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Author’s Note: All characters in the story engaged in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age. The following erotica contains incest content. You have been warned. Enjoy. 🙂

Do comment below and let me know if you like it. Don’t be too harsh as it is my first story. Let’s dive in.


The alarm clock has got to be the worst invention of mankind. Seven a.m. I dragged myself out of the bed and hopped into the shower. I really needed to hurry for the morning’s shift at work.

My uncle’s girlfriend’s shrill screams of pleasure certainly did not help reduce my morning wood. Fuck it. I leaned against the wall and touched my hard dick. The moans from the adjacent bedroom intensified. I closed my eyes and started pumping, slowly at first and then furiously. My breathing became shallow as I pictured myself in place of my uncle’s girlfriend, receiving his dark meat. Orgasm rippled through my body like a hurricane. Yeah, it didn’t take long. My uncle had that effect on me.


My name is Kaleb and I am eighteen y/o. I am an Anglo-Indian who recently moved to Mumbai. My Indian father and half-Bristish mother were more than happy when my paternal uncle offered that he would let me live at his place and get me a part-time job at the local gym he owned so that I didn’t have to commute 3 hours daily from college to my parents’ house.

As I stood at the reception of the gym, I wondered when Uncle Milind would turn up. He was also an instructor in addition to owning the place. I hoped he’d come in late, after I left for college. I didn’t wanna run into him and get another hard-on for the rest of the day.

No such luck.

He walked in with that sexy walk of his. He had a couple days worth beard and honestly that made him look sexier. His black hair was sprinkled with some grays here and there. He has the most beautiful coffee-colored skin. He was pretty well-built over 6 feet tall. He had a very great body for someone who was 49. That wasn’t a surprise, doing what he does.

He came towards the reception area and told me that I could leave for class and that he’d take over. I almost ran out of the building then.

For those of you wondering why did I get so weird around him, I’ll explain. Being gay is a very big deal in India and I obviously hadn’t come out to anyone. On top of that, having the hots for my uncle did not help matters much either.

The result was that I ended up masturbating more than thrice daily for the last couple of months I’d been living with him. I never really thought anything would actually happen between us as he was obviously straight and I am his nephew, after all. That is, until something did happen.


I canlı bahis consider myself an average-looking guy. I am 5′ 8″, have inherited my mother’s European blue eyes and my father’s dark hair. I am not too much into sports except for swimming and tennis but those are both idle hobbies. But girls seem to really like my boyishly cute, fair face. However, I’ve never had a girlfriend and am a virgin. Sometimes I even wonder if I should just get a girlfriend if only to lose my virginity. But then I doubt if I’d be able to get it up for a girl.

Coming back to the story, that evening I returned from college to work the evening shift at the gym. The evening went pretty much like every other. I sat at the reception helping people when they asked for it and ogling hot men in workout gear when I wasn’t working.

At about eleven in the night which is usually our closing time, the last of the gym rats left. Uncle Milind was in his office and I walked over to tell him that the gym was empty and we could not close and leave. As I stood outside the door, I could hear the faint moaning sounds that I knew all too well. The door to Milind’s office was slightly ajar. The table and chair were placed in such a way that I had a clear view of my uncle beating off. He had his gray shorts down to his knees and was wearing his gym vest. He had earphones on and was obviously watching a porno on his smartphone.

It was like the ultimate fantasy for me. Watching my uncle’s cock in person. He was uncircumcised(as are most Indian men). He was pumping in no hurry and I loved the way his foreskin closed over his slit at each stroke. I was hard enough to cut diamonds with my dick. I started rubbing my penis over the fabric of my pants. Hearing him fuck his girlfriend every morning was a different thing and watching him jacking off in his office was another. My eyes were glued to his dark meat like a moth is drawn to a flame. I was mesmerized by the sight of my father’s older brother pumping his cock in his office.

“Are you just gonna stare like a pervert or are you gonna come in and tell me what you came to say?”

I froze with a mixture of fear and dread. Milind turned his head and looked me straight in the eye. His scruffy salt and pepper beard almost made me call him Daddy then and there. Of course I didn’t. Even if I wanted to, my throat was so dry I could hardly even speak.

“Sorry Uncle, I’ll come later”.

Yeah right. Pretend as if your uncle didn’t catch you watching him jerk off . Correction: peeping in while he jerked off.

He smiled in reply to my feeble attempt to save my dignity.The strange thing was Milind never stopped stroking his hard dick. He was looking straight at me and touching his balls. My face turned red. I was almost embarrassed. bahis siteleri Almost.

“Come in, son.”

I gulped and entered the room. I stood straight opposite to him and tried to look anywhere but his loins which as splayed for all to see.

