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The first few weeks that followed the change in relationship between my daughter and me were rough. At home, I was fine, even horny much of the time. Heather was more than happy to take care of that feeling. But, away from the house, shame often crept into my mind. I felt that people could see right through me, as if they knew of the debauchery that was taking place in my home. I imagined expressions of scorn on the faces of people everywhere.

The lowest point happened about a week after it all began. I was at my ex-wife’s house, picking up Rebecca for the weekend.

“How’s Heather doing,” she asked.

“She’s fine,” I snapped back too quickly. “Why do you ask?”

I could see my ex- didn’t know quite what to make of my response. Her reply was guarded and her confusion was obvious.

“Because, I’m her mother. And, I am curious.”

I gathered Rebecca’s things together as quickly, yet casually, as I could and got out of there.

Rebecca was only twelve at the time, and, at least around me, acted even younger. She was a daddy’s girl if ever there was one. When she, or anyone else visited, Heather slipped easily back into her role as my daughter. I, however, was a nervous wreck, worried about discovery at every turn. Rebecca, nor anyone else, ever grew wise, as far as I knew.

As time marched on, Heather and I, especially I, grew more comfortable with each other and the situation. Each time I came home from work, I had found Heather wearing less and less clothing, until eventually, she was completely nude, all the time. More often than not, Samantha was at our house as well, and also nude.

I had grown to look forward to finding Heather in her nakedness when I walked in the door. If Sam was there, rest assured, I’d find them in some act of lovemaking, or, at the very least, frisky playfulness.

The day before Thanksgiving, a little over a month after we had begun our playing, I’d knocked off work early. The girls had an early day at school as well. When I opened the door, I was smacked in the face by the sounds of Sam being rocketed to an orgasm. Various sexual toys, many shiny with juices, lay about the living room.

Sam was sunken into the big sofa, her skin mottled, her hair disheveled from what must have been a couple of hours of pleasure. Heather lifted her head from between her friend’s legs. Her chin and cheeks were slick with Sam’s cum.

“You hungry, Dad?”

I took in the sight of Heather kneeling on the floor. Her smooth pussy peeked from between her creamy thighs. It was crimson and puffy from continuous excitement. A long string hung from her exposed asshole. Beads, I smiled to myself.

“You know, I think I’m gonna shower first,” I replied, pointing in the direction of the bathroom.

Being a bricklayer, I only had to show up on a jobsite and I felt unclean. It didn’t matter if we only worked half the day. I needed to get the mortar off my hands and the dust out of my hair. I hated to turn my back on the display beşiktaş escort before me, but I decided I’d be quick about cleaning up.

I didn’t hear the bathroom door open, nor did I realize I wasn’t alone in there until the shower curtain was pulled back. Sam’s bright smiling face appeared.

“Need someone to wash your back,” she asked stepping past the curtain and into the tub.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her naked body tight to me, coating her tits and belly with soap from my chest and stomach. We were playfully sliding our bodies back and forth over one another when Heather slipped into the shower and wrapped her arms around me from behind. I felt the heat from her stiff nipples burn into my back.

I kissed Samantha deeply, twisting with her soft tongue, entwining my fingers into her hair before turning around to face Heather. My daughter withdrew a bit, pulled the body wash from its perch and held it up. Slowly, she drizzled it onto her tits. The cool blue liquid rolled over her curves, down her smooth stomach, then disappeared between her legs. When she was satisfied and had replaced the soap, I held her tight to me, moving my slippery body erotically across hers.

I kissed Heather as I had her friend, our tongues taking turns exploring the other’s mouth. Sam knelt down and made her way around my legs. When I felt her there, I backed my groin away from Heather’s pussy. My cock had been nestled between her legs and was solid with excitement. Sam grabbed hold of me, and began a slow tongue dance up and down the length of my shaft.

I let my hands roam over Heather’s slick upper body, feeling the softness of her skin and the weight of her tits in my hands. Her nipples were engorged and thick. I rolled them between my fingers, bringing them even tighter, more wrinkled, and larger. Sam had half my cock in her mouth, working me in and out with a slow steady rhythm, pumping and squeezing lightly with her fingers.

I leaned down and took one of Heather’s nipples into my mouth. With my arms wrapped around her I allowed my hands to roam down her back to her cheeks. Playing my fingers along the soapy crease, I felt the string I’d noticed earlier.

Sam was alternating between flicking her tongue against the tip of my cock and sinking her face onto it completely. I thrilled at the sensation of my cock at the back of her throat and her nose pressed into my sparse pubic hair. My cock lurched in her hand each time she tasted away the seminal fluid that was flowing steadily from the tip.

“What have you got here,” I asked Heather in a raspy whisper, tugging gently on the string.

“You like?”

I smiled my approval and switched my attention to her other nipple, holding it with my lips and flicking my tongue over it rapidly. Sam had removed herself from my cock and turned to face Heather. With her hands on her thighs, she hungrily pressed her mouth to my daughter’s pussy. Her tongue found its mark on Heather’s beşiktaş eve gelen escort clit. She moaned her satisfaction and lifted her foot onto the tub edge, giving her friend complete access.

