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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed.


Once her nephew had left, Cynthia got to work. She skimmed through the pictures and video she had of her nephew already, trying to find the right one for what she had planned next. Eventually she found what she needed, and took a screenshot of Nicholas walking out of the shower, water dripping off his youthful form, unaware that he was being recorded. She cropped the image and made it smaller.

Then, she went to Craigslist. She needed to find a specific type of participant for her plan tomorrow. So far her nephew had been with good looking men, one older and one younger. She wanted him to have an appreciation of every type of male body, which meant he would be sampling off a buffet she designed for him. She went to the section for casual gay sex and wrote up an ad titled “Young Faggot Needs a Big Man” that read:


I’m a young faggot and would like a real man to use me. The bigger, the better. I like to be grabbed and groped and fondled and cock is my favorite thing!”

She noted that she would only respond to people with pictures, and then she attached the picture of Nicholas coming out of the shower. Within twenty minutes she had ten responses. After three hours she had over sixty. She marvelled at how poor most of the responses were, but one of them did fit her needs: a divorced 45 year old man. He was “bigger” in the sense that he was 6’3 and was nearly 300 pounds. He was definitely overweight even for his height, but not overly flabby. He had light hair on his chest and had a half beard on his round face. He looked every year of his age, and his hair was thinning. He was also “bigger” below, with a thick eight inch dick. As a bonus, he was uncut, something her nephew needed to learn about. She picked him based solely on his physical appearance.

Nicholas was still aware of the shame and humiliation, even after his three orgasm evening with James. He needed to be taught that any man, any man at all, was sexually exciting and desirable and superior. They were men, and he wasn’t. He was a small dicked man lover. And it would happen, but it would take time. For now, she corresponded with the man by e-mail, arranging a place and time.

Before going to sleep, she masturbated for nearly an hour to what was to come for her nephew. This was just the beginning of the parade of men about to enter his life. He would be using Craigslist, Grindr, any dating site that had a section for gay men. With how far she had brought him already she doubted he had any chance at the normal, heterosexual life he had been living. He may not have been truly interested in men before, but the combination of being a regular horny male virgin and the shame he was coming to understand on so many fronts coupled with all the physical sensations were conditioning him. It wouldn’t be long until he was casually glancing at men’s asses or crotches, a normal habit for a homosexual. She shuddered, thinking of what she thought of as her “end game”.

The next morning when Nicholas texted her with the video of two men swapping oral that he used to masturbate when he woke up, she responded that she wouldn’t be able to see him tonight, but she was having a man come by to be gay with him. She showed him the pictures the man had sent, and that he would be by Nicholas’ place at nine o’clock.

Nicholas looked at the pictures. His instant response was not positive. He couldn’t imagine having sex with the man in those pictures, even if he did have a large dick. Why would his aunt choose this guy, especially after Ben and James? He couldn’t believe he was considering having sex with this man for a day with his aunt. How far would he go for her little game? He had gone so far already though… and somehow, it was making him horny again. He texted his aunt back that he’d be there.

She responded that he should be naked when he answered the door. She advised him to do whatever the man wanted with him, and to try and make him happy. And since she cared, she made sure to be parked around the corner from his apartment and used a tablet to remotely view her nephew’s next homosexual encounter, just in case. She wanted him to get used to having strange men come to his home, have sex with him, and leave in the middle of the night.

She watched with delight as he did in fact answer the door naked. There was little conversation as the man disrobed and soon started to feel up her nephew. She could clearly see Nicholas’ visible shudder as the man pawed at him, groping at his crotch. Over the next fifteen minutes Nicholas had every part of his body receive similar treatment: His shoulders were massaged and his nipples were pinched and tugged on, his neck was licked and much more. Nicholas’ arousal was clearly evident and he had been doing silivri escort a good job keeping a smile on his face. Eventually the man lay down, and Nicholas started to suck on his cock. Or, attempted to. The man’s cock was simply too large for her untrained nephew, even if he was giving it his all.

