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Cathy and Mary continued to eat each other as I watched and stroked my hardening cock. All of a sudden both of the women started to shake and moan and their hips started bucking as they both started to cum.

“DAMN!!! That felt good gurl.” Mary said. “I’ve missed that sweet tasting pussy of yours.”

“I know what you mean, your pussy still tastes as sweet as ever.” Cathy replied. “You were right, Zeke and his big white cock sure knows how to fuck a pussy.”

“Well I have to get back to work, my lunch break is over.” Mary said. “Work something out with Zeke for the three of us to get together again.”

“Don’t worry Babe, we’ll set something up.” I said as I gave Mary a kiss.

Mary left the bedroom and headed back to work. I looked over and saw Cathy was up off the bed, bending over looking for her clothes. Her big black ass was looking so good, so I went over and dropped to my knees and started to kiss that big ole booty. I buried my face in her ass and my tongue reached out and started to lick her pussy as my nose massaged her asshole.

“DAMN, Zeke that feels good.” Cathy said as she forced her ass and pussy against my face.

She leaned over the bed to support herself as I stood up and started to fuck her mocha colored pussy with my hard white cock. As I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy, I lubricated my finger and started playing with her ass hole. Cathy squirmed a little which caused my finger to go deeper into her ass.

“Zeke, that feels so good. I love your finger in my ass.” Cathy said.

I continued to fuck her pussy with my cock as my finger went deeper and deeper into her ass. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and placed it at the entrance to her asshole and just rubbed it against her asshole. Her asshole grabbed my cock and pulled it in slightly.


With one long deep hard thrust I buried my hard white cock into Cathy’s big black ass. I grabbed her hips and began to long stroke her, ramming my cock deep into Cathy’s big black ass.

“OH YES ZEKE FUCK THAT BLACK ASS.” Cathy screamed as she reached down and started to play with my balls.

I could feel my balls tighten as I began to cum, filling Cathy’s black ass with my hot white cum. Cathy pressed back against me to take all my cock and cum. As I finished cumming, I pulled my cock out of her ass. Cathy immediately turned around and dropped to he knees and started to clean my cock with her mouth.

“Thanks Zeke, it has been so long since I have had a cock to play with and to fuck me. We definitely will have to get together again.” Cathy said.

“Ok, why don’t you come over Sunday and we will watch the Colts-Chiefs playoff game.” I said.

“That doesn’t sound like fun.” Cathy replied.

“Don’t worry it will be, the way I plan on us watching the game.” I informed her.

“OK, Zeke. I can’t wait to play with that big white cock again.” Cathy said as she gave me a deep passionate kiss.

I squeezed her big ole booty and wished her goodbye as she left.

Mary came home later that evening after work and wanted to know what else happened after she had left. I told her about fucking Cathy in the ass and Mary played with herself and stroked my cock as I told her.

“Fuck me in the ass Zeke, you know I love that.” Mary begged as she turned over and stuck her big ole booty in the air.

I grabbed some KY Jelly and lubricated Mary’s ass and my cock. I started playing with her asshole with my finger, lubricating her asshole as I slipped my finger in and out. After getting her asshole lubricated I placed the head of my cock against her asshole and rubbed it around. Mary’s asshole grabbed my cock and pulled it in. I began to slide my cock into Mary’s ass as she played with her pussy. I grabbed Mary’s hips and began to ram my cock in and out of Mary’s ass.

“This is how I was fucking your cousin. She loved it and begged for more.” I said.

“I know she did, I love it when you fuck my ass. I wished that I could have been here to see it.” Mary replied.

“Don’t worry Babe, you will see it Sunday. Cathy is coming over to watch the Colts-Chiefs game with us.”

“That doesn’t sound like fun.”

“It will be, the way we will watch it. I will have you two rooting and yelling for the teams.”

“I doubt that, neither Cathy nor I like football.”

“You both will love it after this game.”

For the rest of the week both Mary and Cathy kept bugging me about the watching the game. They both kept saying that they don’t like to watch football and what would be different that would make them like it? I kept telling them to wait and see, but make sure that they wore something sexy when the game started.

Sunday finally rolled around and the pre-game shows started. I watched them, ignoring Mary’s questions about the what would happen during the game. About 11 am the door bell rang and it was Cathy. She was wearing a long over coat that went down almost to her ankles, so I couldn’t see what she might be wearing underneath. I did see that she was wearing a pair çatalca escort of 3 inch purple stiletto heels

“You know I skipped church to be here.” Cathy said. “I could hardly sleep last night thinking about Zeke’s beautiful white cock. I must have played with myself all night and cum about 20 times.”

