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Her name is Kendra and she’s my best friend Matt’s girlfriend.

Kendra is the girl next door and one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever known.

She’s also one of the most beautiful.

She’s a petite little 21 year-old standing at 5′ 2″ with milky white skin and long auburn hair that she usually keeps tinted various shades of orange and red. Kendra is a hard girl to ignore in a crowd and has an infectious smile that makes you fall in love with her every time you see it. As for her body, well it’s not hard to imagine that angels look like her. She has a little bubble butt and medium-sized breasts she keeps well hidden on most days. I think on more than one occasion has she caught me glimpsing down a low-cut top deep inside the forbidden space inside her clothing. But every time she has, she always flashes a devilish smile at me and winks. She’s somewhat of a flirt with me and it’s hard not to flirt back even though I know she’s a taken woman. She started dating Matt over the summer last year while I was spending a summer abroad in Europe. When I came back, the two were hitting it off pretty hot and heavy. I, of course, was nervous that the introduction of such a perfect woman into my friend’s life meant that I would be marginalized immediately, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, Kendra liked me so much that I ended up becoming the de facto third wheel on many dates with the new couple (though I never felt like it since I enjoyed spending so much time with Kendra). And what was most shocking of all was that Matt totally didn’t seem to mind. Him and I were friends ’til the end as they say, and I would never dream of betraying him by making any sort of a real pass at Kendra. But it seemed that Matt had other plans.

It started innocently enough.

Matt owed me some money that I lent him a month or two back when it happened, but then, as it were, he happened to get laid off at his job. I was struggling as was to pay the bills and really needed the money, but knew Matt was strapped so I wanted to ask for the cash as delicately as I could. Matt told me he wasn’t going to be able to pay me back until he started working again. I tried to be firm and tell Matt that I really needed that money since my hours at work had been slashed. Matt told me he simply couldn’t get the cash together, but might have something else I’d want.

“How would you like a naked picture of Kendra? Would that make us even?”

I couldn’t believe my ears when Matt brought up the notion of trading a naked picture of Kendra to me in place of the debt he owed me for many reasons. I was immediately excited knowing that just such a picture existed. I didn’t even know what to think. Was he being ironic or just pulling my chain? I had to find out.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Don’t act like you don’t want to see Kendra naked, you’re always staring at her. It’s so obvious you like her,” Matt replied.

“And, Kendra… she would be okay with this?” I asked nervously, still unsure that Matt was being honest.

“It’ll be our little secret, man.”

It was one thing to accept a naked picture of a girl if she assumed you would be viewing it, but to see that same picture behind her back felt a little dishonest.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea. What if she finds out?” I asked.

“She won’t. So long as you don’t tell her,” Matt said.

I tried to weigh all of my options and considered all of the outcomes to opening this can of worms with Matt, but my curiosity and feelings for Kendra overwhelmed my better judgment.

“How naked?” I asked skeptically. Matt just smiled.

“Enough to see that she is clean shaven,” Matt replied.

That piece of information struck me right in the groin.

“And you won’t be mad, my having this… seeing Kendra naked?” I asked.

“Nah, you’re my best friend. And I know you kind of like her so… why not?”

I considered and then agreed to Matt’s suggestion.

That night, Matt e-mailed me a photo of Kendra, naked as the day she was born sprawled out on Matt’s couch. She was completely hairless, shaved clean and smooth. Her breasts were medium-sized with puffy pink areoles and rock hard nipples that sat perfectly on top flawless mounds of flesh on her chest. The sight of a good friend of mine naked who was actually my best friend’s girlfriend got me rock hard instantly. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her, the real her. No clothes, no accessories, just a naked young woman exploring her sexuality and sharing it with a man she trusted. At the time I thought that man had betrayed that trust, and in a weird way that made me almost angry, but little did I know how wrong I was.

