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This account contains references to scat/shit eating and if this subject offends you please do not read it.

Chapter 1

I had previously written a story for this web site under the name of “Hylyfe”; the story was entitled “Yellow and Brown” and detailed my desire to be a human toilet. It described the path I took to achieve the fulfilment of my perverted desires and it described in detail the thrill of being a toilet for a discerning mistress.

Having enjoyed that experience so much I elected to repeat it and once again and wonderful time was had. I had dressed and was ready to leave but mistress A seemed to want to talk. To put her at ease I thanked her for the session and told her that she was fantastic at handling what must be a very difficult task. She sat down and invited me to sit across from her and the following conversation ensued.

“You really like doing this don’t you?”

“Well, I don’t like to it but I like to be made to do it. I like to make the ultimate sacrifice to a woman. I like to sink to the lowest depths possible to show how subservient I am to women. Being a toilet is the most degrading thing I can do and this gives me extreme pleasure.”

“Ok,” she replied “But what if you wife were to find out?”

“Can’t happen I’m afraid. My wife passed away a year ago and now I’m all on my lonesome. No wife, no family and very few friends.”

Mistress A continued, “Stop me if you don’t like what you hear, but how would you feel about being a full time toilet for someone?

I’ve got friends who need someone to fill this role. Very, very dominant women who want to abuse and humiliate men.

Women who show no mercy; women who treat men as dirt; women who don’t give a toss about your welfare.”

I considered for a while; it seemed too good to be true; there had to be a catch. How come this could be offered for free when I was paying good money to do it with mistress A. I formulated the obvious question. “For free? How can it be free?”

“Free! Oh no. No, no, it’s not free. Here’s the deal: You pay me £1,000 for the introduction and then you negotiate a price with the lady in question. I think you’re looking at another £10,000. This is serious stuff.” She held me with a steely glare. “This is no game; you enter into service; you have no other purpose in life and you serve till the end.”

Realisation slowly began to dawn. I hardly dared ask the question. “Till the end? Do you mean for the rest of my life? Is that possible?”

She relaxed back into the chair; it seemed she was in total control. “Listen. Some men are destined to serve; the fact that you are still sitting there proves you fall into this category. Any normal person would’ve walked out of here before now; the fact that you’re still here proves you’re interested. Face up to it, you’re hooked; hook, line and sinker.”

I contemplated her words and knew that she was right. I knew beyond a doubt that this was utter stupidity; I knew that I had to be mad to be even contemplating this outrageous action.

With a rapidly beating heart and a shaky voice I asked; “What do I have to do?”

“Be here tomorrow with the 1k. That’s it; now go.”

Chapter 2

Tomorrow came and I found myself at her door. I rang the bell and was ushered in by Mistress A. No small talk, no conversation, just “Where’s the money?”

I handed over a sheaf of notes. Mistress A disappeared into the back room and I was left on my own; but not for long; within two minutes I was joined by a third party. She had to be nearing forty years old, she had a perfect figure and was dressed like a member of the English aristocracy. Every inch of her screamed dominatrix; the sight of her made me want to drop to my knees and beg to serve.

She sat at the table and invited me to sit opposite her. “Name,” she demanded.

“Paul,” I answered with a shake and tremble in my voice, then thinking that I should show some respect I quickly added, “Paul Ma’am.”

“To be honest Paul you don’t look good enough to be my toilet. Tell me why you should be allowed the privilege.”

“Ma’am I’ve led a normal decent life; I had a wife and a family but now I’ve lost them. I’m on my own. I held a decent job in a responsible position and people respected me. I took early retirement when I reached 60 back in January and financially I’m solvent.

All my life I have had dark thoughts about being used. In the last year I have visited Mistress A twice and been used by her. I know now that I was put on this earth to serve womankind. Mistress A will confirm that I can do the job. No wimping out; no complaining; no second thoughts. I was put on this earth to be abused and used by goddesses like you Ma’am.”

“Ok Paul; just a little test for you.” She turns towards the door and calls “Abigail!”

The door opens and Mistress A enters holding a plate; as she puts it on the table in front of me I see that resting on the plate is a big fat turd. It’s still steaming and beside it is a spoon. The smell rises and assails my nostrils. I make no move but look towards my prospective aksaray escort tormentor and wait for her instructions.

