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“Go to your room and wait for me there!”

I turn to Jim, “So how come you’re here? And what the fuck do you think you’re doing with your hand up my granddaughter’s skirt?”

The second question is kind of stupid, but it has to be asked!

“Jesus Christ, Harry! When Laryssa called me, she told me that you wanted me to come for dinner again. And then when I got here I hardly got sat down when she was all over me like a rash! With that short skirt and those legs I couldn’t resist!”

“So, Laryssa called you? What time?”

“Very early…just after seven this morning…”

“Hmmmm…Ok, wait here.”

Laryssa is sat on her bed with her back against the headboard and her knees up under her chin, making no effort to hide the promise of youthful delights beneath her skirt. The strip of primrose cotton covering her sex is very clearly damp from where Jim has been touching her. But, if my granddaughter thinks she is going to get round me with sexual blandishments tonight, she is sorely mistaken!

“Jim tells me you called him this morning…why?”

“I wanted to surprise you…”

“Well, you have certainly managed to do that! But, why call him without asking me first? And how did you know what number to call anyway?”

“I thought you would be pleased…and I don’t know his number…I used the redial from when you called him last night…”

“And you thought I would be pleased to walk into the lounge to find him with his fingers up your cunt?”

“He didn’t have his fingers inside me! He was just touching me…anyway, it wasn’t my fault…he pulled me down to sit in his lap and put his hand straight up my skirt!”

Yes, that tiny skirt! She deliberately wore it to because she knew what Jim’s reaction would be!

“And you didn’t try to stop him…and the giggling I heard when I came into the room was because you weren’t enjoying what he was doing?”

Laryssa bites her lower lip and does not answer.

She must be punished. I brush aside the absurd idea that worms into my mind, but it continues to lurk in the shadows.

Do I believe Jim? After all, Laryssa certainly seemed to be enjoying his ‘attentions’. But then again, after his performance last evening, he could have tried it on again. I suspect that both of them are being somewhat economical with the truth, but my feeling is that most of the blame lies with my granddaughter. After all, she asked him here.

The idea returns with renewed force. It is crazy! It is madness! Yet, the concept overwhelms me.

I hold out my hand and Laryssa gets to her feet to walk along her mattress to me. She has a relieved look on her face, thinking that I have forgiven her. Standing up there, she is head and shoulders taller than I am. She bends and kisses me with both her arms wrapped around my neck. Our tongues meet, coiling, inviting, and teasing each other. I slide a hand up into the smooth gap between her thighs. She whimpers with pleasure as I bypass her panties’ thin cotton defences and plunge two fingers into her luscious wet tunnel.

I break off our kiss, still finger-fucking her gently. For an instant, my resolve wavers, but then hardens again as the thought returns with renewed force.

“Laryssa, my darling, you know that I love you very much, don’t you…?”

She thrusts her pelvis down over my hand, seeking to have my fingers deeper inside, “Yes Grandpa… Oooooo! What you’re doing is lovely!”

I push my hand up hard to meet her so that I feel the entrance to her innermost secrets with the tip of my long middle finger. I kiss my granddaughter again and she moans her rising pleasure into my topkapı escort mouth.

I break away, “Well then, my darling, remember that I love you, no matter what happens…Grandpa is going to punish you. You started this evening acting like a whore, right?”

“Yes Grandpa…”

“Well, until I call a halt, for the rest of tonight you are going to be a whore. Do you understand?”

“Yes Grandpa…”

Laryssa’s inner muscles convulse around my fingers, making me wonder if this really will be a punishment for her. But she does not know about my idea. Not yet!

Slowly, and very reluctantly, I remove my fingers from their warm, tight dwelling. I hold Laryssa’s hand, helping her to keep her balance as she steps to the floor. Still holding her hand, I lead her from her bedroom back to the lounge to where ‘Uncle’ Jim is waiting. She is biting her lower lip again, because she saw me pick up the 30 centimetre long plastic rule from her desk before we left her room.

Jim is sat hunched forward in his scratching Boney’s ears while the dog looks up at him adoringly from the floor. ‘Damned dog is even more of a whore than Laryssa is!’ I think sourly to myself. I tell Jim to put the dog out into the yard and my granddaughter to go and get one of the ladder back chairs from the dining room. In less than half a minute, the stage is set for the first part of Laryssa’s punishment.

