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The next morning mum wore Jack’s slim-fitting shirt as she made breakfast, mum looked happy, they chatted about general things. Mum had her yearly meeting with her gynaecologist at nine. Jack left just before eight, they hugged and kissed each other on the cheek, the hug was a long one. Jo was waiting for Jack in the flat at the Centre. As always Jo was hot, they had hot sex, in the shower afterwards Jo said, “Jack, I’ve thought of another present for your mum’s birthday, you know Susan, she has a Silver Cabinet in the Centre, she also has an excellent Beauty Salon, her Platinum Service is fantastic, a woman is pampered in every way. It costs two hundred pounds, but it’s worth it. You would have to tell your mum as it lasts six hours. I’ve had it a couple of times, it’s unbelievable. I will give you her card but ask your mum first.”

Just after ten, Jack’s phone beeped, he had a message from his mum, it read, “Jack, I’m happy, I am healthy, everything is good with me. It was a thorough examination; she found nothing, I’m happy, I enjoyed last night. I enjoyed our kiss. I’ve some shopping to do so will see you around twelve. Love mum.”

Jack phoned her back, he told her that he was happy everything had gone well, he then told her about the Platinum Service, mum knew about it and had it once before, she would love it on Wednesday. Jack then phoned Susan, who took the booking for nine on Wednesday morning. Susan also told Jack that five minutes ago, she had a cancellation, and that allowed her to take Jack’s mum. Jack said to her that if his mum wanted anything else then to put it on his bill and leave at the Centre’s Reception, he would give her cash the next time he saw her.

Wednesday came, mum was cooking breakfast in her shirt. Jack had prepared a vase of flowers; it looked beautiful. He had a case of mum’s favourite Champagne and a voucher for Silks Lingerie for five hundred pounds. He also gave her the voucher Susan had given him for the Platinum Service; Jack said, “Happy Birthday mum, I hope you have a fantastic day.”

Mum looked at her gifts then took Jack in her arm’s, they tongue kissed again then mum said, “Darling, you are so kind and thoughtful, I’m overwhelmed, dad used to spoil me on my birthday but what you’ve done is amazing. I love Silks; I was there on Monday, I had ordered a couple of things which they didn’t have in my size, I’ll pick them up before I go to Susan’s, thank you, darling, I love you.”

They kissed again, it was so passionate, Jack’s hand was squeezing his mum’s massive breast, her nipple was rock hard, he squeezed it with his thumb and forefinger, mum moaned with pleasure then said, “Baby, I love that, but please stop as we have got a busy day ahead, I don’t want to get aroused this now but would love it if you aroused me tonight, then I’ll love you as you’ve never been loved before.”

Jack could feel his cock harden as he ate his breakfast; he now knew his mum’s tits were slightly bigger than Jo’s. şirinevler escort After breakfast they kissed and touched again, mum said, “Thank you so much for the Platinum Service, I’ve one question for you, would you like your mum to have a smooth pussy or a hairy bush, you can have what you prefer?”

Jack replied, “My tongue works better on smooth.”

Mum grinned then said, “Then tonight, for my birthday, I want you to eat your mum’s hot, hungry cunt.”

As Jack left, he said, “Dot, I’ll do that with love.”

The day flew in; Jack had a busy day, he had messaged his mum that he’d be home at five to shower and change, he asked his mum how she wanted him to dress? He also suggested that they meet in the lounge at six for a glass of Champagne.

Mum was sending him messages all day. She told him that she would leave his clothing on top of his bed. She also wrote that the treatment was excellent. She had her pussy shaved, and it felt beautiful. She told Jack that she had never had a smooth pussy in her life; she did it for him.

Jack liked the clothes mum had laid out for him; he looked and felt good. Jack went into the lounge and poured two glasses of Champagne, mum came in two minutes later, she looked stunning, she had a low cut neckline, she was showing a vast amount of cleavage. Her three strings of pearls looked super. Her skirt came to the middle of her thigh; she was wearing three-inch heels, Jack took her in his arm’s and said, “Dot, I’m proud to be your partner tonight, you look gorgeous.”

At six-forty-five they left for the theater, they had a glass of Champagne on arrival and took another drink to their seats. They held hands, teasing each other with their fingers throughout the performance.

The walk to the Italian restaurant was excellent, mum had her arm around Jack’s waist, she was stroking his waist. Jack had his left arm around mum; he was cupping her massive left breast, he was teasing her hard nipple with his fingers, mum said, “Baby, that feels so good, you’re going to make me cum!”

“Cum for me mum, I’m going to make you cum a lot.”

“Baby, I’ll be a good girl now, but when we get home I’ll be a naughty girl and I’ll cum so much for you, I feel so good.”

The Italian restaurant was busy when they arrived, mum said, “Let’s just have a main course, then we can go as we’ve got a lot of unfinished business to take care of.”

They ordered their meal and a bottle of Champagne; mum was holding Jack’s hand as they chatted then Jack felt his legs being spread open, mum was smiling at him as he felt her stockinged foot caress his flaccid cock. It wasn’t soft for long as mum’s other stockinged foot joined the other foot stroking his cock.

Jack was smiling back at his mum was gripping his now hard cock and wanking it gently, mum said, “Does my baby like how mummy has made his big cock hard, it feels so thick and so long, I love a long thick şirinevler elit escort cock.”

