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Double Penetration

“Best move I ever made,” Wayne said. “Never got laid so much in my life! Man, if I was single, my cock would fall off from overuse!”

The bartender gave us the eye and I said, “Not so loud, Man.”

We’d just met an hour ago, with Wayne already half-crocked. He was 69 and looked healthy enough, tanned, and definitely happy. We sat at the seaside bar in St. Maarten, admiring the women from the resort in their bikinis. I was staying alone, but Wayne was down from Florida where he lived in a 55-Plus community with his wife.

“We moved in 3 years ago, to get away from the winters up North,” he went on. “They got all these club houses and stuff! Parties all the time! Everybody was so friendly! And, I mean friendly!”

The women made it known that they were interested, and his wife was being hit on as well. They compared notes and realized they were smack in the middle of Senior Swingers!

Since Wayne and the Missus had dabbled in such things back in Minnesota, this was a welcome discovery.

“Now, she does her thing, I do mine! If we cross paths, fine. Otherwise, no harm, no foul.”

It sounded funny hearing a guy his age go on about getting laid more regularly than I do, and I wondered what Mrs. Wayne looked like. I didn’t have to wonder for long.

“Here she comes now, to collect me, I suppose!”

I looked down the beach at a slender woman who was definitely gray enough, but her figure didn’t seem to match with what I expected. Instead of a 60-something, from the neck down, she could be late 30’s. I watched as she got closer, and she smiled at Wayne, bright white teeth against bronze skin, with pale blue eyes.

“Ah, the love of my life! Baby, come over here, I want you to meet Harry, my new friend!”

Her eyes were on me, still smiling, as she said to him, “It looks to me like someone will be taking a nap before dinner, right?”

“Oh, Nan, we’re on vacation!”

“Your whole life is a vacation, you just change locations! Order me a Pina Collada, will you?” She stuck out her hand to me. “Nancy. Hi. I hope he hasn’t been bending your ear too much…”

She had a surprisingly firm grip and held my attention, and close up I could see lines around the eyes and mouth, but I swear, if she dyed her hair, she could pass for twenty years younger.

“Not at all, Wayne’s been telling me about Florida.”

“Oh?” she smiled at him as he ordered her drink. ataşehir ucuz escort “Did he mention that everyone’s an old fart like him?”

“Baby,I told Harry that it was 55+.”

“And why did you bother? Harry’s got another 25 years before he can even make the age requirement! He doesn’t want to hear about what old folks do. He’s still living his life!”

I smiled. “Not quite 25. I’m 38.”

“I was just telling him about how friendly everybody is…”

Nan took a long pull on her straw, and said, “Ahhh! That’s a good one! Taste?” She offered to Wayne and I. We both declined.

I moved over and she slid onto the stool, her legs as tanned as the rest of her. “So, Harry, where are you from?” she asked, those bright eyes seeming to sparkle.

“New York, just down for a week’s relaxation.”

“Harry’s alone, Baby. I was telling him how much he could get laid up in Florida.”

I inhaled, but Nan just laughed. “That’s all he thinks about,” still holding my gaze. “We’re going through a fortune in Viagra!”

We sat there, laughing and drinking for hours. Wayne got drunker and Nan got looser. I found out they were both on their second marriages, he was divorced, she was widowed, and each had two grown kids.

The sunset was spectacular, with a crowd coming in dressed in dinnerwear to watch the day end, then scoot off to restaurants.

“What do you say, Mister?” Nan asked him. “I think you’re about ready to crash and burn! Whatsay I get you upstairs?”

Wayne was fading fast, but hated to give in. “Aw, I’m alright…”

“One more and I’m gonna have to pour you in bed! Tell Harry you’ll be back to play tomorrow, okay?” As if she was speaking to a kid.

Wayne still had his sense of humor and pouted like a kid. “Do I have to…?”

“Let’s go!” She smiled at me again. “Thanks for putting up with two old farts.”

“Thanks for including me. I really enjoyed it. And if you guys are considered old farts, I can’t wait to grow up! G’night, Wayne!”

They walked across the sand to the resort arm in arm, with Wayne relying heavily on Nan, and she looked back and shrugged, giving me one last smile.

After finishing my drink, I went up and showered, put on a crisp white shirt and beige slacks and returned to the bar to see what the night would bring.

