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My Neighbor Made Me Do It Ch. 6

by: CapnSteelBoy

Thanks again to all the readers out there! I hope this spicy chapter relieves some of your own tension! Don’t forget to like and comment, I want to know what you think. Feel free to message me instead if you hate the idea of public comments. Cheers!


Chapter 6

This is a continuing series, so starting here won’t make a lot of sense. Author recommends starting from the beginning, if you haven’t already done so!

My alarm went off early again for work, and I woke up to turn it off as quickly as I could. I started to reach over, but couldn’t get my hand to my phone, because there was something wrapped around me. My mind clearing some, realizing it was my pretty little Jamie spooning me, I just focused and stretched my arm out to grab my phone.

Jame was awake as well at this point, and he pulled me back tight against him. I was a little uncomfortable as he was laying kisses along my neck and back, because his little red hot erection was rubbing along my ass cheeks and crack. I started to spin myself around to escape that feeling, and immediately he climbed on top of me. Both of us with morning wood, my own confined beneath his groin, his jutting out toward me. He rocked back and forth, eliciting some moans from me, as he leaned over me then kissing me.

We made out with our gross morning breath for a bit, before he climbed off me and went to the bathroom. I just lay there a little stunned, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t want him to stop…that I wanted to fuck him. I couldn’t keep up with my feelings anymore, as it seemed every moment of my life was sex now. Work was my only retreat.

I got ready for work, and had some breakfast with my friend. He went his way, and I left for the office. It was another normal day at work. Me trying to avoid as many folks as possible, just getting my duties done. I had another salad for lunch, sending another picture to K. She sent her usual encouragement to me. The only difference today is she said she wouldn’t be at the gym after work, but that I should still go. Just focus on cardio she basically said in her text.

So after work I made my way to the body factory, with my gym bag this time, and some of my own clothes. I would have to do laundry tonight, and would wash my cute outfits from K then. I did about half an hour on the stair master, and about twenty minutes walking on the treadmill. It felt good to not push too much, as I was really sore from the past few days.

I was back in the locker room then getting undressed to shower as usual. Upon entry into the shower room, there was only one open shower head. The amount of guys showering on a Tuesday was astounding. There was a lot of weird shit going down, as almost every guy was paired off with another or two, soaping each other up, tugging on nipples and cocks, lots of moaning and gay talk going on. I wasn’t as freaked out as usual, and just headed for the open shower head, washing off the day’s sweat.

As I finished, a few other guys were also getting done. One was the older guy with the business card…this fucken’ guy was always there! I started walking back to my locker at the same time they all did. Their conversation followed them there, and naturally their lockers were right near mine. They were talking about hitting up the steam room. Phew, I thought, they will just keep walking then!

As usual, I was wrong, they just turned to me and the business card guy invited me to join them. I just turned them down, as I wanted to get home. I was tired and sore, sure the sauna would have helped, but I just didn’t want to be involved in whatever they had in mind. So, dawning my work clothes to get home in, I made my way out to the car. Ping! Another text arrived, Hey Kenny, come over when you get home, I’m thinking you probably need a massage after all the work outs you’ve been putting in. You deserve it! Was what K had to say. I texted her back that sure I’d be there in 20 minutes, etc.

So I sped home, changed into some shorts and a clean shirt, and ran up to K’s place. Before I got to the door, I got a text from Jamie telling me he couldn’t hang out tonight, he was busy working. But he also sent me a cute picture of him bent over completely, exposing his little boi pussy to me with his dick and balls pushed back between his legs. It was very erotic, and my dick immediately responded by expanding slightly. I texted him back to have fun, and to not get too bored at work, that kind of shit. He sent one last response exclaiming his work is anything but boring, and he would tell me about it some other time.

Shaking my head at that, I knocked on K’s door which swung open almost instantly. There she was, and damn I didn’t realize how much I actually missed this woman! She was pure buca escort bayan solid gold worth of hotness and beauty. That flowing hair and bubbliness made her seem like such silly girl, but I knew her for a serious sex fiend! It amazed me how she got me out of my shell so quickly, with just a few sexual encounters, etc.