“Same thing here.” Mary said. “He would touch me or play with me last night so I know he has a lot of cum built up inside him.”

“Ok ladies here are the rules of watching the game. First of all, just before the game begins, you both will do a strip tease and the one I think did the best one will call the coin toss. Whoever wins the coin toss will choose the team that they will represent. When your team kicks a field goal, I will eat your pussy for 3 minutes. When your team scores a touchdown, I will fuck you for 7 minutes. If your team misses a field goal, fumbles or the quarterback is sacked you must eat the other one’s pussy. Do you understand the rules?

“Yes, it does sound like fun. Who is playing?” Cathy asked.

“Sounds good to me. Who do you think will win Zeke? That way I will pick them and get the most fucking.” Mary said.

“The Indianapolis Colts are playing at the Kansas City Chiefs. I am not going to say who I think will win. You all will have to make your own pick.” I replied. “So lets get started with the strip tease.”

“Hold on I gotta go change.” Mary said.

“Ok, Cathy would you like me to take your coat?” I asked.

“No thank you, that is part of the strip tease.” She replied as she reached down and groped me.

Just then Mary came downstairs wearing a white corset with a matching thong, thigh high fishnet stockings and three inch stiletto heels. My cock got instantly hard. I put on some music and the ladies started to dance. I watched them both dancing very seductively. Cathy began to unbutton her coat with her back turned toward me, as Cathy was right in front of be as she unbuttoned the front of the corset letting her massive 38DDDs loose. Cathy backed up and bumped Mary out of the way and as she turned around spread open the overcoat exposing herself only wearing a purple deep plunge bra, purple thong and matching garter belt and stockings.

Cathy threw off the overcoat and unclasped the bra releasing her massive 42DDD tits shook them in front of my face. Mary by this time had removed the corset and was shaking her 38DDD tits in my face also. Both Cathy and Mary stood up straight and looked at each other. Then at the same time they grabbed each other tits and started to pinch and twist each other’s nipples. Mary bent down and bite down hard on one of Cathy’s nipples and Cathy screamed out in pain. Cathy grabbed some of Mary’s hair and pulled her head up, as she bent down and grabbed one of Mary’s nipples in her mouth and bite down hard on it. Both ladies nipples were rock hard, as was my cock.

“Ok ladies, no rough play. Just dance.” I scolded them. They both released their grips on each other and began to dance again. They both turned around and bent over as they pulled their thongs down. Once the thongs were on the floor and off, they both looked at each other and began to kiss passionately as they spread their legs and pussys to show me. As they continued to kiss and play with their pussys, I stripped also to let my cock free.

“Ok ladies, it is time for the coin toss. And the winner of the strip tease is…… Mary! So call it in the air.” I said as I flipped the coin.

“Heads, of course.” Mary said giggling.

The coin landed as heads and Mary choose the Chiefs as her team. Cathy was a little upset, because she had read somewhere that the Chiefs were predicted to win. The coin toss for the game was done and the Colts won the toss.

“Good luck for you Cathy, you will have the first chance of being fucked.” I said.

“I know my Colts will go down and score for me.” Cathy replied.

“Don’t think so, my Chiefs will shut you down and you ain’t never gonna get fucked during the game.” Mary stated.

The Chiefs kicked off and now the Colts had the ball. The Colts moved down the field with James running the ball and Manning throwing the ball to Harrison and Pollard. Both ladies were watching the game intently cheering for their respective team. The Colts were down inside the Chiefs 30, when Manning launched a ball to Stokley for a touchdown.

“Hey there cousin what happened to that Chiefs defense? I’m gonna get fucked now.” Cathy taunted.

“We let you have that one. No more.” Mary replied.

I went over and stretched out on the easy chair and ottoman, with my cock sticking straight up.

“Come on over here Sexy and ride this cock.” I said to Cathy.

Cathy danced over and straddled my cock. She lowered herself onto my cock and looked over at Mary and smiled. She slowly ground herself down on my cock all the time looking at Mary and smiling.

“Go on bitch fuck that hard white cock with that black pussy of yours, you only got 6 minutes left. You are only getting it ready for my hot black pussy.” Mary stated.

Cathy esenyurt escort began to ride up and down on my cock, as I watch my white cock get engulfed by that beautiful mocha colored pussy. I grabbed Cathy’s big ole booty and forced my cock deeper into her pussy. Before I knew it Chiefs had driven down to the Colts 3 yard line.