“Well, well, a familiar face!” I heard and turned to see ataşehir yabancı escort Nan in a white peasant blouse and flowing skirt, with gold hoop earrings and chain. In the dim light, she looked 40, if that, and her smile seemed even brighter.

“Oh, hi! Where’s Wayne?”

“Tucked in for the evening, finally! He’s like a big kid, and this is his DisneyWorld!”

I smiled. “He seems like a real character, and I mean that in a good way.”

“And he seems to have taken a liking to you! Although, I think you’re probably easy to like, right?”

I blushed at the compliment. “Thank you. I could say the same thing about you.”

“Then, say it! Go on…”

“Okay,” I replied, defiantly. “I like you, too! So there!”

She laughed. “Then buy me a drink!” which I did. Then another, and before I knew it, the dinner crowd was gone and the late-night locals were here.

Our banter had gotten more personal, with Nan flirting and me not trying hard to deflect it. Finally, she stared into my eyes. “Okay, I’ve had enough. Are you ready?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long day.”

We walked across the sand and she held my arm and whispered, “I hope you have more rum in your room. We don’t want to wake up Old Grumpy!”

“Well” I thought, “Its sounds like she’s made her decision.” I knew I was hot for her by now, and normally I don’t mess with married women: there’s enough single ones to get in trouble with. But Wayne let it be known that both he and she were free to explore.

“As a matter of fact,” I said, leaning close to her as we walked, “I have a fresh bottle!”

I unlocked my room and held the door as she brushed by me, that half smile on her face and the back of her hand brushing my crotch as she went by.

I poured two drinks and we went out on the balcony. The moon reflected off the sea. She turned to me. “Harry, tonight was great fun. Thanks for having me. I won’t be mentioning this part to Wayne. He plays at being promiscuous, but in fact, he hasn’t been functionable in quite a while.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…I thought… all the stories…”

“Oh, there’s a lot of that going on in our town, just not including us, although he says he’s fine with me doing it, he’s just not able.”

“And do you? Do it, I mean?”

She smiled again. “If you were twenty years older, I’d be all over you.”

“Nan, don’t let my ataşehir escort bayan age be a deterrent.”

“It’s not, mine is. You don’t want an old biddy.”

I took her hand and held it to my semi-hard bulge. “You try and tell him you’re too old. He’s already decided you’re pretty fantastic.”

She squeezed and smiled. “Him? Yes, he does seem a bit… aroused.”

“And he’s about to get a bit more.” I bent and kissed her, our lips parting and my tongue gliding easily past those pearly whites. She groaned as her hand began stroking.

I cupped her ass, forcing her hips against me as her arms went around my neck. I pressed her against the balcony, my hands now free to massage her breasts. If they were implants, they didn’t feel it and her nipples were hard under the thin top. I pulled it up and she raised her arms over her head, freeing it.

She clawed at my shirt, popping buttons, then biting at my nipples. She sucked at one, then the other, as I got her skirt above her hips.

Her hands worked my belt and got the slacks open as I tugged at her panties. She stepped back and dropped the skirt and panties to the floor as I did the same with my slacks.

Now, we stood naked in the moonlight, admiring each other, my 6 inches now bobbing in the night air.

We came together in a kiss and she held my cock and slowly rubbed the head against her wet slit, coating the tip with her lubricant. She turned to the rail and bent at the waist, spread wide for me and I dipped the head into her smooth cunt. She groaned and pushed back against me, forcing me further in, with little jerks and sways.

I slid deeper and she gasped when I reached the limit. She purred as she began rotating her hips, staring out on the moonlit bay. “Yes, yes,” She whispered. “Feels so good!”

We rocked together, increasing the pace and her gasps were louder and my heart pounded. The beat of slient music moved us, harder, driving me deeper, faster, and she urged me on. “Yes, Baby! Yes! More, More!”

I felt my nuts tighten and lost control as I let loose with a spray of cum deep within her pussy, again and again, as she gasped and sobbed, still holding the rail.

I slumped over her, my drained cock plopping out as we both panted. I reached for the recliner and sat just as she turned and knelt, taking my cock and all those juices into her mouth, licking me clean and swallowing.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Not bad for an old broad, huh?”

I grabbed her and pulled her up to me, kissing her deeply. “You got more life than most twenty year olds!”

“Thanks, Baby, I really needed that. It’s been a while.”

I smiled back at her, feeling my cock twitching already. “Well, I’ll be here all week!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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