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Chapter 3: The summer heats up

When I woke up the next morning, I was spooned against my naked daughter-in-law, the mother of my only granddaughter. My cock was nestled in the crack of her ass, my left hand fingered her pussy, and my right arm wrapped around her neck with my hand over her breast.

I looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was nearly 10:00. I wondered how I could have slept so late, until I realized that we did not get to sleep until after 3:00.

I propped myself up and looked at Tatiana, who was still sound asleep. I thought about waking her, but decided, instead to make some coffee and collect my thoughts. I looked for my pants and realized that they were probably still on the floor next to the couch in the great room. Well, I thought, maybe this is the time to stay naked, so I padded down the stairs and into the kitchen. While the coffee brewed, I cleaned up the kitchen from the night before and thought about all that happened last night, and what it all meant.

Last night was certainly the best night of sex I had ever had, and cuming twice in less than two hours was quite uncommon for me. With my ex-wife, Julia, once was her limit. If I wanted more, I was welcome to find a magazine and fend for myself. With my other sexual encounters, once I came, it was time for them to go.

Tatiana was different in so many ways. She was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. She was passionate and loved to be loved, but I have no doubt that she would abandon her sexual desires and needs if it meant a better life for my granddaughter, Annika. In some ways, that is what made her so attractive: respect for her obligations. As for sex, to her it was a precious gift. I doubt that Brien (my son and her ex-husband) understood this. Although I had no proof, I was sure that Brien was a selfish lover, and did not care if Tatiana was satisfied.

As I stood at the counter, waiting on the coffee, I felt a naked body against mine and a hand reached around and cradled my balls.

I turned and faced her. She had washed her face, combed her hair and looked as sexy as I had ever seen her. Of course, no matter what the future held, my image of her would never be the same given the events of the past 12 hours.

I wrapped my arms around her and told her I was taking the rest of the week off and we could do anything she wanted.

“For right now, can we just talk?”

I know enough about women to know that “can we talk” is never a good sign, but what else could I say?

“Sure, let’s get some coffee and go in the other room.”

I sat on the sheet that still covered the couch and expected her to sit beside me, but she did not. Instead, she chose a chair that sat next to the couch.

As we settled in, I asked, “Am I going to like what we are going to talk about?”

She gave me a serious look and said, “I hope so.” She took a sip of coffee and deep breath.

“Denny, I don’t know when I have enjoyed myself more than last night. I fantasized for six years about what it would be like to be with you, and the reality was so much better than the fantasy. We said things and promised things that maybe, in the light of day, we might have said in haste and we might feel differently today. I want you to know that I meant every word of what I said, but I also want you to know that I will not hold you to anything you said in the heat of passion.”

Inwardly I was torn. Was she giving me the option to backing out of our blossoming relationship, or was she sending me a message that she wanted to back off?

“I am going to answer your question honestly but you need to promise to answer mine just as honestly, okay?”

“Of course. I’ve have never lied to you and never will.”

“Okay, here goes. You were correct last night when you said that I was always trying to catch a glimpse of your tits. I always found you to be very attractive and…what was the word you used yesterday? Desirable. I remember seeing you breast feeding Annika, and I admit I got excited. Did I think I would ever have you as a lover? Of course not. I thought I would go through life just catching glimpses of your tits, and maybe a glance under your skirt, because I would never jeopardize my relationship with you by coming on to you. That is why I am so glad that you took the initiative.”

I took a sip of coffee; I wanted to make certain there was no misunderstanding. “So, here, in the clear light of day, without any distractions except your terrific body, let me say this. You and Annika may consider this your home for as long as you like. I offered my bed to you last night, and I offer it to you again. It is yours. You can sleep with me every night, or you can come whenever you feel like it. We don’t even need to have sex. Just being close to you is more than I could have dreamed. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Now it is my turn. Tell me honestly, what do you think about what happened last night? Do you have any regrets? Because if you do, we can go back to a more traditional canlı bahis father-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. You can still stay as long as you want, and this will always be your home.”

