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After last nights actions I expected things to be different between my cousins and myself but I had no idea how different things would become with the rest of my family.

The next day Jen and Jack talked me into going to see a movie with them. Afterwards they wanted to go shopping but I was ready to go home, largely because I was out of money. When I got home I found it was empty so I went strait up stairs and into my room. Taking advantage of the time alone I pulled out my new vibrator and turned it on. After about an hour of nonstop masturbation I hear my parent’s car pull up. I got dressed quickly and put away my toy. After cleaning up I lie back in bed and quickly fall asleep.

After about an hour of sleep I was awaken by a noise coming from down the hall. I got out of bed and creped down the hall. The noises lead me to my parent’s bedroom door, which I found was cracked open. I knew what was going on in there but decided to look anyways. What I expected to see was my mom, Mary, and my father, Ron, fucking. What I found was the second major shock of my life in a period of twenty-four hours. There was my mom eating out my aunt Laurie’s pussy. Aunt Laurie was telling my mom how great her tongue felt. Looking around I saw my dad and Uncle Mark sitting in chairs watching stroking their big cocks. My dad’s cock was only about 6 ½ inches while Uncle Mark’s dick was a good 8 inches.

As I continue to watch I here my aunt telling a story to my parents and my uncle. As I strain to listen I begin to recognize the story. To my shock the story my aunt was telling was about me. She was telling everyone in the room about how she saw Jack, Jen, and myself having sex in the living room. Between what I see and what I hear I became very aroused. etiler bdsm escort When I look down I noticed that I playing with my erect nipples and rubbing my hard clit. At this point my dad begins telling my uncle of how much he has wanted to fuck me for years but was just waiting for me to get old enough. Hearing all the naughty things my own dad wanted to do to me was to much for me and I began to orgasm right there in the hallway. I must have been pretty loud because my mom stopped eating out my aunt and told me to come in to the room.

Looking very embarrassed I walk into the room with my head held down. Unable to look anyone in the eyes at first my mom walked over to me telling me it was all right. She then took my face lifting it up so I was looking her in the eyes then she leaned down and kissed me. Breaking the kiss she told me how proud she was of me and what a beautiful young woman I had become. She then asked me to take off my clothes. I was so excited I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. She then instructs me to go over to my father and get on my knees. Not needing to be told what to do next I took all of my dads rigid cock in my mouth deep throating him in one swift move. While I was sucking my dad’s tool I began playing with my uncles big monster. I moved up and down increasing and decreasing my speed on my dad’s cock. Pulling it completely out of my mouth with a pop I began licking down the shaft. Once I got to his balls I took one in my mouth then the other. After this I switched over to my uncles 8-inch monster and started out with his huge balls. While I was sucking on his shaft my father began needing my breast. Rubbing my large C-cup boobs he began pulling and pinching etiler elit escort my nipples teasing me getting me really excited.

Tired of watching my aunt and mom come up behind me and begin rubbing my pussy and kissing my ass checks. The next thing I know my mom is moving between my legs and begins to tease my pussy and clit with her tongue and fingers. While I am blowing my uncle and my mom is eating my pussy my aunt Laurie moves behind me and begins rimming my asshole. Once again swapping cocks I go back to giving head to my father while my uncle moves down to my right tit and begins licking and sucking my hard nipple. Unable to hold off any longer my father warns me he is about to cum. He tried to pull his shaft out but I held him still increasing my sucking my father finally unloads his seed down my throat. He shoot load after load into my mouth while I tried to eat it all some slipped past my lips and down onto my breast. While I sucked my father dry I to began cumming for the third time that day.

Switching positions my aunt took over eating my tight pussy and my mother licks my fathers cum off my chest. Moving from nipple to nipple my mom sucks me before moving back up to my lips and we share another passionate kiss. In the kiss I can taste my fathers salty load as well as my sweet nectar.

Moving behind me my Uncle Mark begins to spit on my little asshole. Working one then two fingers deep inside my ass he then positions his monster cock at my little hole. Working slowly he begins to push in his huge dick into my virgin ass. Taking it easy he took more then five minutes to get the whole 8 inches in me. After that he begins moving back and forth. Picking up more speed my uncle really etiler escort begins to fuck my tight ass. With my uncle fucking me and my aunt eating my pussy I begin to scream and moan with pleasure. Soon I noticed that my mom has positioned her shaved pussy in front of my face. Smiling she takes my face in her hands and lowers me to her. I stare at my moms beautiful cunt and take in her delicious smell before diving in and tasting her for the first time. We lay here fucking on my parent’s bedroom floor when all of a sudden I feel my uncle tense and I know he’s about to cum. With that my mom then begins humping my face faster and faster I then feel her release. I lay there sucking up all my mothers cum when my uncle pulls out of my ass and my aunt stops eating me out. From behind my father positions his now rock hard 6 ½ inches at the entrances of my pussy. He begins pushing in then pulls out and rolls me over onto my back. Again he pushes into me and we stare deep into each other’s eyes as he begins moving in and out of me. Soon the sounds of passions again erupt from my aunt and I see my uncle fucking her hard and fast. Craving this I tell daddy to fuck me faster.

I wrap my legs around my dad’s neck and he moves in and out even faster. My dad is fucking me so hard my tits are bouncing back in fourth threatening to hit me in the face. I begin shouting that I’m going to come and begin begging him to cum deep inside of me. Hearing this my father can take no more and shoves deep into me and releases his load. This triggered my own orgasm and I begin cumming along with my dad. Seeing us in our orgasm caused both my uncle and aunt to cum as well. Exhausted the five of us climbed up on my parent’s bed and quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Later all five of us are awaken by my startled cousins who have finally come home from shopping. Seeing us all naked they knew what we had done and couldn’t wait to join in. Unfortunately it was time for dinner but our parents promised that the fun could continue on later.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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