“I ’m going to get fucked now, just watch as Holmes carries it in for me.” Mary informed Cathy. But the Colts defense rose up and threw Holmes for a lost and the Chiefs had to settle for a field goal.

“You ain’t gonna get fucked, you only gonna get your pussy ate for 3 minutes. But I still got a minute to go. This nice white cock is still mine.” Cathy laughed at Mary.

“Just wait, Zeke is only getting my pussy ready for later, that way he doesn’t have to fuck a dry one like he did with you.” Mary replied as she sat down on my face. I slipped my tongue into her pussy and began to fuck it. Mary began to move her hips and before you know it, Cathy was saying time was up.

The Colts had had the ball again and were driving like last time mixing James running with Manning passing to Harrison. Just before the 3 minutes were up, the Colts were on the Chiefs 11 yard line ready to score again. Manning handed off to James and he broke through the Chiefs defense to score another touchdown for Cathy.

“Alright Colts, I going to get fucked again. Mary your team ain’t gonna stop me.” Cathy laughed at Mary as she walked over and placed her pussy over my cock and began to ride me. Mary just sat quietly watching the game, hoping that her Chiefs would score. Cathy was fucking me, riding my cock hard. I watched as her big ole 42DDDs tits bounced around as she fucked me. I reached up and started to pinch her nipples, turning them hard.

Mary informed us that the 7 minutes were up, just as the Chiefs had moved the ball down the Colts 9 nine yard line, when Green dropped back to pass and found Hall for a touchdown.

“OK Chiefs, way to go. I get fucked now.” Mary said as she got on all fours and wiggled her ass at me. “Do me doggy style.”

I got down behind Mary and started to fuck her from the rear. Watching my hard white cock enter my wife’s pecan tan pussy. I looked over and saw that Cathy was fucking herself while she watched my cock fuck my wife’s pussy. I grabbed Mary’s hip and drove my cock deep into her pussy, you could hear my thighs slapping up against Mary’s ass. I looked over and saw that Cathy had three fingers buried in her pussy. During this 7 minutes, the Colts drove down and Manning threw a touchdown pass to Lopienski.

“Ok, Zeke when you finish with that black pussy, you got another over her to fuck.” Cathy said as she got down on all fours and wiggled her big ole booty at me. “Your time is up, come over her and get some of this fine black pussy.”

I pulled out of Mary’s pussy and moved over behind Cathy and placed my hard white cock at the entrance to her fine black pussy. I grabbed Cathy’s hips and with one long hard deep thrust buried my white cock into her black pussy. I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy, as Cathy pushed back against me to take more of my cock. As I was fucking Cathy, the Chiefs missed a field goal, so that meant Mary had to eat out Cathy. After the Chiefs missed the field goal, Manning got sacked which meant Cathy had to eat out Mary. Now it was half time.

“Ok, ladies, during half time you all eat each other out.” I said as my balls tighten and emptied my cum into Cathy’s pussy.

The ladies immediately got into a 69 position with Cathy on top. I watched as my cum leaked out of her pussy into Mary’s mouth. She was licking up all my cum and sticking her tongue deep into Cathy’s pussy to get more. Cathy was busy sucking on Mary’s clit making it grow bigger. The ladies continued to eat each other out throughout the whole half time. They were fucking each other with their tongues and fingers. I saw that Mary had three fingers buried in Cathy’s pussy, while Cathy was trying to get a fourth finger into Mary’s pussy.

The third quarter started with the Colts kicking off to the Chiefs. On the second play Holmes fumbled, but since the ladies were still in the 69 position I did not say anything just let them continue.

By now Cathy had her complete fist in Mary’s pussy and was fucking her with it. Mary was lying there moaning in pleasure as she tried to get her fist into Cathy’s pussy, she already had four fingers in there fucking her.

The Colts had the ball and drove down to the Chiefs 27 yard line, but was unable to score a touchdown, so they settled for a field goal. I moved behind Cathy as she continued to fist fuck Mary, I pulled Mary’s hand out of the way and slammed my cock deep into Cathy’s pussy as Mary sucked on my balls. I rammed my cock deep into Cathy’s pussy.

After the 3 minutes, we all got up and sat down on the couch. We were kinda of exhausted.

“DAMN!!! I didn’t know football can be so exciting.” Cathy said.

“Neither did I. How many more games are there?” Mary asked.

“There is one more game etiler escort tonight. Two games next weekend and of course the Super Bowl.” I informed them.

“Can we set something up for next weekend’s games?” Cathy asked.

“Of course.” Both Mary and I said.

“But this game is not over. We still have about a quarter and a half left. Excuse me while I go upstairs and get something. I will be right back.” I said.