I sit on the dining room chair and motion the girl to stand in front of me. “You know what is going to happen and why, don’t you?”

Laryssa’s eyes are downcast. Her cheeks are flushed a rich pink. She looks very, very young and very contrite. She nods her head.

“Tell Jim then…”

“I have been acting like a whore and Grandpa is going to punish me…”


In an almost inaudible voice, Laryssa murmurs, “And tonight I am going to be a whore…”

Jim sucks in his breath sharply in anticipation of what that may mean.

I tell Laryssa to undo her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“Now the tee-shirt…”

“And the bra…”

Laryssa hesitates. She is embarrassed at Jim seeing her breasts in a situation like this.

“The bra, Laryssa! Remember that you are a whore!”

She reaches behind her and unsnaps the hooks at the back. With her eyes closed so that she does not have to see the hungry expression on Jim’s face, she lets the cups fall away from her breasts and down to the floor.

Laryssa’s young body is perfect! Jim stares bug-eyed as the already swollen nipples atop her pert little breasts harden to rubbery nubbins on contact with the cool evening air. His lust filled eyes drink in the slenderness of her waist, the flare of her hips and her smooth teenager’s belly. They linger longingly on the triangles of fine primrose coloured cotton that still hide her chubby pubic mound, her high, firm rounded buttocks and the warm, wonderfully juicy, sea-shell fragrant slash between her thighs. He stares at her shapely dancer’s legs and imagines them wrapped around his face while he tastes her musk, and later around his back as he thrusts his big hard prick into to her satin tunnel.

A dark patch of pre-cum spreads at the head of the stiff bulging shaft inside the front of Jim’s trousers.

I get to my feet and moving close to Laryssa, I lift one breast with the ruler. Startled, she opens her eyes and finds mine. It is just between my granddaughter and me. Jim, for the moment, has ceased to exist. Holding her with my gaze, I trail one plastic corner slowly down her belly. Goosebumps rise on her arms. Down further, over her tuzla escort panty-clad pubic mound and down the front of her left thigh to her knee. Laryssa is holding her breath. A pulse throbs at the base of her throat. Up the other leg, this time inside her thigh until the podgy bulge is reached once more. Slide it into the enticing gap at her fork and run the edge back and forth in her fabric-hidden slit. Laryssa sobs quietly at the silent tension. Her knees tremble.

“Take my pants down…” I order her softly. And when she drops to her knees in front of me to do my bidding, “My underpants as well.”

When I am naked from the waist down, I grasp Laryssa by her hair, not roughly, and draw her to the rock hard tumescence standing out from my groin. I hear Jim’s anguished groan as she opens her jaws wide and takes me in. I let her suck me and play on my cock with her tongue for a short while, then I tell her to, “Do the same for Uncle Jim…”

Still on her knees, Laryssa makes her way over the short distance to where Jim is stood. She throws a brief, imploring look back at me, but I tell her to “Go ahead! Remember, tonight you are a whore!”

The sight of my granddaughter unzipping, then dropping his pants and taking Jim’s red purple-veined cock in her mouth sends a deep thrill surging right through my body. Cum-spasms leap in my groin, but I do not ejaculate, and my cock stays rock-hard. I move right up beside them for a better view.

After two or three minutes of Laryssa’s close, liquid sounding oral attentions, Jim’s balls scrunch up in their sac in preparation for dumping his load. He grasps her head in both hands and starts to fuck her face, pushing his prick deeper into her mouth and seeking her throat. “That’s enough!” I growl sharply, cracking the plastic rule across his bare buttocks. It is more than enough to distract him!

Jim swears out loud with pain and annoyance when Laryssa wriggles away from him. His cock bobs and glistens, slick with her saliva. “Fucking hell, Harry! What are you playing at? I was almost…!”

“I know,” I interrupt, “but you will get your opportunity later.”

I motion to Laryssa towards the chair. Then, I sit and pull her down to drape herself across my thighs face down. My hard rod prods into her belly and her soft breasts crush deliciously against the top of my upper thigh. I run my hand down her spine and over her panty-clad bottom. I squeeze her buns in my palms, investigate the dampness of her cunny, and press my fingers into her slit and into her vaginal hole through her panties. I slip my hand inside the primrose cloth and caress her little butt-hole with my index fingertip. Laryssa gasps and shudders with pleasure, crushing her little belly against my throbbing shaft.

