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This was Wednesday and it was my 18th birthday! We had celebrated it for my friends with a birthday party last weekend, but today was the big day when I would be officially eighteen.

Mom and I were living in Winnipeg. My dad had died nearly five years earlier when the plane he was flying ran into freezing rain and crashed. He was alone at the time, having flown his passengers to their northern home.

My mother was from a northern reserve, my dad a bush pilot and when he showed up as the new pilot for his company based at her reserve, she thought that he was the best thing to come along since sliced bread. She was really young then and dad didn’t pay much attention to the kid, but she was always hanging around the dock where his company kept their Beaver.

Most everybody thought mom hung around the Beaver dock because she liked airplanes, but it was dad that she was really after. It was frustrating for her when he just looked through her at the older girls and women that were giving him the come on. It wasn’t that he was all that much older than she was either, probably not more than five or six years, but at that time of life, a couple of years makes a big difference.

Mom felt that dad never even saw her, but she was surprised one day when he called her by name, and asked her if she would like to go flying? That made her feel good because she was the first girl he had ever asked to go flying with him.

It was funny, she saw these airplanes flying every day but when it came to actually getting in one and going some place, there was this funny little feeling in the pit of her stomach! But this was her chance to be alone with her idol, and she wasn’t going to let the feel of a few butterflies in her stomach get in the way,

Dad told mom that he had to fly a couple of barrels of fuel to an outfitter’s camp, and if she wanted to go along, she was welcome. Truth be told that dad was probably looking for help loading and offloading the fuel. The barrels were too heavy when full to load in the airplane, so they put empty barrels in the Beaver, pumped them full and then pumped the fuel into the outfitter’s barrels on their dock when they got there.

Mom was in heaven. She was flying before they even left the dock, The flying was strange to her at first, but once you got over how small things on the ground looked, and how the airplane bounced around in the air, there wasn’t too much to it.

When they got to their destination, she jumped out on the float and tied up to the dock, just like she had seen done so many times. She helped him with the pump and the hoses, even doing some of the pumping. Back at the Beaver dock, she jumped out on the float and tied up as if she had been doing it all of her life.

“Thank you Jean, you were a real help,” dad told her when they got back, and it was like music to her ears to get this recognition from him! After that, she went flying with him every chance that she got and he jokingly told everyone she was his new helper.

There was no shortage of girls on the reserve. Some of the girls gave him the eye, and some of the older women did too. Dave was a horny young man who had no intention of leading a celibate life with all of the local talent available. He was seen with a constantly changing parade of women, and if it bothered Jean, she never showed it.

Then came another fateful flight with Jean on board. It should have been a short routine flight, but the weather got in the way! An early snow storm blocked their return flight. Dave put the Beaver down on a bay and taxied to a sand beach where the airplane would be safe. They were stuck there for a very cold night in the bush.

Dave got the survival gear out of the airplane while Jean started a fire. Then they set up some sort of a camp using a ground sheet for shelter and evergreen boughs as a mattress for their sleeping bags. While Jean cooked something to eat, Dave turned the airplane around, pulled the heels of the floats up on shore and tied it to some trees. He also was able to radio the base on VHF to tell them what had happened and where he was.

Jean simply accepted their circumstances without comment, making the best of the meager survival gear they had. They ate, holding tin plates on their knees, while dining in somewhat less than elegant surroundings on less than gourmet food.

When they were finished, Jean cleaned up, and then, without comment began to take her clothes off. When she got down to a tee shirt, she took Dave’s clothes off as well and stuffed them into a sleeping bag. Then, shivering in the cold, she shooed Dave into the other sleeping bag and crawled in after him.

Being naked in a snow storm is not exactly conducive to erotic thoughts, but that changed after a while, when they had warmed up in the sleeping bag. Two people in a sleeping bag made for one don’t have a lot of room, and those nearly naked people had little else to think about and nowhere to go, so it was little wonder that their thoughts turned to lust. Dave was well aware that Jean wasn’t very old, but this was her idea, and after all everybody knows that a stiff cock has no conscience. Since they were here for the night yabancı escort anyway, Dave decided to just take it easy, and to go along with whatever developed, within reason.