Sam’s practiced tongue worked against Heather’s pussy, moving from her swollen clit to tongue fucking her hole. The sounds of lips smacking against pussy filled the cramped space. After several minutes, she wrapped her lips around Heather’s clit and sucked it earnestly. She slid two tiny fingers into Heather’s pussy.

Heather’s mouth hung open in sexual bliss. Her eyes were locked with mine. I slowly pumped my fist along the length of my cock while my daughter’s hips gyrated against her friends face. Barely audible whimpers escaped from Heather’s throat.

I sensed my little girl nearing her peak. She draped her arms over my shoulders. Sam nibbled gently on her clit and thrust a third finger into her pussy, opening her up wider. I gripped her around the waist just as she threw her head back and the leg she was standing on gave out. I held her up strongly as her eyes rolled back and a guttural moan caught in her throat.

Her orgasm racked through her body. Her hips spasmed and bucked against Sam’s face as she clawed at my neck. Her juices flowed, coating Sam’s hand.

When my daughter had returned to us, Sam stood up facing her. Heather wrapped her arms around her friend and peppered her face with kisses before thrusting herself upon her mouth. The girl’s tongues battled together, their faces twisting vigorously back and forth. My engorged cock was throbbing and twitching with excitement and need.

“Since you had most of the orgasms earlier,” Heather announced to Sam, “I’m gonna get fucked now.”

My cock jumped involuntarily in response to her words. Heather turned her back to me, placing her palms flat on the wall. She pushed her ass back toward me, lifting her pussy slightly, for access. With a sly grin, she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Fuck me doggie, Dad.”

Without hesitation, I was lining up with her, raking the tip of my cock up and down between her puffy lips, coating myself with her cum. I draped the string from her asshole over her back and out of the way. Slowly, I inched myself into my daughter. Her pussy seemed to reach out and grasp at my cock with little fingers, pulling me into her. I held her hips tightly and slid my entire length inside. When I hit bottom, I pushed against her firmly. Heather tossed her head back with a moan.

I slipped into a cadence of fucking as Sam reached for the body wash. She drizzled it haphazardly over Heather’s back and ass cheeks, then up over my shoulders and down my chest. She held it over the spot where I was joined with my daughter and drained half the bottle over my cock and Heather’s pussy.

The resulting slipperiness had me sliding silently in and out. My strokes were long, fast, and deliberate. Sam was smearing the cool liquid over each beşiktaş grup yapan escort of us with her hands. A foamy lather had built up between Heather and me at our crotches. Holding Heather’s hips tightly, I pumped into her steadily.

Sam, having learned different things I enjoyed, slid her fingers down to Heather’s pussy, on either side of my cock. She pinched her fingers together lightly, creating a soft pressure against the length of my shaft as I fucked Heather. It wasn’t long before my urge to release welled up in me.

“Oh God! I’m gonna cum, Baby,” I grunted.

“Harder, Daddy. Make me cum with you.”

I tensed my groin, holding back my orgasm so my daughter could join me. I shortened my strokes while increasing my speed.

“Oh fuck, Dad! I’m close. Fuck me, harder!”

I lost all self-control. Holding Heather’s hips firmly, I slammed deeply into her pussy. The tip of my cock poked at her cervix. With the entire length of my cock I fucked her madly. She was tossing her own head around like a rag doll.

“Oh God! That’s it, Dad. Don’t stop! Fuck my pussy… Hard!” She issued her commands through gritted teeth.

“Here it comes, Baby,” I breathed.

“Cum, with me Dad”

A bellow began low in my lungs, increasing in volume as I neared my summit. I felt my scrotum pull tight beneath me. Heather’s cries echoed off the tile walls. As I felt my fluid coursing through me, on its way into my daughter, Sam, who’d been quietly massaging each of us with soapy hands, wrapped her finger into the sting in Heather’s asshole. She pulled it taut.

I felt the first jolt of cum burst from my cock and splatter into my daughter’s warm pussy. At the same time, with Sam tugging on the string, a bead popped free of Heather’s ass.

“OH F-F-FUCK,” she gritted, throwing her head back lustfully.

In sync with each blast of my seed into Heather, Sam pulled a bead free. Heather was screaming at the top of her lungs. Her legs grew weak and I held her up by her hips, slamming myself into her with all my might. Even under the stream of the shower, I felt her juices drooling over my cock. With every bit of effort I could muster, I rammed deep into Heather and held myself there tightly. The last gob of my cum splashed into her.

Sam pulled the final bead out, letting the string sway above Heather’s ass. My daughter let out a wailing cry as she collapsed in ecstasy with me on top of her, still embedded in her pussy. We lay on the cool surface of the tub, fighting for breath.

The water from the showerhead had grown cold. Samantha shut if off and reached for towels to drape over my daughter and I. I looked up at her, bringing her down to my level with my eyes. I kissed her passionately on the mouth, still able to taste Heather’s pussy on her breath.

The three of us slowly recovered and toweled each other dry before making our way to the living room. Heather and I plopped exhaustedly into the sofa. Samantha sat sideways on my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed light kisses on me, working from my neck, up to my cheeks, then to my mouth.

“My turn?” she asked in a little girl’s voice. She pushed her lips out in a mock pout.

I felt my cock already beginning to stir, pressing against the underside of her thigh.

“Ready when you are, my dear.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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