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I knew what I was doing when I chose my outfit for my 25th high school reunion. It was a bit of a corset, which caused my giant tits to cascade over the dress cups in an alluring fashion. The corset fanned out into a very short, stiff skirt that left little to the imagination when I sat down. I wore a garter belt with stockings and a pair of panties made of sheer, black fabric. A pattern was sewn into my dress’s bodice, a black floral print pleasing to the eye. The dress alone would have been too much, but I chose to top it off with a set of patent-leather over-the-knee boots. They had a long, stiletto heel that made me feel extra sexy.

I teased my husband with the boots for weeks before the event. I strode through the hallways wearing nothing but the shoes, traipsing back and forth across our living room and kitchen as if they were a catwalk. I wiggled my hips, making sure that my ass was on full display for my husband, Red.

“What do you think, Red? Am I getting better at walking in these things?” I tossed my dark hair over my shoulder and gave him a bright smile. “Do you think I will be the most glamorous hotwife at the reunion if I wear this?”

“You look delectable. Not a man at that reunion will be able to resist you,” Red praised me. He bent over to pick up a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor. His desk was facing the area that I had designated as my catwalk. He was now attempting to go back to work as if he didn’t want to see me walking anymore while he was trying to work.

I continued with my practice. I had to practice walking in the boots every day because they were rather dangerous to walk in. I needed to wear them in before the day of the event. I bought them specifically for my 25th high school reunion. I had been looking forward to this day for a long time, for several reasons. Red knew all about them because he was the sadistic man that had pulled me out of my shell and made me this way.

I hadn’t always been this brazen. I was a virgin throughout high school, and until I met Red. It took him a while, but he cracked my code and brought out the dirtiest, nastiest side of me. At first, I was timid and scared of what Red wanted, but I learned my place. I learned how to accept that my fate was in Red’s hands and what he wanted me to do was what I would do. He had become my dom, and I had learned to submit and obey. When he told me to fuck other men, I fucked them. I enjoyed my sex life with Red, and I was happy that he had gotten a phone call from Terry Gomez, a guy I had gone to high school with.

I used to have a crush on Terry Gomez when we were in school, but I never would have thought of actually talking to him about it. Terry was Hispanic and tall, with dark hair and dark, brooding eyes. I passed him in the hallways, and I would steal a glance, but I could never make direct eye contact with him. It had never occurred to me that Terry Gomez might actually have a crush on me too!

Wait! Did that mean that if I had told him back in high school that I liked him, I might have lost my virginity sooner? I scolded my high school self for being so shy, but I was proud of my progress as a sexual being. I had been allowing myself to be sexually used by other men for my husband’s amusement and pleasure. He liked watching me embrace the sluttiest parts of myself, and he enjoyed watching other people embrace them as well.

Terry Gomez had somehow found some of my pictures online. I knew which ones they were. Red and I had gone to a couple of bondage clubs, and he had taken a series of images of me being a complete and total slut at each of the clubs. Red carefully selected the sluttiest photos and uploaded them to a swinger’s site, where he hoped to find more men that might fuck me. Terry was one of the men that contacted Red, and he shared that he recognized me from high school.

Red told me all about their conversation, but only after stopping to make sure that this was the same guy that I had admitted to having a crush on back in high school.

“Oh, you’re in for the night of your life at your reunion! Terry says he wants a couple of turns fucking you!” Red’s eyes were shining brightly with excitement as he watched my face morph into an expression of total shock.

“Oh, my God! I can’t believe it!” I squealed, not even bothering to hide how excited I was about it. I looked at the photos Red had collected from Terry with disbelief. I didn’t need to hide my excitement. My excitement was what turned Red on more than anything. He loved seeing me get to be the total slut that I had discovered I was. I was just a cock-drunk, cum-guzzling, gangbang princess, and I was proud of myself.

“He says there are a bunch of other guys that will want a turn as well. Are you ready to show me what a cum slut you really are at your reunion, baby?” Red hissed in my ear and pressed his body up against the back of me. I could feel his cock hardening against my ass.