Jean was a pretty good looking girl, even though it was hard to tell with the heavy clothing they usually wore in this northern climate. They all dressed alike, more for warmth than attracting the opposite sex.

Jean and Dave were facing each other, lying motionless in each other’s arms. Dave was getting an awful hard on just thinking about her naked body lying next to his. Her young tits pressing firmly against his chest didn’t help either. It was impossible to hide his erection from her because his cock was jammed right up against Jean’s naked belly. She didn’t say anything, but put her leg over his. Then she reached between them, took his cock in her hand and rubbed the head of it up and down her slit until the head slipped into her pussy lips. Then she wiggled her ass until his cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt.

Dave was totally surprised by this development. It felt wonderful, but he was still in a terrible predicament! He wanted to fuck her brains out, fuck her in every hole with all the acrobatic sex of the young, but that was hardly possible in the confines of the sleeping bag. Not even remotely possible outside in this cold weather!

Jean was wet, warm and ever so willing, but there were other considerations to worry about. What about survival? This was a big unforgiving country and people sometimes died from exposure. The life-giving warmth of the sleeping bag would be destroyed if Dave pumped the gallons of cum into her that he wanted to, not to mention her own juices in the bargain.

Still he had to do something! He had never kissed her, and that was taken care of, not with the soul searching deep kisses of the really horny, but with many, many little love kisses, combined with stroking her body and little feel good movements of his cock in her warm body.

Both of them wanted to fuck like a pair of wild things until nature’s well dried up, but they couldn’t. It was real torture, wanting to fuck so badly, only to be denied a real fulfilment! Instead, frustrated, they finally drifted off to sleep.

When daybreak intruded in their little world, the weather was still down, but it was looking better. Hopefully, they wouldn’t have to stay here another night. Jean crawled out of the sleeping bag, squatted for a pee and then retrieved her panties from the other sleeping bag before crawling back in with Dave.

This time she got on top of Dave and put his cock back into her cunt. She started to move slowly, fucking him ever so slowly. Dave was surprised, he thought that he would come right away, but it took more than an hour of Jean’s gentle fucking for her to reach orgasm. That was too much for him and he instantly shot his load of hot cum deep inside of her quivering pussy.

She kissed him tenderly, then quickly got out of the sleeping bag, holding her panties to her juicy cunt to prevent their cum from getting all over the sleeping bag.

Dave crawled out as Jean was squatting to pee again, and then wipe up their love juices with her panties. They got dressed as quickly as they could in the cold, and moved around briskly to try and get warmed up.

Dave made a quick call to base confirming the weather was still down there, but appeared to be improving. Jean got a fire going and used some of the survival emergency rations to make some kind of a breakfast. Then they went about cleaning the snow off of the aircraft, to be ready if and when the weather lifted.

That afternoon, the weather briefly improved enough to fly back to base, very carefully, flying low and weaving to dodge the snow showers. Dave thought that he might have to land in one bay, but after circling around a couple of times until the snow squall moved on, they were able to slip through. Jean was blissfully unaware of the danger of this slipping through snow squalls but dad made it look easy.

When they got back to base, the Beaver was tied down and they disappeared into Dave’s quarters. Nobody saw them again for three days. When the weather finally returned to normal, Jean went home, packed up her things and simply moved in with Dave. Nobody on the reserve seemed too interested in how old she was.

Mom often told me all about their adventure that time, laughing and saying that they even had a souvenir of the event, (namely me)! Dad continued to fly the Beaver from that location and we lived in his quarters that were provided by the charter company that he worked for.

Mom got pregnant again a couple of years later, but the outcome was not so happy this time. She had a miscarriage and they couldn’t stop the bleeding. They had a medivac flight come in and fly her to Winnipeg. The doctors there were very grave, and told dad that the only way they could be sure to save her was to perform a hysterectomy.

I stayed with relatives while they were in the city, but dad was nosing around while my mother was recovering in the hospital. He was offered a job as first officer on a twin engine turboprop commuter plane that belonged yeni escort to an airline company based at an airport just north of the Perimeter highway and that flew to small communities in the north.

