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This is the continuation of a wonderful family love story………………as promised in the first chapter.


I have already mentioned that my Mom, Nan and I lived in the same house very comfortably. We didn’t infringe on each other and it wasn’t until the relationship between my Mother and myself changed that everything changed.

The day after my Mom and I made love, we were sitting in the lounge room talking when Mom mentioned something about a family secret that she had to tell me.

“Mom, you don’t have to tell me anything. I love you and nothing you tell me could ever change that,” I said.

“Dan, maybe this could enhance the relationship for us. I hope so.”

“Here we go then. When I was younger I had a very close relationship with my Dad. Eventually Nan found out, and rather than rant and rave about it, she wanted to join in. Even after I married your father, whenever I was visiting them, both Mom (Nan) and Dad (Pa) would always ask me to join then in bed. I don’t know how we got through so many years like this, but your father never found out. When he was killed, Nan and Pa came to stay so they could comfort me. Eventually, Pa passed away, but Mom and I continued küçükçekmece escort to comfort each other and we still do. I am telling you this because of our changed relationship. There may be times when I will indicate that I am going to sleep with Nan, and I don’t want you to get upset with that. I will still love you.”

“Mom, I don’t know what to say to that story. As long as I can still love you, I can take you on any conditions, I answered her. I think and hope that I can be an adult about this, and I promise I won’t show my jealousy.”

“OK, my darling boy. As a test of that love I am going to sleep with Nan tonight. I want you to lie in bed and think of all the things we can do together tomorrow night.” Oh, and by the way, I have already told Nan about our new relationship and she seems very happy with it.”

After dinner that night, Mom went up to prepare for bed. As I already knew that Nan was going to join her, I excused myself and went to watch a video for a while. Nan left me and proceeded upstairs to join Mom. No-one said anything.

After watching TV for a couple of hours I decided to go to my room and look at some Lesbian love-ins kurtköy escort on the computer, so that I could visualize Nan and Mom in bed together.

As I passed Mom’s bedroom, the door was half open, almost as an invitation. I glanced through the opening and was so overwhelmed with what I saw. There was my Nan laying stretched out on the bed, her huge boobs drooping to each side and her legs splayed open. My Mom was kneeling between Nan’s legs and fondling her Mom’s breasts and licking and sucking on them like a hungry baby. Nan was in raptures, she held Mom’s head to her breast, not letting her raise her head and Mom seemed quite happy to stay in that position. Nan’s eyes were closed and her head thrashed from side to side, she looked like she was in heaven. As they lay there, Mom’s hand worked it way down to Nan’s tummy and further down to her mound. She tickled her wide open pussy and then ran one of her fingers inside Nan’s glory hole. Nan had a wonderful looking pussy. She hadn’t shaven but she had trimmed her bush so that it was easily accessible, by fingers, mouth or cock.

Mom began to lower her head toward that glistening hole and then gently touched maltepe escort Nan’s labia lips with her tongue. I knew that Nan had to be loving this as I knew Mom loved it when I did it to her. After a few minutes, Mom found Nan’s clit and began to tease and lick it, causing it to stand up like a small penis.

All this time I was standing at the door trying to be quiet, but rubbing my cock as I watched this wonderful show. I looked down at myself and my cock was so rigid I think I could have pole-vaulted on it. LOL.

Mom then began to munch on Nan’s pussy and they both seemed to be in seventh heaven. Mom lifted up after a few words from Nan, and swung herself around to the 69 position with Nan underneath and began to feast on Mom’s nectar.

I knew I couldn’t be quiet any longer so I thought I had better get along to my own room and take care of my own cock.

I slipped into my room and turned on the computer and immediately flipped into a Lesbian scene. I imagined it was my Nan and Mom on that screen and proceeded to wank my cock furiously until I spurted a whole mess of spunk over the floor in front of me. I kept looking at the computer but switched it over to some Mom/son videos. They really interested me much more. I knew that I would be with Mom tomorrow night and then I could tell her that I had watched her and Nan make love and how I had jacked myself off on the thoughts I had whilst watching them. I am sure that it would add to our love making.

Short but sweet but more to cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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