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Alice March

Jim had just claimed Ali as his sex slave for the summer. But there was someone watching them that might reject to his ownership of the young red head.

The rush of power that comes from sexually dominating another person over took Jim as he grabbed Ali by her long red hair and pulled her to a pile at his feet. “Get up on your knees bitch and get my cock hard so I can fuck your ass again.” Jim ordered his newly claimed slave.

He was very cocky and felt stronger then he ever had before in his young life.

He knew that he was in control of the young girl for the rest of the summer. Maybe for the rest of her life, because he knew that her Daddy would not be pleased to find out about his daughter fucking a man that was twice her age and Ali would do anything so he won’t find out.

Jim closed his eyes as Ali’s warm mouth found the tip of his thick cock .She took the full length of his limp cock in mouth and stuck out her tongue licking his balls as the tip tickled the back of her throat. At that moment Jim felt he had complete control of one of the wildest young women on the planet.

That was until he heard the click of the hammer being drawn back on Nigel’s 38 pistol.

“Who the fuck do you think you are trying to claim ownership of my slaves?” Nigel barked out to the two teenagers( as he pointed the gun right at Jim’s head from across the barn).

“Get your hands on top of your heads and move over there by the wall.” Nigel directed the frightened boys as he waved the gun in the direction he wanted them to go.

“You are the old fucker we seen in the park humping his dick into Ali’s pussy. “Jim said back to Nigel

“After we tell Ali’s Dad that we seen you fucking his little princess on the hood of your car. He will have his hired men cut your nuts off with a bolt cutter and feed them to you. Then they will probably tie a couple cinder blocks to your cock and throw your ass in the nearest lake.” Bob shouted out at Nigel

“Shut up!” Nigel shouted as he shot off a round from his gun that just missed Bob head.

“I think you are confused who is in control here. You won’t be telling anyone ,about anything ,that has happened today” Nigel said to the boys.

“Oh shit Jim.” Bob cried out as the tears welled up in his eyes. “He is going to kill us.”

“Be quiet you dumb little shit.” Nigel said ” I am not going to kill you. But we are going to tape a little movie footage that will keep your mouths shut.”

“Jen go outside to my car. Inside the truck is the movie camera and a large leather bag. Get them both and bring them back to me.” Nigel said

When Jen had made her way back inside the barn she dropped the heavy bag at Nigel’s feet.

“Open the bag and get out the two sets of ankle and wrist restraints.” Nigel told her

The brothers watched as the leather restraints(both had big silver hoops so they could be chained together) were buckled tight around their ankles and then each hooked together with a two headed snap. Their wrists were put behind them and connected with two more heavy metal snaps.

Nigel moved across the room and pushed Jim down to his knees. “Stay there and do exactly you are told and I will let you two dirt bags live. Or maybe your idea about the bolt cutters and being cinder blocked and thrown in the nearest lake might be your future not mine.”

“Crawl over to your brother and suck his cock.” Nigel ordered Jim

“NOW” Nigel barked

Something inside Jim told him that Nigel was not a man to be messed with. Jim moved over to Bob and slowly took his brothers limp cock in his mouth.

“Hurry up and get him hard so he can fuck your ass.” Nigel said to Jim

Jim let his brother’s cock drop out of his mouth as he looked over towards Nigel in disbelief.

“FUCK THIS” Jim shouted as he tried to stand. “Nobody is sticking their cock up my ass.”

Nigel charged across the room and was on top of the young man in a flash.

“I AM IN CONTROL HERE.” Nigel shouted as he knocked Jim to ground and pistol whipped him into submission.

“Just do it Jim!” Bob screamed “He is nuts and he is going to kill us.”

Nigel grabbed Jim by the hair and drug him back to up to his knees .Jim had all the fight beaten out of him and just wanted this ordeal to be over. He was now pendik escort bayan willing to do anything Nigel told him to do with out any questions.

Bob was trying to stand perfectly still, but his knees were shaking from the fear of not knowing how far Nigel would go to get what he wanted from the two young men. Looking down he saw his brothers mouth opened slowly to take in his limp dick.

Even though he had never wanted another man to ever give him oral sex. Bob’s penis didn’t seem to care if it was a male or female gently sucking his cock back to life. Jim slowly fucked Bob’s pink cock with his mouth making it grow to full size.

“Ok.” Nigel said “Its hard enough to get into your ass. Assume the position so Bob can get it in your ass.”

Jim put his head down on the dirt floor with his ass now exposed to everyone in the room. He was still a little light headed from the beating Nigel had given him .Jim wanted to get up, break out of his leather restraints and run to escape his captures. But he knew Nigel had the upper hand and a gun. He would have to submit and except what was coming next. He lifted his head and looked back over his should to see Bob moving up behind him on his knees. He also could see Jen standing a few feet to the side of him with the movie camera held up to her eye. The red light was flashing and he knew she was ready to capture on film Bob’s cock sliding into his virgin ass.