“Well, if it okay with you, I would just as soon sleep with you and be your lover, at least until you get tired of me.” “I don’t think that will ever happen. Now that that is settled, let’s get in the shower and go out for breakfast…or lunch.”

Once again, hand in hand, we ascended the stairs naked and, like last night, we turned right to go to my room. We stepped into the huge shower that dominated my bathroom, and stood under the flow of water. Before we did anything else, we kissed.

Each kiss that I have given to or received from Tatiana has been different. This one had passion, but also patience that comes from knowing we have all the time we want: that the exploration and appreciation of each other’s bodies do not have to be frantic and rushed.

As we clung together, I grabbed the soap and began washing her back and shoulders. I moved lower, put the bar between the cheeks of her ass, and reached for her pussy from behind. I made sure that all the folds got equal attention, and then I backed away and went to work on her front side. Then she returned the favor, taking my balls in her hands and kneading them between her fingers. My cock was beginning to come to attention as she pulled the foreskin back. She worked up a real lather making sure my cock was clean. Then she held my balls with her left hand and, with the soap, worked on my asshole, inserting one of her small fingers a couple of times.

We got out and I wrapped the big white bath towel around both of us. Again, I felt the pleasure of her naked skin against mine. I lifted her up onto the vanity so I could dry her pussy and so I could look and play with it.

“As you say, in the clear light of day, do you really like my pussy or do you think it is gross? I know what you said last night, but I think you would have said anything at that point.”

“I love that you have long and puffy lips; they are so sexy and I can prove it. I can show you pictures on my computer. I have a whole directory of women who have big, beautiful lips. Do you want me to prove it to you?”

“Yes, prove it.”

We walked, naked, from the bathroom into my office. I fired up the computer and went to my favorites. As we waited, she stood behind my chair with her tits touching each shoulder, while she ran her fingers through the hair on my naked chest. Finally the computer booted up and I looked for a directory of downloads. I opened it there were hundreds of pictures of women with large labia.

She came around the chair, sat on my lap and scrolled through the long list of downloads. There were poses of women lying down, squatting, bending over and sitting. Some were doing nothing; some were pulling and stuffing their pussies.

“I guess you’re right. The lips on some of these women put mine to shame. I notice that most of them are bald down there. Is that what you like?”

“I love your pussy.”

“That’s not what I asked. What do you prefer: natural, trimmed or shaved? You have to tell the truth.”

“Your pussy lips are so fat and luscious; it seems a shame to hide anything that wonderful behind hair. I think I would like to see you shaved.”

“I have never shaved it totally bare before. I shaved my bikini line and kept the hair quite short. I’ll have to think about it.”

“You don’t need to shave to make me happy. I love your pussy no matter if you are shaved, trimmed or natural, but if you decide to do it, I will help.” After a playful grab at my semi erect cock, Tatiana left my office and walked to her room. Her clothes were still there and if we were going out to breakfast (or lunch), we had to put something on. I watched her naked ass sway as she walked.

I dressed in shorts and a golf shirt with some sandals. I was anxious to see what she would be wearing, and I was not disappointed. She had a pink tube top that exposed her wonderful abdomen, and short, white skirt that came to mid-thigh. Like always, she looked great.

We decided to have an early lunch at one of the chain “neighborhood” restaurants within walking distance from the house.

I knew that her decision to sleep in my bed permanently answered many questions about the nature of our relationship, but there were complications. How were we going to handle things when Annika was around? Five-year-olds talk and we certainly did not want her telling my Ex that mommy sleeps with Grampy.

How would we act in public, knowing that someone might see us and not approve of our relationship?

What would happen if, god forbid, Julia or Brien got wind of our budding, summer romance?

I decided long ago that you cannot go through life seeking the approval of others, and I knew in my heart that we were doing nothing wrong. We were both single consenting adults with no blood relationship, but that would not stop Julia from making trouble for us. She could bahis siteleri very easily talk Brien into taking court action, claiming Tatiana was an unfit mother. As we say in my profession, “perception is reality”.

While we ate, we discussed it and decided that we would have to be players on a stage. When Annika was around, we had to sleep in our own rooms and act very much like Mommy and Grampy. We would go out in public, but when we were out, we had to act our roles and keep our distance. The only time that we could act like lovers was in our house and yard, or when we were out of town.