The next day when I saw Kendra, I couldn’t stop staring at her body every second I got, which was hard to ignore since she was wearing a low-cut halter-top. After Matt, Kendra, and I all had a few beers, we started getting silly and Kendra and I ended up wrestling around on the floor tickling each other. On more than a few occasions, gaziemir escort bayan Kendra and I met eyes and shared a few intimate moments together. Later that evening, her and I ended up lying in each other’s arms while Matt watched television beneath us on the floor. Feeling Kendra’s skin on mine, reveling in the sensation of her caressing and playing with my arm while we all mindlessly stared at a screen across a room, made it damn near impossible not to become aroused. Plus, I could see right down her shirt from this angle and inside her bra. During most of the movie I was staring right at my best friend’s girlfriend’s actual naked breasts, the ones I had masturbated to furiously over and over to for many nights already. It was a lousy angle, but it was all I had. After a while, Matt started channel surfing and stopped when the image of a beautiful young girl sucking on a thick, meaty cock filled the screen. My heart immediately skipped a beat not because I had never seen anything like this, but because Kendra was lying in front of me.

Was she okay with this? Matt would obviously know better if this weren’t the case.

“Wow, she looks like she’s having fun,” Matt said lackadaisically.

“I would too if I were her, look at that thing,” Kendra stated, clearly commenting on the size of the gargantuan cock the young girl was surrendering to her throat.

The shock of hearing any girl comment on porn positively, let alone Kendra, shocked me beyond words and instantly I felt myself grow hard. I tried to reposition so that Kendra couldn’t feel, but she repositioned quickly so that we ended up spooning on the couch and my crotch grinded into her supple ass from behind. I tried to find an appropriate place for my hand, but Kendra sensed my frustration and eventually just placed it over her breast on top of her clothing. I grew nervous that Kendra could feel me, sense me pressing against her from behind while I grew more and more excited at the sight of a young girl giving a blowjob in front of Kendra and her boyfriend. Then, without warning, Kendra backed into me and caused my whole body to stir and all the blood in my body to rush to my penis. Kendra was toying with me now as we all watched, hypnotized by the sexually explicit video on screen.

“What do you think Matt?” Kendra asked out loud.

“I, uh… she certainly has good form,” I added nervously.

Just then, the male talent took the young helpless girl’s head into his hands and started to ram his thick cock in and out of her throat like a piston. The girl gagged and squirmed on screen as her eyes watered over and saliva started to spill out the corners of her mouth. It was an awful site to witness, but Kendra never blinked.

“God, I really need a good throat fucking,” Kendra added.

“You can go all the way too, this girl can’t,” Matt added.

“Wait, you… you can… go all the way?” I asked Kendra who turned and looked at me with the most devilish eyes. Matt was still distracted by the screen.

“She can take every inch,” Matt added.

After a little bit of flirtatiously suggestive looks, Kendra took my hand up to her mouth and deep-throated my fingers one by one, letting each one hit the back of her throat. I grew harder and harder as I pressed firmer and firmer into Kendra’s crotch from behind. Just then, the model on screen pulled his massive tool from the young girl’s throat and started shooting long, thick jets of white hot cum all over her face. The act was gratuitous and seemed somewhat degrading, but it turned me the hell on. Afterward, the young girl’s face was absolutely drenched in dripping semen.

“Wow, that’s a lot of cum,” I said.

“Lucky girl,” Kendra added.

My heart nearly missed a beat.

“Wait, you mean… you’ve… you let…” I stammered.

“Matt gives me facials all the time,” Kendra admitted. From that moment on, I couldn’t believe the most beautiful, delicate face had once been defiled by semen.

I looked down at Kendra, all over her face, and tried to imagine where all she had worn sperm on her face, and how much at a time, and what she might look like covered in it. Kendra obviously noticed this and just smiled.

“You mean, you’ve had cum… on your face?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I love feeling Matt dripping down my face. It’s like his reward to me for a job well done.”

“A blowjob well done,” Matt added slyly.

“Well, that’s really… cool.”

“Though I think I look a little more dignified then this girl, she looks simply out of her league covered like this,” Kendra said, calling attention to the young girl who looked oblivious on screen, reaching around for anything to wipe her face with.

“Have you ever cum on a girl’s face, Kyle?” she asked me.

“Always wanted to,” I added, Kendra now grinding into me at rhythm. “Especially a face as beautiful as yours,” I boldly added.

“Her face looks amazing facialized, Kyle,” Matt added nonchalantly.

“I escort gaziemir bet,” I added.