Ali moved over and whispered in Nigel’s ear” Master look at the size of that cock. I am afraid Bob might do some severe damage if Jim ass isn’t properly prepared.”

“Yes that is probably true my pet.” Nigel whispered back. “Plus,I think that you should be the first to take his ass. So that next time he will think twice about claiming another man’s slave for his own.”

“Show him that you are in control master. “Ali whispered “Shout out the order for me to take his ass and I will do my best to act frightened and surprised.”

Ali moved across the room so she was standing directly in front of Jim. She didn’t want Jim or Bob to know that she had idea of what was going to happen next.

Nigel barked out this order in a very stern and loud voice “Get his ass lubed and ready Ali so he can take in his brother’s huge cock.”

Ali knew exactly what Nigel expected from her. She found the tube of anal lube that was in the side pouch of the bag.

Jen zoomed in with the camera so that she could see Ali’s hands on Jim’s ass. Ali pulled on the right cheek of his butt( to open up the pink rosebud )with her right hand, while with the left she shot a stream of the clear lube between his hairy cheeks.

She slowly worked the lube along his crack and then tested the resistance of the hole with her index finger.

(As she fingered Jim’s tight ass to get him ready for Bob’s cock Ali thought about her life and the direction it had taken.)

Ali always had special feelings for Jim and during the time they dated in high school she might have even loved him. He was her first lover and always gave her great sex with lots of energy. She had almost forgotten how good his big cock felt as it probing her tender holes.

But Ali knew Jim would never leave his Dad’s farm after high school and that he could never make enough money pulling tits to keep her happy. She never wanted to spend the rest of her life as a dairy farmers wife, bored and always smelling like a cow .She wanted to travel the world and explore life with new people. Nigel came to her at a time when she needed a change of direction. She was tired of being Daddy’s little princess and a proper catholic girl . Nigel had freed her in so many ways by using her as his sex slave. Nigel was the owner of her body and had branded her with his mark to show the world that she was an owned and collared whore. She was Nigel’s whore to use for as long as he wanted. It had given her great pleasure to be used by so many men as a cum dumpster. But lately she had been feeling a dull pain in her heart and began wondering how long she could continue at the pace Nigel sat for her. The only thing that kept her going was that the excitement for being fucked and used became like a drug to her that killed the pain.

Jim ass was finally opening up şirinevler escort bayan so two fingers could be eased in. Ali reached down and stroked his cock as she fucked his ass with two fingers. Jim couldn’t believe the sensation of the pain she was inflicting on his virgin ass and pleasure from the expert work her other hand was doing his engorged cock.

Nigel reached in the bag and got out the strapon harness and fitted it with a black 8 inch penis.

He threw it over to Ali and told her to put it on .

Ali stood up and stepped into the harness and fastened the snaps. She reached down and adjusted the rubber penis and cover it with lube.

She always loved it when she got the chance to dominate a man and fuck his ass as he was tied up and helpless. Jim was at her mercy now and she was going to show him how it felt to have a cock deep inside your tightest passage.

Ali knelt down behind Jim and place the black tip of the dildo on his virgin ass and shoved in the first three inches in one stroke. One more push and she was all the way buried inside his burning ass.

Ali reached around and grabbed Jim’s cock and squeezed it with all her might as she whispered in his ear. “You are mine for the summer whore. I am going to fuck you in the ass anytime I see fit.”

Jim’s ass had little time to loosen up before Ali had started fucking him with long and pounding strokes. The harness holding the rubber cock had a strap that would pull up and rub on her clit as she rocked her hips to work the black cock back and forth. Ali was breathing harder and was now concentrating on not Cumming as the strap worked on her soaking pussy. As she went deep in his ass on the down strokes Ali would alternate either dragging her hard nipples across his back or digging her long nails deep into the flesh of his back causing little drops of blood to come to the surface. Her nipples where hard as diamonds and her pussy was on fire as the strapon slide up and pinched her clit.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK.” Ali screamed. “I can’t hold off my orgasm much longer. Please Master Nigel do I have permission to cum?”

“Yes my pet.” Nigel said “You can cum.”

With on last lunge Ali buried the cock deep in Jim’s ass. She reached down between Jim’s legs twisting his nut sack and pulling him back by his balls so he couldn’t wiggle away. The power of her cum made the clear juices shoot out of her young twat and cover the leather harness.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Ali moaned as she felt wave after wave of the hard cum rage through her young body.

Ali pulled out the black rubber cock and reached back grabbing Bob by the penis and pulled him ahead placing the thick tip on his brothers lubed and ready hole.

“Ok fuck your brother and don’t stop until I tell you to. “Nigel commanded

Ali had moved back as Jen widened the angle so she could get the expression on Jims face as Bob worked his cock deeper inside brother’s ass.

Seeing Ali fuck Jim with that strapon was really kinky and really turned Bob on . He could feel his hot cum churning in his nuts .It was going to be expelled out his cock into Jim’s burn ass.

