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How can I describe my family life to anybody who’s reading this? It’s so screwed up that we were actually rejected from appearing on Jerry Springer. And for anybody who has ever watched that show would know that they would show practically everything. In order to describe my family I should start with my mother. She first got pregnant with my sister by her 35 year old stepfather when she was only 13 years old. When my grandmother found out, she broke vase over his head and called the police. He died in prison a few years later during a prison riot. When she was 15 she got pregnant with me, this time by her boyfriend who was only 1 year older than her. But he was shot dead by the police after he robbed a local convenient store and killed the clerk.

My grandmother, who was always a patient woman, tried her best to change her daughter’s life after that. For a short while it worked, she graduated high school with a B+ average, she was attending secretarial school and started to date respectable gentleman. But it turned out that those respectable gentleman were actually perverted Johns. My grandmother found out when she got a call from the police saying that her daughter was arrested for prostitution. Social services almost took me and my sister away until grandma convinced them to give my mom a second chance. But after her probation was over she was back at it again. She got a job at a local strip club as a stripper, and giving $15 couch dances. At that point grandma didn’t care as long as she was staying out of trouble.

Grandma died about eight years ago, so it was just my mom who had to take care of us now. It wasn’t so bad; she managed to clean some of her act over the years. She stopped smoking pot and drinking. She attended all kağıthane escort of our school functions. She gave us practically whatever we asked for. It was difficult having a stripper for a mother, some kids have taunted me about it and I had to kick their asses for it. She was a good dancer too, and extremely beautiful. She had a well-toned body with long slender legs, an ass that any man would die to get their hands on. She also had long black hair that went down half way down her back, big luscious lips, and a pair of beautiful 36DD Tits. I know that she was my mother and all, but damn she was hot. I am not ashamed to admit that I fantasized about her plenty growing up. Sometimes I would fantasize about her and my sister being together.

But then I eventually found out that since my grandmother died, my mother has taken up prostitution again. There was a place under the club that she works at where she and some of the other dancers would take some of their customers to get paid for sex or blowjobs. For some reason I didn’t care, maybe it was because it wasn’t too surprising for me to hear that she was capable of doing these things.

When my sister Sally turned 18 she began working at the club as well. My mother told her that she was her younger sister, because it would’ve raised a lot of questions of their short age difference. And it wasn’t long before she started selling herself for money just like our mother. Sally also had black hair, but cut down to her shoulders. She also had great body, with a great pair of 36C tits. Her nipples where bigger than our mothers, the kind that would make your mouth water because you couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to suck on them.

After kartal escort high school I decided to take a couple of years off to go to work before going to college. I got a job at the same club that my mother works at. She told them that I was her cousin; it just seemed more practical that way. My duties included bartending, cleaning, playing the music, announcing the dancers, and the biggest one of them all, bouncer for the downstairs rooms where some of the girls take their customers for sex. I didn’t mind seeing my mother or sister dancing naked, I was already used to seeing it at home. Sometimes they would walk naked around the house. And they already knew that I knew about them being prostitutes, so they didn’t mind that I was the bouncer for those private rooms.

One day I was working the private rooms and I saw both my mom and my sister going into the same room with some guy. I left my post and walked over to an area in the back that had two way mirrors into looking into each of the rooms. I resisted the urge to watch them before, but I was just too curious and had to look. I found the one that they walked into and my jaw literally dropped from what I saw. The guy they were with was sitting in a chair on the left side of the room, while my mom and sister were both making out with each other in the middle the room. It was the most erotic site that I have ever seen. They held each other in this passionate embrace, squeezing each others bodies tightly until their tits smooshed right into each other. They kissed each other with such passion; it was like they forgot that they were even related.

They took each others bra’s off and took turn feeling and sucking on each other’s titties. I can tell that küçükçekmece escort my mother must’ve had sex with a lot of women in the past because of the way she sucked her daughter’s tits so well. Sally was actually getting aroused by the way she had her nipples sucked. Damn, I wished I was there doing that for her.

Sally got down on her knees and pulled down our mother’s panties. She stuck her face between her mother’s legs and into her shaved pussy, and began to eat her out. My mother began to moan wildly, she grabbed Sally’s head with one hand and held it there while squeezing her nipple with the other.

After about five minutes my sister pulled her head away and lied down on the floor. My mom got down on to the floor with her, pulled Sally’s panties off and began to lick her pussy. I had my hands down my pants the whole time whacking off the biggest hard on that I have ever had in my life. This was all like a dream come true for me, almost every one of my sick fantasies about my sister and mother were coming true before my very eyes.

After my mom got done eating my sister’s pussy, they both sat right up. They moved in close too each other until their pussies began to touch each other. They both started to grind their hips into each other to rub their pussy into the other. They moved faster and faster into each other, they held each other’s shoulders to keep their balance.

They finished about ten minutes later. I came a lot in my pants. They guy they brought in was pulling up his pants; I completely forgot that he was in there jerking off to them. He paid them their money, which seemed to be a lot more than they usually get for performing lesbian sex. But I guess he had to pay extra because they were related (he probably still thinks they are sisters.)

I ran back to my post before they came out. They guy went back upstairs and my mom and sister walked right past me as if nothing was wrong. At that point, I knew I had to have them both, so I began planning how I was going to do it.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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