For his part, Nicholas was trying. This time, being touched by a man had felt different. It had felt dirty. But his body had reacted, his penis got hard and the shame started. It deepened when he started to happily blow this man. He could barely go half way down before he started gagging. He was coming to very much enjoy cocksucking, and the extra skin from being uncut was new and different. Nicholas started to take his time, making sure his teeth never touched the man’s dick. He adjusted his angle, and was rewarded as he felt the man’s cock fill out. He had done that, he had made a man hard with his mouth, and he felt pride.

Cynthia couldn’t say what her nephew felt as she watched the man bend him over the side of the bed and buttfuck him through two orgasms. It was rather obscene to watch this rather over large lumberjack type man fuck her nephew into a quivering gay mess. His whining noises and grunts were music to her ears and each time he had ejaculated his face had been scrunched up tight with his eyes shut. The faces he made when the man had taken long, full strokes were unbelievable. Once the man had impaled him for a good minute as he emptied his balls into Nicholas, he pulled out, wiping his cock against Nicholas’ ass. He didn’t say a word, got dressed, and left. The whole thing had barely taken three quarters of an hour.

Once he was gone, Nicholas lay there. His hand kept going to his asshole, as if to wipe away the cum that may have leaked out. It was only once he was on his second joint that he started crying quietly. When his arousal was gone, the shame remained. While he wasn’t ready to admit it out loud, he had loved feeling cock. The bigger and thicker they were, the more he liked making them hard. He had willingly let that man use him like a toy once he had seen what was between his legs. More surprising was how much he enjoyed feeling a dick as it filled his ass. The stretching was becoming less painful, and the feeling of fullness was exquisite.

Cynthia gave him a physical break the next day. He had after all just had anal sex for the first time, then practically doubled the size of his next cock he stuffed in there. Instead, she invaded his normal life. She had little difficulty recruiting a couple of women and men for her plan. It did help that she had many acquaintances in the community, though not quite as aware of the level of depravity she was currently sunk in. She had them go to the coffee shop while Nicholas was working.

The women, ostensibly friends, waited behind a man. When Nicholas took his order, the man flirted with him. He smiled, and commented on Nicholas appearance. Her nephew had paused for a moment, looking away. The man persisted and Nicholas grew hard, happy for the counter between him and the customer. How could this man know? Nicholas tried to politely discourage him, but he had taken a few minutes dealing with the man, enjoying the flirting, even if it was from a man, it was nice to know someone wanted him.

The women standing behind him spoke a bit too loudly “Stop flirting with him, I don’t have time for this.” Nicholas paused again. He quickly started to apologize before he realized what she had accused him of. Her friend rolled her eyes, and the man slipped a card on the counter, sliding it over to Nicholas before leaving. The first woman could clearly be overheard muttering under her breath “Fucking faggots.” Nicholas served her as quickly as he could. Could people tell what he had done? A man had never hit on him before. He felt a bit proud that someone would be interested in him, and thought the man had been decent looking. His masturbation that night had been frequent and fervent. While he was still able to achieve orgasm to straight porn, it was taking longer and longer to get there. She clapped her hands when she saw him search a porntube site for “gay bear”.

He didn’t even object when the next night she sent him another man she found on the internet, this time a younger Hispanic man with a shaved head. Fairly average in all aspects. In what would become a constant in his life, he had little conversation with his gay sex partner. This time was all business, and Nicholas enjoyed licking balls and sucking a real cock attached to a real man. His aunt’s advice to see this as just fun was constantly on his mind. He wouldn’t exactly call it fun, but the rush of feelings and orgasms he experienced were addictive and becoming all he could think about. While he still wanted to have sex with his aunt, he was craving more and more of the experience she was forcing on him. And so he squirmed and grunted and squealed while this new man pounded his ass. He spewed out several spurts of şirinevler escort cum onto his stomach and groaned through the next few minutes until his latest homosexual partner ejaculated inside him. Again, once the man was gone, Nicholas got stoned and showered. She was impressed with the fact he had been keeping up with his school work and his job at the coffee shop while all this was going on. Perhaps he thought he could hide it, a secret. She would happily shatter that illusion for him soon.

