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If you haven’t read part 1 let me introduce myself, I am Rick (19 yo) my friend Kevin (18 yo) and I had a brief experience last week which was both our 1st. It was just touching and jerking each other off but sparked interest in both of us. I have known Kevin for a long time and always suspected he may be gay, I had an idea I may be gay or at the very least bi. One evening on the way home from a youth organization we both belong to, I decided to ask him if he was, his answer was yes but that he had never been with a guy. We decided to be each others 1st and hence the hand jobs. Ok now your all caught up so here is part 2.

I spent the weekend and start of the week thinking about that night with Kevin, the feel of his hand on my cock mmm so good. I imagined his hard cock in my hand again so many times. It was difficult getting through my classes Mon-Tues & Wed, as I kept catching myself drifting into daydreams about him so many times.

Finally Wed afternoon was here, class ended at 1:45, I jumped up the second the clock ticked jogging to my car. The ride seemed to last forever, what was only a 25 minute ride felt more like 16 hours. At last I pulled in front of his house, an unassuming small 3 bedroom ranch style home. Stepping out of my car his little sister & brother see me, running up to me they asked if I wanted to play ball with them. Saying I couldn’t they ran back to the other kids that were playing, I went to the front door ringing the bell.

“Rick oh my god your a little early, I was cleaning I must look terrible,” Kevin said as he stood there wearing a daisy print women’s apron over his clothes.

“No you look absolutely fine,” I said.

As I walked in Kevin closed the door behind me, immediately he put his arms around me and began kissing my neck. Slowly each kiss going up higher and higher until reaching my lips, once at my lips his tongue forced it’s way inside until it found mine.

My cock was getting hard as his tongue probed my accepting mouth, sliding his hand to my crotch I could feel my cock jumping at it’s warm feel.

“Mmm you have something ready for me I see,” Kevin said.

“Yes I have been waiting for this since you left my car last Thursday, every minute dreaming of you touching me,” I said.

“I was talking with a friend of mine at school, I told him about us, he told me I should suck your cock. Do you think you might like that?” he asked.

My cock jumped at the thought of his lips touching me and I said, “I would love that, I was your first feel I would be honored to be your first blowjob,” I answered.

I kept an eye out the window, looking through a slit in the curtain, making sure his siblings were still playing. Kevin slid both hands down, one taking my belt off while the other unzipped my pants pulling them to my knees. Now standing there my underwear unable to hide my totally erect cock, Kevin put his thumb under it’s waistband and them down exposing my throbbing cock.

“Oh my that is a wonderful little thing,” Kevin said as his hand moved playfully across my shaft.

“I’m glad you like it, I have been waiting to cum in your hand all week, but now that your gonna suck it can I cum in your mouth?” I asked.

“If you don’t I’ll be mad, I want to taste you,” Kevin said.

Kevin began licking my shaft from the tip down, as he reached the base he continued down until he tuzla escort found my balls. Opening his mouth he sucked my sack as his tongue flicked over my balls.

“Fuck that feels so good,” I said.

“Mmm,” he moaned while still sucking my balls.

Releasing my balls, he moved so he was now facing my cock. Opening up he took the tip inside and began to bob his head down until just reaching the start of my shaft then back up to the very tip. Slowly with each bob of his head, his mouth went further down my shaft, about a 1/2 inch each time, until finally reaching the base.

After what seemed way to short of a time my cock began to pulse inside his mouth. Kevin knowing I was getting ready to cum started bobbing his head up & down faster and faster. I was trying my hardest to not cum so soon, but suddenly could hold back no longer.

My cock began shooting streams of cum, Kevin accepted each stream inside his mouth swallowing each and every drop it gave him. When I finished he gently milked my shaft trying to get every last bit he could.

When I was totally milked dry Kevin licking his lips as he let my cock fall from his mouth and said, “Oh Rick that was so good, your cum is so warm and salty, my belly warmed up as it pushed it’s way down my throat.”

“Oh my god Kevin that was the best thing I have ever felt, I thought your hand stroking me last week was awesome but wow this was something else,” I said.

Kevin stood up kissing me on the lips, I was ready to slide my tongue inside his mouth when I saw his siblings running from the road towards the house.

“Kevin your sister & brother are coming,” I said as I ran to the bathroom my pants around my knees causing me to almost trip.

“Hey Kevin where is Rick?” Kevin’s sister Letisha asked.

“Yeah did Rick leave?” his brother Georgy asked.

“No he had to go to the bathroom,” Kevin said.

“Did you tell mom & dad he was coming over? You know they’ll be mad if you didn’t,” Letisha said.

“Well no I didn’t, come on I never tell on you when you have friends over and don’t ask,” Kevin shot back.

“Hey Letisha, you don’t want to be a snitch do you? Kevin & I were talking about lodge business, I needed his expert opinion on something,” I said as I came back into the living room.

“Well no I don’t wanna be a snitch, I won’t say nothing, neither will Georgy right,” she said as she punched Georgy’s forearm.

“Ow no I would never say anything. Do you have time to play ball with us now Rick?” Georgy asked.

Looking at my watch I said, “Well no I can’t right now, I have to leave soon maybe next time, but why don’t you guys go back out you know you’ll have to come in for the night when your parents get home.”

“Ok see you later,” they said as they ran out the door.

“Wow that was close,” Kevin said.

“Yea it was, now let’s see where were we,” I said.

Holding Kevin’s face I kissed him my tongue burying inside his mouth as his lips parted. My hand found it’s way to his belt, undoing it then unzipping his pants sliding them to his ankles. The apron hid his underwear covered cock, I slid his underwear off. His cock now formed a small tent around the material of the apron.

Reaching in I found it, that hard 7″ plus cock feeling so warm as I held it. Slowly I now began stroking his shaft, he moaned softly tuzla yabancı escort with each movement.