“Go ahead Paul; show me you can do it. Show me you were made to eat shit.”

I take up the spoon and cut into the corner of the offering. I make sure there is a sizeable piece on my spoon slowly I raise it to my lips and whilst looking my tormentor in the eye I insert the still warm shit into my mouth. Slowly I chew, allowing the evil taste to permeate my entire mouth. I savour the texture; I use my tongue to move it round my mouth, to push it between my teeth and to explore the traces of undigested food. Now I swallow the awful stuff. A wave of nausea passes over me but I manage to control the urge to wretch. I must impress.

I abandon the spoon and lift the plate to my lips; I open my mouth and tilt the plate; the rest of the offering, a good six inches, slides down the plate and passes over my bottom lip and into my waiting mouth, I close my lips on it. I close my eyes and with a concentrated effort I swallow the whole thing. I return the plate to the table and cast my eyes down waiting for some comment.

“Hmm; you pass! Now pop this plastic bag over your head; I don’t want to ever see your face again unless it’s at the bottom of my toilet. These are my terms; they are non negotiable and you take them or leave them.

One. You sign a disclaimer. It states exactly what you will be doing and declares that you do it of your own accord.

Two: you pay me £10,000 within one week from now.

Three: you sort all your affairs out within the next four weeks.

Four; you report to me 28 days from now; you bring a small holdall with whatever you need.

Five: You agree that I can do as I wish with you and you agree that I can dispose of you as I wish in the event that you die.

You have five minutes now to think it through.”

I tried to think but it was difficult. Shit still lined my mouth and throat; my cock was rock hard and I knew that in this state rational thinking was not an option. The five minutes flew by and my mind was in turmoil. Before I was ready the question came.

“Well, what’s your answer?”

As if from afar I heard myself answer, “Yes I accept your conditions Ma’am.”

It was madness; I was signing my life away; How long would I last; how long could I last? Weeks, months, years? I had no way of knowing. I signed a disclaimer, I signed a contract, I committed myself to undoubted physical and mental torture. I was given contact details and then dismissed. I was on the road to a purgatory at all of my own choice.

Chapter 3

Twenty eight days had passed and I had complied with all the details of my instructions. The 10 k had been handed over, my affairs were all in order and I had no ties to bind me to my former life. I was ready to embark on my new calling; I was ready to be a human toilet.

I had packed a couple of t-shirts, some casual slacks, slippers and various other items of clothing. Thinking that life might be boring and being the wanker I am I also packed a ball crusher, a set of sounds, a tens device and a big lifelike dildo. These were my favourite wanking toys.

The time was now; this was the hour; my fate would be sealed in a few seconds. I knocked on the door of the big mansion house. As footsteps approached the door I slipped the plastic bag over my head, mindful of what I had been told. The door opened, no words were spoken; I was ushered in.

I could see nothing through the bag but I was led through the house; after a couple of twisting corridors a pair of hands were placed on my shoulders and I was guided into a room. My bag was pushed through behind me and I heard the clang of a heavy metal door being closed. I then heard the unmistakeable sound of a padlock being snapped shut.

After five minutes a voice sounded through some speakers.

“Do as you want, look around; get used to your new surroundings. I’ll talk to you again soon.”

Slowly I removed the bag from my head and took in my surroundings. I was in a single room with the one metal door; the door with the padlock that had sealed my fate. Clearly I had no access to the padlock and with a sinking feeling I realised that I no longer had control of my eventual fate. Choice was no longer my companion!

I took stock of my surroundings. A mattress on the floor with a duvet, an arm chair, a small table with an accompanying chair, TV, DVD player, rows of books and dvd’s. CD’s by the score and a stack of old magazines. There was a kitchenette area with all the necessary items to make hot drinks and simple food preparation equipment.

One thing puzzled me; there was a trap door in the floor on one side of the room and I could hear running water below it.

One thing excited me; an alcove in one of the walls. It was 12 inches square and 18 inches deep. At right angles to it was a bench and it was immediately obvious that if I lay on the bench I could place my head in the alcove. With my cock straining to burst out of anadolu yakası escort my trousers I lay on the bench and slid along it so my head was in the alcove; joy of joy there was the underside of a toilet seat in the ceiling. I fondled my cock and imagined the thrills to come.