Anyway, I entered her apartment, stopping to hug and kiss her on the lips, lingering there as long as I could, just smelling her aroma and roaming her body with my hands for as long as she would let me. I was fully erect at this point.

“Well, isn’t that a great hello! I missed you too, sweetie!” K said to me, smiling from ear to ear. I was so happy to hear her being happy, as all my blood from my brain was in my dick at this point, as I hadn’t cum yet today. For me that was insane! Haha!

She continued then, “OK Kenny baby, I’m so happy you came over, I just got my massage, and now its your turn! So go to the bathroom and get undressed. There’s a pair of briefs for you to wear if you want to keep your modesty!” She said the last part sing-songy again, reminding me how she never acts her age.

Arriving in the bathroom, I removed my clothes and pulled on the pair of panties she left me. Not sure why she bothered calling them briefs, I knew what she meant at this point every time. I saw a basket above the toilet then, filled with 5 or 6 devices that I’ve only seen recently in some of my internet searches. There were pink ones, clear ones, metal ones, some long, some short…yes, chastity cages. I had no idea why K had so many, but I didn’t want to ask her, as they scared the shit out of someone like me…someone who jerked off so damn much.

Either way, I walked out of the bathroom and was directed to her bedroom for the massage. I walked in and was assaulted by the shear volume of pink decorations in this room, and its intoxicatingly sweet scent. There in front of the bed was a leather topped table used by masseuses.

I didn’t think anyone else was in the room as I made my way over to the table. “Oh! Nice panties, cutie!” said a manly voice from behind me. I spun around quickly and my hand was grabbed immediately by this man saying, “Hi! I’m Mike, we met the other night, yeah?”

I stuttered out a response, saying, “yeah, sure, good to see you,” even though I didn’t mean it. K followed him in, and started helping me onto the table. She was telling me to relax, putting on some stupid music like enya. She poured oil over my back and legs, while Mike moved to the other side and started working it into my body. His hands were soft but strong, manipulating my muscles to his will, causing pain then relief, deep soothing relief.

It felt so good I didn’t hear anything the two of them were saying, or notice what they were doing besides the hands on my body. As they finished up my upper back, K started pushing me to roll over. I thought they would do all the way down to my feet, but I guess not. I was so relaxed, I didn’t even notice as they rolled me over that my dick was standing at full mast, and frankly, I was too relaxed to give a shit. Well, that is, until they both started giggling about my size, or lack there of, and then they started making out over top of me.

This was so embarrassing, I thought K was my girl, she kept saying things like that to me. But here I was, beneath these two again doing sexy stuff to each other while I lay here, useless. They finally pulled themselves apart, and their hand returned to my body. They moved down from my shoulders to my abdomen, with K’s hands remaining on my nipples, tugging and pinching, pulling and twisting. I was enjoying the attention she gave me, and my nipples were starting to feel good when people were a little rough with them. Mike kept moving down my body, going around my groin and own my legs to my feet.

As he finished up, they flipped me back over, and K threw a tubular vinyl pillow beneath my belly. As I lay back down, this caused my ass to raise up in the air a little. I started to ask what was going on, but K just shushed me and giggled with Mike again. Mike’s hands moved back to my legs, massaging deeply again, pain then relief. K’s hands just kept massaging my ass cheeks, pushing and pulling the flesh, kneading it like dough. Her finger would graze across my asshole repeatedly, each time making my dick jump in excitement. I felt more oil land between my cheeks, and her two fingers immediately entered me then. Her other oiled hand found its way to my dick, and this time she didn’t do much teasing, stroking me fully and quickly.

Just as I was about to let loose, her hands flew away from my dick, and out of my ass. I just humped the air as her and Mike giggled at my frustration. No cumming for me, it would seem. Right as I started coming back to my senses, she started again, jerking me off while playing escort buca with my prostate. A few minute later, she disappeared again, me humping at the air, no cumming!

“That’s right my little porn addict, no cumming for you! Just edge and edge and edge until your brain leaks out your dick hole!” K said sadistically, laughing and giggling at my predicament. I was too tired and relaxed from the massage to fight back, just taking the humiliation in droves.

