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Please read my “Naughty High Class Mom” pt.1 & pt.2 and “Hot Girl Leaves The Trailer Park” and “Sinful Hot Mom” series.


He was up at 8am and had worked out in his personal gym and had taken a shower. When I got up I showered then put on a sexy black thong and a pair of nude color thigh high stockings. I stepped into a pair of glass platform high heel pumps that made me look so slutty, just like the girls in the club that my fiancé detested and thought were so immoral. I then put on a fresh coat of red lipstick then put my hair up. I added the beautiful diamond necklace he had given me then came out from the bedroom.

When I entered the study my fiancés grandfather was sitting at his desk talking on the phone. He was dressed in an expensive silk robe that made him look very powerful. When he saw me obviously dressed for fucking his eyes immediately lit up with lust as he looked me over from head to toe approvingly. I could see myself in the mirrors and knew I looked very hot. My ultra white freckled skin accented by the nude thigh high stockings and glass high heel pumps made me look even more nude. My fiancés grandfather put the call on hold and came out from behind his desk and gave me a very passionate kiss as he ran his hands over my excited ass and my stocking covered legs. I untied his robe and let it drop to the floor as we kissed for almost half an hour. As we kissed my hands worked all over his thick, huge cock that didn’t seem to stop growing.

We kissed and played with each other eager to pick up where we left off from the night before. After half an hour of sexy kissing he told me that it was my fiancé who was on the phone on hold. I knew anyone who worked for my fiancés grandfather would have waited on the phone all day instead of hanging up at the expense of fearing what consequences may result from doing so. That’s what having so much power and wealth can do for a person. It was so naughty kissing my fiancés grandfather as I stood anxiously waiting to fuck dressed to fuck him in my nude thigh high stockings and sexy glass platform high heels while my fiancé waited on hold.

As I bent at the waist and lifted his huge cock, I took it in the palm of my outstretched hands and began kissing and licking it all over as I slyly said,

“Ohhh baby I don’t care if he waits all day….I need to blow your great big cock so bad lover….My mouth is dying to suck it.”

As my fiancés grandfather leaned against his desk I turned to the side and stayed bent at the waist and eagerly began worshiping his huge 13 inch cock. I didn’t care that my fiancé was on the phone, all I wanted to do was make love to his grandfathers giant cock and please every inch of it. As I continued to lick all over his huge hooked shaft I would come up every few minutes and we would meet for a sexy two minute tongue kiss before I went back to playing with his giant cock again.

I knew my fiancés grandfather was watching my every move in the mirror across the room. He was looking at a skinny freckled 18 year old girl with an ultra flat chest and almost non- existent tits and braces, dressed in nude thigh high stockings and a pair of sinfully tall glass high heel pumps, bent at the waist eagerly blowing his13 inch cock. He was thoroughly enjoying the attention my hot 18 year old tongue was giving his monster cock and moaned approvingly saying,

“Ohhhh yes baby….. You are so fucking naughty Allison….So young and so naughty.”

After about fifteen minutes of blowing him wildly I stood and said,

“Kiss me baby… Taste your sexy cock on my mouth.”

Immediately our tongues met as our mouths remained opened. Our lips never touched as our tongues played with each other, just flicking at the tips wildly. We tongue fucked for another fifteen minutes as I desperately pumped up and down on his saliva coated monster cock. I then bent at the waist again and began biting up and down his massively thick veined shaft. This caused my fiancés grandfather to groan approvingly and said,

“Oh yesssss baby…that’s right baby….just like that baby …..Bite it….Bite that big fucking cock Allison…. Oh yes just like that baby.”

Over an hour went by he said,

“Let me put my grandson on speaker phone so that I could get rid of him baby.”

As my fiancés grandfather clicked on the speaker phone I continued blowing his huge cock. He didn’t apologize for keeping him on hold and just asked a question regarding the company business. As my fiance went on about the company I looked up slyly and smirked, then whispered,

“Ohhhh baby… I love sucking your huge cock.”

