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When Eric came downstairs from his shower to see that Patrick and Lawrence were as he left them, on the floor sucking on each other and fighting the urge to cum in each other’s mouths. Eric paused at the bottom of the steps watching them. Since everything was out in the open, Eric did not dress after he showered.

He stood there, watching the two eighteen year olds finally enjoy one another. Eric’s cock began to inflate with lust as he watched. Unfortunately he would not be able to satisfy his urges just this second. It would be another year before they would join him in school, that is, if they could keep their hormones and urges in check and satisfied. He had to teach them that control. He had to teach them to help each other out.

“Enough you two.” Eric finally ordered, his cock dripping with desire. “I’m almost as horned up as you two watching you nurse on each other.” The two young men sat up, their lips glistened with spit and precum. The two looked at Eric who gave his silent permission with a nod.

The two young men began kissing, their tongues wrestling with each other. Their hands roamed over each other. Eric was just as turned on by watching them kiss as he had been when he was watching them suck. Eric sat on the couch, his legs spread wide so he could stroke his eight inch creek.

The two boys finally stopped, looking over at Eric. They crawled toward Eric, toward his open legs with one singular thought on their young minds. When they reached for his cock, Eric slapped their hands away. “This weekend isn’t going to be about me fucking you, but you fucking each other.”

The two boys sat back on their hunches, looking disappointed. “I didn’t say that I wasn’t going to fuck you. I just need you two to learn to satisfy each other’s needs till you graduate and come to school with me.” Eric leaned down and kissed his brother Patrick first then his friend Lawrence. “I can’t wait to see you plowing each other’s asses.”

Patrick and Lawrence looked at each other and then at Eric. They weren.t opposed to the idea, but they weren’t sure how to do it. Eric saw the uncertainty in their faces. He reached out with his hands and ruffled their hair. “Oh, this is going to be hot as fuck watching you two of you fuck.” Eric returned to stroking his cock. “Go ahead and get on all fours, Lawrence. I want to watch my little bro in action first.”

“Yes, sir.” Lawrence quickly got up on his hands and knees, his ass pointed at his best friend. “Come on, Patrick, show your brother that you’re going to take good care of this ass while he’s gone.” Lawrence cock throbbed under him knowing that he was putting on a show. “Fuck my soccer boy butt.”

Patrick was idly stroking his cock. He looked at his best friend’s ass, so hard and plump. “Damn, this is like a fantasy come true.” Patrick was licking his lips. “Eric, antalya escort I know you want to see me fuck him, but there’s just something I have got to do first.” Patrick moved behind Lawrence, put his hand on his muscled cheeks and buried his face in Lawrence’s ass.

Eric watched Lawrence tense, arching his back up then down as he relaxed and enjoyed the slide of Patrick’s tongue against his hole. He could tell Lawrence was keeping quiet on purpose, like they were trying not to get busted for fooling around. “Lawrence, I won’t know if he’s doing a good job if you don’t make some sort of sound.”

It was like a switch was turned on. Lawrence was moaning and whimpering. “Fuck, Patrick, eat that ass. Fuck, yeah.” Lawrence balled his hands into fists. He was trying not to reach under himself and stroke his cock. “Damn, Patrick, you can eat that ass anytime, fuck.”

Lawrence arched his back when he felt the slow slide of Patrick’s hand up his spine. “Fuck, Patrick — Fuck!” Lawrence screamed with sexual delight from Patrick’s rapidly flicking his tongue into his hole. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Lawrence closed his eyes and tossed his head back. Lawrence then felt the sting of Patrick’s hand on his ass cheek. “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you in those running shorts.” Patrick pushed a finger into Lawrence, feeling the warmth of Lawrence’s insides around his finger. “You ready for me to fuck you, man? Are you ready to feel my dick in you?”

“Shove that cock in my ass already.” Lawrence snarled back at him. Patrick put one hand on the small of Lawrence’s back, the other taking his cock. Patrick rubbed the tip of his cock over Lawrence’s hole, leaving a glistening coat of precum. “Quit teasing and fuck me already.” Patrick ignored the plea, rubbing his cock head up and down Lawrence’s crack, leaving a sticky trail of precum.

When he had enough fun playing, Patrick pushed forward, popping his eight inch cock into Lawrence. He rested the head just inside of Lawrence. This was his first time ever fucking a guy. Eric had sucked him off in the past, but this was different. It was warm and soft, yet tight. Patrick moved a little further into Lawrence. Lawrence moaned.

Inch by inch, Patrick pushed into his best friends. Lawrence was moaning louder and louder the further he pushed in. He moved both hands to hold onto Lawrence’s hips. Patrick looked down to watch the last inch disappear into Lawrence. Patrick didn’t know what was hotter, that he was buried in his best friend’s ass or that his brother was watching.

Patrick closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feel, then pulled slightly out then pushed back in. Lawrence moaned. “Make him moan louder.” Patrick looked over at his brother who was fisting his nine inch cock. “Make him feel good, little brother. I need to know he’ll be properly taken care lara escort of while I’m gone.”

Patrick returned his attention to Lawrence. He slowly began sawing his dick in and out, getting used to the motion. He normally was the one having his ass plowed. This was different. He liked it. He didn’t like it as much a as taking dick, but he liked it. “Damn, this does feel good.”

