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Jack’s youth had been a funny thing; he had left school at sixteen; he was now twenty-two and a multi-millionaire. His grandfather had been an incredible influence in Jack’s life; his grandfather was a very successful businessman, his interests were varied, the business closest to his grandfather’s heart was his Antique business and his Auction House. He also owned a lot of properties, a bustling Hotel and a wine importing company, the reason for wine importing company was the Hotel sold so much wine and Jack’s grandpa always looked for quality and profit.

When Jack was eight, after school, during the school holidays, he was always with his grandfather. He read and researched everything. His knowledge of Antiques was unbelievable, at twelve years of age he was doing cataloging for Auctions. At fourteen he was doing valuations for Auctions.

When he was fifteen, the Government changed the law on businesses that lay empty; they now had to pay tax on the vacant building. Jack’s grandpa was so worried about this; he had a beautiful four-storey sandstone building which would cost a fortune under the new tax laws. Over lunch on a Saturday Jack had said to his grandpa, “This I’d simple, our Auction House is too small, we move to this building. We then move the Antique business there, we then create an Antique and Collectable Centre, we could have over three hundred dealers in it, but we control who is in it and what they’re selling. We would have a winner.”

His grandpa said, “What a wonderful idea, you have out-thought me; this is our way forward.”

Grandpa was eighty-five when this happened, as the site developed, it kept him occupied. Jack also introduced a Bistro and a Wine Shop and Bar within it, in the first year, their wine sales were up over 65%. They soon had the three hundred dealers. The Auction House was getting more and more high class; they had built a reputation for quality and service.

When Jack was sixteen, he was Auctioneer at his first Auction. He also left school to work full-time with his grandpa. His class teacher had told Jack’s mum that he was by far, the most gifted person in his year, he would be accepted for University readily if he continued at school, Jack wanted his future in grandpa’s business.

At nineteen, Jack met a girl, a beautiful school teacher; her name was Kay; she was three years older than Jack. They had met when she attended a Wine Tasting in the Bistro. She introduced and taught Jack so many things about sex. Jack enjoyed the regular sex he had with her. They went on holiday together, but sex was the only thing they shared.

Kay’s mother, Joan, inherited an excellent porcelain collection when her mother died. Joan was a teacher, too; she had inherited several properties as well when her mother died. Joan wanted to sell the porcelain as she had no interest in it. Jack rented her some space in the Centre. Joan loved the business; she was making money; she was antalya escort now buying things that she liked; it was profitable for her.

Then grandpa died. Jack had started to live with him as Jack’s mum, Dot, was worried about her father. Grandpa was still working every morning; he would go back to the Penthouse he had where his housekeeper would make his lunch. He then would have asleep in his chair. That’s where Jack found him. Jack had been speaking to a doctor who lived below them a minute before Jack had seen him. Jack ran downstairs and got the doctor who pronounced him dead.

Jack’s mum was as upset as Jack. It was a hard time for both of them; Jack was now twenty-one. He was now running all his grandpa’s businesses; it was a lot.

Jack moved in permanently into grandpa’s Penthouse. His mum lived with Robert, her husband, in a beautiful villa which grandpa had also owned, it was registered now in Dot’s name. The next year was a busy one for Jack; he had so much more to do now, he was there for his mum but didn’t see her that often.

He continued to see Kay, who told him that she would visit her Aunt and Uncle in Florida during the summer. Four days before she left, she said Jack that her aunt, who was also a teacher, had got her a position in the school she was teaching in and she would now stay in Florida.

Jack was not surprised with this; Kay was only interested in herself. Jack had gone back to the Penthouse; he had two lovely bottles of wine with a Chinese takeaway before he went to bed. He thought he must look around for someone suitable who enjoyed sex as much as he did.

Jack didn’t see Kay again; he just worked it was Joan, three days after Kay had left, said to Jack, “Kay left three days ago, I took her to the airport, I haven’t had a word from her, she has disappointed me.”

Jack replied, “It is a new life for Kay, she’s probably so excited about what’s happening, I wouldn’t worry too much as she’s in good hands with her aunt and uncle.”

“I suppose you’ve right Jack; I’ve done so much for her, I feel as though she’s let me down. How are you doing Jack, do you miss her?”

Jack replied, “I’ve been so busy, I feel that if Kay had been interested in me, then she would still be here with me. The grass is always greener on the other side with Kay. I love eating out; I hate eating alone; I miss not doing that.”

