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Beautiful Body

As a normal healthy forty-eight year old man, I had a few unfulfilled fantasies to explore. One of them was a medical fantasy. I would be the patient and a young, attractive woman would give me a complete physical. I actually took the step of seeing female doctors so I could live out my fantasy. It never quite worked out the way I had planned. The real doctor ended up either not giving me a complete exam or was very superficial in her approach to the part of the exam that I was most interested in receiving. In the case of one doctor, she looked more like a man than a woman.

One day when I was bored I decided to search the internet and found several nearby Dominatrix’ that offered to play doctor. Unfortunately, many of them also looked like men, in some cases men in drag. That might work for some men, but it was not what I was looking for. But then I found one that looked the part. Based on her web site, she was attractive and had a very sexy smile. Most of the other Dommes were tough and mean looking; that’s not what I wanted. This particular Domme even had a room set aside in her facility for playing doctor. It was fully equipped with an exam table and all the usual gadgets doctors have in their offices.

I emailed the Domme, telling her about my interests, and she emailed me right back. She asked me for some specifics as to the scenario I had in mind and when I wanted to have the session. I told her my ideal session would be one in which I go in for a complete physical and it comes out during the exam that I am having some sexual dysfunction. That admission would open the door for a more thorough examination and additional procedures. The Domme told me that she had experiences with that type of session, that she had some ideas, and that she believed she would be able to give me the session I had been desiring.

I wrote back and told her that one thing I want in the session is to not know exactly what she is going to do or what is going to happen next. I find the unknown very exciting. I also proposed a day and time for our meeting. It would be 5:30, right after work the following Thursday afternoon.

The Domme wrote back to me that the day and time I suggested would be perfect for her. She also understood about me liking surprises, as she put it. Finally she told me to call her Dr. Domina and she would call me Mr. Weakcock. I wrote back to Dr. Domina confirming everything. For the next few days I could not think of anything except my upcoming appointment scheduled for 5:30 Thursday evening.

Tuesday and Wednesday came and went. I got almost nothing accomplished at work on Thursday. All I could think about was my doctor’s appointment scheduled for that evening. At one point in the afternoon it occurred to me that I was wearing a shirt with my company logo on it, as I did by habit every day for work. It was an informal office uniform. I had some concern that I would be revealing too much personal information about myself. I was nervous about that to the point that I considered leaving work early to drive home and change my shirt but I decided I was being overly cautious.

Knowing I had about a twenty minute drive, but not wanting to be late, I left my office right at 5:00 and began the short drive to Dr. Domina’s “office”. In what seemed like a lot longer than twenty minutes, I pulled into the parking lot at the condo complex my new doctor worked out of. I found a parking space and called the number she gave me just as I was instructed at precisely 5:30.


“Yes, hello Doctor Domina?” I replied.

“Yes, that’s me. Mr. Weakcock, you are to walk down the sidewalk away from the road until you get a path leading to your left. Take that path. My office is in suite 121 on the right. Come right on in. And take a seat in my waiting room.”

She had a sexy voice. But it was the way she spoke that intrigued me. I felt like she was already in control of me by the way she directed me. I followed Dr. Domina’s instructions and did exactly what I was told to do. When I got to condo number 121, I reached for the door knob and cautiously turned it. It was unlocked. I entered and walked into what would normally be the living room of this nice condo in an upscale complex. Clearly, this was what Dr. Domina referred to as her waiting room. Nervously, I sat down on the couch.

There was no door to the rest of the condo but could not see around the corner to what I assumed was a hallway leading to bedrooms. I noticed a sign, neatly hand-written, taped on the wall above an empty fishbowl: “Patients are to leave co-pays here.” I understood what that meant. My Dominatrix had been very discreet, but she had communicated to me the amount of her expected fee. I placed cash in the fish bowl.

Moments later, wearing a white lab coat, she turned the corner and walked into the waiting room to greet me. I was almost breathless as I stood up. Dr. Domina looked stunning. She was in her mid-thirties, about five foot nine inches tall. I wouldn’t begin to guess her weight but she was perfectly proportioned; bostancı escort I could tell that even through her loose fitting lab coat. She wore a dress under her lab coat. She had cascading wavy brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. But the smile that caught my attention on her website is what blew me away. It was amazing. Just like her voice, her smile was sexy, mischievous, and controlling. I had never experienced anything like that before.

