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It was January 2001 and Jason our younger brother had gone with our parents up to our beach house for the weekend. Rebecca, my twin sister and I had decided to spend the Friday night at home and watch a movie on DVD. Bec and I had just turned eighteen and had always been extremely close so spending time together was a regular thing.

Over the past four years Bec had developed into a beautiful young lady and was popular with everyone she met and a target for all the young men in our area. I used to feel quite jealous when she would bring a boyfriend home and I had difficulty understanding this so I put it down to being protective. She had a beautifully proportioned figure with straight long blonde hair and nice size boobs. Bec had a great sense of humour and we used to tease each other all the time about just about everything, including our boyfriends and girlfriends. We really were great mates.

I jumped into my car and went over to Blockbuster and hired American Beauty to watch because neither of us had seen it. We showered, got into our pyjamas and settled in on the lounge to watch the movie.

Just after the opening credits, there’s a scene where Kevin Spacey is in the shower with his back to the camera, masturbating. I cringed a bit at the scene hoping it would slip by unnoticed. Just as the shower scene finished Bec turned to me and asked “do all men do that?”

“Do what?” I asked knowing exactly what she meant.

“You know, jerk off?”

“Hey Bec, how would I know what all men do?”

“Do you do it?”

“Look Bec I reckon all men jerk off, it’s perfectly normal. Can we watch the movie now?”

After a short pause Bec asked “How often do you do it?”

I was getting a bit annoyed by her questioning so I thought I would shock her to try and shut her up with a bit of humour so I said “Look I do it at least five times a day and if you keep this sort of talk up I’ll want to do it right here and now”.

There was a short pause before she said “I’ve never seen a boy do it right to the end”.

I stopped the video noticing a mild tingle in my groin at the nature of the conversation “What do you mean to the end?”

“Until they cum.”

“Haven’t you done that to Andrew your boyfriend?”

“No, not until he came anyway. He always wants me to play with his cock but we stop short of … you know … him ejaculating.”

“Why are you telling me all this Bec, I mean …”

“Would you let me watch you?” she said.

I could feel my cock starting to get hard inside my pyjama shorts and I was a bit confused seeing that this was happening with my sister “Are you serious Bec, you want to watch me jerk off?”

She slid across the lounge to be right beside me and said “Yes.”

As I sat there looking into her eyes all my rational thought was quickly replaced by my quickly mounting sexual arousal. The thought of masturbating in front of my sister wasn’t new to me because I had fantasised about it on a number of occasions.

“You’re not winding me up are you, your really would like me to?”

Rebecca answered by sliding her hand over onto my now fully erect penis and squeezed it softly.

“Look, if I’m to do this for you, you have to swear not to tell a soul. I mean, a lot of people would take it the wrong way.”

“I swear” she said.


“Why not?” she replied.

“Would you get some tissues?”

Bec nodded and went to the bathroom, returning with a box of tissues.

I lifted myself off the lounge and slid my pyjama shorts off revealing my erect cock standing to attention. Bec couldn’t take her eyes from it and began fondling me and slowly stroking it.

“Do adalar escort you want to do it for me?” I asked.

“No I’ll watch what you do” she said.

By this time my arousal had reached fever pitch and pre cum was beginning to bead and run from the eye of my cock. I dipped my finger in and pulled it away watching the viscous clear fluid stretch for about six inches before breaking. I closed my eyes and gently rubbed the rest of my pre cum over the head of my cock in circles. I opened my eyes and looked at Bec who was mesmerised by the show. The thought of Bec watching me was almost too much to bear so I started slowly stroking my cock with my right hand. I really wanted to cum and let her watch me ejaculate.

“Talk me through it Tony” she said.

“OK” I said “I’m pretty excited so it probably won’t take too long.”

“What do you feel?” she asked.

“It just feels great, I’m so horny and need to cum so badly.”

I kept stroking by moving the loose skin on my shaft up and down with a steady rhythm. My cock was hard and tight with blue veins standing out and winding their way around my shaft like a cylindrical roadmap. Soon a very pleasant sensation spread into my pelvic region and I felt my seminal fluid flow into my urethral bulb; it only lasts a fleeting second but the sensation is quite distinctive and is the first sign of my impending orgasm.