“Yes. I want to show you just how slutty I can canlı bahis be and prove to my high school acquaintances that I’m not the same innocent virgin I was back in school.” My voice was wavering, but there wasn’t nervousness behind it. This time there was nothing but excitement as I thought about Terry and finally having his cock inside me. I also wondered who these other men that wanted to fuck me were.

I made sure to do my makeup in an extra sultry fashion for the reunion. I put on my slutty dress and stockings and smiled. By the time I added the boots, I knew that I looked exactly the way I wanted to, like a slut. I needed every man at the reunion to realize I was horny, and this outfit was going to make it happen. I knew it would give me every man’s full attention. There was a brief moment of self-doubt as Red opened the door to the mid-range hotel banquet room where my reunion would take place. I stepped inside, ready for the fun to begin.

I made my grand entrance, keeping my head held high, and my shoulders back the way Red had coached me to do. Being a hotwife had given me the kind of confidence that I had always wanted to have. My heart was pounding with nervousness as I greeted my old classmates. I walked past all of the women I had always been jealous of back in school. Now, most of them were overweight, washed-up housewives. I felt like the ugly duckling that had finally become a swan as every male in the room turned to get a look at me and my huge tits as I made my way through the room.

“Who is that?” I heard someone ask.

“That’s Linda Hall, you know that really shy girl?” a female voice answered.

“She got a boob job!” another female voice chimed in.

I didn’t turn to look at them. I kept my eye out for Terry Gomez since he was the one who had been on my mind since Red had told me what Terry wanted to do to me. Red had rented a suite at a nearby hotel, and though I knew it probably wouldn’t happen, I really hoped that I would have a gangbang before the night was over. I had tried for gangbangs before, but guys always seemed to chicken out and flake on me. I had experienced threesomes, but what I really wanted was a bunch of guys all at once.

I finally spotted Terry by the punch bowl, and I ran to him, squealing with delight. We shared a long, lingering hug, and I noted that he was even taller than I remembered. He must have been six-foot-three, which was significantly taller than Red. I gave Terry another hug, making sure to rub my tits against his chest.

“I want to fuck you after,” he whispered in my ear.

“Sounds fun. You bringing some friends?” I whispered back.

“Wow, you really have changed, Linda. Definitely for the better.” Terry took a step back so he could look me over. I felt his eyes on my tits, then my waist, then my hips.

“Thank you, Terry. You look nice too.” I winked at him.

“Those boots with that dress!” Terry shook his head in disbelief like he couldn’t believe how hot I looked.

“Thanks,” I answered, winking deliberately at him.

“Every guy in here is going to want to join in with you looking like that.” Terry stared me down, and I held his gaze.

“I’ll see you after then. The more friends you bring, the merrier.” I turned and walked away from Terry, making sure to shake my ass seductively. I could feel his eyes on me as I scanned the room for Red. I found him by the buffet table, which had a pretty good spread.

The reunion itself was fun. Red and I danced, ate, and drank. I won a prize for wearing the sexiest outfit. I went up to the front of the room to collect my award from the old class president.

“Damn, those boots with that dress!” the class president commented, and the whole reunion cheered for me. The prize was a massive bottle of tequila, which was serendipitous. I hadn’t thought about bringing alcohol up to the after-party, but now I had a huge bottle of it. Things were about to get nasty.

The reunion was still going at midnight when Red told me it was time to head back to our hotel room. He texted Terry and his friends, and we made our way up to our suite, making out in the elevator like teenagers as Red carried the large bottle of tequila up to the room.

“Keep your outfit on,” Red commanded me. “I want to see them rip it off of you.”

“You want them to be violent with me and manhandle me?” I asked.

“More than anything,” Red admitted. He poured me a shot of tequila for me, and I quickly downed it.

A knock on the door interrupted our moment.

“Go answer it,” Red ordered me.

“Yes, sir,” I smiled with excitement and went to the door. I opened it and was shocked to see a large group of men in the hallway.

“Wow! There’s a lot of you!” I exclaimed, not sure if I could handle so many men. I had wished for this, and now it was coming true.

“Yeah, word gets around fast when you’re dressed like that!” Terry informed me. I could feel their hungry eyes taking in my body. bahis siteleri

“Dressed like what?” I asked playfully.

“Like a slut,” Terry answered. “I mean that respectfully.”