My parents talked it over and thought that it would be better to live in the city. I would have access to better schools, access to good medical care was better and it would be a good career move for my father. Dad bought a house in the north of the city to be near the airport.

When mom got out of the hospital, she came home to the reserve to recuperate, staying with her family. Dad gave his notice, and we were off to Winnipeg two weeks later.

I was too young to know much about all of this, but as the years went by, dad became a captain on the turbo- prop. I went to school in the city and as I got older, mom got a job down town to have something to do.

It was coming up to the Christmas holidays when dad took a charter flight to take Indian kids home to their northern reserve for their Christmas holidays. The company that he worked for operated an old twin-engine Beech for charters like this, and since he was on standby for the 27 passenger turboprop this week, dad took the trip. He delivered the kids at their destination, but on the way back, he ran into some freezing rain that had not been forecast. The airplane wasn’t equipped with anti- icing boots for flying in this weather, as a result it crashed and my father was killed.

It wasn’t much of a Christmas for us that year, I can tell you. My mother was kind of fatalistic about life, but the funeral was hard for both of us. Life wasn’t great after that either, but mom had her job, we had the house, a car and each other.

Mom had lots of friends, but she never dated or went out with other men that I knew of. If she was getting any sex, I never knew about it. Mind you, growing up, sex was not really on my radar scope. Oh sure, we boys looked at girlie magazines, groped the girls as I grew older and jacked off but I never equated that sort of activity with my mother.

When I was sixteen, I found girls, so to speak. I had girlfriends, went to some dances and took the girls to the movies now and again. The furtive groping of an earlier age had more purpose now, we played stinky finger a lot and I got lucky the odd time.

But this was my eighteenth birthday, a kind of milestone in a person’s life. I was hoping that things would get a little bit more exciting than they had been lately. I would finish high school this year, and I was wondering what I should do when I graduated. University was out of the question financially, but I wondered if maybe a local college would be a viable alternative.


Mom was late getting home. I was watching TV when I heard her car drive in and got up to take a look. I saw that she had bought some groceries, had two big bags of groceries in her arms and was shoving the car door shut with her ass as she was heading toward the kitchen door.

I rushed to open the door for her and then backed up three or four feet to give her room to get in the door. She was looking in my eyes and telling me something when her feet got tangled up in the rug that she kept inside the door. She came flying toward me, knocked me over and I landed flat on my back in the hall (ouch) with her on top of me.

Groceries were flying all over the place, and I put out my arms to grab mom so she wouldn’t hurt herself. She landed spread-eagled on top of me, her legs either side of me, my arms around her upper body and me looking her directly in the eyes, less than a foot from my own.

I don’t know what I was thinking or what came over me, but when I looked into her eyes, all I could think of was lust for her. I didn’t say a word, and she didn’t either, but just kissed her hard on the lips. I pulled away from her a few inches, looked at her face for a few moments and kissed her again, harder this time and tried to push my tongue into her mouth. She had a “what the hell was that for,” look on her face, but when I went back for more, she didn’t pull away.

I still had both arms around mom, and I wasn’t letting go. I was holding her tight, and broke the kiss looking at each other’s face for more than a minute without saying anything, before locking our lips in another deep soul searching kiss.

I never thought of my mother as a sexual object before, but I was rapidly getting turned on now. She was wearing a short coat, a sweater and a pleated skirt. The way that she had landed on top of me had jammed her tits up against my chest and sent her skirt flying up past her waist. I could see her naked leg as she half kneeled over me, and I felt of it. She moaned as my hand slid up her leg and I started humping her with soft little strokes. When my hand reached her panties, I felt her ass and slipped my fingers under the crotch to feel the delights to be found there.

I was turned on beyond control. I wanted this woman – NOW! Still humping her in short little strokes, I reached down, unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out of my pants. Humping her, the head of my cock was coming up to, and bouncing off the crotch of her panties with yenibosna escort each stroke.

Before I could do anything, my mother reached down, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. When she did that my cock slipped into her pussy, right to the hilt, without any help from either of us. I stopped, neither of us moved a muscle for the longest time while we looked at each other, and kissed several times. They were not the deep kisses of passion, but little love kisses.

