautiful women. My ultimate fantasy was playing out in real time. Soon, it got to be too much.

“Mmm there we go… he’s about to cum again… tell him what we want.”

“Cum, baby. Shoot another load, another nice creamy one. Give me your cum.”

This earned Dana a sharp smack on the ass and a disapproving look from Chelsea.

“Me? What’s this about me?” Chelsea asked aggressively. “I think you’re already forgetting your place here.”

“I’m sorry! Us! Give us your cum, please.”

“That’s better. Do it,” ordered Chelsea as she cupped her hand in front of my cock. Dana continued stroking me vigorously. “Cum right here. Do it now!”

Two large spurts of jizz shot out of me into my boss’ waiting palm. Several smaller ones followed until I was completely drained. Chelsea now had a handful of hot cum and she looked very pleased with the amount I had given her.

“Your final treat, slut,” she said as she raised her hand to Dana’s mouth. “Lick it up. Every drop.”

Dana compliantly began to lap up the hot load from our boss’ palm, making satisfied mmm noises as she did so. Some of the cum got on her lips and chin, giving her the look of the wanton slut that she truly was. As the grand finale, Chelsea brought Dana in for a kiss. Dana had not swallowed all of the cum yet, so they swapped spit and semen as their tongues pushed back and forth. I was in heaven watching this display.

“Good work today, both of you. This will be something that needs to be repeated,” Chelsea told us with a pleased grin.

“Of course,” Dana and I said nearly in unison.

“I’m thinking… tomorrow may be a work from home day for you both. Me as well. At least, that’s what I’ll tell everyone else.”

I narrowed my eyes curiously at her suggestion. She giggled and explained further.

“I want you both at my place by 9:00 PM. Come ready to spend a whole day together. Even though you won’t be at work, I’m definitely going to put you both through some rigorous tasks. Deal?”

Dana and I both nodded in agreement. As great as today had been, could tomorrow possibly be even better?

To be continued…

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