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Ron and I had taken a little break, long overdue. Travelled to our favourite place, California, vegas! We’d picked a lovely hotel and enjoyed our time in the hot summer sun.

It was coming to the end of our break, only a couple more days left, and we’d decided to go a little mad. Just really enjoy ourselves.

We started with a few drinks in a fairly local club but moved around, seeing the nightlife and enjoying the anonymity of being so far from home. It wasn’t long before we were pretty drunk and it became easy to forget we were so public, kissing and groping each other in the booths at various bars. We found ourselves in a fairly modern club, decent music and some big personalities milling around the tables. It’s vegas after all, we fitted right in with “quirky”, Ron wore his tweed Ralph Lauren suit and I’d picked my pin up party dress and some impressive heels. It was only made hotter by the fact that neither of us had any underwear on as we groped and rubbed each other under the table.

I hadn’t thought anybody had been paying attention to the two of us until I agreed we’d have another drink, walking to the bar I stood leant over waiting patiently when I became aware in the corner of my eye a lady stood next to me.

“Hello you” She leant over smiling.

We’d never met but I noticed immediately she was strikingly beautiful. Wonderfully made up with gorgeous, long, dark, wavy hair. “Hey!” I replied, friendly but taken aback.

“Is that your friend you’re sitting with?” She leant in almost whispering.

I smiled “That’s my husband sweetie”

She smiled back and slid a seat closer. “You’re not from here?”

“No, just anadolu yakası escort on holiday!”

She stood a second “I’m trying to figure your accent out.”

“Irish” I smiled as she moved closer again. I was so aware of her so close. She really was beautiful, slim not skinny, taller than me, well dressed, encapsulating eyes.

“Ooh” She exclaimed “I’d love to spend some time with an Irish lady, your accent is just wonderful.” Giggling she put her hand on my waist and leant in.

“You should meet Ron” I shot a glance over at a tipsy but casual, relaxed Ron who’d perched on the corner of the table, arms crossed, noticing the two of us looking over he shot a smile back.

We drank for a while with Jo. She’d been in Cali most of her life but wasn’t local. We’d all gotten on so well and it wasn’t long before she’d agreed to come back and relax in our hotel with us.

Walking in the room Ron took his jacket off and unbuttoned his waistcoat, I kicked my heels off and Jo did the same. She sat on the end of our bed spreading her hands over the linen. Talk about making herself at home! I sat next to her and as I turned towards her she began kissing me, hands running over my waist and her lips fluttering over mine. As we kissed Ron slipped his waistcoat over his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt revealing his muscly chest. She kissed me passionately, the tip of her tongue gently playing with the tip of mine.

The two of us stood at the foot of the bed and she turned, lifting her hair. I recognised her meaning and unzipped her dress as Ron moved across the room and did the same to me. slipping her straps arnavutköy escort over her shoulders I let her dress fall to the floor as mine did. I stood naked, and was pleased to see she had no underwear on. Turning to face me we kissed again, our breasts pressed together as I felt her hand stroke down my stomach and to my pussy. I gasped a little between kisses, but pulled her closer. I heard the clink of Rons belt and knew he would be undressing himself to enjoy our fun. In no time he pressed himself against me, pushing his rock hard cock between my ass cheeks and moaning slightly.

I gently pushed Jo onto our bed, looking up at me she grinned as I crawled towards her. On all fours over her, I kissed and sucked her nipples, licking them until they were hard little buds against my warm tongue. I began kissing lower, over her slim waist, hips and inner thighs. On all fours, I gently kissed her pussy, neat and shaven, I was more than pleased to press my tongue between her lips, firmly licking her wet pussy. I ran my tongue the length of her, circling her hard clit. feeling Rons part my cheeks, licking around my smooth ass and pressing his tongue inside me, licking from my clit right up to my ass I moaned. I was almost as wet as Jo and I began licking her more vigorously feeling Ron enjoying my ass.

As I enjoyed her dripping wet pussy. Ron touch stopped, but I instantly felt the tip of his hard cock sliding over my ass hole, gently pressing against me I watched Jo sneaking a glimpse.

“Fuck my ass baby” I begged him.

He groaned, needing no encouragement he slid his cock slowly inch my inch into me. I licked Jo firmer, ataköy escort holding her hips and pulling her closer as I did.

“God I want to see you fuck her Ron, take her ass” Jo moaned, watching, excited.

I slid a finger into her warm, wet pussy only just accommodating two of my fingers. God she was tight. Stroking her g spot I licked her clit, Sucking it into my mouth and running my tongue over her until her body shuddered with pleasure. I knew she was getting closer. I pushed back on Rons cock, he’d been gently fucking me but I wanted him harder, deeper and faster. He leant around and without warning began vigorously rubbing my clit between his two fingers as he slammed hard into my ass.

“Make me cum” I moaned into her pussy and pressed my face into her, sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes Jo began moaning louder “Fuck, lick my pussy you little bitch!” She groaned pushing herself harder toward me and twisting her nipples between her fingers.

“Cum for me Jo, Cum over my face.” I begged her.

The muscles in her body tightened, her back arched and I felt Rons cock swell, he exploded with a loud groan “God Baby, CHRIST” He pumped his cock harder into my ass his balls slamming against my pussy, pumping hot thick spurts of cum into me. It was all too much for me and as I came over Rons fingers still hard rubbing against my clit I felt Jo squirt her pussy juice all over my face. Her moaning became louder as she called my name and rubbed herself over my face. Her warm metallic cum sliding over my tongue, lips and face, I didn’t stop licking her as her orgasm ran through her body and mine ran through me. Ron continued fucking my ass, watching the two of us in ecstasy.

As both Jo and I calmed, Ron slid his cock from my ass and the three of us collapsed on the bed, heavy breathing and laying in that glow.

The clock read early morning, but that’s not to say we couldn’t enjoy some more fun before morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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