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Chapter 1 – Gifts of Christmas Past


It was Christmas morning and I was excited. It didn’t matter that I was twenty – I still felt like a little girl waking up and wondering what’s waiting for me under the tree. As I’ve gotten older the gifts have changed. Instead of dolls and little ponies it seems that clothes became more dominate as I got older. There is usually something fun thrown in but the thing I always look forward to the most is the last gift of the day – my dad’s special gift just for me.

My dad’s gift is always some sort of special outfit he picked out just for me and even my mom had to wait until I opened it to find out what was inside. One of my favorites was the Daisy Duke outfit. The shorts were so small and tight I could barely fit into them and when I did they pulled so far up into my crotch it was like I was masturbating with every step I took! Then came a special Christmas as it was the first once since I’d started having sex with my parents. What made it so much more fun was my dad didn’t have to be so discreet anymore about his desires for me.

Well, he certainly must have been horny for me when he chose my outfit that year! It was a string bikini that could have been given to me in a standard envelope instead of a box. The whole thing consisted of nothing more than some string with three small triangles of thin cloth barely big enough to cover my nipples and pussy. Well, it didn’t even do that because at that age I wasn’t shaving my pussy as I do now so the bottom triangle actually had a border of short fuzzy brown pubic hair sticking out around it. When I came downstairs wearing it my dad’s eyes widened like saucers and a cunning grin came to his face. Even my mom nodded approvingly as I had just the right petite figure that complemented this type of outfit. After showing it off for him I sat on my dad’s lap and I could feel his hard cock through the soft material of his sweatpants against my all but bare ass. I’ll always remember that Christmas as the first time my dad fucked me in one of my new outfits!

So here I was again, waking up horny as usual wondering what was waiting for me under the tree. As I laid back in my bed I felt a bit claustrophobic as my bedroom door was shut – something that normally never happened. It wasn’t that I had anything to hide from my parents but this morning was different in that my grandparents were sleeping in the spare bedroom down the hall. Since my room was on the opposite side of the hallway from bathroom, it wouldn’t do for one of them to wake up in the middle of the night and see me sleeping nude in my bed (which I have been doing since I was twelve).

While I liked to sleep nude, I rarely went about the house nude. I typically wore a long T-shirt in the evenings and then as I got older I learned how soft my dad’s dress shirts felt to wear – not to mention how accessible they were! I normally didn’t strip down until I was ready to hit the hay.


So this Christmas I had to make a choice, wear something to bed or close the door. Rather than put up with a nightshirt just so I could leave my door open, I decided to close the door. It was weird, my room seemed so much smaller with it shut! As usual, I woke up horny as hell so my hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it moved between my legs and started to rub my already wet pussy. I found myself wishing my dad could come in and greet me as he usually did in the mornings but instead I could hear my grandfather out in the hall wishing my dad good morning.

My grandparents, at least those on my dad’s side, had no idea what their son’s family did in the privacy of their home. I masturbated as I imagined what he would say if he were to walk to the bathroom and see my bedroom door open allowing him a view of his son fucking his granddaughter! It made me cum thinking about it even though I knew it would never happen. Some things just can’t be understood by people and I knew my grandparents would never be able to comprehend my true relationship with my parents.

I know I had to get up soon so I picked out a light blue dress shirt of my dad’s I kept hidden in my closet so my mom wouldn’t take it, and put it on to serve as my pajamas for Christmas. In what I guess you could call a small act of defiance, I decided not to wear anything else under it, not even a thong. The shirt tails hung down just almost to my knees so as long as I didn’t get too carried away there should not be any danger of flashing my grandparents but it felt incredibly erotic anyway when I stepped out into the hallway to see my grandparents and parents there. My mom looked at me and I think she could tell from the twinkle in my eye what I was wearing (or rather, NOT wearing) and she shot me a look of disapproval. I just grinned and rolled my eyes for her. After all, it’s not like she could say anything to me at the time!

“So Kelly,” my grandma said, “You all ready to open Santa’s presents?”

“Sure!” bakırköy escort I exclaimed and I bounded down the stairs ahead of them.

