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Big Tits

Our ‘normal’ life had once again taken centre stage.

After a long working week for both of us, we were relaxing over a bottle of wine, the weekend around the corner and the rare opportunity to relax for Mei and myself.

Our conversation quickly turned to the possibility of having some fun this coming weekend, and logging in to our online profile, we worked through the numerous messages we had received since our last log in.

Amongst the messages, one in particular stood out.

Tom and Eve had recently relocated to the same city as us.

Originally from the UK, Tom was tall and lean, while Eve was petite and toned, her blonde hair cut short in a pixie cut, giving her a very cute yet tomboyish look.

We sent a reply, with some discreet pictures of ourselves.

We were pleasantly surprised when we received a reply within half an hour.

Clearly they were in the mood, just like us.

Included in their reply was an invitation to join them the following afternoon, at their place, for a few drinks.

Before accepting their invitation, I discussed the options with Mei.

Tom and Eve were looking for a full swap experience, and this would be new territory for us. I was comfortable with the scenario, though Mei was still a bit apprehensive about watching me fuck another woman, her concerns about me watching her being fucked by another man no longer registered.

We agreed it was time to take the plunge, and replying to their invitation, we let them know what time we would arrive, and that Mei was going to dress for the occasion.

Tom replied and promised Eve would also dress for the occasion, something I was looking forward to.

Before I could move away from the computer table, I felt Mei’s hand on my thigh.

Turning me on my swivel chair, Mei dropped to her knees, the look of pure lust in her eyes let me know I was in for a treat.

I undid my pants, pushing them down past my thighs, letting my hardening cock stand to attention as Mei lowered her open mouth toward my cock head.

The soft wetness of her tongue was matched by the warmth of her mouth as she took my cock head in her mouth and started to work her magic oral skills on my cock.

Leaning back in my chair, I took in the beautiful sight in front of me.

Mei’s slender hands resting on my thighs, as her head moved in a deep steady motion, taking more of my shaft in her mouth as she kept a strong grip on my cock.

The soft gentle moans escaping from Mei’s mouth, let me know she was enjoying it as much as me.

I could feel my orgasm building, and I let Mei know I was close.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and started stroking my shaft hard with her hand.

Smiling as she looked me in the eyes, I started to cum all over her beautiful face.

Multiple streams of hot cum started sliding down her face. Covering her lips, she opened her mouth, and started scooped some cum into her mouth.

Smiling at me, Mei swallowed my load, opening her mouth wide to let me know every last drop had flowed down her throat.

Satisfied after such a great session, it wasn’t long before we were both sound asleep, resting up before the erotic adventure the following day.

The next morning passed quickly. Lunch was settled, and Mei started to get ready. Selecting a red lace lingerie set, with matching suspenders and stockings, she certainly looked amazing as she slipped into her lingerie.

Selecting a short cut red, modern take on a traditional Chinese outfit, Mei pulled off a stunningly chic yet very provocative look.

As I slipped into my jeans and t shirt, I was loving the sight of Mei, looking so good, her hair and make up the perfect accent to her stunning outfit.

Packing two bottles of champagne from the fridge, we headed downstairs to our waiting taxi.

The ride to their apartment escort ankara was quick, and in no time we were ringing their intercom, Eve buzzing us into the lift lobby.

Moments later we knocked on their door and were greeted by both Tom and Eve.

Eve looked incredible. Her short blonde hair highlighted her sharpe features, while a black micro mini dress, showing off her her black stockings and beautifully toned legs.

Tom was casually dressed in jeans and a t shirt, his lean toned body clearly evident as the welcomed us in to their home.

Passing Tom the champagne, we headed to the sitting area, where large sofas formed a U shape sitting area, around a low, square coffee table.

Eve asked us to sit on a side sofa, while she sat on the adjacent sofa close by.

My eyes were glued to her legs as she sat back, slowly crossing her stocking covered legs, it was a true sight to behold.

Tom joined us with champagne glasses filled, and as we all took a glass, he sat next to Eve.

The conversation and compliments flowed freely.

Tom was clearly impressed by Mei and her outfit, while I was full of compliments for Eve, who met each compliment with a big smile, the eye contact lasting just a bit longer each time.

As Tom refilled the glasses, I suggested he sit next to Mei, while I sat with Eve.

Settling next to Eve, it wasn’t long before we were lost in small talk with each other, barely aware that Tom and Mei were sitting very close to each other.