As we strolled home, Tatiana said, “It is good we got things settled, because tonight I have to sleep in my own bed; we are having a guest. Brien called when you were in the restroom. He has to work late and Julia is going out, so we are going to have Annika tonight.”

“That is the only acceptable reason not to be in my bed tonight.”

“Can I ask you another favor? I would like to go into town and get a haircut and I need to borrow a car.”

“Don’t cut your hair” I whined. “I love it the way it is.”

“Oh no, I just want to get a trim. I should be back before Julia brings Annika.”

Just then, we arrived home. “Okay, here, take the Beemer and run with the top down. I probably never told you this, but the only reason I bought a Z4 Roadster was to piss off Julia. When I knew she was coming over, I would take it out of the garage and park in the driveway with the top down, just as a reminder of what we could have had if it were not for my needy son…but it was fun to watch her reaction.”

“You have a warped sense of humor, Denny Johnson.”

“My sense of humor is what got me through marriage to her. Hey one more thing”; I peeled off a couple hundred dollars. “Pick up a decent car seat or booster…whatever Annika needs. As sure as I am standing here, whoever brings Annika over will forget to leave it and we will be stuck here. Anyway, it makes sense to have one here.”

“Thanks, Denny, be back soon.”

As the car pulled out of the driveway, I walked into the deathly quiet house. I realized that I did not want to be alone in the house again and that I really wanted Tatiana to stay, even beyond the end of summer.

I managed to get through about four hours of work when I heard the car door slam. I checked the clock and it was almost 6:00, the time Julia said she was going to bring Annika. A few moments later, Tatiana appeared at my office door.

“Julia will be here soon, but I wanted to show you something.” She came into the office and pulled up her skirt. There was not a hair anywhere around her pussy.

“Hey, you shaved!”

“No, better than that, I waxed. They call it a ‘Hollywood’. No hair front or back. “

“Damn, that looks nice, and I was right, it is perfect with the size of your lips. But I can’t play with it because we have company tonight.”

“I have news for you; you couldn’t do anything even if we were alone. They said ‘no intimate contact’ for 24 hours…and no underwear for 48 hours. As far as I am concerned, it could be no underwear ever. It really feels good and so liberating. When I found out Annika was coming, I thought this would be a good time to do something for you after all you have done for me.”

Before I could answer, the doorbell range and Tatiana went into immediate “Mommy Mode”. “My baby’s here!”

I am never anxious to face Julia, so I said, “If you don’t mind, can you deal with the wicked witch of my past.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek, squeezed my cock through my shorts and bounded down the stairs. I heard the door open.

“Oh, baby, how are you? I missed you soooo much. Are you having fun with Daddy and Grandma?”

I edged to the stairs to try to overhear what Julie would have to say. I figured it would be something nasty and I was right.

“So, I see Dennis has his midlife-crisis-mobile in the driveway. Has he been out cruising again?”

“No, he let me take it into town today. I had to get a haircut.”

“What? That fucking prick told me he would never let anyone else drive that car. A couple of weeks ago, I asked him if Brien could borrow it for a date and he flat refused. Well no matter, I have other things on my mind. One of us will be by to pick up Annika around 10:00 if that’s okay.” “Of course, it’s okay. We wouldn’t want Brien to lose any sleep. Good Night Julia.”

“Yeh, Good Night.”

The next thing I knew, Tatiana and Annika came into my office. Annika was still wearing her backpack and came running to me. “Grampy, I’m back to stay with you and Mommy.”

“I am very glad to see you. Are you enjoying staying with Grandma Julila?”

“Yes, but I miss Mommy.” Then, acting as the perfect diplomat, she quickly added, “and you, too.”

“Well Mommy is here and you can have all night to talk to her.” I then turned to Tatiana. “Sounds like Julia acted like a b-i-t-c-h tonight. That woman real needs to get fu….” I bit my tongue; young ears were listening. “I mean, she really bahis şirketleri needs…ah…companionship.”

“From the way she was dressed, I think that is the idea: ‘Cougar on the prowl’.”