Jim looks on. He is slowly rubbing his cock in his fist. Pre-cum drips from his tip onto the carpet. He cannot see exactly where I am touching her, but he can imagine! I tell him to pull Laryssa’s panties down. He needs no second bidding. He reaches to put his hand between her legs, but I tell him to “Back off!”

I caress Laryssa’s naked ass and slide my fingertips down the deep cleft and then between her legs. My middle finger enters her tunnel easily and she begins to pant and writhe her belly against my cock. I bring her almost to the peak she is wordlessly begging for, then withdraw, making her moan with frustration.

Jim looks as if he is about to go off pop. Although he is still stroking his cock, he is holding back from cumming in the hope that somehow, in some way, he will get to deposit his sperm inside my granddaughter’s pendik escort slender teenage body.

My heart hammers like an out of control piston in my chest; I have never done this before. Swish! Crack! My first blow with the rule makes Laryssa shriek with surprise and pain. I am not hitting her very hard because I do not want to mark her. But the bendy plastic makes a satisfyingly ominous sound through the air and when it lands, it stings mightily without doing any permanent damage. I give her ten strokes. It is enough. This is a lesson, not sadism.

When I finish, my granddaughter is shaking with heart-rending sobs. Her frantic wriggling and writhing while I spanked her made me cum all over her belly and it is dripping from us both onto the floor. I have not struck her in the same place twice and her lovely buttocks are an all over, deep, hot pink. Apart from its rosy hue, her bottom is otherwise unblemished.

I stroke her ass cheeks again. They glow with added heat. I pull her legs apart. Her silky fine hairs cling to her pussy with her moisture and it streaks the insides of her thighs. I ask my granddaughter if she enjoyed her punishment and hear a faint “Yes, Grandpa,” between her sobs. I plunge two fingers into her snatch and her sheath convulses around them.

Jim drops to his knees behind her; his whole being is focussed on my fingers pumping slowly between Laryssa’s dark, swollen, blood suffused labia.

“You want her don’t you?” I ask him.

Jim nods eagerly, licking his lips.

I take my fingers out of my granddaughter’s squishy tunnel, drawing another moan of frustration from her. I wave them back and forth beneath Jim’s nose. “Smells good, doesn’t she?” He nods his head vehemently. I push Laryssa’s legs further apart. “Want to smell her pussy close up?” I tease him. When he leans to push his face between her thighs, I cover her with my hand and tell him to be patient.

I push Laryssa’s legs even wider apart then spread her labia with my fingertips, showing Jim her pink inner wetness and slightly stretched open, brighter pink entrance. “You want to stick your big fat cock deep into this lovely, wet pink hole and fill her tight little cunt with your sperm…don’t you!”

The only response from Jim is an agonised groan.

“And how about you, Little Whore, do you want to feel Uncle Jim’s big cock in your kitty?”

“Yes, Grandpa!” she gurgles. Laryssa is now so hyped with lust; she is ready for anything…even! I glance towards the french doors. No! That would be too much! Laryssa would hate me forever!

“Well, come on then, Uncle Jim,” I tell my old buddy, “make all your dreams come true!”

He shuffles forward on his knees, eagerly lifting the purple, pre-cum-smeared head of his cock in his fingers and aiming it at her twitching little hole. I stop him in his tracks, pushing the end of the rule into his chest. “Now hold on for a moment, my friend! Where is your ‘overcoat’?”

Disappointment and frustration floods into his face, “I don’t have…”

I cover her pussy with my hand again, “No condom, no cunt…Jim, you know the rules…!”

“But you don’t…!” Laryssa wails, her hunger for release frustrated yet again.

“But I had the plumbing ‘fixed’ years ago…and I still do at Caesar’s! Sorry, we can’t take the risk!”

‘The Idea’ blossoms with renewed force in my mind.

I laugh and slap Laryssa on one tender ass cheek making her squeak. I shift her out of my lap and tell her to go and take a shower. “And no bringing yourself off! Then put on your school uniform and some clean underwear…white bra and panties, but not the ones I bought you today…go on…go!”

Nonplussed, the girl runs from the room to follow my instructions. Meanwhile, Jim remains on his knees with his dick stuck out like an iron bar in front of him, totally thunderstruck at this sudden, bizarre turn of events. He looks faintly ridiculous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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