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Kara and I have been friends for years now. The age difference never seemed to come into play. I am almost 20 years her junior, (she is 40 and I am 23), but we always enjoyed each other’s company. It could be because we worked so closely together. She was my boss for so long and even after I graduated from college we still were very close. We still went out drinking once a week and always had a little bit of tension between us, even with the age difference.

It might’ve been because Kara is smoking hot. At 40, she still has a 6 pack and runs 7 miles a day. She is beautiful and slender with long blonde hair and a great tan. Her breasts are small, but still very perky. and they fit nicely into whatever she is wearing. I am not so bad myself. Although I don’t have a six pack, I am tall and fit and have always gotten more than my share of the ladies.

Tonight, Kara and I decided to go out to a bar closer to her house, (we live about 20 miles apart). I had never been there and there were a lot of older people. I still had a lot of fun because Kara and I always enjoyed each others company. I have made an art out of lightly teasing and flirting with the woman I am giving my attention to. The way Kara was smiling, I could tell she was enjoying it thoroughly. After quite a few drinks, we called it a night. Kara was a bit tipsy but I felt safe enough with her driving me home. She told me she needed to pick up her son from his friend’s house, so we would swing by her place first. We were still having fun so I had no problems with that. What we didn’t know is we would never make it back to my place.

Kara has always not been great at driving and talking at the same time. She likes to look at the person ümraniye escort she talks to and that happens a lot when she was driving. Being a little tipsy, she was also was turning the wheel a little bit when she turned hr head to talk to me. A few times, I remember us hitting the “wake up lines” on the shoulder of the highway and I had to keep reminding her to keep her eyes on the road. When I saw the lights in the rear view mirror I got a sinking sensation we were in trouble. We were getting pulled over.

They made Kara get out of the car and do all the tests. I couldn’t imagine her saying the alphabet backwards while standing on one foot sober but she was an officer herself so I thought that would help a little. I could tell she was a little shaken when she got back in the car but I could tell we weren’t going to jail at least. “The officer said I have to drive straight home so you can sleep on my couch tonight,” she stated, clearly still a little shook up from the ordeal. “I am fine with that,” I replied touching her lightly on the arm and trying to calm her down. She looked back at me and smiled. Kara seems to have a little something wicked flicker in her gaze but it disappeared quickly as she turned to face the road and drive home

Luckily her son had found his own way home. I had met Kara’s 16 year old son, Jeff, a few times but this time was a little awkward because his mom and I were drunk and I was sleeping over. Jeff also had a friend over who was sleeping on the couch. “Well, you can sleep on the floor in my room or my bed with me,” Kara said, smiling slightly. Never one to pass up sleeping in the same bed as a beautiful woman, I agreed to share her bed with üsküdar escort her for the night.

Now although in the back of my head my thoughts were flying around, I had nothing but good intentions when I walked into her room. Kara decided to let me change in her room and she changed into her night time wear in the bathroom. I didn’t really have anything to wear there so I just took my pants and sweater off and got under the covers in my boxer briefs and the t-shirt I had on. Kara came into the room in a big T-shirt and for all I knew, nothing else. Her legs are another one of her great assets. They are perfectly toned and tanned from running all the time. My blood started to boil and my cock stiffened up just thinking about the possibilities. “You’d better keep your hands to yourself,” she joked with me as she crawled under the covers. I had no intention of heeding her advice.

As I lay that close to her I could feel the warmth coming off of her body. My cock was still rock hard and I was hoping she didn’t move around too much in her sleep or she would feel it too. There was no way I was falling asleep in this state. I had a sense she wasn’t asleep either so I decided to see how far I could take this. I moved a little closer and put my arm over her stomach. She cuddled a little closer to me and her perfectly toned ass nuzzled against my cock. I almost could’ve cum right there but I held back so I could play this whole scene out. I pulled her closer and let my breath fall on her neck. Kara’s breathing had become quite ragged and I knew she would be mine tonight.

Kara turned to face me and when he lips connected all of the tension was released from the years of our close ataşehir elit escort relationship. I started grinding my dick into her groin and I could feel that all she had was panties on under that big shirt and they were already wet. I pulled her shirt over her had to revealer her cute little tits. Her nipples were fat and long and I took them both in my mouth as she grasped and held my head closer. As I sucked and licked my way down her body, all I could think about was getting to her prize.

Now I like to eat pussy. Some taste better than others but hers was the best tasting one I have ever had. I licked her clit and fucked her with my tongue until she spilled all of her love juice all over my face. She had to hold back screams of pleasure because her son and his friend were in the other room. After she had come down from her orgasm, she pulled me up and pushed me onto my back on the bed. Kara took her tongue and lips and kissed her way down my body until she got to my fat cock. I was already in heaven and then she took penis into her hot and ready mouth. I had to hold back at least three times because I didn’t want to spill gallons of my man-cream into her mouth. Finally I pulled her up and started kissing her, tasting my cock on her lips. Her pussy was so tight as it started to slide down on my steel rod.

As soon as she was all in I started lifting her off my cock and bringing her back down. Kara is quite petite so she was very easy to lift up and down on my thick tool. The heat and wetness were making my balls boil and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to last to much longer. Just as I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold back I felt Kara’s pussy spasm on top of me as she started to cum again. That was my cue to seal the deal and I let loose a torrent of pussy paint into her hot box. I came for what felt like hours as we joined at the hips.

Kara and I still go out about once a week and even though we don’t end up in bed together, we always enjoy each others’ company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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