I came back downstairs and the ladies were sitting on the couch kissing each other passionately. The Chiefs had the ball and were driving and had reached the Colts one yard line. The next play Holmes got the ball and carried it in for a touchdown.

“OK Chiefs, I am ready to get fucked.” Mary said.

“OK, but I am going to chance the rules a little.” I said as I pulled out a strap-on. “From now on, it will be a double penetration. The other lady gets to use the strap-on.”

“That sounds like fun.” both ladies chimed.

Cathy grabbed the strap-on and put it on around her waist and laid down on the floor. Mary straddled the strap-on and sat down on it burying it deep into her pussy. I got behind Mary and rammed my cock into her pussy. I began to slam my hard white cock in and out of my wife’s Mary’s big black ass as she rode the strap-on being worn by her cousin Cathy. As Mary was getting double penetrated, the Colts got the ball and moved down the field and scored a touchdown. On the kickoff, the Chiefs Hall ran the ball back for a touchdown.

“So what do you want to do? Stop and fuck Cathy and then go back and fuck Mary or continue to fuck Mary for the full 14 minutes?” I asked.

“Continue fucking Mary for the 14 minutes.” Cathy said.

“Sounds good to me.” Mary replied.

Mary continued to ride the big strap Cathy was wearing as I slammed my cock in and out of her ass. Mary was moaning with pleasure feeling both cocks in her. I could feel the strap-on through the walls of Mary’s ass as my cock rammed in and out.

The 14 minutes were up and Mary put the on the strap-on. The Chiefs had the ball and were driving. I laid down on the floor with my hard white cock sticking straight up as Cathy straddled me and lowered her black pussy onto my hard white cock. Mary got behind Cathy and without waiting slammed the strap-on deep into Cathy’s ass. Mary was fucking Cathy’s ass with a vengeance and Cathy was having a hard time riding my cock. My cock could feel through Cathy’s pussy’s wall the strap-on slamming into Cathy’s ass. Mary was tearing Cathy’s ass up. Cathy was enjoying it moaning with pleasure.

Cathy still had about 10 minutes of fucking left when the Chiefs scored a touchdown. Cathy continued to ride my cock as Mary slammed the strap-on deep into her ass. I reached with my mouth and grabbed Cathy’s tits and began to bite and nibble on the nipples. Mary was almost standing up forcing Cathy to bend over more as Mary rammed the strap on deep into Cathy’s ass. I felt Cathy begin to shake as she began to cum. Mary did not relent and continued to ram the strap-on deeper and deeper into Cathy’s ass. Cathy continued to cum as my hard cock was buried deep into her pussy, then Cathy’s strength gave out and her legs buckled as she slummed on top of me and her pussy gushed out juices as she finished cumming.

Mary stood up with the strap-on sticking straight out and said, “I guess she liked that. Now since the Chiefs scored last, I am going to change the rules myself. Cathy are you ready to do what we talked about?”

By now Cathy had somewhat recovered, but was still lying on top of me. “Yea, Mary let’s do it.” Cathy still lay on top of me and would not get off. I just lay there wondering what they were up to.

Mary walked up to my head and knelt down. She grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head by kneeling on them. She was straddling my head with the strap-on sticking straight out over my mouth. Cathy moved down and took my cock into her mouth and pinned my legs down with her legs.

“What’s going on?” I demanded.

“Well I had an idea was going to happen and found the strap-on, so Cathy and I got a plan together. We are going to fuck you with the strap-on.” With that Mary forced the cum soaked strap-on into my mouth and began to slide it in and out.

I began to move trying to get up, but the ladies were in good positions and because of their Amazon size I could not get away. Added to the fact that every time I tried to get away, Cathy would give my cock a not so gentle reminder.

Mary continued to fuck my mouth with the strap-on. At first I was gagging and trying to fight it. After awhile I figured the hell with it and just go with the flow. It got easier and Mary was taking it slow. Before long I was taking most of the strap-on deep into my throat.

Cathy had released my cock when she realized I was not fighting any more. She began to lick down to my asshole. When her tongue touched my asshole I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body and my cock was rock hard. As I continued to deep throat the strap-on, I could feel Cathy’s tongue enter my asshole. I felt something wet, cold and slimy against my asshole. I hoped that it was KY Jelly. I felt Cathy’s finger start to probe my asshole as she lubricated it with her finger. It seemed as my asshole grabbed Cathy’s finger and pulled it in. It seemed automatic as I moved my hips trying to get Cathy’s finger deeper into my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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