But before I knew it, Matt was already changing the channel and looking for something else. After a moment, I had to remind myself where I was and that my behavior with Kendra was now crossing a line into sexual territory. I attempted to calm myself down and started to breath normally again. Kendra seemed fine with this, neigh, almost disappointed. When I finally left, she kissed me goodbye and left the sweet taste of strawberries on my lips. By the time I got home, I was tearing off my clothes and heading to my e-mail to find a very naked Kendra waiting to be fantasized about, only this time I knew she actually did like receiving facials.

But before I could start, my cell phone buzzed and alerted me that I had a new message. It was a video message. I uploaded it and saw an attached text message.


Quizzically, I opened the video and the image of Kendra, naked as the day she was born, kneeling beneath a large cock (presumably Matt’s). My heart stopped when Kendra smiled up at the camera, at me, and then filled her mouth with a thick helping of cock. Matt was right, Kendra could go balls-deep as she continued to prove over and over again on screen. Kendra seemed to be a passionate lover and truly loved performing fellatio. She continuously swirled her tongue around Matt’s tip and sucked on his head over and over. Finally, she met eyes with the camera.

“Hey tiger,” Kendra said into the camera after pulling Matt’s erection.

“Hey beautiful, why don’t you put that cock back in your mouth?” he asked.

“In a second,” Kendra said, stroking my friend’s penis passionately beside her face.

“What are we doing today?” Matt asked, as if Kendra didn’t know.

“Giving me a facial!” Kendra exclaimed.

Kendra then stuffed Matt back in her mouth and a few minutes later, he was pulling out of her and stroking himself all over her face. A thick burst of hot white fluid finally erupted out of Matt’s cock and splattered into Kendra’s virgin forehead, rocketing up into her hair. Another burst splattered across her nose and soon Matt’s cock was literally rapidly erupting all over the beautiful face beneath it. Kendra seemed to enjoy every second of the facial as cum continued to land all over her.

And then it was over… and she was completely covered.

I was really embarrassed for Kendra, just seeing her like this. Her face was literally painted in a thick coating of sticky white semen. A thick batch of sperm on her forehead slid down the side of her nose into another thick pool of white. Most shocking was that her entire nose was literally coated in semen, thin strands of it connecting down over her glazed lips. Two thick strands plastered her left eye shut and clung tightly to her naked cheek. Another thick helping of Matt’s seed gathered around her lips and dripped down toward her wet chin. It was the most humiliating facial I had ever witness a girl receive. She finally looked up at Matt, her left eye unable to open properly as it was sealed shut. Only somebody who truly trusted another human being would make a video like this and let them be seen so vulnerable and sexualized. I felt like I was breaking my friend’s trust, but I couldn’t look away. Kendra, while humiliated on camera, looked captivating with cum on her face. It actually seemed like a look that really accentuated her beauty.

“I need a Kleenex,” Kendra said in the video.

“For what?” Matt asked.

“All this cum on my face,” Kendra replied.

“Leave it,” Matt seemed to order.

Matt continued to record Kendra who remained on her knees, the sticky mess of Matt’s seed running down her face. And then the video cut out.

I hadn’t even noticed how hard I had gotten off just watching the video. I consulted it numerous times that night and finally drained myself to sleep.

It all started the next day…

Matt invited me over to have some beers with him and Kendra in their hot tub, which was set up in a den-style basement they had just put in since remodeling their new home. I didn’t pass up the opportunity to see Kendra in a bikini and told my friends that I would be right over. Of course, I brought my swim trunks over to change right into. But when I arrived, I was shocked to see Kendra at the door clad only in a black bikini. She smiled and welcomed me in, but I could tell that she recognized my expression as shock. When Kendra finally turned around, I knew she knew that my eyes were on her supple butt, each perfectly formed cheek bouncing on top of her upper thighs with the concussion of each individual step she took. Up and down I watched her butt bounce all the way down the basement to where Mark was already in the hot tub. He offered me a beer, which I took immediately. After I excused myself to change, I realized that I was already half-staff excited and needed to calm down. I gave myself a few moments gaziemir escort and then changed into my swim trunks and returned to the hot tub where Kendra and Matt were already necking. They were definitely in love, and every time I turned around, their hands were all over each other, which drove me crazy most times. Many nights I would go home and masturbate furiously to the scents and images of Kendra I had compiled during the day. Today seemed like it would be no different. If only I knew how wrong I was.

