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Anya Erickkson’s athletic 18 year-old body was tingling madly as she lay in darkness, naked under the bed sheet. In a moment the bedroom door opened, then slowly closed, she could see a dense shadow moving carefully toward her. She felt his weight depressing the mattress, the sheet lifting gently away. Trembling with excitement she could only glance wide-eyed at his nudity, glimpsing the enormous penis, heavy and stiff, jutting obscenely from his abdomen. Then he was holding her.

“Oh, Lars…” she whimpered into his muscled shoulder.

Like magnets their genitals came together.

“I need you Anya.” he spoke softly through her silky blonde hair, pressing his erection into the soft fold of womanhood between her thighs.

“I know.” she comforted, feeling for his cock with her fingers, breathlessly guiding it’s swollen spongy tip into the open pink blossom of her sex.

He levered at the hips, and slid into her like a velvet glove.

“Oh, Lars…” she moaned quietly, the warm probe of her vagina felt amazingly beautiful.

He gripped her breasts, suckling the cherry-tipped nipples. Cradling his head with her hand, she let him nurse. They loved sex, and each other. ataşehir escort There was no pressure about a relationship, or building a life together, they already had that… They moved naturally together, her pelvis rocking rhythmically as he rode the soft saddle of her loins, his erection plowing deeply into the silken warmth of her wet cunni.

He rested the weight of his chest onto the generous cushion of her breasts and slid his hands down, around her body, hefting the firm fleshy globes of her ass and powering his bursting organ to the depth of her sweet pussy, he finished.

The cum was an amazingly unbelievable rush. His ejaculation triggered in her an organic response that burrowed deeply into her being, transporting her into a blissful realm of pure love, and wildly ecstatic pleasure…

There was no real order of course, but Lars was usually first. Twenty minutes later her bedroom door again opened quietly, it was Hans. Instantly her body responded to the stimulus. Hans and Lars were both beautiful men. Hans was younger, but taller, and like his brother had a gorgeous, athletic body. At the bedside he stopped, letting his eyes adjust avcılar escort to the darkness. He could see her shiny blond hair strewn across the pillow and the long lump of her body beneath the covers.

“Anya?” he spoke softly.

She lifted the sheet, exposing her nakedness to him, and he climbed in beside her.

“Anya…” he gushed.

His hands were everywhere on her body. Squeezing her breasts, gliding over her stomach, her thighs. His penis erect, it’s tip nestling into the cozy gap between her legs.

Anya slipped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him with her as she rolled onto her back. She opened her legs easily and his penis was hot and stiff at her entrance. She petted his head as her pelvis began a rocking invitation for his cock.

“Yes,” She whispered into his face.

Hans pushed his erection into the soft warm crease where only a few minutes before his brother had been. The thrill was incredible. Her orgasm began almost immediately and as she held him close she could feel him squirting into her. It was over.

Anya was filled with love for the men that needed her. Happy to give and share pleasure with avrupa yakası escort them. She silently thanked God for giving her a pussy. Buzzing from orgasm she drifted into a deep sleep as Hans left her bed.

Several hours later she felt a warm hand on her back and his breath warm in her ear.

“Anya…” he whispered.

He crowded into her and she could feel his erection, stiff and hot against the lush half-moons of her buttocks. His arms came around, and he filled his hands with her soft firm tits.

“Your so beautiful darling.” The words gushed from him, “just like your mother.”

She felt the tip of his penis against her vaginal lips, arching her back to welcome him. Sven Erikkson pushed his lengthy manhood all the way into the panting girl and began to fuck her hard. He pounded his pelvis into the soft cushion of her ass as his prick slid in and out of her eager pussy. He lasted longer than either of the boys. She made orgasm when he stuffed his spasming organ all the way in, and began squirting her womb.

“Oh, dad…” she whimpered into her pillow.

He knew she would be fine. It was a matter of love. He held her quietly for several minutes as their juices mixed, his erection softening gradually inside her.

“I love you,” he whispered into the luxurious tangle of her hair as he withdrew his cock.

“Don’t forget to take your pill,” he added softly.

She could feel his weight leaving the bed.

“Good-night daddy,” she murmured happily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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