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Warning: The following is a work of fiction, no one in this story is real. I’ve loosely based some of the characters on my favorite porn stars, to give you a reference point. All characters are over 18. This is the final chapter in “My Sexual Adventure” series, so comments are always appreciated, as well as any kind of feedback on possible improvements. Also, I have taken a slightly different approach to how I wrote the final chapter, to give perspective on the passage of time.

Chapter 1: I learn how to have sex, from an expected source

Chapter 2: I start exploring my sex drive

Chapter 3: I decide to host a sex party

Chapter 4: The After-party

Chapter 5: What happens in an Orgy, MUST be repeated elsewhere!

Chapter 6: A long awaited climax!


I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a sexual frenzy happening around me. I was spread buck naked over Adam, who’s hard-on pressed against my own, and he too was awoken by the sounds around us. We quickly opened our eyes to the dim light and found out that our friends were all wide awake and fucking like crazy. I watched as Kelly was being mounted by Anthony and Mark, who were up straight with her wedged between them. Jeff was in the hot tub, fucking Linda, while Zoe and Amber lapped their tongues at her tits, and Jeff had his hands in their pussies, fingering them each to a powerful orgasm.

Grinning back at Adam, I kissed his lips for a second, then got up and went over to Amber and put my dick inside her pussy, while Adam followed suit with Zoe. We fucked them hard as Jeff continued to fuck Linda, and the six of us started to fuck in sync until Jeff came inside of Linda, and pulled out and walked over to mom’s bed, pulling the covers off.

I quickly turned my head, “Jeff, leave mom alone for now!” I told him, “She got gangbanged by three black guys with foot-long cocks! Let her rest!” Jeff gave me a disappointed look, then walked over to me and shoved his cock in my mouth. Without warning, he put both hands around me head and started fucking my face, instead of letting me suck him gently. I started to slow down on fucking Amber as Jeff forced his cock down my throat, trying to focus on both but falling short. Amber noticed what was happening and tried to get Jeff to slow down, but Jeff seemed content with deep throating me until either I choked or he came.

One by one, everyone stopped fucking to watch as I was being forced to suck Jeff, as I was beginning to turn blue from lack of oxygen. Then, when I had felt the most dizzy, I felt cum spread inside my throat and down my esophagus. Then, out of nowhere, Jeff pulled out and I was allowed to breathe again. It was at that point that I made a vow never to watch deepthroat porn again! I gasped and fell forwards, and Jeff gave me a dark look.

“Never tell me who I can fuck and who I can’t!” he said to me, then turned around and walked to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. I looked at Anthony and Mark, who were now sitting in the hot tub, not touching anyone and looking at me with concerned looks on their faces.

“Dude, what happened?” Anthony asked. I told them that mom had been gangbanged for three hours by three large black guys with 12″ cocks, mentioned that Adam recorded the whole thing if they wanted proof, then said that she was physically exhausted so we let her sleep as everyone else came back up and started fucking. When Jeff tied to get mom awake, and I told him not to, he force fucked my mouth. By the time I was finished, Anthony gave me a look that said he knew why Jeff did so.

“Jeff’s never taken no for an answer very lightly.” he said, “He’s the kind of guy who, when sexually charged, doesn’t care who he fucks just as long as he gets off. Most of the time, he’s fucking Zoe, who’s such a cum-slut, she barely notices he’s not doing it to pleasure her as much as he’s pleasuring himself. It makes him irritable when someone says no, so he takes drastic measures to ensure they won’t do it again.”

“Well, that may be true, but he’s gonna have to learn restraint if he’s gonna take part in the Generational Orgy.” I said, “Remember, everything that goes on here is consensual! If he starts hearing the word ‘no’, he might start raping faces so that no one ever says ‘no’.” Anthony nodded in agreement and I had an idea on how to do that. For a few minutes, we discussed our plan in hushed tones so that Jeff couldn’t hear us through the bathroom door, then once we had an idea in place, we got him back out

Zoe walked to the bathroom door and knocked, “Jeff, baby? Can you come out here please? I’d like to have your cock again!” she said in a sultry baby voice. Jeff opened the door and stepped out, but by the time he reached the threshold, Anthony and Mark grabbed him and pulled him by both arms and legs to the vertical bondage equipment. Everyone watched as they tied him to one of the wheels and strapped him down so he couldn’t escape.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jeff screamed, “Let me out!” But no one did. In fact, pendik escort Anthony and Mark held him there as I picked up a room key and left to find the black Rhinos room. Remembering where their hotel room was, I entered the elevator and hit the button to the tenth floor. As soon as I landed there, I rushed in the direction that Leo had told me, found the room, and knocked three times and waited. When the door opened, I expected to see one of the three large black guys, but instead, I saw the sexy black chick from the pool, standing nude and wearing a perplexed but eager look in her eyes.