“Mr. Weakcock, come on back to my exam room.”

“Yes, Doctor Domina” was all I could say as I began to follow her around the corner and into what would normally be a bedroom. If I didn’t know better I would think I was actually walking into a real doctor’s office. It was very well equipped.

“Sit up here” she said, patting the exam table.

“Yes, Doctor Domina.” Nervously, I said it again. I felt like it was all I could say as I hopped up on to the table and she sat on a chair facing me. Picking up a clip board and pen she asked me “So you are here for an annual physical exam, is that right Mr. Weakcock?”

“Yes Doctor Domina.” That sexy smile came across her face as she looked down momentarily avoiding eye contact with me. My reaction pleased her and her grin was enough to say she knew she had me right where she wanted me.

“Let me ask you something to get started because I don’t like my time wasted. I will list a number of illnesses and symptoms. I am not going to stop and ask you about each one. When I am finished I want you to tell me if you have experienced any of them. But don’t answer me until I tell you to.”

“Yes Doctor Domina.” And there was that sexy, mischievous smile again.

“Have you ever had a heart attack, stroke or been hospitalized for any reason? Ever have chest pain or headache? Do you have any symptoms now or anything else I should know about? Ok Mr. Weakcock, you need to answer me now.”

“No Doctor. Nothing you said applies to me and I am feeling fine now.”

“That’s good Mr. Weakcock. That helps direct me in planning your exam. I have another question that requires an honest answer. Since you are a forty-eight year old man, I must ask about your sexual health? Do you have any problems in that regard?”

I hesitated. I was amazed at how she opened such an awkward door in such a quick and seamless way. But I still hesitated.

“Mr. Weakcock, your hesitation answers the question for me. I have enough experience to understand and read you. In fact, an inquiry into your sexual health often reveals other underlying conditions. I am going to start by taking your blood pressure. Take off your shirt.”

I had not even answered her question yet but she was forging ahead. Dr. Domina pulled a blood pressure gadget and stethoscope out of a drawer and went through the process of taking my blood pressure.

“144 over 90. That’s rather high Mr. Weakcock. That could be the causing a number of problems. Are your erections firm and sustainable enough to complete intercourse?”

Stumbling around in my thoughts, I just blurted out “not always, Doctor Domina”.

“Just as I thought Mr. Weakcock. Now lay back and loosen and unzip your pants.” Again I did just as I was told. I felt that I had slipped into the submissive role effortlessly. “Take a breath and the exhale and hold it for me.” Dr. Domina pressed on various areas of my belly. Then lifting the waist band of my underwear, she reached down and felt lower abdomen but did not touch my genitals. I took it as a tease. “Since your blood pressure is so high, I am going to have to perform a number of additional tests to determine the cause of your erectile dysfunction. That way I will be able to help you. I will leave the room for a moment while you get completely undressed. I’ll be right back.” With that Dr. Domina walked out leaving the door open behind her.

Once again, I did exactly as I was instructed but just as I was getting my underwear off, she walked back in to the room carrying that infamous tray that most men my age would recognize: a stainless steel tray holding a tube of lubricant and a latex glove. I was going to get a prostate exam and I can’t say I was disappointed. But there was something else on the tray as well. It looked like an expandable watch band with a few wires attached to it. I had never seen anything like that before.

I finished undressing and hopped up on to the exam table as I had been told. Dr. Domina looked down at my crotch and said “At the moment it does not appear you are having any trouble with your erection.” She reached over and felt it. She was right. The site of this beautiful women in front of naked me was powerful medicine for my problem. “The tests require a limp penis. You’ll need to masturbate now so that it will become at least partially limp.” She handed me a bottle of baby oil and placed a box of tissues on the counter.

“Ok, Doctor Domina. Shall I use your bathroom?”

“No, Mr. Weakcock.” She pulled out a roll of wax paper, handing a section to me. “Just make yourself bostancı esmer escort comfortable and do it right here. I will collect the sample.”

This is not what I had been expecting would happen. But I had no choice. It only took a few stroke and in about a minute I came on the wax paper. Doctor Domina collected the cum and placed it into a small jar. She them took a few tissues and cleaned me up. At this point, with my libido deflated, I wondered again what I had got myself into. But the session continued nevertheless.