I took a quick glance across and noticed Tom had his hand resting on Mei’s exposed thigh, nearly touching the hem of her short dress.

Mei was deep in conversation with Tom, though clearly enjoying the attention.

I was aroused by the sight, and turning back to Eve, I was pleased to see she had shifted, now facing directly at me, her back towards Tom and Mei.

Her toned legs were still a sight to behold, and the high cut hem of her micro dress left little to the imagination.

It was clear Eve was not wearing any panties, and that her pussy was nice and smooth, either freshly shaved or waxed.

We continued to flirt with each other, body contact increasing, while hands rested on thighs or lingered while tracing outlines of Eve’s breasts through her dress.

Eve was encouraging me to explore her body, and leaning forward I placed my hand on her smooth mound, my fingers starting to explore her pussy, while we sat facing each other on the couch.

Eve let out a soft moan as she held her pose, my fingers circling her clit before opening up her slick pussy lips.

Clearly Eve was very turned on, and enjoying the attention.

I glanced over and Tom and Mei, who were in the same seating position as before, though Tom had worked Mei’s dress back to her hip, her suspenders clearly visible as his hand was resting on her bare thigh, between the stocking and suspenders.

Eve let out a soft moan, and I returned my focus to Eve, who indicated her glass was empty, and suggested we go to the kitchen to get more champagne.

Removing my hand from her pussy I couldn’t help but taste her juices from my fingers.

Sweet and musky, Eve tasted like pure ecstasy, and I was looking forward to tasting more.

As we straightened ourselves and headed to the kitchen, Tom and Mei were barely aware that we had moved, both were clearly enjoying their conversation, sitting extremely close, yet still only Tom’s hand on Mei’s bare thigh, the only physical contact.

Eve pushed the swing door to the kitchen, and I followed her into the kitchen.

As she stood in front of the fridge, her beautiful body instantly catching my attention.

I moved in behind her, and started kissing her neck.

This was met with instant approval, Eve leaning back into me, as her hand reached down to the front of my jeans, eagerly seeking my belt ankara escortlar to undo my jeans.

Shortly after my jeans and boxers hit the floor, and Eve was skilfully stroking my rapidly hardening cock.

I pushed Eve’s dress up over her beautiful peach like ass, and kept going, Eve lifting her arms up to assist me in completely removing the dress.

Removing my t shirt, we were both naked, except for Eve’s black stockings, the dark lace striking in contrast to her pale skin

Now facing each other I moved into Eve, lowering my mouth to taste her nipples, while my hand returned to her moist Pussy.

Eve was loving the attention and she continued stroking my hard cock, pulling me closer to her pussy as I continued to lavish her nipples and breasts with my tongue and mouth.

I paused to briefly spread Eve’s thighs, though sensing I was about to fuck her, Eve asked that we move over to the closed kitchen door, and look through the glass panel, to see what was happening in the living room.

My hard cock followed Eve’s perky ass as it playfully enticed me on the way to the door.

Eve leaned forward to look, then she asked me to look.

Leaning over her shoulder, my hard cock once again being caressed by her skilful hands, I was delighted to see what was happening in the lounge.

Mei still had her dress on, though the side zip was three quarters open. Her bra and panties had been removed, and her stockings and suspenders were all that remained.

Tom was completely naked, lying back on the sofa, his legs spread and Mei’s head bobbing up and down on his long cock, her hair tied back as she leaned over his cock servicing him with her skilled mouth and tongue.

I whispered in Eve’s ear telling her how hot they were, and told her to spread her legs.

She nodded in silence, focused on what was happening through the glass, as I bent down and teased her wet pussy with my bare cock head.

Slowly I pushed my cock inside Eve’s inviting pussy. Eve let out a deep moan and pushed back against me, as I pushed deeper into her.

We quickly established a nice rhythm, Eve pushing back onto me as I continued to fuck her.

We fucked in near silence, as once again Eve bought my attention to the action in the living room.

Things had progressed rapidly and Mei was now bent over the side of the sofa, her dress removed and her naked ass framed by her red stockings.

Tom was standing behind her, fucking her hard.

His deep strong thrusts were pounding Mei into the side of the sofa with a noticeable force.

Watching the action unfold, while I drilled her pussy pushed Eve over the edge.

She started to cum on my cock, squeezing my arm tightly as she came in shuddering spasms.

I was loving watching Eve orgasm while I fucked her.

Her beautiful body, now with a slight sheen of perspiration on it, was a well

sculpted masterpiece and I was taking great pleasure watching her orgasm

pass through her as I kept fucking her.