I could tell he wasn’t even listening to one word his grandson said as he looked at me with a sly smile then took in the length of my pale freckled skinny body with my tiny 29AA tits and eraser-like nipples in the mirror while I desperately sucked away on his sexy13 inch cock. As I was blowing him I glanced at the mirror and almost dyed as I took in the sight göztepe genç escort of the two of us. It looked so naughty, so devilish. It was what most people would call morally wrong and disgusting behavior.

Here was a skinny 18 year old sinfully dressed in nude thigh high stockings and glass platform high heel pumps lustfully stroking and licking the massive almost grotesque cock of a man nearly 60 years older then me. When I put his enormous cock head in my outstretched mouth I actually came from the sight of it. My fiancés grandfathers huge cock looked so sexy against my snow white freckled skin and in my outstretched mouth.

My fiancés grandfathers eyes were burning with lust as he stared at me in the mirror, bent at the waist in my sexy nude nylons and glass platform high heels with my diamond necklace hanging as my palms cupped his giant cock and my tongue went insane licking all over it coating every inch of it with my wet salvia. At one point my fiancé thanked his grandfather for looking after me for while he was in the Middle East. I then stood and began kissing his hard nipples while my hand gently stroked up and down in a twisting motion, over and under his massive hooked shaft. I then turned and bent at the waist as his giant cock was wedged between my sexy freckled ass cheeks.

My fiancés grandfather told him to hold and clicked off the speaker then immediately let out a loud moan saying,

“Ohhhhhhh fuck,” as my soft creamy freckled ass pressed up against his monster cock.

I began gyrating my ass slowly up and down and from side to side slightly against his monster cock as it glided between my ass cheeks and went up the middle of my back. As I looked in the mirror I almost came from the sight of his colossal cock as it snaked up my milk white freckled back as it nearly touched my shoulders! It looked so gigantic in proportion to my narrow back. I then crossed one glass high heel over the other as my fiancés grandfather ran his hands up and down the sides of my nude thigh high nylons, caressing my long thin legs. His hands felt so sexy going up and down my sheer thigh high stockings and then he used his fingertips to trace around the sexy elastic tops. I t felt so sexy that I moaned in a throaty voice,

“Ohhhh fuck that feels sooooo fucking sexy baby.”

As my fiancés grandfather continued to play with my legs and nylons I looked in the mirror and saw the depraved look of lust on my face.

He then hit the speaker and asked my fiancé some question about the business deal. I couldn’t believe how sexy we looked. Here was a 76 year old man in amazing physical shape who had a massive 13 in cock, standing behind a young freckled skinny 18 year old girl dressed in a pair of sexy nude color thigh high stockings and glass platform high heels with skin as white as snow who was using her soft ass as a pair of hands jacking his monster cock with a wanton look of fucking on her face.

As I used my wild ass to jack my fiancés grandfathers huge cock his grandson went on about business. As he ranted on and on about being loyal to his grandfather and that he was going to do anything to please him his grandfather and I were thoroughly enjoying this sinful teasing; we were so hot for each other. My fiancés grandfather then pulled me up with my back to him and that giant cock wedged against his stomach and my back and whispered,

“Oh Allison you are so fucking sexy baby….. Your sexy ass is driving me crazy baby… You have a wonderful skinny body that was designed exclusively for fucking…The way you dress for fucking is so sexy and devilish Allison.”

I then turned my head to the side and met his tongue for a wild flicking tongue kiss as he continued running his hands over my thigh high stockings. He went on to say,

“This big cock has fucked hundreds of sexy young girls Allison, but not one has pleased it like you baby… You are so sinfully young Allison, with the look of a school girl but you know more about fucking and pleasing a big cock then any girl I’ve ever fucked.”

My ass kept fucking up and down my fiancés grandfathers huge cock and our tongues met for another hot high-speed kiss as I said,

“Oh baby I know you have a cock so big that every woman craves to fuck it…. I love your huge cock baby…All I want to do is love it and fuck it , then build it up and drain every ounce of hot cum out of it.”

We kissed again and now his hands were running aggressively up and down my boyish chest and over my tiny nipples. They were so sensitive and as hard as nails and as he pinched them and rolled them between his thumb and index finger he kissed my neck and drove me insane.

He whispered, “I can’t believe how sexy your skinny and freckled skin is, and I am amazed that you are able to take my entire cock to the base.”