She started again, this time with more force, really working me. Oh my gawd I’m gonna…dammit… K’s hands removed themselves again. I was losing count of how many times she took me to the edge and just stopped, frustrating me, teasing me, laughing at me, spanking me if I started to complain.

What felt like an hour of torture, and K’s hands finally did not return. Instead, while I just lay there panting, drool pooling beneath my mouth on the table, K and Mike walked around into my view. No discussion, no words, just laughter and giggles from them. As I started to get up, Mike spun me around facing him. A wicked grin plastered on his handsome face. K’s impossibly strong grip was around my forearm, pulling my arm behind me, then the other, as she handcuffed my hands behind me.

As they both released me, I fell right to my knees. They both chided me about being so eager to get on my knees for cock, but I just knelt there, head lulling side to side. Spacing out mostly, as my mind was turned to complete mush by all the constant edging. My balls ached, my dick was red and angry, and my asshole was sore. I can only imagine how I looked, kneeling naked, face covered in drool, my eyes not focusing and just a stupid look on my face.

Flash! Snap! Flash! Snap! The sounds of K taking pictures of me kneeling in front of Mike’s engorged cock. She didn’t say anything, just giggled and laughed some more at my obvious discomfort with this being immortalized in picture form.

K slowly slid down next to me on her knees too, a large cheshire grin on her face. She spoke then, breaking the silence, “Ok, my little cuck boi, time for some more lessons, yeah?” Her eyes bore into my soul as she came in for a kiss, but instead just kept going past my face and engulfed Mike’s cock in her mouth. She sucked him like a freaking pro, like all those porn stars I watched. She would go all the way down to his groin, and pop off his cock with the sound of suction breaking free. She would smile and giggle when she didn’t have that member in her mouth.

Mike’s hand was in my hair then, and as K put his dick in her mouth and pushed the head against her cheek, he forced my lips onto her cheek in a bazaar smashing kiss type thing. I could faintly feel the form of his cock head through her cheeks. He just kept my head there, and then K slipped out of the way and his cock head was against my lips. Mike just held me there, me using up any strength I had to keep my mouth shut. K’s giggles filling my ears as she was right there, whispering then, “Mmmmm, yeah, beta boi, cock is gooooood! Didn’t you see how much I love sucking cock? Don’t you want to suck some cock, Kenny? Here, I’ll help you!”

Her head moving back in, her tongue sweeping along my lips as she took his member back in again. She would bob and gag, spit and drool everywhere at this point. She would pop it out audibly from her mouth, and smash it against my face, push it against my lips. I kept my mouth closed, and teeth tight, I didn’t want to take this step! I didn’t want to take this step! I told myself over and over again.

With Mike’s hand still full of my hair, he pulled my head back, and I had no choice but for my mouth to gape open then. K got up and just spit in my mouth, yelling at me, “taste his fucken’ cock on my spit, bitch! Taste what a man’s cock tastes like!” She smacked me, then spit in my mouth, smacked me, then spit in my mouth, over and over again.

I’m not sure if K just got bored with that or what, but she stood up straight and turned around, as Mike positioned behind me now. She bent forward and Mike pushed my face into her ass crack, my nose being smashed right into her little brown crinkle. My only consolation was that it didn’t smell like shit. It smelled and tasted of ass, that’s for sure. You know what I mean! Its not a bad smell or taste, just you know where you are, that’s all I’m saying. Mike was pushing my head up and down, and K was doing a similar thing with her hips, as her rosebud rode my face from forehead to chin.

When they had enough of that, she stood back up straight and starting slapping my face again, spitting on me. K again lowered herself to her knees, but behind me this time, straddling my legs. Her hand snaked into my hair as Mike released his grip. Her mouth right next to my ear as she whispered, “now, buca escort you know what you have to do to please me, bitch. So I want you to suck Mike’s cock like I did, and enjoy it, savor it. If you do, I’ll grant you release too…” she left that last part sort of hanging out there, breathlessly whispering it.