Suddenly a voice rang out. “Listen to me carefully boy. If I need to use the toilet a bell will ring; you have one minute to get into place. You will eat or drink everything that is put into your mouth. I have a surveillance cam and can see what you are doing. As long as you are a good boy you can submit a list to me every day though the serving hatch and I will get you anything you need within reason. If you choose not to be a good boy you don’t get to submit a list; so the choice is yours. Needless to say I have friends and visitors and you will service them all. Don’t forget that a toilet has multiple uses.

There is only one way out of here and it’s under the trap door. If you open it you will see a well; it’s 25 mtrs deep and there are rungs to allow you to climb down. You can go whenever you wish. Twelve men have left here, some dead, some close to death, some very much alive. None of them have ever been heard of again. No bodies have ever turned up. It may be an escape route but who knows. I am led to believe that it is an underground river that leads to a sink hole. I don’t know; I don’t care.”

Chapter 4

I started to unpack my pathetic belongings but straight away a bell sounded. I scooted over to the bench and got into position. I stared up at the toilet seat and waited in anticipation. I rubbed my cock but took care not to climax at this stage. There was movement above; the seat cover was lifted and looking down at me was the goddess I been contracted to.

She spoke. “You will call me Ma’am, I’ll call you bastard; any other women you will also call ma’am and in the unlikely event of a man using you, you will call him sir. Now open you mouth bastard!”

As ordered I opened my mouth; my goddess turned and sat on the toilet seat. The light was blocked and it was difficult to see but to my delight she flicked a switch and my cubby hole was illuminated. There was her arsehole in all it’s full glory but closer to my face still was her pee hole and after a few seconds a warm gush of piss hit my face and mouth. It was messy and seemed to go all over the place; most of it though went into my mouth and I was treated to the divine taste of lady pee. I swallowed, I drank, I enjoyed but oh no! I spunked into my pants. What a Stupid boy I was. Now I prayed that this time she only wanted a pee but she made no effort to move. Robbed of my erect penus and now having spunked my head became clearer. Oh my god I thought, she’s going to shit into my mouth; am I ready, can I do this?

I stared up at the anus above me; I was enthralled and mesmerised. It started to move; it pushed outwards and then retracted again. It pushed outwards again and then without warning a viscous fart broke loose; the foul air washed across my face and the stink of it caused an involuntary intake of breath on my part. The smell was vile and a wave of nausea passed over me but at the same time I could feel my cock harden again. I wanted her shit; every fibre of my being demanded that I be allowed to eat her shit but it wasn’t to be this time; she stood up dropped the toilet seat and departed without even a glance back at me. I lay there for a while and savoured the taste of her pee as it lingered in my mouth and throat.

After a while I returned to my unpacking and when that was finished I poked around in the one room apartment to see what was what. The DVD’s were all porn, mostly BDSM and other perversions, quite a few ts/tv themed films and a couple of straight hetro porn. I selected “Tv’s in torment” and popped it in the player. I spent an hour gently wanking as I watched cock sucking tv’s being tormented and screwed. I always had a secret desire to make out with a tv and fantasised about what it would be like to suck cock.

Chapter 5

Two hours later and the bell tolled for me again. I quickly took up my position and waited expectantly. The seat was raised and a new face stared down at me. The face got closer till it was just inches from mine.

“Hello fucker. You must be the new toilet.” The smell of alcohol was intense and I realised straight away that the young lady was drunk. She continued. “I’m madams little dyke. She uses me sometimes but mostly I just sit around and get drunk. I’m drunk now; that’s why I’m here. I might have drunk too much cos I’m feeling a bit sick.”

This is not something I had bargained for but in for a penny in for a pound. I kept my mouth wide open and waited to see what might transpire. Suddenly she convulsed and a fountain of puke shot forth, a lot went over my face but a lot more went straight into my mouth. This was really vile stuff; I swallowed and then started gagging. She instantly put the palm of her hand over my mouth and said, “Not allowed to be sick fucker. Keep it down.” I controlled my self and did ataköy escort indeed keep it down. “Fucker,” she said, “You can call me Lucy. Now I’ve got some stinking shit for you. She turned and sat on the toilet. She instantly pissed but it went all over the place; I drank what I could then got ready for the main course. In no time at all her arse opened and without ceremony she dumped on me. It was loose and came out in several spurts, I saw nothing because with the first spurt some of it went into my eyes. I just gulped down what I could and the rest ran over my face. She used toilet paper to wipe her arse and politely popped this into my mouth. I chewed and ate it with relish. She stood; she slammed the toilet seat down and left.