We had a fun time with Annika. We decided that we all wanted Happy Meals and, as I predicted, Julia did not leave the car seat. We installed the new booster seat that Tatiana bought in the backseat of the Lexus and headed off to the Golden Arches. When we got home, we played some online kids’ video game about building a farm and took turns reading some books. I read English books and Tatiana read Russian books.

When the time came for bed and the three of us went up the stairs hand-in-hand with Annika in the middle. At the top of the stairs, I kissed Annika and Tatiana good night. Then I went to the right and Annika and my new lover went to the left to our separate rooms.

I got up the next morning and found Tatiana already in the kitchen getting Annika her breakfast. Like most kids her age, cereal with milk and a dose of Cartoon Network was all it took to get her ready for the day. Tatiana was dressed in the same basketball jersey she wore a couple of nights before. The only difference was that she wore a tube top underneath for modesty. (I liked it better the other way.)

Brien staggered in at about 11:00. Tatiana had changed into a tight white tank top that showed the shadow of her areolas and the unmistakable bumps of her nipples. She wore a short red skirt (with no panties, I knew), white tennis shoes and ankle socks. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and looked ravishing in an innocent and naïve way. I was in even less of a mood to see Brien, so I stayed upstairs for the “exchange” as they called it.

They talked briefly before Tatiana said goodbye to Annika, and we were alone in the house again. She came up the stairs to my office. I saw immediately that she looked sad. She missed her little girl and it was beginning to make me sad whenever she was.

“Hey”, I said. “I know that you miss Annika, but it was an unexpected surprise to have her here last night.”

“It was nice, but I still miss her.”

She came and stood beside me. I slid my had up her leg and rested it on her naked ass. I enjoyed the gift she gave me: permission to touch and caress her at will. It felt so good to be able to be so casually intimate with a woman.

“That God damned Brien is such an asshole. He suggested that we go out on a date and work things out.”

My heart sunk. “Is that something that you might consider?”

“Hell, no. I wanted to work things out for five years, but he was not interested. All of a sudden, he is interested in me again, but he is so shallow. He started out by telling me how glad he was that I got my cute ass back. No, now that I have found some self esteem, I am not going to sink back into that hellish world.”

“Tell me something, Tatiana. Why did you go through so much effort to dress up for Brien?”

“There are a lot of reasons, but mainly I got to thinking about how you take the car out of the garage so Julia can see it. I guess I want him to see what he was missing and what he will never touch again. He remembers me as fat and ugly; I want to remind him constantly of what he could have had if he would only have given me a little support and respect. I really wanted to tell him that his father is getting what he could have had.”

I let my fingers follow the crack of her butt to the top and then back down to her knee. Since she was still “recovering” from having all her pubic hair removed, I was careful to avoid any region that might still be sensitive, but it took all my will power to resist. She would have to guide me there when the time was right.

She turned and sat on my lap. “Oh, Denny”, and kissed me. Each of her kisses is so special; each sends its own special message. As she slipped her tongue into my mouth, this kiss had a very different from any other. This one was gentle and loving. This kiss was not a prelude to sex. This kiss was one that conveyed a different message. Gratitude? Appreciation? Affection? One thing I could say with certainty, she was very comfortable with the direction things were heading.

As she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes. I had the same feeling I had the evening I met her. She seemed to be able to read my thoughts, even before I fully formulated them in my own mind.

“Denny, are you comfortable with all of this? Brien will be around for a long time as a constant reminder of my past life.”

“That’s easy. After one night with you in my bed, and one night sleeping alone, I know that I want you with me every night. I never knew how lonely I was…No; lonely isn’t the right word…alone. I never knew how alone I was. This past week, you and Annika filled a void that I never knew existed. Then, the other night, you filled a need in me that I suppressed long ago. So yes, I am very comfortable with all of this. As for Brien, let him get his own girl.”

I then returned the same kiss that she gave me.

“There is a dark side,” I reminded her. “You are not dating someone your own age and who is not despised by your ex mother-in-law and your ex husband. If either of them gets wind of this, there will be hell to pay.”

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