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Terror set in as I regained consciousness, I could not see, there was something covering my eyes and my hands were secured behind my back. I had no idea where I was but the one thing that I was sure of was the feeling of what I assumed was a hard cock plunging in and out of my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before or even as much as touched another guy but there was no mistaking what was happening. I could hear more than one voice. I was on my knees and it felt like pavement and I could hear cars going by quite frequently. It felt like I was fully dressed.

The cock kept up a steady pace almost like a piston in a machine. I thought about using my teeth but realized that in my helpless situation that could never turn out good. I tried to squirm free but to no avail, my mouth was going to service this cock no matter what I tried. I could feel him going a little deeper with each stroke and began to gag but instead of withdrawing he rammed his cock even deeper and held it there until my gagging stopped. His pace began to increase until all of a sudden he stopped then plunged it deep within my throat. His cock began to twitch as he unloaded his semen into my throat, it cut off my breath and I had no choice but to swallow his entire load.

Once he was finished he withdrew his cock from my mouth but it was quickly replaced by another one that wasted no time to begin to fuck my mouth again. This second cock seemed slightly smaller but the owner was in much more of a rush, he quickly began pumping my face at an incredible pace and in what seemed like only a minute or two was spraying his cum all over the inside of my mouth. When he was finished he wiped his wet cock all over my face then moved aside for my next customer.

While I was servicing the third man, I tried to determine how I had ended up here, where ever this was. The last thing I remember was sitting in a bar, going to the washroom then returning to finish antalya escort my drink, then waking up here.

The assault continued for quite some time with each cock unloading in my mouth or on my face, my jaw was beyond being sore from being forced open for so long, it was numb and I had accepted the idea that these strangers were going to use me for as long as they wanted to. Eventually the onslaught began to ebb, I actually had the chance to close my mouth every now and then until from what I could tell I was alone. The only sound was the steady buzz of cars going by.

After a bit of struggling I was able to free my hands and remove my blindfold. I quickly untied on ankles and stood up, scanning the area. I was in an alleyway beside the bar that I had been drinking in. I quickly fled the alleyway and made my way to the subway and began my trip home.

It felt like everyone was staring at me, at first I thought it was just my shame from being used then I remembered that many of the men had cum on my face. The trip home was long and very embarrassing to say the least.

My apartment was silent as I soaked in a nice hot bath, even though I had thoroughly brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth I could not get rid of the taste of cum. I suppose that most of it is in my mind. While the hot water soothed my body my mind raced, going over the ordeal in the alley and what it meant to my future. The first and most obvious conclusion was that I could never return to that bar again but other than that there was little that I could do because my assailants had all seen me but I didn’t see any of them, they could be anyone.

After a glass of whiskey to try to cleanse the taste from my mouth I decided to go to bed. Surprisingly I fell to sleep quite soon but it was a restless night.

The alarm clock went off at seven AM and I got up and got ready for another day at work, hopefully my job would help kemer escort clear my mind.

The subway ride was unusually uncomfortable today. Every time someone looked my way I imagined that they recognized me from my ride home last night. When I arrived at work I couldn’t help but to wonder if any of my co-workers had been in that alley.

I worked for a company that got rich by giving loans to desperate people at extremely high interest rates. The only thing considerate that they did was to make our offices very private to help relieve some stress from our clients. Today I was very grateful for the solitude.

The next couple of days were pretty much the same with each day getting a little easier until Thursday afternoon. I had a two o’clock appointment with a new client, Mr. Dickson. When he arrived I led him into my office, seated him and asked what I could do for him. He proceeded to take his cell phone out of his pocket and hit an app and passed the phone to me.

It was a photo gallery app containing two folders I opened the first folder to finder pictures of all of my I.D., my license, birth certificate and all my credit cards. I closed that folder and reluctantly opened the second one. As I feared, it contained numerous photos of me, in the alley, blindfolded and tied, on my knees sucking countless cocks.

Mr. Dickson gave me a moment for this to sink in then began to explain how he was planning on posting these photos on the internet and maybe printing some hard copies and leaving them lying around in strategic locations.

I fell back into my chair even though I was blindfolded if a picture was accompanied by a piece of my I.D. there was no mistaking who was doing the sucking. This would be truly life shattering if it got out.

With a sly grin on his face Mr. Dickson began to negotiate the terms of his silence. He said that this was not for monetary konyaaltı escort gain but from this moment onward I would be his personal cocksucker. He went on to explain that he had really enjoyed using me in the alley and had even come back for seconds. I was to be at his beckon call whenever and where ever he decided that he wanted release. There was to be no discussion or argument, just immediate submission. Any resistance will result in immediate dire consequences.

He asked if I understood and agreed not that I had much choice.

I nodded my head then lowered it onto my desk.

Mr. Dickson turned his chair sideways and ordered me on my knees between his legs. Reluctantly but without hesitation I obeyed him. He motioned for me to remove his cock from his pants, which I did. Without any further orders I placed his hard cock between my lips and lowered my head upon him until it touched the back of my throat. His cock was about seven inches long, cut and hard as a rock with little or no pubic hairs. After bobbing my head for a few minutes I took him out and proceeded to lick his shaft and balls, he told me to look him in the eyes as I licked him and I did. At that moment he reached over, grabbed his phone and began recording me servicing his cock.

Without breaking eye contact I engulfed his cock again this time taking the entire thing into my mouth and throat, something I had learned in the alleyway. He moaned then stood up and began to fuck my throat. His cock slid in and out at an incredible speed until he tensed up and erupted. Only the head of his cock was in my mouth as he came so I felt it spray the inside of my mouth. When he was finished he continued to fuck my mouth and instructed me to swallow.

Once I had cleaned him, he returned his cock to its nesting place and told me that he would be in touch. I scrambled to my feet as he turned to open the door and leave. He reminded me that I would hear from him soon and not to forget our arrangement.

I sat at my desk for the rest of the day and fortunately I didn’t have any more appointments. How had I got to this point, what can I do? I just sucked off a stranger in my office any one could have walked in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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