Eve was now more vocal, encouraging me to fuck her harder as she occasionally watched her husband pounding my girlfriend Mei, in the living room.

We could both hear Mei’s moans of pleasure and delight as Tom continued to fuck her aggressively.

I had reached my limit, and I let Eve know I was about to shoot my load.

She pushed her ass back into me, and asked me to fill her with my load.

Gripping her hips, I started cumming, Eve moaning as each hot spurt hit inside her bare pussy.

We stood there in silence, both enjoying the post orgasm bliss, my cock still firm and deep inside Eve.

Looking into the lounge we could see Tom had Mei on her knees, her head tilted back, mouth open wide, as Tom stroked his cock firmly.

We were soon greeted by the sight of Tom cumming on to Mei’s exposed tongue.

As sincan kaliteli escortlar Mei swallowed Tom’s load Eve mentioned how gorgeous Mei looked.

Agreeing with Eve I gently kissed her neck, as Mei worked the remaining last drops of cum from Tom’s cock with her hands, lips and tongue.

We took a moment to compose ourselves before heading back into the living room, a fresh bottle of champagne with us.

We settled into the sofas, Mei joining me, while Eve reunited with Tom.

We quickly became engrossed in conversation with our respective partners, Mei’s luscious body wrapped around mine as she shared the details of her time with Tom.

Hearing how Tom had worked his hands inside Mei’s panties and how wet she became, was turning me on, my cock starting to swell as Mei went into detail about Tom’s long cock stretching her pussy whilst bent over the side of the sofa.

Looking over to Tom and Eve, I wasn’t surprised to see Eve on all fours, her head bobbing up and down on Tom’s hard shaft.

Tom smiled and motioned for me to join, pointing with his hand towards Eve’s elevated and exposed pussy.

I asked Mei if she wanted to go and straddle Tom’s face, and her big smile was enough to let me know that she was happy to do so.

We moved over to Tom and Eve, Mei climbing up over Tom’s chest, resting her hands on the wall as she placed her knees either side of Tom’s head.

Lowering her gorgeous pussy down on to Tom’s welcoming face.

Placing my cock head against Eve’s slippery pussy, I took great delight in the ease with which her moist warm pussy took my cock.

Eve paused momentarily from sucking Tom’s cock, to let me know that she loved having my cock inside her, before she returned her attention to Tom’s cock.

I was fucking Eve with force while she was sucking Tom. Pounding her pussy deep with each stroke stretching her out, her muffled moans adding to the steamy erotic atmosphere in the room.

Looking up at Mei, her toned back facing me as she was grinding her pussy into Tom’s face, I was pleased to hear her vocal encouragement of Tom.

Clearly he was hitting the right spots and her orgasm was rapidly approaching.

I was loving the sight of my cock sliding into Eve’s slick pussy, however her cute ass hole was too strong a temptation to ignore.

I coated my thumb in a liberal amount of saliva, before inserting it fully into Eve’s tight, warm ass.

Eve responded instantly, throwing her head back in delight before pushing back hard on both my thumb and cock.

I started working my thumb into her ass, while I continued to fuck her.

Moments later she let out a loud moan, pulling Tom’s cock from her mouth as she came in my cock.

I couldn’t take anymore and started to pump another load inside Eve’s pussy, before collapsing on to the couch.

Watching with immense joy as my cum started to drip out of her pussy, as she stroked Tom’s cock to orgasm.

Tom shot his load all over Eve’s face.

Big, thick streams of cum covered her face as she grinned with delight.

Mei had noticed the action happening, and climbing off Tom’s face, she moved down to Eve, their faces just inches apart.

Mei leaned in and started to lick Tom’s cum off Eve’s face.

She then proceeded to passionately kiss Eve, pushing Tom’s cum into Eve’s eager mouth at the same time.

Both Tom and I watched the girls indulge in their cum inspired kissing for a solid amount of time, before the girls finally broke off the kiss.

Tom’s cum no longer visible, except for a small amount on the corner or Mei’s mouth, and a tiny drop under Eve’s chin.

We all took a moment to catch our breath, then Mei and I excused ourselves to tidy up.

As we made our way to our taxi, we thanked both Tom and Eve for an unforgettable afternoon and promised them we would be in touch very soon.

The ride home was quick and we shared a laugh when I pointed out to Mei that she had missed some of Tom’s cum.

We both had enjoyed the new experience immensely, and were looking forward to what the next adventure would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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