I was barefoot and almost slipped about halfway down but I just laughed it off and continued down the next flight into the basement where the family room was. The tree was surrounded by presents just as it had been the night before. My parents had long since given up on hiding anything so it wasn’t like Santa had arrived during the night or anything. The difference was that now I finally got to open them!

My parents and grandparents soon arrived and I served as the gift presenter, handing out the various packages to each recipient. Needless to say almost everything I got was some form of clothing with a few gift cards mixed in. They were outfits I needed for school and as such were all fairly conservative.

As the morning went on and the last of the gifts were opened, I looked out of the corner of my eye to my dad. He caught my eye and I knew he understood what I was silently questioning him. He silently mouthed a “later” to me and I grinned, wondering just what he had gotten me this year but even more, how he was going to give it to me with his parents here. Grandma and Grandpa were certainly not going to enjoy seeing me in my new outfit – at last I hoped not! My worries were soon answered when my grandma stood up and pulled my grandpa up off the couch next to me.

“C’mon old man,” she teased him, “let’s get cleaned up and dressed so these folks can have their bathroom.

My grandpa pretended to be put off by her statement and replied, “Now who are you calling an old man anyway – old woman!”

We all laughed and they headed up the stairs. No sooner were they out of sight then my dad reached behind his chair and pulled out what I had been awaiting for – his secret present!

“You didn’t think I’d forget about this I hope Kelly,” my dad said with that sly grin I loved to see on his face.

I knew whenever I saw that expression that he was getting horny and so whatever was in that box must be pretty good to get him going without me even opening it. I grabbed the box from him like a spoiled child and quickly tore off the paper. The box was just plain white without a hint of where it came from or what was inside. I slipped off the top and saw tissue paper inside. Reaching through the paper I finally saw what it was and I looked up at him with a huge grin on my face.

“Oh daddy!” I exclaimed, “It’s perfect.”

I pulled out the outfit – it was a classic “little black dress”. It was obviously low cut and from the length of it I knew it certainly wasn’t going to cover much more than my ass- if that! There was just something sexy about the dress – even more so than a skimpy bikini, sheer nightie, or naughty cheerleader outfit. I stood up and held it up against me. It was practically weightless and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I kissed him and twirled around and ran right to my room.

My grandparents were in their room so I closed the door and quickly stripped off the shirt and pulled the dress down over my head. There was no way a bra was going to fit under it, even if I wanted such a thing. My dad hadn’t included any panties so I stayed bottomless. If I ever wore this out in public though I knew I would need something under it – probably a nice black thong.

Looking in the mirror, I saw it took only the slightest bending over to make it slip up my ass! I loved the way it clung to my body, like it was painted on me. My boobs looked great and as excited as I was my nipples were clearly visible thought the thin material. I opened the door to head back downstairs and was caught by surprise – my grandfather was just coming out of the bathroom. He looked at me and my outfit and a strange look came over his face, as if he just didn’t know quite what to say. Then he just looked away and went back to their bedroom as if he didn’t want to know anything more.

Oh well, I figured, may as well go for it now so I went back down to the family room where my mom and dad were waiting for me. My dad let out a wolf whistle while my mom snapped a few pics of me.

“Damn John,” my mom exclaimed, “that has to be the sexiest outfit you’ve bought her yet. Good work dad!”

My dad was clearly proud of himself. I twirled around in front of him while my mom snapped off a few more shots.

“Oh daddy, I love it!” I exclaimed and I jumped in his lap and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

He put his big arms around me and held me tightly against him as we kissed long and hard. I loved it when he held me this way. It reminded me of when I was a little girl scared at night and he would come into my room and hold me until I felt safe again. Nothing made me feel as secure and safe as being in my dad’s arms. It was the once place in the world where I knew nothing would happen to me, that he would never do anything to hurt me in anyway nor would he let anything else başakşehir escort hurt me.

“Hey girl,” my mom called out to me, “Doesn’t your Mom get something for everything you’ve gotten this year?

