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Well this is my very first story, I’m not sure it’s incest, but I couldn’t think of a good enough category for my story. Any comments and input would be great. Any kind of comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy reading this TRUE story.


Laying at the foot of their bed in the truck, I felt him moving down. Closer to me. I realized that I had inched my way up closer to him while I slept. My hand was resting above my head on his thigh, which must have turned him on. I opened my eyes to see what he was doing and there it was. His big cock staring me right in the face. I panicked, I didn’t know what to do so I rolled over facing the wall. I felt him crawl back up to his spot next to my aunt.. thoughts raced through my mind. I wasn’t to sure what to think at that moment.

Day 1

“Oh come on!” My aunt, Nikki, had said, “It’s fun, and I hate going by myself!”

Me and my aunt were very close, we’re only 7 years apart in age. She did everything for me as I did for her. I watched her daughter, Lexi, for free so she could get her life together. She was trying to coax me into going with her on a truck drive. She went with her boyfriend quite frequently and thought I should join them for a short ride.

“I’m not sure… 72 hours with you and.. DAVE..” I didn’t really like him. He was short. Maybe an inch or so shorter than I am. I’m 5′ 8,” 160 pounds. I’ve come to really appreciate my body. I’ve been told that I have an outstanding body which really boosted my self esteem. 36D breasts, not my very favorite.

“I’ll ride in the back on the bed with you and everything, just please come with! It’ll be fun I promise.”

“Well, alright I suppose.. just let me ask my dad, I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.”

Sure enough, dad was excited for me to have the opportunity to ride along with Nikki and Dave to the Middle of bumfuck no where North Dakota. I wasn’t to thrilled with this ride. I hated car rides at this point so I was hoping to sleep and forget about it.

Day 2

Dad dropped me off at the gas station, where they were waiting for me.

“Well I’ll see you later in few days. I think we’re staying at Dave’s house for a few days after we get back just so he can relax.” I said to my father.

“Alright sweetheart, have fun and BE SAFE!!”

I smiled at pecked him on the cheek before I got out and walked to the truck. My aunt got out and greeted me. Dave just glared and told me to get in because ‘we didn’t have all day.’

I wasn’t too thrilled with the ride to North Dakota. We made it there in about 10 hours. Frequent stops due to my aunts insanely small bladder, make the trip seem to take forever! I just wanted to get back already. I’m not even sure why I agreed to go in the first place.

After we dropped off his load and received the other, Dave decided that it was time to rest. I didn’t blame him. We stopped at a cute little truck stop restaurant where we had a nice breakfast at four in the morning.

Apparently, they weren’t too prepared for a third person to be riding along, because I ended up sleeping at the foot of their bed like a dog! I was furious. So I finished watching the movie my aunt had picked out, turned off the tiny 12″ tv that was in there, and listened to the hum of the truck as I fell asleep.

I’m not sure what time it was, but I could see light shining through the curtain that was closed before the front seats. I felt movement and froze, I was hoping I didn’t wake him up. He’s crabby if he doesn’t get any sleep. I hadn’t realized how I was beşiktaş escort laying, or how far up I had scooted in my slumber, until I felt skin on my hand. I wiggled my fingers a little to see just where my hand had fallen. It was in between skin. His skin. His thighs. I didn’t know what to do. All of the thoughts racing through my head, I couldn’t focus. I didn’t even notice that he was slowly moving closer and closer to me. He moved my hand from between his legs and set it on top of his cock which was slowly growing beneath my touch. I instantly removed it. He must have noticed I was nervous and confused, but he just kept scooting closer to my face, until his cock was right in my face. He moved it closer until it was touching my cheek. I couldn’t stand it any more so I flipped over and faced the wall. I could feel him moving back up to lay with my aunt. Maybe she’ll give him the satisfaction he wants..

Day 3

After the long ride back home, they decided it was a nice day for the boat. Good thing I brought my swim suit! Dave called up a few of his friends to join us out on the lake and Nikki called one of her girlfriends to meet Dave’s single friend. I felt like the oddball in the group. Being the youngest and having all of the males attention on me. I didn’t know what to think. No man ever looked at me in any sexual way. Not even the man I had lost my virginity to 7 months prior looked at me with any lust. I hadn’t been with anyone since him and men made me nervous.