“Hey you!” she said, her voice carrying a slight accent, “How did you find my room?”

I smiled at her, “I didn’t find it by accident….well I did, but not like you think!” I stammered, “My mom kind of fucked three guys who are staying in this room and I was looking for one of them now! Is Leo in?”

The girl smiled and turned, calling Leo to get his ass here, then turned to me, “I’m Keisha, by the way!” she added, as Leo came stomping in, wearing leopard print briefs, “Hey, MILF’s stud!” he said, “What can I do for you?”

I told him about my friend Jeff and how he had a misguided method of getting off when he heard the word ‘no’, and that we tied him to a bondage wheel and that our plan was to get him to see the consequences of his actions by having someone he wasn’t expecting to fuck him while he said ‘no’, and that I had suggested either Leo or one of his brothers to help out, seeing as Jeff had never had a foot long dick before. Leo was thrilled by the idea, and said he had experience with people who have ignored the word ‘no’ when fucking his sister, Keisha, and that he and his brothers have always had to “teach them” a similar lesson.

Without warning, he pulled a key card on a chain and slipped it around his neck and told me to lead the way. Smiling I turned on my heel and led him to the elevator. Two seconds before the elevator door opened, Keisha followed us, “I want to watch this!” she said, “I’m a big fan of bondage!” she winked at me and grinned. I smiled as we entered the elevator and went up to the penthouse. By the time we opened the door, Jeff was still screaming at the top of his lungs, and now mom was wide awake and watching him writhe in the restraints.

As we walked in, Leo stepped up to Jeff, grabbing a whip and ball gag from the side table, and stared at him with a very dark expression on his face. Jeff took one look at him and said, “Who the fuck are you?”

Leo took the whip and cracked it across Jeff’s face, “Silence, slave!” he yelled, “You do not have permission to speak!”

Jeff opened his mouth in response to feeling the sting of the whip, then turned to stare at me, “This is your response to me deep throating you like a bitch, Chris?” he said, sarcastically, “You go find a big strong man to help you whip me into shape? Bitch!”

Crack! Jeff howled in pain as Leo brought the whip back around his face, “I said silence!” he said, “You are my slave now! You think it is fun to take a person’s body without permission? You think that the word ‘no’ has no meaning for you? I will teach you respect! I will show you what happens when you ignore the word ‘no’!”

Leo brought several more strikes of the whip across Jeff’s face and pecks, making him yelp in pain each time. Jeff continued to stare at everyone in the room, giving each of us a dirty look of resentment!

“I will have everyone’s ass for this when I’m done here!” Jeff said, defiantly, and was given an extra hard slap across the face from Leo’s hand. Leo then stepped back and whispered to me, “He’s resilient, I’ll give him that! But no one remains defiant from the Black Master for very long!” I smiled and held out my hand, “He’s all yours, my lord!”

Leo smiled as he stepped forwards with the ball gag, grabbing Jeff’s face and pinning the gag around his cheeks and strapping the ball inside his mouth. As soon as he was finished, Jeff couldn’t talk through the gag, but that didn’t stop him from groaning and trying to form words. Leo grabbed a pair of bondage pins and clamped them to Jeff’s nipples. He then took an intricately shaped ring and placed it around Jeff’s cock and balls, and finally put a leash and chain around his neck.

Stepping back, he spoke in a loud voice, “You will look at me when I am speaking to you. You will not speak unless I permit you to speak by using the word ‘Affirm’, and you will address me as ‘Master’. Do you understand slave?”

Jeff groaned in what sounded like a ‘fuck you!’, which was met with an immediate slap across the face by Leo’s hand. He repeated himself, “Do you understand?”

Jeff nodded, and was met with another slap, “I did not say affirm!” Leo added, “Do you understand me now? Affirm!”

Jeff nodded and muffled, “yeth mathster!”

Leo smiled as he walked over to Jeff and caressed his cheek, “Now, slave. Do you know why you’re here? Affirm!”

Jeff shook his head ‘no’

Leo smiled and nodded, “You almost fucked someone without permission, silivri escort which is against the wishes of the hotel.” he said, “That is not okay! If you want to take part in the Generational Orgy tomorrow, you need to learn when to accept someone’s decline at sex!”