“You like this?” I asked.

“Love it the only thing I think could top it is your lips,” he said.

“Do you mind if I’m not ready for that quite yet?” I asked.

“No take your time, when your ready you know I will be too,” he said.

Kevin untied the apron pulling it above his head as I stroked his cock, seeing my hands wrapped around his shaft I imagined what it might taste like, thinking one day I might just find out. As I was daydreaming of sucking his cock, it started jerking in my hand which brought me back to earth. Having only my hand to wipe his cum up, I cupped it under his cock gathering so much cum some flowed onto my wrist as it dripped over the edges.

Brian reached his hands under mine, then did something that amazed me, pulling them up he tipped my hands down as they reached his mouth and drank his own cum. After everything that could pour down his mouth was inside him, he licked the remainder off my hands.

“Oh my I taste good, a little saltier than you but so good,” Kevin said

As I went to the sink to wash my hands I said, “one day I will know, you’re not disappointed I didn’t suck you are you?”

“No I know you’ll come around, hopefully sooner rather than later,” he said.

“By the way I called Joey and told him they don’t have to set up next meeting that we would do it,” I said.

“Ok so 2 weeks from tomorrow then it’s a date. I’ll tell my parents we are setting up & breaking down we can be alone before and after,” Kevin said with a big smile on his face.

“My parents are going to my aunt’s in New Jersey on Saturday, they’ll be leaving around 8 am and won’t be home till sometime after midnight. Do you think you want to come over?” I said.

“I don’t think my parents are going out, I’ll have to tell them it’s about lodge stuff otherwise you know they won’t let me,” he said.

“Tell them you want to pick my brain about taking over my position when I age out, you know they’ll go for that,” I said.

“Ok how about after lunch, I know they won’t let me go until after that,” he said.

“Then it’s a date, we can watch HBO if they have anything good on,” I said.

“Yeah that would be great, hopefully my parents will get cable someday,” Kevin said with an unconvincing voice.

Saying goodbye to his siblings, I went to my car & drove home. When I got there no one was home yet so I dropped my books on the table and went up to my room. Laying down I took off my pants and began stroking my cock, thinking of how Kevin’s lips were wrapped around it only a short time ago. I was just ready to shoot my load when I heard the front door open and mom yelling she was home.

My cum began shooting, reaching for some tissues, I wiped myself off. I could hear her walking up the stairs so I pulled the covers up to hide my cock as I heard the steps getting even closer.

The door popped open as I lay in bed my cock turned away under the covers as mom said, “hi sweetheart did you have a good day at school?”

“Yeah mom I was just a little tired so I took a little nap,” I said as I stretched my arms as if just awakening.

“Ok you go back to bed, I’m making meatloaf, it’ll be ready in about and hour and a half,” she said and closed my door.

Flipping ümraniye escort the covers off I wiped up the little bit of cum that dripped on the sheets and then went back to stroking myself again only this time my i was thinking of sucking Kevin cock. After I came I put my hand to my nose to smell my own cum, feeling bold I licked a tiny bit and swished it around my mouth. “Wow I thought, warm, salty & actually kind of sweet,” then rather than wipe it off I swallowed the entire handful. As the last bit slid down my throat I wondered “is this what Kevin tastes like? He said his was saltier, I wondered just how much more? Can I take his cock in my mouth? Maybe Saturday I can get up enough nerve to do it.”

After dinner I went upstairs to study, which I didn’t really have to do, and called Kevin’s house. His mother answered, I asked if Kevin was available and she said yes with that annoying voice as if I was bothering her.

Kevin took the phone and said, “hey Rick what’s up?”

“Can you talk freely?” I asked.

“Yeah everyone is in the living room, I brought the phone into the bathroom the cord is so stretched,” he said with a low chuckle.

“I was so turned on from this afternoon, I jerked off twice, as a matter of fact my pants are coming down again wow my cock is so hard again,” I said.

“You’re such a tease, you know I can’t do that my parents come into my room all the time without ever knocking and they even come in when I shower or bathe,” he said.

“Well before they come in I just wanted to say you suck cock so well that I’ll be dreaming about it until Saturday. You did tell your parents your coming over here, right?” I asked.

“Yeah they told me no at first but when I told them about readying myself for taking over they agreed. The only thing is they are going out around 7 so I have to be home to babysit,” he said.

“God Kevin your 18 when are you ever gonna stand up for yourself, they don’t let you do anything it’s almost like you’re their slave or maid or something?” I said.

“I know but they are my parents, but geez I remember wanting to go to a school dance once thought they were going to beat me just for asking. It’s funny they let my 12 year old brother go to one, he can do anything he wants but no not Kevin,” he said.

“Well no promise but maybe just maybe I might try what you did to me today, you think about that until Saturday,” I said.

Just then I heard his father yelling “set the table for supper and don’t forget you need to do the laundry tonight.”

“Alright dad be right there,” he yelled back almost annoyingly.

Just before the phone hung up I heard his father yell back, “don’t sass me, you want my belt again,” it was just then the phone clicked off.

Hearing about the belt, it made me remember back to a few years ago when his father did just that, beat him with a belt in front of his friends at Kevin’s birthday party. Kevin’s mom showing off her daughter had her sing a song, Kevin got upset and complained, saying it was his birthday and we were his friends. Kevin’s father walked over yelling at him to not disrespect his mother then took Kevin’s pants down right there in front of us spanking his bare bottom until it was raw. Kevin ran in the house crying and they carried on with the party even though he wasn’t there.

“How terrible his life must have been growing up,” I thought.

Forcing my mind away from those thoughts, I began to stroke my cock until I shot my load into a wad of tissues. Finally laying down for bed I stared at the ceiling thinking I needed to get through the next couple of days before I could see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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