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I intend this to be a series, please let me know if you find it interesting enough for more chapters.


It was at my sister in law’s wedding that my life took an amazing and wonderful turn.

My name is Blake and I am 28 years old and married my wife, Susan nearly eight years ago. She is also 28 and we met in college, where I earned a Master’s Degree in accounting and she received her BA in Education. We met when she was a sophomore and I had just finished my BS in Accounting and earned my CPA. I had started college while I was still in high school and by the time students my age were getting their undergrad degrees I was earning my Masters.

Susan is beautiful and I fell in love with her right away. She is a 5’4” brunette with gorgeous legs and an ass that you can crack walnuts on because she had been a cheerleader in high school and a cross country runner with enough ability to get a track scholarship at the University we attended. She continued her running regimen and often participated in 10Ks, half marathons and even marathons from time to time. Her breasts are B Cups with amazing shape and lovely succulent nipples. We met at my fraternity house during a big party we hosted. As beautiful as she is, her personality is even better. She is always positive and while she wasn’t naïve, she had a talent in always seeing the best in people and in situations. I often said she never met a stranger because she could befriend people so easily. She could talk to people in a way that made them feel close to her quickly. Men could not help but want her, but she could flirt and cajole just enough to entice them without making them angry when she rebuffed them. She was also smart and professional enough in the way she handled herself that they could take her seriously. Women often initially resented her and could initially feel threatened by her beauty and sex appeal until she burst through their defenses by making them feel like a sister to her. She had a knack for convincing people into things, including me. She was adventurous in an impish way and she was just a little manipulative, but in a playful way. It made her invaluable to the charitable functions her father supported as she could work a room like no other.

I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 190 pounds. I run and bike to keep fit and lift weights at least four times per week to maintain strength. şirinevler escort I have dark hair and am told I am handsome though I often don’t see myself in those terms. I was a bit of a geek in school and because I was advancing in school faster than others my age, making close friends was hard. I was bullied a bit by older kids until I hit a growth spurt just after I graduated high school. I hated how I was treated, but I also knew it made me humble and with my intellect, it balanced out some arrogance I had. I felt I gained perspective by knowing how weaker people felt and it made me compassionate. If I hadn’t gone through that experience, my intellect would have made me arrogant and I think I could have become a bully just out of resentment.

After my growth spurt and I got coordinated, I hit my stride and I was also able to use my other gift. I am proud to say I have a large cock, eight inches long and thick. I was taken by one of my first professors, and I do mean taken. She was older, in her early 30s, and she dominated me at first, seducing me and making me her boy-toy, but she showed me how to please a woman and opened me up to all the sexual possibilities you can imagine. Eventually, my youth and vigor flipped our roles and she became my toy. I used my new-found knowledge to my advantage with coeds and even a couple of other professors after my reputation got out.

That all ended in my last year of my Master’s Degree. Susan walked into the frat party, spotted me by the keg and sashayed over to me and kissed me full on the lips. She beguiled me as I watched her stalk up to me. She told me her name and said she saw me last week at the gym and was certain she had to have me. She was wearing a tight, red camisole that showed a hint of cleavage and short, black skirt that barely covered her amazing ass. She also had thigh high stockings and some knee high black leather boots. They emphasized her runner’s legs exquisitely.

She took my hand and we sat on the couch. We talked well into the night and when the party was starting to die down, she kissed me again, making my toes curl. I knew I had found the love of my life in that instant. I don’t remember going to my room but we were kissing and peeling each other’s clothes off. She pushed me on the bed and stood in front of me. She was showing me her beauty as she peeled şişli escort the camisole off as she stared at me through her somewhat tussled hair. Her grin was so sexy and the skirt soon followed. Now she was in her sexy black thong and thigh highs and boots. She paused to let me get the full effect of her and I had never seen anything so gorgeous in my life, I had to remember to breathe as she unzipped and slipped off the boots. She left her thigh highs on but slicked her panties down to her ankles and slowly kicked them off. Her pussy was shaved and her nipples pointed at me on her succulent breasts. Her hands were on her hips and she said, “I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for this moment.”

She kneeled in front of me, slicked my briefs down my legs and my cock popped up. Her eyes went wide and she said, “Oh my God, so beautiful, I never realized it would be so perfect.”

She took my shaft in her hands as she kissed the head. She looked at my cock all over then as if trying to commit it to memory. She licked up the shaft and cooed, “I am so glad the rumors turned out to be true, I think I am going to love this cock forever.”

And she did. She swallowed me half way down and made love to my cock as if her life depended on it. I had by then been with many women but I knew the rest of my life could be spent pleasuring her and I would have lived a full life. She played with my cock some more but she soon crawled up my body and whispered into my ear, “I will play with that cock some other time but the first time you come with me, I want to feel it explode in my pussy. I want you to know you can have me as much as you want, whenever you want. From now until I die, I will pleasure you in any way you want.”

She positioned her pussy on the head of my cock and I could feel her juices surrounding me as she pushed down. She was so incredibly tight I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get myself inside her but she gyrated until she began to take me. We were kissing and fondling each other as if we were trying to consume each other. The passion we shared our first time would set the rhythm of our sex life for the rest of our lives. Once she got me enveloped in her lovely sheath, she held herself there and came. She was shouting, “Oh God, oh God, I have never felt like this. No one has made me come so quickly!”

Her taksim escort body tightened and she moaned and grunted though her orgasm and I had never seen anything so beautiful. As her orgasm wound down, she started slowly moving herself up and down my shaft. I looked in her eyes and said, “Now I am going to fuck you like you deserve.”

She smiled so sexily and said, “I’m yours now baby; take me for your own. You can do whatever you want with me. I will never tell you No.”

I flipped her on her back, never pulling my cock from her and I seated myself between those amazing legs and thrusted fully inside her. She groaned and arched her back and I said, “I am going to take you and make you mine. I am going to make you cum so much on my cock you will never want another man.”

“Please make that come true, make love to me. I want you more than I ever have wanted anyone. Make me your flesh, make me your lover, make me yours. I will always do your bidding; I will do anything for you”

I thrusted as if my life depended on it. I was certain this was the girl of my dreams and I intended to make sure she knew how good it was going to be. We athletically pushed each other into a sexual frenzy. She started coming over and over and within minutes, I was pushing my cock into her over and over. My god, she was the most incredible creature I had ever know and much earlier than I am used to, I felt my balls churn and before I knew it I was coming into her with my whole body!

“Yes, lover, yes, fill me with your beautiful cum! I want it so much; I can feel your cum inside me! It is making me cum again! I have never cum like this before! Oh God, so big, so good!”

We laid there together gasping and kissing, not feeling like we could get enough of each other. I started to pull out but she locked her legs around me and said, “Don’t you dare, I never want to you to take this cock out of me, it’s mine now and I want it where it belongs as much as possible.”

I got hard again as she said this and we fucked again with just as much passion. We made love all night and into the weekend, stopping only to eat and replenish fluids. We were both raw from the sex by the time she left on Monday morning so we could both go to our classes but we were inseparable from then on.

As she left that morning, I will never forget what she said, “You’re the man I was meant to be with and I am yours now. My family is going to love you.”

It was sort of a weird thing for her to say, but I was sure I was in love too so I took it to mean we both experienced love at first site.

I would find out her words had more meaning than I could possibly imagine.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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