“Are you ok now, Mr. Weakcock?” I assured her that I was. Then, picking up the watch-band looking device she continued the exam. “This is an erection meter. I will place it around your penis. It will measure the strength and duration of your erections in response to various stimulation. Now lay back on the exam table, lift your knees slightly and spread them apart. ” Dr. Domina placed this device snuggly but not tight around my now semi-limp cock and attached the protruding wires to a small metal box on the counter. “I want you to relax Mr. Weakcock and I will begin the tests.”

“Yes Doctor Domina.”

“There will be no talking Mr. Weakcock unless I ask you a question.” I nodded. She then reached down and with each hand massaged each of my testicles for a few seconds. I could feel my cock harden just a little. Looking over at the box on the counter, seemingly to get a reading, she stopped and made a note on her clip board.

“Now pull your knees back toward your chest.” Dr. Domina put the latex glove on and a generous amount of KY Jelly on her fingers. “Take a deep breath and hold it.” Her fingers went up my ass and straight to my prostate. She didn’t mess around. She pushed harder than any doctor has ever pushed. I was stimulated and apparently that showed on her meter. My cock became hard again right away. Unfortunately, she stopped after only about thirty seconds and made another note on her clipboard and handed me tissues to wipe both my ass and a small amount of pre-cum that had already appeared.

“Mr. Weakcock, there is one more test I need to do today but I’d like you to come back in a week for additional testing that I don’t have time to complete today. The final test today involves psychological stimulation. You need to sit up and in some detail tell me about a favorite sexual fantasy of yours, preferably one you think about while masturbating.”

“Really Doctor Domina? You want me to tell you about a fantasy?”

“Mr. Weakcock, if you want me to help you, do not question me. Begin now.” She was more forceful than she had ever been but flashed that mischievous, sexy smile at me again while she checked and adjusted the band around my penis.

“Yes Doctor. One of my favorite fantasies involves being caught masturbating while at work. I imagine being in my office on a Saturday thinking no one else is there. While I am stroking my cock, oblivious to the world around me, one of my staff members walks by and seems me through the window to my office. Without me seeing her at all, she watches.”

“Mr. Weakcock, is it a particular employee that sees you?”


“What is her name?”

“Her name is Lindsey, Doctor Domina.”

“Very well.” Her smile was sexier than ever seeing me completely humiliated telling this story. She had complete control over me from the start and she clearly enjoyed this part of our session. “Continue with your fantasy.”

“Just as I am about to cum, Lindsey opens the door and walks in on me. I stop immediately but Lindsey tells me not to stop. She tells me she wants to watch me. So, in my fantasy, I finish while Lindsey watches.”

“Do you find Lindsey attractive, Mr. Weakcock?”

I explained that it’s more than Lindsey being beautiful. She has a similar sexy smile as Dr. Domina. She is not a classical beauty, but she has a great body and very pretty eyes. There’s something about her that I have always found very attractive.

Dr. Domina checked the meter and made a few more notes based upon my erectile response while explaining my fantasy. “Mr. Weakcock, we are almost out of time for today. I will need to see you again in a week. However, between now and then you are not to have sex or masturbate at all. I will see you at 5:30 next Thursday.” With that sexy smile again, she finished by asking me if I understood everything she had told me.

I assured her that I did, but I was somewhat frustrated since I had cum early in the session and had been significantly stimulated throughout the rest of the session without being able to cum again. What was particularly erotic to me was that Dr. Domina knew exactly how frustrated I was and would not let me relieve myself.

“Get dressed and let yourself out, Mr. Weakcock. I will see you in a week. Just remember your instructions. No sex.” With that, Dr. Domina walked out of the exam room and down the hall and I let myself out.

The following week was difficult to say the least but I obeyed Dr. Domina’s instructions. bostancı olgun escort I walked around that week in a constant state of arousal just thinking about my upcoming time with her. I was preoccupied with thoughts of my follow up appointment. Several times I considered masturbating but the good Doctor had a hold on me. Thursday was the toughest day of all. At five o’clock I went into a stall in the restroom to change out of the company logo shirt I was wearing. I was very tempted to disobeying my orders. But I didn’t do it.