“I’m getting closer” I said.

I stopped stroking for a second or two and cupped my balls with my left hand. The feeling was sensational and I wiped a huge bead of pre cum from the eye of my penis and slipped it into my mouth.

“I adore mild saltiness of my pre-cum.” I mumbled.

I released my balls and returned to stroking. The sexual tension within my body was palpable, and the build up towards my orgasm intensified. I moved my hand up the shaft so that my thumb was over the corona where the swollen head of my cock stands proud from my shaft. Momentarily I returned to tickling my frenulum with a single finger using my pre-cum as lubricant. Then, with two fingers on the underside and thumb on top I increase the pressure on my cock and started stroking at a faster pace.

“Oh Bec, I’m getting really close now, would you hold my balls as I cum?”

Bec immediately cupped my balls with her hand and as the feeling of impending orgasm spread throughout my groin I began slowly thrusting in time with my stroking.

My hand slid up and down the shaft now; easily and smoothly just like it’s done it so many times before. Pre-cum was flowing out of my slit and dribbling down over my bulging cock head. I start to feel the tension of my built up sperm travelling from my prostate up the shaft of my cock seeking release.

“Nearly there Bec. Oh yes….” Then with a rush I’m there, the world stops, time stops and all sensation is centred on my cock head.

“Oh God Bec I’m cumming. Oh yes. Mmmmmh. Oh yes. I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING…….”

My breathing stops momentarily as my body tenses. My cock has become the centre of the universe and sensation is magnified to extreme proportions. I exhale and indescribable pleasure overcomes me as I ejaculate a huge rope of cum that disappeared over my shoulder in Rebecca’s direction. I kept stroking and a with a second contraction another load of cum shoots onto my upper chest leaving a thin trail all the way down to my cock. I raise my hips to aid the next release and watch my cock exploding and releasing its creamy white lava onto my stomach.

“Oh fuck” I hear Rebecca remark.

Contraction after contraction expels more and more semen from my cock. Bec is still anadolu yakası escort holding my balls as my orgasm and ejaculation subsides. My chest is covered in cum and a pool has formed at the base of my cock. I’m lying there recovering my senses as my breathing slowly returns to normal.

“Wow” Rebecca says “That was amazing.”

“Look at this” she said pointing to the right hand shoulder of her pyjama top.

I turn and look and have to laugh as I see a great wad of my semen slowly sliding from her.

“Where are the tissues?” I ask.

Bec pulls a handful from the box beside her and passes them to me. I begin mopping up and all of a sudden a huge weight of self consciousness and guilt spread over me.

“Christ Bec I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry” she said, “it was really cool.”

“Yeah, but it’s really not the sort of thing a brother and sister should be doing together do you think?”

There was a pause before Rebecca then went on to tell me things I would never have guessed. She told me that she had always had the ‘hot’s’ for me and that she often masturbated in bed at night thinking of me. “Funny,” I said “because I often jerk off thinking about you too.”

Then told me something that blew me away … She said “You have to swear not to tell a soul but Carly and I often have fun together.”

“Carly … Your friend?” I said

Bec nodded.

“Wow, who would have thought. Do you enjoy it?”

“Yes I do. We started playing with one another when we were sixteen and we’ve been doing it regularly ever since.”

“Do you think she’s a lesbian?”

“No, she plays around with her boyfriend too, I don’t think she’s a lesbian.”

“What do you do together?”

“You know, play with each other, get each other off.”

She opened up even more and told me she had never “gone all the way” with a boy and that technically she was still a virgin.

“How do you feel about what we did?” I asked.

“I loved it Tony, and I love you too.”

With that Bec leaned over and kissed passionately me on the lips.

“Have you ever done things with another boy?” Bec asked.

“Well … yes. I have a few friends that I jerk off with sometimes.”

“You see, it’s not just me, does that mean you’re gay?” she said with a wry smile.

“Shit no, it’s just for the pleasure, you know, the fun of it.”

About twenty minutes had passed and I wanted to touch her and feel her so I moved right up to her and said “Can I touch you?”