Their meals were served, mum kept one foot caressing Jack’s cock throughout the meal. The food was excellent; the portions were huge; they both struggled to finish their meals. Jack paid, they walked home arm in arm, when they were in lift taking them to the Penthouse, they kissed tenderly with lots of affection, Jack said, “Mum, I’m now going to give you a birthday gift that you’ll never forget, is there anything that you don’t like?”

“Baby, I love everything though I’ve never had anal with a cock, I enjoy a butt plug in my ass when I’m giving myself relief which has been a lot for the last ten years.”

They went straight into mum’s bedroom, they both stripped naked, mum’s body was beautiful, Jack’s cock hardened when he saw her sensuous body, Jack said, “Mum, for a fifty-year-old woman you have got an exquisite body, I love your curves, everything is so well balanced.”

“Thanks Jack, I’m happy that you like it. I want to kiss and explore your beautiful body.”

They kissed, mum had left the bedside lights on as she wanted to see everything, they kissed and touched for several minutes, mum’s vulva was stunning, it was smooth and swollen, mum’s sex slit was long, it was a perfect slit. Jack spread his mum’s cunt lips open, mum’s massive clitoris popped out, it was bigger than Jo’s, Jack was pleased about this, mum’s clitoris was like a little cock.

Jack then moved into a position that would allow them to sixty-nine, mum spread her legs wide open, giving Jack unfettered access to her gorgeous cunt. Mum was teasing Jack’s cock with her tongue and lips; Jack was licking mum’s clit then he started to suck it as he finger fucked her hot wet cunt. Jack was impressed with the strength of mum’s cunt muscles; she was gripping his fingers with a vice-like a grip, mum had total control over her vaginal muscles, Jack was looking forward to her gripping his cock. Mum said, “Baby, that’s so fucking good, give me another finger, no one has ever sucked my clit like this before; you’re going to make me cum.”

“Mum, cum for me, cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum.”

Mum was now taking Jack’s full length, her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, his bulbous head banging against the walls of her throat, then Jack felt the warmth of mum’s cum in his mouth, it was so sweet, mum was now taking four of Jack’s fingers, she was riding his four fingers. Jack said, “I think mummy’s ready for me, your cum is so sweet, let’s cum kiss then I’d like mum to go on top of me then mum can control the ride, and I can play with mum’s big tits and clit as she rides me, is that okay with you mum?”

“Jack, I haven’t had a cock for years, I would love to do it the way that you suggest, that was a strong orgasm that you gave me, let’s cum kiss, I want to taste my cum. Jack, you can cum inside me, I still have şirinevler escort my period, but I went back on the pill when I moved in with you hoping that this would happen.”

They cum kissed for several minutes, mum’s mouth was buried deep in Jack’s mouth as she licked and sucked her cum out of Jack’s mouth, mum said, “It tastes so sweet, when I have my period I’ll suck you off, you can still fuck me when I’m having my period, I get very horny during my period, my libido goes through the roof, I can give you so much pleasure for those three days.”

They kissed again then mum squatted over Jack, teasing her massive clit with the bulbous head of his cock, mum said, “Baby, I’m a little nervous about taking this big boy inside me, your father had a big cock, but this is in another league, I will start slowly as I get the feel of him then I’ll increase the tempo.”

Mum then centred the head of Jack’s cock in the middle of her gorgeous sex slit, mum pushed down on Jack’s cock, three quarters of his length slid inside her hot cunt, mum said, “Baby, it’s wonderful, I’ll be able to take it all, it feels so good, let me take your full length then mummy will give you a great ride.”

Within a couple of minutes, mum was bobbing up and down on Jack’s cock; her cunt muscles were so powerful, every grip was giving Jack a tingle, mum was gripping at the base and the head of each stroke. Jack was playing with mum’s tits and clit as she rode him.

Mum was now pounding Jack’s cock; she was going harder and faster. Jack loved it, so was mum. Mum started talking dirty, this aroused mum and Jack, mum said, “Baby, this is so fucking good, my cunt feels stretched, but it feels so good, your big cock is hitting my cervix, I’ve never had that before, baby, I’m close to cuming, fill mummy’s cunt with your hot spunk then mummy will lick your cock clean and we can cum kiss again. Cum for mummy darling, I need it, baby, cum for me, I want it so bad.”

They both climaxed simultaneously; mum had a body-shaking orgasm; Jack felt his head was about to cave in. Jack could feel the cum dripping out of mum’s cunt onto his balls, mum leaned down and they kissed passionately then mum said, “Jack, that was the best fuck of my life, there’s no doubt about that, we will get better as we get to know each other, I’m so glad we’ve done this, I feel no guilt, I love you as only a mother can love you. You are now my lover and my best friend.”

Mum then went down on Jack’s cock, licking and sucking it clean. Mum’s mouth was full of the protein cocktail; they then cum kissed for several minutes. As they kissed, Jack was playing with mum’s big tits; they didn’t sag; there was an incredible weight about them. Jack said, “I love big tits; yours are gorgeous; I just love playing with them.”

“Baby, you can play with them any time you want, would you like me to be like Jo and start wearing clothes that compliment my figure, you pay much attention to Jo’s tits, you look at them all the time. Would you like me to wear push up bras like I wore tonight? I put that on especially for you.”

Jack smiled then said, “I’d love that mum if you wore that type of bra, I think that your tits are bigger than Jo’s, mum, I’m still hot and hard, you gave me a great ride, let me give you a great ride.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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