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Hi everyone. This is Ankita Rao. The following happened to me immediately after my second marriage anniversary. Many of you may accuse me of being a worthless slut at the end of the story, but I am very very devoted to my husband and we share a wonderful marriage between us…

I am from a typical middle class Indian household and I have had a good middle class education i.e. I have done masters in English and was planning on taking up a course in journalism when my parents just couldn’t resist a good marriage proposal and married me to Ashish.

Ashish was my dad’s colleague’s son and he is a dream find. There’s a proverb in Hindi that you will not find a better match even if you went out and searched with a candlelight in your hand. Anyway, he was three years older than me, a successful computer engineer in his own IT consultancy. He was his college football team captain and is very handsome.

We are the perfect couple in fact. He dotes on me, cries with me in my distress and is genuinely happy to see me smile. He cooks food for me on special occasions, rubs balm on my back when I have a sprain and loves to watch movies with me snuggled in his arm. And sex…

Well, the sex is wonderful too. He had the excitement of a schoolboy when we started and he took seven days to break my hymen, because it hurt me when he tried and he used to withdraw… I urged him to ignore my painful cries and finally we managed to consummate our marriage on the seventh day of our married life, a couple of days after we returned from our honeymoon.

And then we went wild.. Initially we used to have sex like rabbits…

He gets up early, goes to gym daily. And then is back by seven o clock to find me usually in the bed. He would on occasions, take a bath, and then snuggle against me in the bed…myself getting up to his aftershave and cologne and then he would just make wonderful sex to me. I wouldn’t be in any clothes having discarded them for the previous night of love making… He would snuggle up behind me…in the spoon position, rub his fingers down my side and encircle his hand around me to get to my belly. It would be ticklish and I would be sleepy, grumpy and the giggly… he would then gently wriggle his hand through my feeble defenses and feebler protestations and gently cup my breasts one by one… by now, I would maltepe escort generally be wide awake and be moaning in the ecstasy of his machinations. He would roll me over, bring his mouth to my breasts and set up a wild rhythm, a rhythm that would just send me to the hinterlands! And then he would mount me and spread me… I would be all wet by now with a terrible hunger between my legs!

My body would just be involuntarily twitching and squirming and my back would arch up as his penis would touch my vagina… He is circumcised and his penis head is pink and shiny… I would buck up my hips and he would be inside my pussy… Sometimes, I would be so horny by then that I would just hit KABOOM right away..! And he would just go on…torturing me and I would be laughing hysterically as he would pump me again and again… and again. I would usually have cum many times in the 10-15 minutes that he would take to reach his orgasm. And he would fill me up with oodles of cream… shooting right deep into my insides! I would be squirming, moaning, groaning… and he would then like a rascal, start rubbing me with his hands… and his fingers… and this agony will go on for another ten minutes. He would then roll off me, give me a goodbye kiss and get ready for work leaving me totally wasted on the bed.

Some days he would drag me out of the bed into the bathroom and he would enter me from behind…the shower water falling on my bare back! Oh what a sensation it is…!

We used to have sex like 3-4 times in a day for about the first two months…2 times for the next one year and now we do it almost every day. The initial madness returns if he goes out for some work and we meet after say a week to ten days. On one such occasion, he took leave from work on the day he returned after a trip from Bulgaria for 8 days and we got it going for seven times that day… seven times in 24 hours!!! I was all sore and literally ran out of the room when he started mounting me for the eighth time at 3:00 a.m. in the night! I locked him the bedroom to his groans and slept on the sofa in the drawing room.

But my past caught up with me and I betrayed him soon after…about 2 weeks after our second anniversary…

It so happened that I had to attend a cousin’s marriage and Ashish couldn’t make the same mecidiyeköy escort as he got caught in a deadline at work. And so it was me and my mother at the marriage of my aunt’s (mother’s sister) son. It was quite an occasion with all the rustle bustle of an Indian marriage. You can meet so many uncles and aunties, cousins from near and far, brothers and sisters of all degrees…

And let me tell you something…to top it all it that’s very tedious and back breaking tiring too.

It was an evening like that…lots of floral decorations later, I had a sprain in my back and headed to my room on third floor of my aunt’s large house. My room is to one corner and as all the hullabaloo was on ground floor, it was totally secluded at that twilight hour. I hoped to sneak in a couple of hours of sleep before dinner frivolities came up. I sauntered along the stairs and reached my room at the end of a darkened corridor. It was slightly ajar and I could hear some indistinct voices from within. I was curious as to who could be in my room at that time…as i edged forward to my room..the voices were clearer and I could hear muffled moans wafting out of the door. I sneaked to the door and as I crept closer I could hear two distinct sounds-a feminine squelching voice and a masculine tandem. I listened for a moment and it was clear what was going on inside. Someone…I mean a couple of someones were having sex in my room!

I stood at the door and peeped inside..the corridor was dark and it was unlikely they would see me. And what I say blew my brains out…

I saw the unmistakable figure of my uncle hunched over the naked body of my mother. He was hunched between her legs…his tool buried deep within her and her legs raised on his shoulders and he was slowly and steadily pounding her…she was bucking her hips up wildly to meet his thrusts and on each thrust let out an ecstatic yelp. My mother spreadeagled on the bed and being mounted and fucked by my uncle..I was shocked! Her sari was strewn on floor and petticoat thrown on the bedstead, the bra dangling over her left arm and her blue panty on the floor next to her sari. his clothes lay on a heap on her sari. I felt nauseous and yet…my nerves were jangling with a loud and yet unheard noise…my body bursting into zillions of tiny nişantaşı escort tingling sparkles and I was transfixed to the door. My uncle’s hands kneaded my mother’s breasts and trampled her like a cheap street whore. And she was enjoying it to no end. The tempo geared up and he started pumping furiously into her. She burst into tiny giggles that grew into yelps and then into barely muffled screams…He was huffing and panting-

‘ going to cum….’





And he arched his back up and pushed hard…obviously cumming within her..she convulsed in pleasure and settled down…shivering involuntarily in spasms…the cum flowing deep into her.

I quietly pulled myself out of my transfixed self and tiptoed away from the door and reached down on the ground floor.

I had a glass of water and sat down on a sofa. i was still trembling from fear and excitement and popped my dizzy head back on the sofa stead. A hundred questions and a thousand emotions raked through my brain at that moment. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be seeing my mother this way. And yet, this perfectly normal middle aged woman had been this way in a secret faraway life of her own for God knows how many years!

And as I turned my head towards the stairs, I saw my uncle coming down the stairs with a bunch of flowers in his hand and directing the younger lot on how to decorate the front facade…

My mother came down the stairs in ten minutes…dressed up. She even had her make up back in place! She came towards me-

‘Ankita..have you seen your aunt? I was not feeling well and was catching a nap..Hope she hasn’t been missing my help.’

‘ look very well slept. Must have had a good nap.’

‘Ah yes..a good nap indeed. God knows I needed it!’

‘You sure needed it mom’

She smiled and left.

I got up and was back in my room in a huff. Everything was back in order..The bed had been made..the pillows arranged and there was no trace at all…save from a small damp spot on the mattress that was my uncle’s semen that had overflowed my mother’s cunt…!

I got up, closed the door from inside, took off my clothes…stood there stark naked by the bed..and lowered myself on to that damp spot on the bed..rubbing my cunt on the spot..trying to soak up the wetness on my cunt hairs and…then I burst into tears…


(to be continued)

Please give a feedback regarding how you like the story till now.. Your comments will keep me going.. Love to all my readers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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