“I’d like to see you respect me properly,” I flirted.

“I’m sure you’re about to,” Terry gave me a wink this time.

“Come on in,” I opened the door further so they could all come in. I held the door open, and as Terry walked in, he grabbed my ass. Seeing Terry grab me prompted the six additional men to grab my tits or ass on their way in as well. I let them fondle me. In fact, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Knowing that Red had set this up for me was what got me off the most. I knew that fucking these men would make Red happy, and that was what I lived for. I lived to make him happy.

I closed the door and faced Red and all seven of the men I would be fucking while Red watched me. Sometimes he joined in when I fucked other men, but mostly he enjoyed watching me fuck until the men left. Then we would have our alone time, and he would reward me for working so hard to please him. We had done this so many times, but something about this time was different. Maybe it was the sheer number of dicks I was about to fuck, or perhaps it was the way Red’s eyes were lit up like a strand of lights, but this night felt more impressive than any of the nights before it.

I was finally about to fuck Terry Gomez for the first time. I remembered all of those nights that I had fantasized about this happening. I had never pictured it like this, a gangbang with a bunch of our classmates. I looked over the other men I was about to fuck. I knew all of them, some of them I had known for many, many years. Mike Pigeon had been in a few of my courses my senior year. He was the one that I knew the least, but I had recognized him by reading the name badge they had given us at the reunion. He had become relatively popular in the short time he had gone to our school because he had been quite handsome back then. Now, he looked like just another ordinary guy. He was a tall black man with hair that was slightly graying in sport.

Shawn Williams was another guy that had been relatively popular. Everyone had always liked him since he joined our class during Freshman year. His blonde hair had gotten darker, but his green eyes were as vibrant as the day we graduated. Shawn had brought his best friend from back in high school, Nick Rivera. Nick was a Hispanic guy with incredible muscles from playing football, at least he had been in high school. I watched with interest as he took off his shirt, revealing that his body was as ripped as ever. Nick was the hottest guy of the bunch. He had clearly taken good care of himself. He smiled seductively at me, and I couldn’t help but cream my panties just a bit.

The guys were suddenly taking off their clothes. Usually, there were some awkward filler moments between the time the guys arrived, and when they got naked. It was evident that Red had told them to do this before they arrived. I could see the satisfaction on Red’d face as he watched the scene play out. He was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room while the guys surrounded me.

“Do you remember me?” one of the guys asked. I recognized him as Aaron Butler, a track and field star. He was difficult to identify after twenty-five years since he had obviously gained a lot of weight. He was a short black man with a bit of a beer belly. His head was completely shaved, and he didn’t look like he had back in high school.

“Aaron! Of course, I do.”

“We used to talk in math class. Remember?” Aaron looked like an overgrown schoolboy with a crush.

“I remember. I always thought you were cute back in high school,” I confessed.

“I had the biggest crush on you,” he admitted to me. “I still do.”

“Can you help me with my dress?” I asked him, turning around and lifting my dark hair from my neck so he could see my zipper.

I smiled at Andy Waller, a guy I had shared my first kiss with when we were in sixth grade. Andy was a bit nerdy and thin with dark hair and brilliant blue eyes. He had always been shy, and he looked like he was feeling that way now as Aaron unzipped my dress. He may have still been nervous, but I had grown up a lot since high school. I discovered that I enjoyed being a slut, and I loved being watched.

My dress fell to the floor. I looked around the room and gave an invitation to each of the men with my eyes. I told them all what I wanted without words. I showed them with the yearning inside of me as I stepped out of my dress. Aaron unfastened my bra, while Andy pulled my panties from my hips and down over my boots.

“Leave the boots on!” Terry called out. “I think those are the sexiest fucking boots I’ve ever seen a woman wear. How do you even walk in those?”

“I don’t really need to walk now, do I?” I teased him. The men were all closing in on me, moving me closer to the bed. Hands were traversing my body, grabbing my bahis şirketleri tits and my ass, wrapping around my waist, and fingers working into my pussy. I couldn’t tell whose hands were where and I surrendered to them, allowing them to take what they needed from me. I opened my eyes, searching the room for Red.