We started out on the lake, until one of the couples there realized they forgot the cooler and my aunt thought it would be a good time to go on a booze run. Everyone but Dave and I remained in the boat.

“Go ahead, baby. I’ll be back in about 15 minutes.” My aunt yelled from the shore.

He said nothing, as he veered off from shore and out into the beautiful sun covered lake.

It was awkward, of course. I mean, less than 24 hours ago, he was trying to shove his cock in my face. His nice, long, yummy cock that had me wondering all day. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He had it pierced, also. Which made me wonder even more harder. And it didn’t help at all when he told me he was changing and then dropped his pants in front of me and put on his swim trunks. I could feel his eyes on me the entire time. Staring at my tits as he mind fucked me. All of these thoughts had my pussy getting wet. I didn’t want anything to happen so I turned away from him in my chair and stared off into the lake as we waited for my aunt and friends to return.

After about an hour on the lake, we got sore from sitting and decided to relax on the beach for a bit. My aunt started to get crabby so we left. Darn her for ruining my sun! But damn, was my body tan. I loved it, and I could tell that Dave was loving it just as much.

We got back home to his house and unpacked everything from the car.

“I’m gonna go take a shower. Baby, would you like to join me?” My aunt asked Dave.

He looked at me and then back at her. “I guess I could.” He had absolutely no interest in fucking my aunt. I would fuck my aunt. Don’t get me wrong, she’s hot. My height, nice tight body. I wanna say, 135 pounds. Nothing wrong with her at all. But he didn’t want anything to do with her. He wanted everything to do with me.

They returned about half an hour later. They were fighting and she was pissed. She grabbed the mattress that they had been sleeping on and tossed it on the floor, nearly crushing me as I lay on the couch. She yelled goodnight to him and kindly told me to sleep beylikdüzü escort tight. Her head on the pillows rested right next to my ass. If I moved, she moved. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later and she was passed out.

Dave sat in his Lazy Boy chair munching on some junk and watching some stupid movie. I didn’t know what to do so I laid there and grabbed my phone to text some of my friends. he offered me some of his beef sticks he was eating and I kindly declined.

“Suit yourself, they’re delicious.” As he said that, his eyes went up and down my body. Just as he had been doing all day. I felt my pussy get warm. Just his look made my hot. Why though? It’s Dave! Dirtball Dave! I hated him! But at that moment, all of the hate turned into hot, lust.

He stood up and stretched, he lifted his hands above his head and his shirt rose, showing off his incredible body. He walked to the kitchen and messed around in there for a bit. But when he came back, he was shirtless and wearing boxers. ‘Oh god,’ I thought, ‘he’s so fucking yummy.’ And to my surprise, instead of sitting back in his chair to tease me, he sat on the couch I was laying on. Right at my feet. I was wearing a rather revealing tank top and my favorite shorty shorts.

He stole some of the blanket I was using, just so he could be under them with me. We sat there staring at the TV. I was unsure of what to think. He probably just wanted a better view of the TV, but I was hoping he’d come over to feel how wet my pussy was getting. After about 10 minutes of silent staring I felt his hand. Slowly moving up and down my calve. Just that little touch made me cream my panties, I was soaked. Almost embarrassed for him to find out. He moved his hand up toward my thigh. Stopping just short of my shorts. He rubbed my leg in a circular motion and ever so slowly moved his hand into my shorts. He started rubbing my wet pussy through my wet panties. He couldn’t believe how wet I was. So he snuck his hand in side for a peak. He started up high, above my clit. He slowly slid his finger down, stopping to feel my clit, which was aching to be touched. He started again, moving down to my wet slit. That must have set him off because the next thing I know, he was under the blanket, kissing my inner thighs.

‘That feels so fucking good, don’t fucking stop!’

I wish I could have yelled that, but with my aunt laying just a finger length away, I couldn’t. He stopped kissing my thighs to pull off my shorts. After the were removed, he peeked his face up to mine and kissed me deeply and he teased my sopping cunt with his finger.