“You can look at what you like. You know you want to. That’s why you were here, weren’t you? You heard me moaning and pulling on my dick and decided to come in and peep at your uncle while he jerked off, didn’t you? I have a nice little pervert of a nephew.”

My face turned scarlet. My heart was racing in my chest. The first thing that came to my mind was, please don’t tell dad and mom. Please. Of course I didn’t say that either.

Milind continued to stroke his dick. I mildly lifted my eyes and saw him looking at me. God, the man had sexy eyes. This was actually like all the porn fantasies I’d had. I never really thought they’d ever happen to me. I wasn’t even sure if this was just a wet dream or reality. However, Milind’s voice was very real when he said the next words to me.

“I’ll let you suck it if you ask me nice enough, son.”

I was shocked. But his calling me son was turning me on even more, if that was even possible. My voice came out weak, almost a croak.

“Can I suck your cock, please?”, I said.

‘Don’t you know how to address me, son?’, he asked.

Uncle? Daddy? Master?

I took a deep breath and said, ‘ Will you let me suck your cock, Uncle?’

‘That’ll do for now. Have you ever sucked a dick before?’, he asked.

When I shook my head, he said, ‘Come then. Your first will be your best. Don’t use your teeth. Just your tongue and lips and mouth. On your knees, boy.’

My knees literally gave way at those words and I walked up to his chair on my knees. His gym vest was pulled up to reveal his hairy and totally ripped torso. His abs were pretty hard for a 49 y/o man. His abs gave way to dark thick pubic hair, from which stood erect the most magnificent tool in the world. He was about 8 and a half inches long and uncut. The head was engorged and dark purple. The shaft was dark and thick. My mouth which was dry for so long suddenly started salivating at the sight. His cockhead was glistening with precum.I bent and licked it. It was thick and tasted saline.

‘Suck it, boy’, my uncle commanded.

I was more than willing to oblige. I took the hard head in my mouth and pressed my tongue to the underside. It felt sublime. To him too, it would appear as he moaned in his husky voice. I sucked on it like one would a popsicle for a while. Then I tried to take it further in my mouth. I was at about 4 inches in when the gag reflex kicked in. I pulled away and coughed.

‘You need to learn a lot, it seems. I don’t like cocksuckers to stop sucking my dick midway. Do you understand?’

I bahis şirketleri nodded, my eyes teary.

‘Let me do the work now, son. Try to relax and cover your teeth with your lips. I am not very patient with cocksuckers. I’ll try to be gentle’, Milind said with a wicked yet sexy grin which clearly said he would be anything but gentle. Before I could say anything, he roughly grabbed my hair and pulled me close to his cock and plunged into my open mouth.

Despite the gagging, my cock was straining hard against my breaks and leaking precum. Hell, I loved being throat-fucked by my uncle. He was really fucking my throat now. My poor mouth could only take in about 5 inches of his gigantic monster. I tried my best not to gag but when I did, he gave me only two seconds to catch my breath before plunging in again. This continued for a while and I got used to the rhythm. I was really loving his thick cock head and foreskin poking at my throat.

‘You like your uncle fucking your throat, don’t you, you filthy slut?’, Milind said in his deep voice in between his moans. I could only nod, what with his penis jammed in my mouth.

‘Mmmmhh. Mmmmh’, he moaned and it turned me on even more. He grabbed my hair in his fists so hard, it started to hurt. Tears welled up in my eyes.

‘I love fucking your teenage throat and I bet you love being my cocksucking slut, don’t you’, he panted. He breathing hitched even more and I knew he was close. I tried to breathe through my nose and braced myself to swallow.

To my surprise, Milind pulled out his dick and held up my chin with his hand to look me in the eyes. His face was full of lust. I looked into his dark eyes as he looked into my blue eyes. Something was so erotic in that moment that I felt my dick spasm in my pants and I came with a high moan. Shit. Now i had wet pants too.

Milind used his one hand to pump his cock while holding my face in place with his other. His moans got even louder and he clenched his eyes shut. I waited like the good boy I was for my sweet reward.

‘Aaargh. Aargh.’

The first spurt hit me right in the eye. His huge cock continued to spasm and he continued to pump as more and more of his thick white jizz landed on my cheeks, lips and chin, some even in my hair.

I moved my hand to scoop up the cum and lick it when Milind stopped me with his hand. He quickly grabbed his phone from the desk and clicked a couple of pictures of my face covered in his fresh cum.

After that he stood up and left the office without another word. I then quickly scooped up all the cum I could and licked my fingers cleans. It was thick and slightly alkaline and smelled manly. The best fucking taste in the world.

I quickly got up and closed the gym as I was pretty sure my uncle had already left.

I stepped outside and breathed in the tropical air. My disheveled hair and dried cum on my face and the large cum stain in front of my pants ensured me that I’d be having a rather awkward walk home tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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