Bec took my hand and slid it down the front of her pyjama shorts placing my fingers directly over her vulva. I inserted my middle finger into her very wet and warm cunt, it felt sensational and I felt my cock begin to respond once more. I slipped her shorts off and Bec pulled her top off revealing the most beautiful breasts I thing I had ever seen. Small but beautifully proportioned with erect nipples.

Bec lay back on the lounge and said “I’d like to feel you inside me Tony.”

I wasn’t completely hard but I moved between her legs and positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt. Bec took hold of me and said “Try now” and guided me in. “Wow” I thought to myself as I felt my cock slide fully into her wonderful wet hole.

“You feel awesome being in there Tony, God I love it.”

I was completely overcome with love for my sister at that moment. Somehow what we were doing seemed completely and utterly right. “How could expressing love for one another in this way be wrong?” I thought to myself.

I withdrew my cock completely so that the head was held by the ataköy escort lips of her vagina. I reached down and felt myself slowly push deep inside her. It felt beautiful and I asked Bec to feel it too. She replaced my hand at the opening of her cunt and I started slowly thrusting and withdrawing all the way so she could feel how intensely erotic it was. Bec moaned softly and said “Oh shit, that feels so cool.”

“Is this really your first time?” I asked.


“Wow” I exclaimed.

The thought of that encouraged me to thrust harder and deeper. Even though Bec felt a tad tight, her copious juices helped her cunt swallow my cock with ease. I couldn’t help but be more aroused by Bec’s face. She had her eyes closed and an expression of total bliss. At that moment I felt I’d never loved anyone so deeply and I leant over and kissed Bec passionately. We remained in that embrace for some time as I increased the tempo of my thrusting. Then, without warning Bec pulled away from me and said “Oh God, I think I’m going to cum. Oh fuck Tony … harder please.”

I began pounding my groin into Bec like a man possessed as beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I was thankful that I had only just cum a short while earlier because I would never have been able to pump this long without cumming.

Bec began thrusting her groin to meet me and mumbled “Oh yes … Oh yes Tony, I’m going to cum … Oh yes.”

Bec’s pussy seemed to suck at my cock as I plunged into her, seconds later she arched her back, her release imminent. Her thighs start to quiver as a moan issues from her lips.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” Bec screams and shudders as I plunge into her hard and deep. At this stage Bec has abandoned herself completely to her pleasure. Her face is contorted as if in pain and I suddenly realise my own orgasm is building quickly. As I slam my groin into her another spasm crashes over her and she somehow manages to whisper “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me Tony.”

But now it was my turn and I thrust deeply into her then hold still as my semen pumps into her hot wet cunt.

“Oh God,” she said “I can feel you.”

We lay completely still as our orgasms slowly subsided before collapsing into each other’s arms trying to regain our composure. Soon after I started moving again, sliding slowly in and out and Bec shuddered with another orgasm, her vaginal muscles contracting, gripping my cock. “That was awesome,” I groan “I could feel you too.”

We lay in embrace without speaking for some time before I slowly withdrew my soft cock. I sat up and was mesmerised by the sight of her cunt, open wide seeping a mixture of our juices. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. I wiped our slimy mess over her vulva with my hand and inserted a couple of fingers into her cunt. Bec shuddered once more as another orgasm rolled over her. “How many orgasm’s have you had?” I asked quietly.

“A lot,” she said “more than I’ve ever had at one time before.”

“I’m happy for you.” I whispered.

“I’d like to stay like this forever.”

“Me too.” I said.

Rebecca sat up and snuggled into me, kissed me lightly on the cheek and neck. We sat there snuggling into one another for some time before I grabbed the remote and stopped the movie because neither of us were watching it.

I was beginning to feel concerned about what had happened, nervous in fact that we might somehow be found out. “Are you sure you’re OK about what happened?” I asked.

Bec nodded.

“I might hit the sack Bec, I’m really tired. Do you want to finish the movie?”

“No… not tonight. I couldn’t concentrate on it after that.”

I said goodnight and kissed her on the cheek before heading upstairs to bed. I heard Bec turn the TV off and start to make her way upstairs as well. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth before heading to my room and getting into bed. I switched off the light and couldn’t help but wonder what might be next before I fell into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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