I then turned and put my arms his neck and we kisses passionately for ten minutes. As I went back down on my high heels and resumed göztepe olgun escort licking his giant shaft he put my husband back on the phone, once again neglecting to apologize. My fiancés grandfather told his grandson that it was his pleasure looking over me while he was out of the country and that he was going to take special care of me as if I were his very own grandaughter. My fiancé went on to say how thankful he was, because I had just turned 18 and was very innocent and shy and was not used to being away from home and the church where I teach Sunday school. I looked up with a smirk on my face and began pumping his grandfathers enormous cock lustfully. My fiancés grandfather looked at me slyly and responded by saying,

“Yes son, you are a very lucky young man to have such a faithful and innocent young bride to be.”

I then stood and we met for a naughty tongue kiss as I continued to pump his grandfathers great big sexy cock lustfully between my long fingers.

I then bent at the waist and went back to sucking his now throbbing 13 inch cock as he told grandson that he was going to arrange for his decorator to meet with me so that I could have the house furnished by the time he returned from Europe. My fiancé went on to say that he hoped it wasn’t an imposition having me stay at his home while he was away and his fiancés grandfather responded without giving him any sense that we were fucking,

“Trust me son having Allison as my guest is my pleasure, He then looked down at me sucking and licking his pulsating huge cock and added in a deep resonating voice,

“Its my pleasure indeed son, my pleasure indeed!”

My fiancés grandfather told my fiance that he would inform me of his call and that I would contact him at his hotel tomorrow. Before he hung up with my husband my fiancés grandfather informed my fiancé that he was going to be promoted and assigned as the head lawyer of monitoring all of his over seas businesses. My fiancés grandfather explained that his salary was going up another $300,000 and that his expense account would also be adjusted considerably. My fiancé was ecstatic, but not nearly as much as I was knowing that every time he was going to be out of the country his sexy grandfather and I would be playing with each other and fucking as soon as he was at the airport.

My fiancé then sounded a little concerned, and said that he was worried about me being alone for extended periods of time. My fiancés grandfather then put him at ease and said,

“Don’t worry son, I assure you that when you are out of the country I will personally look after your young bride and make sure she is well taken care of, as if she was my own bride.”

My fiancé then thanked his 76 year old powerful and wealthy grandfather and said that he was feeling so much better knowing his grandfather was going to personally look after me and that he was going to treat me like a family member.

I then stood and kissed my fiancés grandfathers lips a few times making soft popping sounds then whispered in his ear,

“I need to jerk you off lover….. I need to see another hot load explode from your great big sexy cock baby… I want to watch your huge cock shoot off…then I want to taste your hot fucking cum baby.”

My fiancés grandfather told his grandson that he was entertaining a very special guest and that he had to disconnect. After he hung up I stood and we kissed wildly. I was going crazy and needed to make him pop off. I was determined to bring his huge cock off and knelt down on my glass high heels and stroked his massive hard on playing with it as I teased,

“Soooo baby, do you like the way your grandsons faithful 18 year old innocent fiancé is jacking your huge cock…do you baby… Do you…Ohhhhh fuck yeah… I can tell you do baby.”

My fiancés grandfather threw his head back and wailed,

“Ahhhhh Fuuuck….Here it cums baby…..Ahhhhhh…. Keep stroking it baby…..Your hands feel so fucking good baby….. So fucking good.”

Suddenly my fiancés grandfathers giant cock began to explode. As his hot cum went flying over my shoulder I kept pumping and taunting, “Ohhhh that’s it baby…. Give me a hot load of your hot cum lover….Ohhhh fuck yeah….Fuck yeah baby.”

Blast after scorching blast went flying out of his gigantic cock splashing against the mirrors as he moaned loudly,

“Ahhhhhhhhh….. You sexy 18 year old bitch… You’re driving my big cock insane.”

I then grabbed the head of his huge cock in one hand and proceeded to pump his spurting shaft off with the other at a blinding speed. My horny hands flew over the great big hook in the middle of his shaft and caused him keep shooting off. His beautiful cum began to flow through my outstretched hand and helped lubricate his massive shaft as I fiercely pumped it off with the other.