On Thursday, she ignored him. He was still advising her of each time he masturbated, but her responses were curt and dismissive. He couldn’t understand why she wasn’t engaging with him. Was she unhappy with him? Instead, she spoke with James. Later that afternoon, she had James text her nephew to meet up that evening. Nicholas pondered over the issue for several minutes once he had received the text. In his head, his aunt did not know about this. He struggled internally over the issue of whether or not to hook up with a sissy faggot.

He had indeed enjoyed his encounter with James this past weekend. His subsequent gay sex had been different, he had felt used even if he had incredible orgasms. But they hadn’t sucked his penis. James would suck his penis. Maybe he’d even get to fuck him again. And really, he wasn’t that bad looking at all. Once he caught himself fantasizing about James, the decision was all but made. Didn’t he deserve to feel good during all of this? For the first time, he realized time was running out. His aunt wasn’t responding or having him humiliate or debase himself. So he invited James over after work. His aunt didn’t need to know.

To Cynthia, things couldn’t be going better. She was molding him, and he couldn’t be turned into a gay fuck puppet that quickly. He still tried to masturbate to his straight porn, of course he would lie and hide things and deny things. That was one of the reason for all the cameras. She wished she had access to his phone as well. She needed to know about as many of his hidden desires, his lies, how he was repressing the homosexuality she was instilling in him… So she could use them later to annihilate any remaining traces of heterosexuality.

Cynthia spent the entire evening watching James and Nicholas. When Nicholas had opened the door to let him in, James kissed him on the cheek, like lovers have been known to do. Nicholas was still very shy and scared, so they watched TV. James would share stories of some of the men he’d slept with and the things he’d done. The TV became background noise for a while as James pulled out his phone and showed Nicholas pictures of the cocks he had pleasured and Nicholas’ eyes were glued to the screen. He flipped through image after image of male genitals. They were both turned on and it wasn’t long before James had his hand inside Nicholas panties as they stared at cocks.

Nicholas admitted he was a bit jealous of James. James kissed him and squeezed his penis and said “You don’t have to be jealous of me Nicky. I love being a sissy faggot.” Nicholas started to feel up James as well, and asked “But what about women? Don’t you, y’know…” he trailed off.

James laughed. “What about them? They’re nasty and they steal all the men.” And kissed Nicholas on the lips. Nicholas hadn’t imagined women as competition. Was he really going to be in competition with women for men? It was true that, so far, none of them had given him the time of day. The women at the coffee shop had been nasty to him. He knew he didn’t have a chance with women, and he felt like a failure. He shouldn’t have gotten even harder when he thought bitterly about how women had treated him. How pathetic was that? Those thoughts filled his heads as James’ mouth engulfed his penis.

Nicholas was small enough that James could swallow the whole thing with ease, even fitting his balls into his mouth. The sensation of having James’ tongue sliding against his most private areas drove thoughts from his head until he prematurely orgasmed in James’ throat. James swallowed, and smiled up at Nicholas. Nicholas felt a strong urge to repay the favor, to get some more dick. He was easily able to deep throat all of James dick, wrapping his lips tight as he sucked him off. He was less aroused since he had just cum, but after several minutes of dicksucking and a warm load in his mouth, he felt his arousal returning.

The two chatted about life, watched videos and generally made out like a pair of super charged homos. At one point James had turned on some gay porn of virile, hairy men on the TV and bent her nephew over the small two-seater couch and humped him repeatedly. Nicholas’ anal orgasm dripped all over the back of his couch and semen leaked out of his anus onto the floor. The two smoked several joints together before retiring to the bed. There was more fondling and kissing and dicks were kissed and sucked and licked and Nicholas ended up cumming twice more inside James. It simply felt good, şişli escort the affection, the physical sensations, but Nicholas still couldn’t shake the feeling that this was unnatural. James reached over to touch Nicholas’ face with his hand, kissed him on the lips before getting dressed. He left Nicholas with cum stains on his body and all over his apartment to clean up.