Jeff’s eyes grew dark again, and he squirmed in his restraints, “I fhuck who I fwant!” he said through the gag, “And I don’t need a Bitch Bwack cohck to thell me ohtherwithse”

Leo gave him another whip lash for that remark, then decided to take Jeff’s punishment a step further by ordering Anthony and Mark to remove Jeff’s leg restraints and lift his legs up to a pair of secondary ones by the arms. They did so, with some effort, as Jeff had started kicking as they removed the restraints and pulled his legs up. After they were finished, Leo had them lower the restraint wheel down a few inches, so that his dick was now in a direct line with Jeff’s ass.

“This is what happens to slaves who don’t listen to their masters!” Leo said as he lined his dick up and pushed it forwards. Jeff howled through the ball gag, tears actually formed in his eyes, as I assume he had never taken a full foot long cock in his ass before now.

As Leo fucked him, Jeff started to cry out, “Ohkay, ohkay, I learned my leshion. Make him shtop!” but no one went to help him. and for the next ten minutes, everyone stared at the sight, some of us actually got hard by watching and Keisha was certainly turned on, as she walked up to me and started making out with me, while rubbing her body up against mine. Kelly certainly took notice and walked up to my other side, grabbing my face and making me break the kiss with Keisha, leading her tongue to mine in the process, and rubbing herself as well! Keisha looked at Kelly like a slut who stole her toy and nudged her shoulder.

Kelly responded in kind, by shoving her away. Keisha took it like any lesbian porn star would, she grabbed Kelly and shoved her to the ground, mounting her and starting to fake wrestle, then settle into a steamy sexual make out session which then turned to sex. As they did, I got turned on so I grabbed Kelly, who was on top, and shoved my dick inside her pussy. As I thrust into her, she and Keisha kept wrestling, grabbing each other’s tits, and making out like sexually charged lesbians, which turned me on a whole lot more, so I decided to give Keisha the same kind of pleasure after about twenty thrusts.

Leo kept fucking Jeff, who was now whimpering like a child as his ass was being assaulted. For an instant, it looked like no one was going to stop their fucking, then Leo let out a loud groan that caught the three of us by surprise, and when we looked up, saw him ram his dick in Jeff’s ass and spew cum all over. Leo then pulled out and Jeff’s whimpering slowed down.

Leo grabbed his whip and caressed it against Jeff’s cheek, “Have you learned your lesson, slave?” he asked, “You may Affirm!”

“Yeth, Mathster!” Jeff answered, weakly, “May I be releathed now?” Leo smiled as he snapped his fingers. As if on command, Anthony and Mark walked up and undid him from the bondage wheel. As he got onto his feet, he dived to his hands and knees and crawled towards me.

“Chris. I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again, I swear!” he said, tears forming in his eyes. I quickly pulled out of Keisha and walked over to him. Holding out a hand, I helped him to his feet, and hugged him, our dicks touching.

“It’s okay, man! Just try to be nicer next time you want to fuck someone!” I said. Jeff sniffed, and we broke apart. He then looked at Leo and said, “Your dick may be big, but given time, I may enjoy it someday!” and with that, he walked over and crawled into bed. Everyone else slowly did the same, Zoe joining Jeff, and Keisha and Leo walked to the door. Before they closed it behind them, Keisha came back and kissed Kelly hard on the lips, copping a feel at her ass in the process. She then dislodged and did the same with me, “Good fuck, Boy toy!” she said, then turned around and embraced her brother, who picked her up and slid into her, carrying her back to the elevator.

Thinking of her tight pussy gave me a hard-on, but I was too tired to do anything so I led Kelly to bed, where we spooned, but otherwise did nothing sexual for the rest of the night.

Generational Orgy: Day 1.

I woke up early the next morning, around 6:00 AM, with an idea in my head. I slowly slid out of bed, walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Afterwards, I grabbed a key chain with a room card and left, still nude, hitting the button to the ground floor on the elevator.

As soon as I was in the lobby, I went to find Annette, and found her behind the front desk, taking a sexy nude bellman up her ass, while another bellman was fucking her pussy. I knew they were bellmen since they were wearing bellmen’s hats and cuffs on their wrists. I watched as they came inside her and pulled out, then she got on her knees and took their cum ridden cocks in her mouth and licked them clean. She then noticed me and şirinevler escort sent the bellmen away and gestured me over.