His hips started to buck as he pumped his cock into Jim’s pink asshole .At this moment he didn’t care what or who’s ass he was fucking it just felt so damn good. He grabbed his brothers hips and pound his cock into his anus like a maul pounding in a steel fence post.

“Ohhhh damn I am sorry bro.” Bob confessed to his brother ” I can’t help it your ass is so fucking tight! I am going cum and fill your ass.”

“Pull out and come on his back.” Nigel ordered

As Bob pulled his 9 inch cock out of his brothers steaming ass, the blood pulsed in the veins of his hard shaft and he shot his big load of white spunk over Jims back and buttocks.

“Close-up Jen.” Nigel said. ” I think that’s what you call a money shot.”

“Now get your cloths and get the fuck out of here. I never want to hear that you talked to Ali or had any other contact with her. If you do, I will make sure your little film becomes public.” Nigel told the boys

After Ali had removed the leather straps the two country boys were gone in a flash out side the barn door.

“Put the camera down şişli escort bayan Jen and get the paddle from the bag.” Nigel told the young girl

“It was your job to make sure Ali didn’t fuck anyone with out my permission .”

“I am sorry I disappointed you master.” Jen said as she got on her hands and knees in front of her master. “Please punish me because I deserve it.”

“Count to ten.” Nigel ordered the young girl

As the first blow came crashing down on her ass.

“1…….2…….3…….4…… I am sorry master ……..5…..6….7…..8….9….10….. I will do better I promise.” Jen pleaded

Jen’s ass was a bright fire engine red from the heavy wooden paddle assault on her tender flesh. She knew better then to move until Nigel told her she could. She closed her eyes and tried not to cry. She could feel his hands move over her burning cheeks as if he was checking her skin for damage.

Then Nigel reached down with both hand and grabbed the rings that were on both sides of her swollen pussy lips and pulled them in opposite directions so her sex was wide open so he could inspect her young twat for damages the young men might have inflicted on it from there thick young cocks.

Satisfied the hole was fine he gently rubbed on her clit as he inserted two fingers in her tight anus. Working them back and forth and then in a circle like he was a doctor giving her a physical exam. He then firmly imbedded them as deep as they would got in her tender rosebud as he slide another two from his our hand into her vagina .

Jen let out a moan as Nigel continued to finger fucked her ass and pussy. He turned his hand so his thumb was pressing on her clit as he stretched her holes with now three fingers each.

“AHHHHHHHHH master.” Jen moaned…..”I love your hands inside of me.

Jen was actually fucking Nigel’s hands with her holes as she open up and rocked her hips back and forth.

Ali had unbuckled the strapon and moved up in front of Jen and offered a taste of her fresh fucked pussy and ass to the young blond.

Jen could smell Jim’s cum on Ali and took a long lick of her tongue across her shaven pussy and puckered asshole.

As Jen tongue ventured around Ali’s anus and over her clit it felt like short bursts of electricity that were going right to Ali’s brain.

Ali reached down with both hands to open her pussy wide so Jen could plunge her hot tongue inside deep and clean out all of the cum that might have been left behind. Jen loved the taste of Ali’s love juices and lapped them up like a starving dog.

Jen was close to Cumming when Nigel withdrew his hands from her and replaced his fingers in her up turned ass with his hard cock.

“Turn around Ali so Jen can clean that cum from your ass.” Nigel ordered as he slammed his cock the full length in and out of Jen.

Ali turn and bent as the waist right in front of Jens waiting mouth. Ali put both hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide so Jen’s tongue could clean out all of Jims cum that was still trapped inside .

“Oh God….I am Cumming .” Ali screamed as she felt Jens tongue go deep inside her . Jen sucked with all her might trying to clean out every drop of the white seed that lay just behind Ali’s tight ring.

Ali’s legs went limp and she fell to the barn floor. Her body was covered with goose bumps and her breathing was short but heavy. She laid there holding her quivering pussy as she watch Nigel fuck her young friend.

When Nigel knew he was close to Cumming .He grabbed Jen by the hips dragging her up with him as he stood up to his feet. She was dangling like a rag doll as he worked the cum from his balls and deposited them with one finally lunge deep inside her bowels. Then Nigel just let go and dropped her so she ended up in a pile at his feet.

“Make yourself cum for me slut.” Nigel screamed at Jen

Jen’s hand went right for her wet slit and rubbed with all her might.

She screamed as if she had been stabbed with a knife as she finished herself off by rubbing her clit. She plunged two fingers in her gaping ass and gathered up as much of Nigel’s cum that they could collect and put them in her mouth and suck them clean.

“I Love the taste of your cum, master.” Jen said to Nigel “Thank you for checking my holes and leaving me filled with your sweet cum.”

“I will do a better job of protecting Ali master. I promise.”

Nigel moved away and dressed. As he prepared to leave the old barn he said to Ali.”

Ali, You better get dressed and home before your Mother thinks something is wrong. We don’t want to worry her. I will call you in a couple days. I have something very special planned.”

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