It peaked my interest enough, as I was beyond horny, even with all the abuse. The taste of her cock laced spit and her rear entrance all over my tongue and scent glands, I was driven wild. Her words and promise of release making the chains of thought connect in my mind, like it was exactly what I wanted, not what she was telling me to do. I had to achieve release, dammit! I HAD to! The hour long torture of edging me again being the only thing that simply shattered my restraints.

I opened my mouth wide as Mike saw his opportunity and jammed his cock all the way back until he hit my throat. I gagged and coughed and almost vomited. They both just giggled. He brought his cock back in front of me and K helped me forward to meet it. I started sucking it just like she had, at least I thought I did. They both mocked me at how pathetic I was at something so simple. If I would just worship it, worship cock, I would get it. Those kind of things.

After about 5 minutes of this torture, Mike’s hand replaced K’s in my hair, as he simply fucked his cock with my mouth. K’s hands now free, one found its way to my dick and the other to my sore rear entry. She began doing the stroking and prostate teasing from before, pushing my libido into overdrive while a cock was in my mouth. I moaned and drooled all over Mike’s magnificent cock. It was big, but I noticed that his head wasn’t any bigger than his shaft. Something I noticed in porn flashing in my memory, how cocks are all so different in shape and size.

My tongue glided along the bottom of his shaft, feeling and tasting his flesh, the bumps and veins imprinting into my mind their locations upon it. He was able to get past my tonsils a few times without me coughing and gagging up a storm. But he didn’t press his luck. I’m not sure how long I sucked on his smooth, sleek, dick, but eventually I was getting to the edge and was going to cum.

Mike’s grunts were getting more audible too, and I knew what was coming due to my own ministrations. And clearly just as K planned it, as Mike let loose of torrent of bitter and salty cum into my mouth, K’s fingers and hand brought my own milky discharge to bear. The shear amount of inputs my body was receiving, every sense was completely enveloped, pushed my body to shoot a massive load onto the floor beneath me, it streamed out, then one, two, three, shots fired out, followed by another little stream of clear liquid. I felt like I was peeing there was so much.

My body completely spent, I was held upright only by my two assailants. K whispering to me, “Oh how cute, Kenny baby! How does it taste? Hrmm? A man’s cum in your mouth…and you know you’re cleaning up my floor too, you dirty little slut boi!” Giggles and laughter again, as Mike’s hand released me, and K slowly lowered me to the floor, pushing my face into my puddle of cum.

After swallowing down Mike’s cum, I started at licking mine off of K’s floor. I must have drunk a gallon of cum over the last handful of days, and at this point I was numb to it. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it, it just was what I was supposed to do with cum – ingest it. K’s hands released me then and I just slumped over on my side, there on the floor. My breath coming too me in huffs and puffs, heavy and labored.

K giggled and said, “There you go my little slut, now you’re a cock sucker too! You’re coming along beautifully!” Her laughter and Mike’s hitting my ears, bringing me a new influx of shame and humiliation as I finally unclouded from my sex haze long enough to realize that I was indeed now a cock sucker.

As I lay there contemplating my new reality, I heard K and Mike talking, but simply couldn’t make out the words. Its like they were speaking a foreign language.

“Hey…hey…HEY! Snap out of it, bitch boi!” K snapped at me, spanking my behind. I was understanding her again. K continued, “you were all spaced out, slut! You need to listen when I speak to you!” The words seem mean, but she said it playfully, almost sweetly, and wasn’t mad or anything. “We’re gonna upgrade you now, needed you awake for this next part so you know the rules!”

I didn’t have to wait long to see what she meant, as she brought the basket from the bathroom in front of me to see all the cock cages. I knew what she meant now by upgrade. I was going to be trapped in a cage after tonight, with K keeping the keys to my freedom.

As an ice pack was pushed against my groin, assumingly by Mike, K proffered cage after cage to me, gauging my reaction to see which to use. As it would happen, she decided upon a metallic cage consisting of several rings welded together to curve downwards. She moved out of my site as I attempted to struggle, but still being handcuffed, and weak as hell at this point, I wasn’t going anywhere.

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