Cynthia watched the whole thing, then re-watched it and re-watched it again. After James had left, Nicholas had texted her a random gay porn clip, trying to keep up appearances. In the absence of her direction, the lack of stimulus she was providing him, he went to another source to get it once presented with the opportunity. Two weeks ago he was secretly and occasionally masturbating to gay porn. Now he was inviting a faggot over to fuck. He was becoming something of an addict. He was masturbating three, four, five times a day to gay porn, random men were using him as a sexual play thing and when she let the fire wane for a day he made sure he got his fix from James. James would be one of his early role models.

She was thinking like a drug dealer. Her nephew had a fairly large desire for gay-sex and humiliation. And while the metaphorical water was almost over his head in terms of what he could deal with, Cynthia was going to drown him in it. She was going to completely submerge him, soak and marinate him that by the time she was done, she would have twisted him into something completely different, unable to help himself.

So, before she went to sleep that night she texted him, apologizing for her busy day, but to be ready to be picked up tomorrow after work, she had another surprise for him.

She showed up the next evening and once he was inside the car, off they went. Nicholas curiosity was killing him, and he was getting used to the sensation of eagerness and dread that came with what his aunt was requesting of him. There was silence between them until he couldn’t take it any longer, and asked where they were going.

Cynthia didn’t stop driving, she just said “Gloryhole.” She let there be a pregnant pause as the information sunk in his head. “Since you’re so sure about liking pussy, I want to make sure you get a very varied sampling of cocks, and this seemed the best way. It’s not like you haven’t sucked dick before, and it sure looked like you liked it.”

Nicholas could sense the feelings bubbling up in him. The truth was that he had liked it. He was even brave enough and spoke up, “Yeah, I did. I might like cocks, I guess. But pussy is better.” He hadn’t tried to find wiggle room out of it. He was at the point where he’d go along with practically anything she said. He really did believe that he was bisexual, and in a little over a week he was going to have sex with her. As long as he was bisexual, in his mind, he wasn’t gay, therefore the things his aunt said were just shameful fantasies. He could enjoy those fantasies, it wasn’t that bad really and his orgasms has been fantastic, and he wanted more.

“I guess you’ll find out. You sure haven’t gotten near a woman’s pussy yet, and we both know that you’re more likely to win the lottery than have a woman let you between her legs. But you sure took to cock quickly. You’re a guy who likes cock. You like to touch it and suck on it and have it stuck up your ass. If you ask me, that’s what faggots do.” She said.

Nicholas shifted awkwardly in his seat as his penis stirred. The thought that his aunt was an extremely kinky lady crossed his mind for the thousandth time. He found himself thrilled with the thought of being a faggot, one of “them”, in his mind.

Cynthia continued driving and went on, “But you know what, Nicky? I think you like making men cum. I think you like being rewarded for your cocksucking with thick, hardening cock and loads of gay juice being shot into your mouth. And if you were female, I’d understand. But you’re not. And that makes you a sissy faggot.” She continued.

Nicholas did begin to rub himself through his clothes, and Cynthia let him for now, and she parked them around the block from a non-descript looking adult bookstore. She didn’t hesitate as they went in, speaking with a man at the front desk before leading him down an aisle and around a corner. Eventually she led him into a room and closed the door behind them. Outside, a light went on to indicate the room was now occupied.

She had Nicholas get down on his knees on a padded spot on the floor, close to the wall. The hole was perfectly lined up just below his head and she wanted him ready for his first dick as soon as it popped through.

“Now, I think ten is a good number for tonight. That should hopefully give you a nice variety of cocks to appreciate. Ten different men’s dicks in your mouth, ten different loads of cum. That should satisfy your homosexual tendencies for tonight.” She said.

Nicholas looked up at her, a clear look of disbelief on his face. He was about to say something before she cut him off. “Aaaand, no touching yourself until you’ve finished all ten.” His expression changed to that of a petulant child for a moment. “Don’t worry your little faggot head. Once your belly is full of gay man juice you can beat yourself off. You can shoot your own load on the floor and lick it up. Any semen in this room is going into your stomach.” She stated.

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