After I stepped into the pool and we made small talk, I was mortified to find Kendra had caught me staring at her chest while she had turned around to grab a new beer.

“Like what you see?” Kendra asked playfully.

I averted my eyes immediately, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” I stammered.

“It’s okay, you can stare all you’d like,” Matt admitted. “It’s actually part of the reason we called you over today,” Matt admitted, taking a hit from his microbrew and returning it to the built-in icebox.

“Oh?” I asked coyly, trying to play off my embarrassment.

“Kyle, you and Matt have been best friends since middle school. And it’s no secret you like me…” Kendra began, which made my blood run cold. I quickly ignored Matt’s gaze, which I could feel burning into the side of my face just then.

“But maybe it is a secret that I like you,” Kendra then admitted, feigning nervousness.

That confused me, but perhaps I didn’t understand any of this. The alcohol was starting to permeate into my blood, but I wasn’t even buzzed. I had barely taken two hits of a light beer I had just been offered seconds ago and yet my whole world was tumbling and spinning.

“Kyle, Kendra and I have talked about this for a while, and well… we were wondering how you would feel about being Kendra’s second boyfriend?”

I couldn’t believe the question I had just been asked.

“Excuse me?”

“We already make a great team, the three of us. Why not admit that we both feel the same thing for Kendra and act on those feelings instead of having to pretend like there isn’t this big awkward elephant in the room every time the three of us are together,” Matt suggested diplomatically as he could. I turned back to Kendra who just smiled bashfully.

“I think it would be a beautiful way for the three of us to grow even closer, especially you and me, Kyle,” Kendra admitted.

“Like, an actual shared girlfriend?”

“Yes,” Matt admitted.

“I don’t know about you two, but I usually like to have sex with my girlfriends,” I admitted.

“And I would want you to have sex with me if you were my boyfriend,” Kendra said. “Why do you think I let Matt send you that picture… or the video of him cumming all over my face? I wanted you to know that you too could see me like that… or have me like that,” Kendra said, making me feel embarrassed immediately, but slightly better knowing that she had consented to each incident.

But still, I couldn’t believe what was being proposed in the hot tub right then and looked to Matt for confirmation. He just nodded.

“And it’s not just sex Kyle, though I’m sure we have a lot of that to get out of our systems. I want to be there for you and hold you and come over late at night. Of course we can’t tell anyone about this arrangement, but that will be half the fun.”

“Knowing that behind closed doors we’re both screwing you?” I blurted out.

“God yes! And that just got me so wet!” Kendra admitted.

“I really need a blowjob right now,” I admitted feeling flushed in the face, sweat beads beating down my temple and brow while my heart raced.

“I’d be more than happy to give you one,” Kendra admitted while moving over to me. “Since I absolutely love cock.”

“You do?”

“Kyle, she’s a total cum-slut. I cum on her face as often as I can…” Matt admitted.

“You’ve had cum on your face?” I breathed incredulously.

“All over,” Kendra admitted, reaching down and grabbing my aching, throbbing erection inside my swim trunks and moaning out with satisfaction when she gave it a firm squeeze.

“Is this hard for me, Kyle?” she asked, looking deep into my eyes.

“Yes, but first I want to see you naked,” I told her.

“Of course,” she admitted. “Since I am your girlfriend now.”

Kendra stood up, dripping wet, vapor wrapped around her creamy white body and just smiled down at me. She reached around and untied her bikini, which loosened up around her breasts. The whites of my eyes must have grown exponentially right then because Kendra playfully held the top to her chest for just a moment… and then let it fall away from her breasts. There they were, the perfect handful of malleable flesh, perfect milky white mounds with medium sized areoles and hard little nipples.

Both breasts were staring right back at me, perfectly shaped and in desperate need of attention. I reverted back to my most animalistic instinct and pulled her down to me and began to suck on one like an infant. Kendra moaned out in ecstasy as I started to squeeze and massage her other breast.

“Both of these are now yours… oh, God… that feels amazing. Keep sucking on my tit for as long as you’d like. I wish I could produce some milk for you…”

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