I left work and drove over for my appointment. Just like the prior week, I found a space in the condo’s parking lot and called Dr. Domina from there.


“Hello Doctor Domina. This is Mr. Weakdick … I mean Mr. Weakcock.” I couldn’t believe I said that.

I could hear her laughing. “Do you remember where my office is Mr. Weakcock?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Well come on in to my waiting room.”

I followed the same path and the same routine as I did a week earlier, entering through the unlocked door, placing my co-pay in the fish bowl, and taking a seat. But this time Dr. Domina took a little longer to greet me. I could hear her. I assumed she was preparing the exam room for our session. When she came out she was wearing the same white lab coat as the prior week. But this time she wore glasses. She was very sexy.

“Come on back to my exam room Mr. Weakcock. Have you followed my instructions since we last met?” There was that mischievous, sexy smile again. “What I am asking is if you have had sex or masturbated in the past week.”

“No Doctor, I have not.”

“I am pleased to hear that. If you had, that would have interfered with the testing I intend to perform today. Now hop up on the exam table and take your shirt off. I’ll start with your pulse and blood pressure again.”

I sat quietly while she performed her tasks. “Mr. Weakcock your pulse is very high and your blood pressure is even higher than it was last week. Are you nervous or excited now?”

“Yes doctor, I am both nervous and excited.”

Getting close enough to my face for me to feel her breath on me she gave me her smile again and just said “I see that. Now strip down to your underpants. Quickly now; don’t make me wait.”

Without hesitating I did was I was told.

“Mr. Weakcock, your exam today will be more extensive than last week’s exam.” I wondered how that could be possible. “Some of the procedures I will use may make you uncomfortable or be embarrassing. But I trust you understand that in order for me to help you, you will need to fully cooperate. Can I count on your full and complete cooperation, Mr. Weakcock?”

Without hesitating this time, I agreed. “Yes Doctor Domina.”

“That’s good Mr. Weakcock. Since today’s procedures are more complicated, I need an assistant this time to help me. I have asked my nurse, who is in training, to assist.”

At that moment, I received the biggest surprise – or I should say shock — of my life. Wearing a white lab coat and an apprehensive grin, a very familiar young woman walked in the exam room. “Mr Weakcock, this is Nurse Lindsey.”

I must have turned white and then red. How could this be? I had trusted Dr. Domina. I was confused. I was even a little angry. But most of all, I was scared. Someone from my office knew what I was doing, and worse yet it was someone who worked directly for me. The potential consequences were horrific. That damn shirt. I should have gone home and changed it last week. That must be how she knew where I worked.

Dr. Domina was obviously expecting me to be upset. She stood to my left as I sat on the exam table in my boxer-briefs. Putting her hand on my bare knee, she tried to reassure me. “Mr. Weakcock, you said you trusted me. Now prove it. I will not let you down.”

Lindsey approached me and stood on my right side. She put her hand on my other knee. “Mr. Weakcock … that is your name isn’t is?” She didn’t wait for me to answer. Lindsey and I made eye contact. Then she looked down at the bulge in my shorts. “Just like Doctor Domina said, you have to trust her, but you’ll need to trust me now too.” With a look of sincerity in her incredibly sexy eyes, she asked me “Will you trust me too? I’d like you to and I promise not to let you down.”

I understood what they were both telling me. “Yes, Nurse Lindsey, I will trust you both.”

Dr. Domina then explained what would happen next. “Nurse Lindsey will take your blood pressure and your pulse, just as I did, since she is in training. Everything she does will be under my supervision. I have gone over everything with her in advance. Go ahead Nurse.”

Picking up the stethoscope and the blood pressure equipment that Dr. Domina had left on the counter, Lindsey repeated the procedures the doctor had already performed. She reported slightly higher BP readings than the Doctor had written down previously. “Now lay back. I need to feel your belly.”

I did what I was told. This was unimaginable. I was humiliated yet enthralled but what was going on. Lindsey pressed on my upper abdomen and asked if anything hurt. I told her that I did not feel any pain. She worked her way down my belly, pressing every few inches. Then, she lifted the waistband of my boxer-briefs and felt there just as Dr. Domina had done. The tease.

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