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I received an urgent call from my niece, Martha. She wanted me to come to her college apartment for a visit. My last visit ended up in hot sex with my niece. For the past few months I was avoiding the temptation of seeing her again. Her phone call changed all that.

When I arrived at her place, Martha opened the door and threw her arms around me. When she pulled back I saw the reason for her wanting me to visit. Her belly was showing from behind her t-shirt. She was pregnant. I guess my mouth dropped when I looked her up and down.

“I’m pregnant Ken,” said Martha. “I can see that,” was the only thing I could manage to say.

She clutched at me, drawing me tightly to her body. I had noticed that her already big tits had gotten bigger. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the shorts she had on were skin tight as well. As Martha rubbed against me, I could feel my cock starting to grow hard. Was this what she had in mind? If so, I was having a hard time resisting her.

She brought her mouth to mine and we tongue kissed. I had my hands all over her chest, massaging those big titties I so loved. I felt Martha reaching for my belt and undoing my pants and lowering my underwear. I pulled my shirt off and kicked my shoes and socks off as well. şirinevler türbanlı escort Martha quickly shed what little bit of clothes she had on, and kicked them to the side.

The sofa was close and Martha pulled me on top of her. She was panting and had pulled her legs wide apart for me. I got in between her thighs and she took hold of my stiff cock. She guided it right to her wet opening.

“I have needed this so bad Ken, please fuck me,” she told me.

I slipped my cockhead into her and then slowly pushed forward. Martha threw her head back and I shoved every inch of me into her hot pussy. My niece screamed like a stuck pig when I buried my cock all the way inside her. We got right down to it and I shoved my cock in and out of her. Martha threw her legs around my waist, not allowing me to pull out very far.

I had no intention of pulling out. I was just so hot for her, I hoped I wouldn’t cum immediately. Her pussy was a red hot inferno. She was using her pussy muscles to work on my stiff pecker. I had missed this so much, I didn’t know why I had avoided her. She was the hottest little fuck I had ever experienced.

As I ground my cock into her hole, my sacs were rapping şirinevler ucuz escort against her asscheeks. They were wet from love juices and were making a loud slapping noise each time I rammed her.

“Please Ken, I need you to cum in me,” Martha was begging me.

I was almost there. I reached out and took each tit in a hand and squeezed it. Martha’s pussy was going into convulsions as I massaged her big cans. A few more strokes of my cock and I unloaded my hot seed into my niece. I could feel me spurting at least five large loads into her wet passage. I just kept pumping into her until we both collapsed.

I left my cock in her pussy until I finally went soft and slid out. As soon as I pulled out, Martha reached for me. She took hold of my shaft and guided it to her mouth. She then inhaled me and licked our love cream off from my rod. As she worked her lips all around my boner I began to get hard again. When she finally had me up to strength, she had me lie with my back on the sofa.

Martha got on top and slipped her slimey, wet pussy lips down onto my cock. We began to fuck just as hard as the first time. I took hold of her ass and was kneading her cheeks. Martha moved smoothly up and şişli escort down on me. She slammed her pussy onto my cock and was moaning and begging me to fuck her harder. I then reached up and began to pinch her nipples as I arched my back to feed her every inch that I could muster.

We continued on like this until I felt the pinch of my balls and I knew I was about to cum again. This time I cried out and sent my hot blasts of seed into her love tunnel. Martha then milked me dry and fell onto my chest. We eventually recovered and then it was time to decide what we were going to do.

Martha wanted to have the baby so we needed to come up with a story to cover our tracks. Martha said she would tell her parents she was pregnant by a student at school, but she didn’t know which one. That meant she would be telling my sister and her husband that she had been sleeping around. That was the best we could do.

Once she told her parents, they were furious. However there was nothing they could do. Martha told them she would drop out of school. I then came into the story and told my sister I would help Martha get settled in the city where I lived. I would help her get a job and find a place to live. As I was a few hundred miles away, we both hoped mom and dad would not come and check on Martha.

Martha had a baby boy we named Justin. Martha now lives with me and her sex drive is off the scales. She needs it every day and I try to oblige. I am teaching her new sex positions and her body is so incredible. I will attempt to continue on with this story of our hot lovemaking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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