I grinned at her. She must have been pretty turned on seeing me kissing my dad as usually when we were together she just liked to sit back and watch us. I gave my dad a peck in the cheek and moved over to my mom. Sitting next to her we leaned towards one another and I felt her lips meet mine as we entered into a sensuous and loving kiss.

“Slip that dress off,” she murmured to me softly.

As I did she opened her robe and I saw she was naked underneath. My mom may be in her forties now but you would never know it looking at her body which looked at least ten years younger. Granted she worked hard to keep it that way with her diet and exercise but there were some things that only good genes could take care of and I hoped they were in me as I would love to look as good as her when I got to her age!

“Mmmmmmm, I want you,” she whispered to me as I sat down next to her naked. This was something special for me as it was very rare for her to ask me that – especially when my dad was around. In fact, this was the first time she had interrupted us to ask me to be with her so I knew something special indeed was happening here.

I never even looked over to my dad as I put my arms around my mom’s neck and we kissed like two passionate lovers. She had her arms around me and she pulled me tightly against her nude body. I loved the feel of our bodies touching like this, the soft, warm touch of my mother’s nude body against mine. It seemed only natural to be with her like this, for a daughter to be so close to her mother.

It was different than being with my dad. With him I was giving myself to him for his pleasure. I would have done anything for my dad, ANYTHING – all he had to do was ask. With my mom it was more like I was blending with her, merging with my mom to create something more than the two of us apart. I can’t hardly explain it but it is like nothing I feel with anyone else and I doubt I will ever fell with anyone – even my husband.

I heard a snap and realized my dad was taking pictures of us. I couldn’t blame him, it wasn’t often he got to see his wife and daughter like this. Usually we concentrated on him when he was around and only did this when we were alone. I wondered what he would do with them later – maybe even masturbate when he was alone and needed some “encouragement”?

My mom laid back on the couch, pulling me down on top of her. My hair fell over her face as we kissed some more. I kissed her neck and worked my way slowly down to her breasts, sucking on her nipples softly at first and then pulling on them harder with my teeth. She squeezed her boobs while I sucked on them and licked them, pushing them up against my face. As she continued to play with them I kissed her stomach and slowly made my way until the edges of her pubic hair met my face. I could smell the scent of her pussy and knew she must have been quite wet for it to be that strong already. As I knelt down between her spread legs I put my hands up and under her ass, lifting her into my face as I kissed the top of her pussy and then licked her clit gently.

“Oh Kelly,” my mom moaned softly, “I love it when you do that… Mmmmmmm, lick me.”

Well, I loved licking her just as much as she enjoyed me doing it! My tongue worked its way down her pussy slit until it was running circles around the wet opening to her pussy. I loved the taste of my mom’s pussy. It was so much stronger than the younger girls I had oral sex with like my cousin Kristi or my college roomie Jen.

That seemed to be true in general of older woman since my Aunt Linda and my mom’s friend Tammy were more like my mom. I think part of it was just the fact it was my mother’s pussy that I had my face buried in. This was the same pussy from which I emerged over twenty years ago and now here I was pushing my tongue back inside of it. Could she have dreamed when she gave birth to me so long ago that someday the same girl who was giving her so much pain then would be able to give her so much pleasure in return? My mom’s pussy was the first one I had ever tasted other than my own and no matter who I am with in the future I know it will always be my favorite one!

As I swirled my tongue around her clit I poked one finger inside her pussy, penetrating her as far as I could reach and then followed it with another and then yet another one. I fucked her with my fingers while my lips grabbed her clit, tugging gently on it while my tongue ran over the hard tip. My mom’s ass clenched in my hands and her hips lifted up against me. I felt her hands on the top of my head, driving me down into her crotch, forcing me into her pussy. Suddenly a gush of pussy cum emerged, drenching me and flooding my face with her fluids.

“Oh fuck!!” she cried out, “God I’m cumming… bebek escort make me cum Kelly, make me cum harder!”

Her hips bucked like a bronco under me as she fucked my face which was now covered in her pussy cum. I could hear her gasping as she struggled for breath. Then she lifted her hips up and held them there as the last great wave of pleasure coursed through her body. I never stopped licking her as I wanted her to have a great orgasm, to make her feel wonderful, to be a good daughter for my mother. As she finally collapsed onto the couch I slowly played my tongue around her pussy slit and crotch. God I loved the way she tasted!