Patrick began picking up his pace pulling Lawrence back onto his cock with every pump. “Damn, Lawrence.” Patrick began bucking hard into Lawrence. He knew Lawrence could take it. He’d been taking Eric’s cock, and Eric wasn’t gentle. “God.” Patrick closed his eyes then raised up one leg so he could vary the angle of his thrust. “Anytime you need dick in your ass, just call me.”

Patrick continued on, varying his thrust and angle into Lawrence. He ran a hand over the small of Lawrence’s back. He looked over at Eric and asked, “Is this what it’s like when you’re fucking me? Do I make you feel this good?” Eric didn’t answer, just gave him a wink. “I love the feel of him on my cock.”

Patrick returned his attention to Lawrence. The need to please was ingrained in Patrick and pleasuring Lawrence was his sole drive now. He punched his dick hard into Lawrence. Every moan and groan Lawrence let out, just encouraged Patrick to continue on. He changed his angle and speed with each thrust. He trying to stay off the impending detonation of his cock in Lawrence, but he couldn’t last much longer.

Patrick’s face contorted, squinched up, and then he tensed up. Patrick gripped Lawrence hips and pulled him back hard against his rapid slams. Patrick felt it through his body. His teeth clenched. He roared, “Fuck!” Then his cock pulsed, shooting his first of many loads into his best friend. Patrick pumped his cock till every last drop of cum was in Lawrence.

He let go of Lawrence’s hips, then slowly pulled out. He was already missing the feeling of Lawrence around his dick. “Damn.” Patrick was breathing heavy. Lawrence was still on all fours in front of him. He wasn’t sure why, but Patrick shoved two fingers into him, feeling how sloppy wet he had made Lawrence’s hole.

“Nice.” Eric smiled. He was still slowly stocking his own cock, edging himself. “That was hot as fuck watching you pound him, little brother.” Patrick pulled his fingers out of Lawrence then fell back on his ass. “I bet it’s going to be just as hot watching you get fucked by Lawrence.”

Eric glanced at Lawrence. He was now sitting on his ass, his hard cock resting on his thigh. Eric saw the hunger in his eyes as he looked at his best friend. “Lawrence, I think it’s your turn to try some ass.” Lawrence looked at Eric, a silent exchange happening between them. “Take it.”

Lawrence pounced, knocking Patrick onto his back. Lawrence kissed Patrick, manavgat escort silencing any startled cry from Patrick. Lawrence rutted against Patrick. He reared up between Patrick’s legs, took hold of his ankles and pushed them to his chest, revealing that sweet puckered hole.

“I want to see your face while I fuck you.” Lawrence held both ankles with his left hand then spit into his right. He rubbed his spit across Patrick’s hole then stroked his own cock with his hand. He pushed forward, the head of his cock brushing along Patrick’s crack. “This ass is mine.”

Lawrence pushed forward, the head of his cock entered Patrick. “Mmmm.” Lawrence moaned, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He opened his eyes, looked down at his best friend. He was in awe at the feel of Patrick around his cock. “You feel so good on my dick, does my dick feel good in you?”

Patrick took in a deep breath then let it out. “Yes. Oh, God, yes.” A grin spread across his face. Lawrence smiled back, pressed Patrick’s legs to his chest then began sliding his cock in and out. He felt Patrick gripping him, trying to keep him buried deep. He saw the pleasure on Patrick’s face, the pleasure he was giving Patrick.

Just like Patrick had done, Lawrence made sure every push in and pull out was giving the maximum amount of pleasure. It turned him on to see Patrick below him with his legs pinned to his chest, enjoying himself. Lawrence planted his hands on either side of Patrick and rested his legs on his shoulders. “That ass feels good on my dick, you know that.”

Lawrence leaned down and kissed him, thrusting hard into Patrick. Patrick put his arms around Lawrence. He was making soft sex noises that drove Lawrence wild with lust. Lawrence broke the kiss, rearing up. He took an ankle in each hand and pulled Patrick’s legs apart, letting out a purring growl.

He pulled out just a little and let a wad of spit from his mouth fall onto his shaft, then he shoved his cock hard into Patrick over and over again. Patrick’s was bouncing along Lawrence’s thick seven inch cock. “You’re milking me.” Lawrence accused. “You want that load in you don’t you, babe.”

“Shoot it in me.” Patrick said softly. Those words triggered Lawrence. He was pumping hard into Patrick, shooting his pent up load into his best friends, filling him with his cum. “Fill me up, Lawrence.” Patrick encouraged as Lawrence grunted his release. “Damn, I can feel him leaking out of me already.”

Lawrence kept pumping hard into Patrick till he finally let go of Patrick’s legs and fell on top of his best friend. “I am going to fuck that ass every chance I get.” Lawrence said with a sleepy sigh. Patrick put his arms around his best friend. “And we get to share your brother. How could this get any better?”

Eric looked down at his brother and his best friend wrapped in each other’s arms. He was still stroking his cock. He stood up, moving over them and blew his load. Cum rained down on them. When he was done, he licked his hand clean. “Go get cleaned up while I order us some pizzas. We need fuel and rest. It’s going to be a long weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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