After ten long ropes of cum leapt from his huge cock head I eagerly guided the spurting monster to my göztepe şişman escort open mouth and began swallowing blast after blast of my fiancés grandfather hot cum. I swallowed five times then stood as I continued to jerk his monster cock as it wedged between his tight stomach and mine. We came together in a hot kiss as his huge cock spurted up through our stomachs hitting or chins and my hair. Finally after a minute of his tireless cock spurting, it fell between his legs and came to rest at his knees.

This was the beginning of a fuck that is ongoing. I was recently married and my now husbands grandfather and I are together as soon as my husband is off to the Middle East or Europe. My husband is out of the country for a month at a time. During that time I move into his grandfathers bedroom and we fuck and play with each other for days straight without a rest. While my husband is back in Miami I am obligated to play the role of the loyal devoted wife. I know that when he is here his grandfather fucks other young teens. I even know that the big titted girl in the club who was desperately trying to fuck him finally got the opportunity to a week ago.

One night last week I was went to surprise husbands grandfather by coming to his estate and spending a few hours fucking while his grandson was working late. I parked my Mercedes at one of the guest houses so that I wouldn’t be noticed. As I came around the side of the guest house I saw his private limousine. I watched the driver open his door then go to the other side and let another person out. I nearly died when I saw that it was the big titted blond girl I had met at the club and the boutique.

When the door opened her long legs swung out. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of black high heeled pumps and a pair of sheer tan thigh high stockings that were clasped to a black garter belt. Her blond hair was up and she was wearing an expensive pearl necklace. I was stunned to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra or a blouse. I assumed that must have come off in the limousine. I could not believe how huge the blonds’ tits were. They were pendulous! I was guessing 44DD or even 48DD. As she walked to the opposite side of the limo her huge big nippled tits swung ludey from side to side while her black high heel pumps clicked seductively on the driveway to meet my husbands grandfather. When she turned to the side it was obvious how huge her dark brown nipples were as they stuck out and straight up to the sky sticking out over an inch and must have been almost two inches around!

When my fiancés grandfather met her they immediately began kissing hotly and touching each other hungrily. As they kissed his hands were all over her stockings and her soft ass. He then began sucking and biting her huge dark brown nipples which caused her to moan loudly. After ten minutes of this he pulled her by her blond hair and forcefully pushed her down to kneel on her high heels. With his other hand he angrily tore down his pants which caused his giant cock to spring out menacingly. The sight of his enormous- ready to fuck monster cock caused the big titted blond to gasp loudly,


I was surprised at the comment he then made as he said almost laughingly,

“Bigger than your Uncle Bobs baby?”

She replied out of the sheer horror of seeing his enormous 13 inch big hooked cock for the first time saying,

“Oh my god baby I heard you were huge, but this is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. You’re at least 10 times bigger than my Uncle Bob or any other guy I’ve ever fucked baby!”

She then began spitting on it for a few minutes and began licking it all over it crazily as the wads of salvia dripped onto the driveway. She continued to spit on his giant cock as if possessed by an exorcist. As she spit wildly she began moaning about how fucking huge he was. She then began catching the drops of saliva in a wanton display knowing that this action was turning my husbands grandfather on like crazy.

After a few minutes of this hot action my husbands grandfather grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to meet him for a wild kiss. They were both groaning and had a desperate need to kiss each other. As they kissed she continued to pump my husbands 76 year old grandfather with her left hand as his giant cock shot way past her stocking covered leg and her ass. After a few minutes of this sinful kiss he pushed her back down to her high heels again and demanded that that she give him more head more head. As she was eagerly blowing his monster cock he said teasingly,

“Oh yes baby I want you to suck it the way you suck your Uncles Bobs cock baby.”

As she spit all over his huge cock she responded lustfully saying,

“Oh baby I’m gonna blow you so much better than my Uncle Bob or any other guy I’ve ever sucked because your fucking cock is so fucking huge!”

She went on to say that her Uncle was pissed off because they had plans to fuck that night. As she kept kissing my husbands grandfathers giant cock she said lustfully,

“Oh baby my Uncle knew that I’ve been trying to fuck you for months so when called to ask if I was available tonight I immediately broke off my plans to fuck my Uncle.”

While she pumped his huge cock very deliberately she looked up and said slyly,

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