Then to my surprise I felt something pushing against my pussy from behind. It could only be one thing of course – my dad’s stiff cock. Mmmmmmm, yes! My daddy was going to fuck me! Sure enough without a word my horny father pushed his incestuous cock harder against my cunt and I felt myself spreading apart as the head forced its way inside of me.

My mom could see him from where she was laying and encouraged him saying, “Oh yea John, fuck her… fuck your daughter good, god she deserves your best after what she just did to me!”

I kept my mouth firmly on my mom’s crotch so I didn’t say anything. There really was no need to as my dad was going to do it regardless of what I said anyway. After all, he knew he was welcome to fuck me any time he wanted to so he didn’t have to ask. One of my favorite things he did was to sneak in my room while I was sleeping and see how far he could get into me without waking me. God, what could be more erotic than to wake up with your father’s cock already inside of you and wonder what he had been doing while I was asleep?!

“Merry fucking Christmas, Kelly,” my dad said cheerfully as he shoved his cock with one hard push deep inside of me.

He started stroking himself in and out of me, slamming himself into my ass with a slapping sound each time. When his body met mine it would drive me forward and press my face hard into my mom’s pussy which had the effect of pushing it against her clit making her gasp as well. She was still playing with her boobs and moaned each time my wet face slide in tight against her clit.

My dad was holding my hips with his hands, pulling me into him as he fucked me and then pushing me away as he withdrew. He liked to slowly pull out until his cock was barely in me, the head almost ready to plop out of my cunt and then quickly drive it in to the hilt in one smooth movement. I was so wet his cock made a sloppy sound as it disappeared inside of me and I could feel my own orgasm beginning to rise in me. It had been ages since I had been in the middle of my parents this way and I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible so it certainly didn’t take much to bring me to a climax. I moaned against my mom’s pussy and she knew what that meant.

“Get ready John, she’s cumming!” my mom exclaimed.

“You don’t have to tell me, honey,” my dad groaned, “God she can squeeze with that pussy!”

Guys have always told me that when I cum my pussy squeezes their cocks really hard – sometimes to the point they say it hurts. All I knew was that at a moment like this it felt like it was on fire, pulsing with pleasure that passed throughout my entire body. Nothing else came close to making me feel this, like I was in some dream world where nothing else existed except the tingling in my body and the sheer ecstasy that overwhelmed me.

It was only natural for my pussy to try to hold onto the wonderful cock in it that was responsible for making it feel so good! I never wanted it to end but eventually the surges running through me died down and I felt myself returning back to the world once again. If this is how it feels to be on drugs then I can understand why people are addicted! Fortunately I was able to summon it without a needle!

Looking up from my mom’s crotch I could see her lifting her head to see me past her boobs. She was smiling and I smiled back at her. My dad pulled out of me and twisted my hips. I understood what he wanted and as I got up my mom sat up on the couch. I laid on my back with my head in her lap, one leg lifted up on the back of the couch and the other hanging over the edge giving my dad a clear view of my open pussy. My mom stroked my hair with one hand and reached down to play with my pussy with the other. She twiddled my clit while my dad lined up for another shot at fucking me.

I lifted my hips so he could put a pillow under my ass and then he knelt on one knee with his other foot on the floor. Holding his cock he scooted in until it was pushing up against my pussy where my mom grabbed it and used it like a dildo to rub my clit. It felt wonderful to have my parents working together to make me feel this good and at that moment I felt so much love for them! Who could ask for better parents?! I looked up at my mom and our eyes met.

“Oh mom,” I sighed, “I love you both soooooo much!”

“We love you too Kelly,” my mom replied, “now hold still so your dad can fuck you again. I think it’s his turn to cum now!”

I realized that I must have been wiggling my hips as my clit was stimulated with his cock head so I tried as best I could to relax and lay still while my mom directed my dad’s cock to my pussy hole.

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