I got up and looked back into my little alcove; there was a good mixture of piss, shit and puke. I leant forward and slowly licked it all up; at the same time I wanked; with the last lick I allowed myself to climax. Oh boy what a mess! More licking and cleaning to do!

Immediately the bell rang again and I got into position; this time it was my godess; I lay still in anticipation. She had the usual pee and then she got ready to shit. I watched as her anus expanded and contracted and then I saw the start of something brown begin to emerge. It made two appearances before it had enough momentum to come out into the world. It was big, fat and solid. My godess squeezed it off at about four inches and assisted by gravity it fell straight into my open mouth.

I chewed it for a minute and enjoyed the vile taste. I swallowed and swallowed again and now I was ready for more. Ma’am was very obliging and took it very steady allowing me to savour each exquisite offering. I wanted to be a good toilet, I wanted to be the best. Not a drop of shit was missed, I ate the lot and just so she didn’t have to see or smell her shit I licked my lips clean so not a trace was left. She left with no word.

To date this was the only time I had to eat puke as well as shit and piss but there were a few special events that are worthy of note.

Chapter 6

Two weeks into my duties and my goddess made her early morning visit; I straight away noticed the thin ribbon hanging from her vagina. It caused a surge of excitement within me but first the morning pee had to be dealt with; as with most early morning pees it was acrid and strong and particularly delighted me. Having finished the pee my goddess reached down and gently removed the tampon; as she lowered it towards me I used my tongue to guide it into my mouth. She stood up and watched for a while as I sucked and chewed and then left me to my devices. I ducked back into my room and continued to chew and suck; there was a strong metallic taste for a while but soon the flavour diminished. I found that if I used the scissors to cut it into small pieces I could happily eat it.

Another time Madam’s little dyke came in; she was obviously suffering from a severe cold as her nose seemed to be blocked; she used a paper handkerchief to have a good blow and ended with a mucus filled tissue. She showed me the result and it was a green and yellow nightmare; she wiped the tissue over my face making sure that lots of the vile mixture went over my lips and up my nose; she said she wanted to share her cold then she watched as I chewed and swallowed the soggy mess. Her cold lasted for a week and I was subjected to this treatment every few hours. I did get the cold eventually and this seemed to please her.

I’m not sure what was happening in the house but a couple of times a week Madam’s little dyke would come in with a bag of used condoms, usually about nine or ten. As a toilet of course it was my job to accept used condoms but to aid digestion they were first turned inside out and the contents tipped into my mouth and then the Madam’s dyke cut them into small pieces with the scissors before dropping them into my waiting open mouth. I liked eating the spunk and fantasised that I had actually sucked the cocks that produced the cum.

Once I took a day off and did not answer the call of the bell. Because I was frightened of the consequences of a dirty toilet I cleared the mess away after each time they visited. The next day no food, medicine or drinks were passed to me. I figured I had better get back to my toilet duties in order to maintain the supply of antibiotics and food.

During this day off I took a serious look beneath the trap door. I climbed in and used the rungs that were inset in the wall to aid my descent to the bottom of the pit. The sound or rushing water came ever closer and when I reached the last rung I could clearly see the rushing water below me. It seemed to be clear and fresh and I imagined that it must join a river or stream somewhere. Was it a death trap or was it freedom? I climbed back to my room and my toilet duties.

Chapter 7

Now I’m back in real time and it’s been 42 days since my arrival here. I seem to be getting progressively weaker as the days pass and I frequently suffer from all sorts of illness. There is no relief and no sympathy and I am contemplating a bid for freedom. My goddess has encouraged me to write this account and has promised to submit it for publication after my demise. Needless to say there can be no more submissions from Hylyfe after this one. I wonder why she is so keen for my story to be told. I think it’s an attempt to recruit new service providers.

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