“What are you going to do to me?” I whispered into his ear.

“I’m gonna make you cum so hard,” he started, “that you’re gonna wish you would have sucked my cock in the truck.”

He started kissing me again. I felt every inch of his mouth, our tongues dancing back and fourth. He started kissing my cheek. Down to my neck, where he lingered a little, my soft spot. I could have came right then, but he stopped. He kissed and licked his way to my breasts. He pulled my tank top down over them and started flicking my nipple like it was my clit.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I moaned.

He put his hand over my mouth, “Shhh,” he whispered, “as much as I would love to hear you moaning, you can’t. Be quiet baby, if you can’t then bite down on this.” He handed me a blanket and I set it next to my head, just in case I might need it.

He continued to lick and suck my nipples until I couldn’t take it anymore and started to buck my hips hoping to reach his cock that beyoğlu escort I had been aching for all day.

“Not so fast baby girl, first I’m gonna eat your pussy and all of your yummy cunt juices.”

‘I’ve never had anyone eat my pussy out before. Should I stop him? I don’t know what to do!’ My thoughts raced.

“Wait,” I stopped him just as I felt his hot breath on my clit. “I’ve never had anyone eat my pussy before..”

He came back up to face me and kissed me more passionately than before and whipsered, “Baby, you’re gonna love the way I lick your pussy. You’re not gonna want me to stop.”

Slowly, he kissed his way back down to my pussy. He kissed my clit softly and made my body quiver like crazy. He licked it from my slit to my clit and I lost it, I wanted more. Now and FAST! I urged him on by grabbing his hair and pushing up on his face. I think he got the hint when he grabbed my legs and shoved his face into my soaking pussy. His tongue flicked and licked all over my cunt, paying special attention to my clit. Occasionally he’d slide his tongue into my pussy making my legs shake. He finally brought me to climax after he licked my clit fast and hard. I grabbed the blanket and stuffed it into my mouth right before I came. I moaned and shook vigorously as he cleaned up all of the cum from my pussy.

“Oh my god.” I whispered as he came back up.

“That’s not even the best party baby girl. You might want to put that blanket back into your mouth.”

I took his advice and stuffed the blanket corner into my mouth. I’m glad I did, because the moment the head of his cock entered my pussy I shrieked! It was so big, but then again I had just lost my virginity, so my pussy was tight. He stopped and waited until I nodded my head for him to continue.

“Normally I’d just shove it inside and fuck you hard, but I can’t risk getting caught fucking you.”

He slowly eased the rest of his long cock into my tight wet pussy. I couldn’t help the noises coming from my mouth, until I looked down to see that my knee was an inch from my aunts head. I panicked and took the blanket out of my mouth before I let him fuck me.

“She’s gonna wake up and see us, look where my knee is.” I whispered, frantic and worried I couldn’t be caught any moment. But rather than stopping, I was really turned on. All of the risks we were taking just to have one night of fucking, got me horny as fuck.

“Just be quiet. Here, wrap your legs around my waist.” He said as he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around him.

I smiled and he kissed me again as he slowly started to fuck me.

“Mmmmmmm ooooooo.”

I couldn’t help myself, but that just made him kiss me more and more.

He fucked me slowly until he felt me fucking him back, I wanted more. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. So he fucked me as hard as I have ever been fucked. It took all I had not to make any noise, which only made me cum harder. A few moments later, he came deep inside of my pussy and joined me in the ecstasy of our amazing sex. He continued to kiss me and cuddle with me, our naked bodies pressed tight together. We lie there for half an hour watching TV and ever so often sharing a deep breath taking kiss. He decided it was time for bed, so he kissed me once more, lingering for a moment longer before kissing down my neck, my chest. To my stomach and kissing my pussy, stopping for a moment to tease me before standing and dressing.

He lied on the side of the bed closest to my head so he could sneak a kiss or two when he pleased until we both fell asleep.

I wish I could say I had the satisfaction of fucking him over and over again, but that day has yet to come. Dave and my aunt split a few years ago and I haven’t seen him since. But the memory of him fucking me still makes my pussy throb.

That is how I fucked my aunts boyfriend, with her inches from our naked bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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