It felt wonderful, lying there with my cock buried in my mother’s cunt. It was unlike anything in my experience before. She made a little movement, and it felt so good I started moving in her. Before long we were both fucking in earnest, she was moaning and I was beginning to slam into her with greater force. I felt an urgency and kept increasing my tempo until I was fucking her as fast and hard as I could. From the start, mom was matching my thrusts, stroke for stroke, humping her ass at my cock.

Mom reached her orgasm first. Really, I was wondering what was going on with her, shaking and vocalizing in her orgasm. It was the first time I saw a mature woman orgasm, but I got the message when I came harder than ever before. We were still for maybe half a minute. I was trying to figure all of this out when I looked at mom’s face. She was smiling, putting her hands behind my head and gave me a nice long kiss.

Mom said, “You know it’s pretty silly us fucking here on the floor when there are lots of beds upstairs.”

I replied that it had seemed like a good idea at the time, but that she did have a point. Besides what would we do if somebody came to the door?

Mom laughed, and told me to get the rest of the groceries out of the car while she picked up the ones that were spilled in the kitchen. That was quickly taken care, and the groceries were put away.

“Do you want me to make some supper, or would you rather go upstairs and fuck first,” she asked.

I didn’t reply, just reached under her skirt grabbed her ass, and ran my fingers up the crack in a lingering feeling of her charms.

“I thought so” she said as she locked the door and took me by the hand, leading me upstairs. When we got to her bedroom, she told me that I should undress her, while she was supposed to undress me. It was a wonderful experience for me. There was none of the furtive groping I usually experienced with my girlfriends. She was a mature woman and she reveled in everything that I did to her.

When we were naked, she asked me if I had to go to the bathroom, saying that she had to pee and thought that it might be a good idea to take a shower and wash the sticky cum off of us before it dried.

She took my hand and we went to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and pissed while I sat beside her on the side of the bathtub. Watching her pee made me want to go too, so she sat on the tub holding my hand as I stood there and pissed in the toilet.

We went in the shower together, soaping each other down and then rinsing the soap off. It was an easy time together, and while there was little emphasis on things sexual, mom probably ended up with the cleanest pussy in Western Canada. It was just as well too. When we went back to the bedroom and got on mom’s bed, the first thing she wanted was for me to do was to go down on her. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of going down on dirty, stinking genitals.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but with mother telling me what to do, and a bit of energetic help from myself, it was doing wonders for her. When she showed me where her clitoris was located and how to stimulate it with my tongue, I was able to drive her wild. At first it was a bit unnerving to hear her moaning loudly and to hear her scream out with her pleasure, but I soon got used to it. In fact, it soon made me a lot hornier.

I can’t explain it, but unlike our frantic coupling in the hall, there didn’t seem to be any hurry to consummate our new relationship. Of course I wanted to fuck this wonderful woman, but I felt satisfied just to be with her, exploring her body and her sexuality.

I was intrigued with mom’s tits. They seemed to have a life of their own when not confined to her brassiere. They were nothing like the firm little things the girls I dated had. She was happy to indulge my interest in her tits, and enjoyed it when I played with them. She moaned sometimes when I was sucking on them.

Mom told me that she preferred that I treat her tits gently, but that some women liked to have them treated roughly, even having the nipples bitten. She showed me how she liked her nipples squeezed by twisting them between my thumb and a forefinger. She did this, and I could see the nipples harden in her fingers. I knew that the nipples on girls’ tits got hard when they were cold, but had no idea that they got hard when they were horny as well. For that matter, I thought that it was the boys that got horny, at least that’s the way it was with the girls that I went out with. I played with her tits for more than an hour, kneading them, sucking on them and twisting the nipples. I accidently looked down and saw her belly, her pubic hair on her pussy mound and her legs beyond that. She was lying flat on her back, and I started rubbing her belly, then stuck the tip of my finger in her belly button. That was good for a few minutes diversion, but I was soon rubbing her pubic hair and eventually started investigating her pussy with my fingers.

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