He was nursing the bottle of tequila, taking swigs of it as he watched my high school peers fuck me like they’d wanted to for the past 25 years. It was odd that none of them had ever told me that they wanted me. If Terry hadn’t seen me on that swingers site, they probably would still be pretending they didn’t want their cocks inside of me.

I was now on my hands and knees, my boots in an uncomfortable position, since they were so tall that they came up over my knees. I did my best to deal with the discomfort.

“Open your mouth,” a voice commanded, and I did as I was told. A cock slid into my mouth, and it was a welcome sensation. I opened my throat up and showed my high-school crush exactly how good I was at deepthroating dicks. I had no idea whose cock was in my mouth, nor whose dick was now sliding into my pussy from behind.

“Remember me?” a voice hissed in my ear, and I instinctively knew that it was the guy who was fucking my pussy from behind.

“Who are you?” I asked, not able to see his face. I was pretty sure I recognized him when he had come into the hotel room. He hadn’t said much until now, but the way his cock was fucking me felt amazing. The other guys were stroking their cocks, waiting for their turn.

“It’s me, Kalen. Kalen Decker. Do you remember me?”

“Of course I do. How could I forget?” I felt his cock get even harder when I admitted I recognized him and that I remembered. We had gone on exactly one date back in high school, and he wanted sex at the end of the date. I told him no, omitting the fact that I was a virgin. I had wanted to try having sex with him so badly, but I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t bring myself to say yes. I hadn’t told him any of those things. I had simply stopped talking to him after that date. He had tried to talk to me on many occasions, but I had blocked him out.

“I’m finally inside you,” he snarled, and he actually growled before he bit my neck in the most perfect way. I knew I was about to cum, and I braced myself, not realizing that the cock that was in my mouth was all the way down my throat. I had been training for this moment for years, preparing to take Red’s cock down my throat so that I would be ready for this gangbang. My pussy began to cum, it’s spasms causing it to clamp down on Kalen’s cock.

“Oh, my God!” Kalen moaned. “Fuck I’m cumming!”

Red never insisted on using condoms. He liked the thought of me being the biggest slut I could be and letting all the men use me as a cum dumpster. I wanted this too. I could feel the warmth inside of me as Kalen came. He was breathing heavily, and I felt accomplished for making him cum so hard.

“Who’s next? I busted!” Kalen announced.

“I’ll take a turn,” Shawn announced. He positioned himself behind me and forced his relatively thick cock into my pussy. Shawn’s cock was noticeably smaller than Kalen’s, but it still felt good. I actually enjoyed fucking cocks of all shapes and sizes. I found that they could all make me cum, which was what really mattered. Shawn got into a rhythm that my pussy liked. I continued to suck the cock in front of me, which I had determined belonged to Nick. I looked up at his incredible body. He had really kept up his physique, and something about his masculinity turned me on. I came again, my pussy clamping down on Shawn so violently that it milked his cum right out of his cock. I couldn’t feel the cum inside me, but I knew that he had cum quite a bit because I could feel some dripping down my leg.

“Who’s next?” I screamed. “How about you?” I pointed at Mike Pigeon. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his big, black dick in his hand. He stood up, and I realized he was taller than I remembered.

“It would be my pleasure,” he bowed chivalrously as the other men moved aside so he could get behind me. “Oh yeah, that feels perfect!” he cried as his cock entered me. He had a huge cock! I wasn’t used to taking a dick quite so big. He was at least a few inches longer than Red and definitely thicker too. I looked in Red’s direction, and he was now stroking his cock as he watched me take the biggest dick in the room.

I screamed as Mike’s cock forced my pussy open in ways it had never been before. I could taste the cum in my mouth as Nick busted his load. It gave me just the right amount of distraction from Mike’s huge cock for it to really dig deep inside of me.

“Holy fuck! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” I screamed as Mike hammered my pussy with his huge black dick. My orgasm was swift and intense, the kind that women rarely get to have. I could barely take it, and I pushed the cock that was heading toward my mouth away and let my face drop into the bed. Many hands were grabbing my tits, rubbing my back, and touching my legs and feet. I was still cumming, still screaming, unable to do anything but take the cock that was hammering my pussy until it was done with me.

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