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Big Tits

Part two — getting ready

I should probably explain a little more about the last couple of months and why I was wearing the chastity cage. We have always been quite kinky and adventurous when it came to sex, never afraid to try something new and had found a few things that we really enjoyed over the years. We had played a little with me being in charge, as Sabrina loved to be roughly taken during sex by a dominant man. However, she also loved being in control and having me as her little slave boy and that is what we did far more often.

A few months ago when we were out at a fetish event, we met another couple who we got chatting to and they explained how they had dabbled a bit with swinging in the past but the wife had attracted much more attention (understandable) and that had developed into a cuckold relationship. We were fascinated and invited them round for dinner the next week so they could explain more.

It turned out that the husband Frank has always been a little submissive anyway and really got off when watching Nadine play with other men. He also enjoyed it when Nadine recounted her experiences with her lovers and compared them to Frank and his slightly below average sized cock. They still went swinging occasionally but Frank mostly just watched rather than getting involved himself and they had a lot of fun with that.

I could see the excitement in my wife’s eyes as Nadine explained the power she felt, being able to take lovers and have some great sex with well endowed “bulls” as she called them, while knowing Frank loved her dearly and would always be there to soothe her after haramidere escort her fun times.

After that night we did a bit of research ourselves online and found some pretty interesting stuff, some of it a little tame and some of it really extreme. I knew that my wife had previously had a black boyfriend before we met and she told me he was bigger than her largest dildo. We were both a little excited about the idea and began to role-play occasionally that the dildo was another man and my wife would tease me about how much more pleasure she got from the nice big cock, compared to my average sized one.

I even bought her a “queen of spades” anklet to enhance the game and we began to spend one night a week as her “date night” where she would get dressed up and we would pretend like she was going out to meet her lover. The evening always ended with us having hot sex but on those nights she always made me finish her off with the dildo.

These nights developed further and my wife bought me a chastity cage to wear on her date nights and would tease me relentlessly about not being able to get an erection and satisfy her, which is why she had to look elsewhere. I have to admit, even though the teasing occasionally got pretty intense and I really wanted to just get out and have sex, it drove me wild with lust for her. She began to experiment with making me wear the cage for longer periods of time. A few days leading up to her “date night” to make sure she was horny and ready for it. And then a few days after because she was too sore to have me jumping her.

The ikitelli escort cuckold role-play overtook pretty much all of our other sexy games and my wife was always coming up with new and naughty ideas that we should try out. She made me bathe her and help her get dressed before her “date”, then she made me wear women’s panties while she was out (she actually never went out, we just had dinner at home). One time she even made me wear a strap-on and fuck her while still wearing my cage, the whole time she was calling me Darren and telling me to fuck her harder than her pathetic husband could.

She loved it so much and played the dominant cuckoldress wife role so well that I let myself fall deeper and deeper into it. To be completely honest, seeing my wife enjoy it so much gave me a thrill as well, and on the days when I wasn’t in my cage and we had sex, it was hotter and more intense than it had been for years.

Anyway, back to our anniversary. When I got to the bedroom my wife was already running herself a deep luxurious bath and stripping out of her latex dress. She asked me to give it a quick wipe down and hang it to dry while she finished the bath. When I returned she was already in, bubbles covering her beautiful body, she gave me a devilish grin and extended her hand offering me the sponge, which I knew was an invitation to wash her body. I spent the next 15 minutes delicately washing every inch of her gorgeous body and watched as she shaved her beautiful little pussy. She stepped out and I quickly dried her with a big fluffy towel before istanbul escort she slipped into her dressing gown and skipped off to do her hair & make up.

While she was sat at her dressing table, I was underneath it painting her pretty little toenails a fresh shade of her favourite pink and then fetching a glass of wine and anything else she requested. When she was done she said it was time for me to help her get dressed. I looked at the bed and saw her outfit neatly laid out. Sheer black stockings with a seam which she knew drove me crazy, a matching bra and knickers set with a separate garter belt, all lacy and black and very alluring. Finally, a royal blue floor length dress that I just knew would hug her beautiful curves in all the right places giving the right balance of classy and sexy. I couldn’t see at the time but I would later find out that it had a split almost all the way up to the top of her legs and when she walked, she had to be careful not to show her delicious stocking tops.

She teased me as I helped her dress, making me kiss every part of her before covering it with clothing. She took every opportunity to “accidentally” brush against my caged cock and giggle as a moan escaped my lips. When she was finally ready she spent a minute twisting and turning in front of the mirror, examining her beautiful body from all angles. I looked around and the only heels I could see were the ones she was wearing earlier which obviously didn’t go with this outfit so I asked her which heels she would be wearing.

“Well I’ve got a little surprise for you in that department. I’ve picked out a few pairs that match this dress and I’m going to let you choose.” She giggled and put on her evil grin again “but there’s a twist, of course baby. I’ll explain in a minute, why don’t you jump in the shower quickly and then meet me in the guest bedroom.”

I shaved and showered as quickly as I could and rushed to meet my beautiful wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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