When I came forwards, she greeted me with a tug of my dick and a kiss on my lips, then said, “Good morning, Chris. How can I service you today?”

I swear I got a very powerful hard-on when I heard her say ‘service’ in that sexy accented voice of hers, but my mind was on a different matter at the moment, “I wanted to ask you for a favor,” I told her, “I want to host a wedding on the last day of the Generational Orgy!”

She then guided me into her office and I proceeded to explain that I had asked Kelly to marry me and Adam asked my mom the same question. Then I told her my idea to include the reception and consummation into the orgy, where everyone who was there could witness and fuck us as a result! When I was finished, Annette was thrilled at the prospect that my idea would make the entire event ten times better than it usually was, as was my plan.

She said it would take some convincing, but that it was certainly possible. She asked that I give her a few hours while she make some calls and inform me later. She also mentioned that the first day was today and that the first Orgy event was in the Casino, itself, around noon, so that if we wanted to take part, that’s where we should go. I thanked her for both the consideration and the idea and left, giving her a polite spank on her ass as I did.

I went back up to the room just as everyone else was waking up, and slipped back into bed just as Kelly opened her eyes and saw my massive hard cock, grinned, and crawled on top of me with a very delightful ‘good morning’. We fucked for about fifteen minutes while everyone else watched and made breakfast in the fully stocked kitchen. I was ready to cum when Adam called us to come and eat, but I had an idea in mind that would make the breakfast better, so I slowed down on her bouncing on top of me, grabbed her legs and with some effort, got to my feet while supporting her, and carried her over to the dining table.

I then pulled her off my dick and set her right next to me, pulled a plate of pancakes in front of us, and masturbated until cum spewed out of my dick and onto the pancakes. I deposited three gobs of the stuff, then handed the plate to Kelly, “Here, babe, enjoy.” I said to her, in a sexy tone.

She took one look at the pancakes, or cumcakes, then set them on the table, grabbed a knife and fork, cut up a piece full of cum, and brought it to her mouth and ate it. She chewed and swallowed, then smiled and sat down, cutting up more pieces. All the guys watched as she continued to eat, then got to their feet and beat at their own cocks to full hardness, then masturbated until cum spewed out all over the other food on the table, including the bacon, eggs, and bagels. They then passed helpings of the cum ridden food to everyone’s plates, and we all set down to eat, very content with what we were having.

Every so often while we ate, one or two girls would grab someone’s dick and rub, then lean in and kiss us, and end off with taking a large bite out of their food. Once we were all finished eating breakfast, we left our plates at the table and hopped in the bathroom, half of us climbing into the massive shower, the rest sitting in the Jacuzzi sized bathtub. It took us two minutes of constant massaging and rubbing of tits, balls, pussies, and cocks, before we started fucking. I fucked Amber, while Amber sucked Jeff, who was now asking to be spanked and for his nipples to be tweaked. At the same time, Adam was fucking Kelly, who was bent over and trying to get her tongue into Amber’s pussy while I fucked her.

In the tub, Mom and Linda were each bouncing in a reverse cowgirl on Mark and Anthony’s dicks, facing each other and sharing kisses with Zoe, who was being fingered and groped by the guys and girls alike. Everyone was enjoying each other so much, I almost forgot to look at the clock on the bathroom wall, which read 11:30 AM. I then remembered the First day’s events and told the room at large that we needed to hurry up, and that the event was going to start in half an hour at the casino. Everyone took the hint and sped up, until we all came and cleaned off. We then grabbed a couple of key chains and I also grabbed a handful of condoms, just in case, and we went down.

The Casino was packed with staff and customers alike, all nude. Upon entering, I noticed that there were bottles of lube and condoms already stacked on one of the poker tables, so I quickly walked through the crowd and dropped my spare condoms on the table, and quickly darted back to the group I was with. We were then told to disperse into the crowd, where we had to start mingling and waiting for the whole thing to start, and find a partner to open with. Kelly and I kissed briefly then walked in opposite directions into the crowd.

I walked for several minutes before bumping into someone I was more than willing to start with. The sexy stud with the 6″ dick from the pool. I said hello to him, and he said ‘hi’ back, then we started talking and I found out his name, Nick, and that he was a massively big fan of bisexual orgies. I looked at his dick and pointed out that it was somewhat obvious of his enthusiasm and enjoyment of the whole thing, at which he laughed, and then proposed to start the orgy off together, which I was all for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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