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I started working for Annie and Zac after they approached me to star in their studio’s first parody which was called Blake Runner. The success of Blake Runner of course led to a sequel and the first production meeting we had was a casting call. This is pretty normal since we are heavy on performance and minimal on acting; though, we are getting there. Annie and Zac’s studio, Coil Digital, had its offices in an old warehouse that had been renovated into office space and of course, traditional storage.

It was raining and we each made our way inside. A set had already been built for Blake Runner and that was where we ended up. Annie sat and watched from a director’s chair as Zac talked to Tyler Snow, Blake Runner, and I about our scene,

“Justin, this scene is where you have hacked the Incomplete, which is played by you Tyler; and Blake, you come upon the scene once Tyler and Justin get going. You have some narration about figuring out the difference between Completes and Incompletes, which is not important really.”

Everyone laughed at the silliness of the stories and just considered it comic relief for the mechanics. Blake went off-stage for the moment as Tyler and I met with Annie,

“How are my boys,” she asked?

“We’re good,” said Tyler.

“This is a really important scene. We think you guys are the best for it,” she said. “Good luck.”

Tyler and I walked onto the set that had an old car done up with some future mods just to get by for the moment. The cityscape came to taksim escort life as Annie and Zac got everything going lights, camera, and action:

My heart fluttered kissing Tyler Snow for the first time. I had always wanted to work with him. We took longer than usual to get really going because of the dynamic that was very unique about Annie and Zac’s studio. We all got along really well as a team no matter if it was our first time or tenth time. We had both worked with Blake before and Zac but never together. The way he went to work sucking my cock told me he felt the same. My fingers clutched his blonde-highlights and he was very generous with his saliva and even better with his lips as I bobbed him up and down. I pulled him up to kiss him and he continued to stroke me.

“Are you a Blake Runner,” he panted?

I put him back on his mark. He suckled my helmet.

“Suckle him like you mean it,” said Annie out loud. He did.

I brought Tyler over to the hood of the car where Zac had laid out a towel and had baby oil and condoms ready. The lights were really hot over this setting and it was like being in a summer day. Tyler hopped up and leaned back. I grabbed his cock and sucked it until his moans were desperate. I cupped his balls and inspected his coil. Clean. Smooth. Tight. I put on my condom, squirted us down with baby oil before making it pour evenly over my Trojan horse at his gate. I pushed in and grabbed his thighs, holding them topkapı escort high. He had a cute gasp and then panted, “I love you.”

“Make sure you get good clean strokes in, Justin,” said Zac. “Make him understand you.”

I had no problem with this. His dark flower was so hot and amazing. The coiling was insane as he tightened his grip and then let go.

“Are you a Blake Runner,” Tyler said his line again.

“No,” I said.

“But I am,” said Blake as he appeared over Tyler’s head, crouched on the hood of the car. He put his cock in Tyler’s mouth.

“How is it,” asked Blake?

“Amazing,” I said. Blake let Tyler suckle him as I pounded deeper. I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to cum in Tyler and then let Blake in or not.

I grabbed Tyler’s rock hard pillar and started jacking him off as both Blake and I locked eyes and strokes over his beautiful body. Blake leaned in to me and we kissed. I brought Blake around to my side and he went to work sucking Tyler’s cock while I continued mining his sweet hot ore. I pulled my cock out of Tyler and ripped off the condom with a perfect, clean snap. Tyler got to his feet and Blake began sucking us both off. Tyler and I kissed as Blake worked his tongue around our tips, occasionally working to stuff both of us in his mouth.

Tyler put both hands on the hood of the car and Blake took him from behind. I jacked off Tyler as Blake hammered him before getting on the hood and settling ümraniye escort bayan in for another wonderful Tyler Snow cocksucking. I leaned forward to kiss Tyler in-between presenting him with my cocky cock. Blake was getting close to coming.

“Tyler, let Blake finish and then take Blake,” Annie.

I hopped down. Blake put his hand on Tyler’s shoulder and worked lovingly home.

“Justin, help bring Tyler home,” said Zac.

I stroked Tyler as fast as I could in synch with Blake’s precision pistoning.

“Who’s Blake Runner?!” said Blake as you could sense his mind freeze was taking effect.

Blake came in Tyler. Tyler was whimpering, “You’re Blake Runner.”

As the cooling pools of moon dripped out onto the floor, I leaned into Blake and kissed him. Tyler came up and kissed Blake. I laid Blake on the hood, grabbed my cock and lubed us up before handing Tyler the oil. I pushed into Blake and Tyler spoke,

“Both of you wearing glasses. So hot. Like a reflection.”

I fucked Blake passionately. It went on longer than the rehearsal required but it became apparent we were going to be in this movie and we wanted to seal the deal. Blake on bottom was pure love and my cock slid into his starfish with delight before the heat was too much and my mind froze. Blake had managed to get up and down and I brought my cock to his and Tyler’s waiting mouths where two magic gobs of cum met them one each.

“Oh my gosh,” said Tyler wiping the cum off his eye.

Blake kept suckling until he heard Annie yell,


Zac came over, “That’s a wrap for rehearsal. See you guys tomorrow?”

“So, we got the part?”

“Absolutely,” sad Zac.

Blake, Tyler and I sat with Annie the rest of the afternoon and let her take care of us. Zac even joined in and we all felt good about the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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