“I’m the same Jack, good food and a nice bottle of wine, the new wines you’re getting in are exceptional and excellent value for money. I have gone part-time with my teaching job. I’m making more money from Antiques; I am enjoying what I’m doing now. I’m sure that you’ll find a dinner partner soon, you’re a very eligible young man.”

“Joan, thanks for the compliment, I would love to have a meal with you one evening, would you be interested in that?”

Joan smiled and said, “Jack, I would love that, but we would have to be discreet, serik escort it would have to be our little secret.”

Jack’s face lit up; he said, “I’ll be so discreet, there’s a lot of good, out of town restaurants, how about Tuesday night, I can pick you up at seven?”

Joan grinned then said, “Ok, I’d love that, this is my first date for a long time, I don’t know what to wear, but don’t worry I’ll get that sorted tomorrow.”

Jack arrived just before seven on Tuesday evening. Joan opened the door; she looked stunning, she was wearing a jacket, blouse and a short skirt which showed her curvy figure to perfection. Joan locked the front door then they walked to the car. Jack was a perfect gentleman; he opened the front passenger door and held the door open as Joan took her seat. Joan’s skirt had slid up; Jack had a perfect view of the top of Joan’s stockings; she had beautiful legs.

They drove to a French restaurant in a town ten miles from their town. Jack realised that it was his company that was supplying the wine when he saw the wine list, Jack asked, “Joan, what would you like to drink, would you like to start with a nice bottle of Champagne?”

“I haven’t had Champagne for ages; I would love some Champagne.”

Jack ordered the Champagne, which was served very promptly, they both ordered Coq au Vin as their main course. Joan said, “How has your day been, Jack? I’ve had a busy day, and it’s so nice to be relaxing with you, this Champagne is delicious.”

“I’m glad that you’re enjoying it, Joan, I hear that the food is delicious here. I had a busy day, too; it relaxes me to eat out. I am useless in the kitchen.”

Joan replied, “Jack, I would prefer if you call me Jo, Joan sounds old and fuddy-duddy, as you get to know me you’ll find I’m not like that at all, please call me Jo. We both work hard, and we both love what we do in the antique world. I love to cook; I love to experiment and try new things. It’s difficult when you cook for yourself as you start to lose interest, Jack, can I invite you over to my place for a meal one evening?”

“Jo, no problem, I would love that. Jo, you are a beautiful, intelligent and easy to talk to woman, how come that there’s no man in your life?”

Jo smiled, “My husband died in Kay’s second year of Teacher Training College. I was lucky; he had a large Life Insurance policy. Kay got through her course; I was so happy and proud she had achieved that. I just haven’t met the right man yet which doesn’t surprise me as I don’t go out much. Jack, would you mind if I took off my jacket as it’s hot in here?”

Jack was a gentleman, taking the lapels of Jo’s jacket, Jo stepped forward leaving the jacket in Jack’s hands. He left it on a spare chair at their table. The blouse Jo was wearing highlighted Jo’s massive tits and flat stomach. Jo’s tits looked enormous.

Their main course was served, Jack couldn’t keep side escort his eyes off Jo’s tits, Kay’s were significant but were not in the same league as Jo’s. Jack thought of all the lovely titty fucks he had with Kay, spraying her face, mouth and tits with his hot cum, Jo asked, “Have you found anyone else since Kay has left Jack?”

“No, I haven’t, Jo, I have not been looking, but I’m enjoying spending time with you.”

“That’s so nice of you to say that Jack, do you like my outfit this evening, I was so worried that you might think that I was mutton dressed up as lamb,”

“Jo, you look gorgeous. I find you very attractive; you look very dignified this evening.”

“Jack, you say all the right things, to be honest, I find you very attractive and have done for many years, do you miss Kay, you two were very, shall I say active while you were together, every night you were in my house with Kay, I heard her moaning with pleasure?”

Jack thought for a moment, Jo’s massive tits were wobbling in her bra, Jack said, “Jo, I hope that we didn’t disturb you, Kay loves noisy sex, I liked it when she was noisy, then I knew that I was giving her pleasure, my relationship with Kay was purely physical, we both enjoyed that, hopefully, I can find a nice lady to take the place of Kay.”

Jack felt he had overplayed his hand; he was surprised when Jo said, “Jack, I’m sure that you’ll land on your feet, I have got a nice bottle of Chardonnay at home if you’d like to join me for a nightcap?”

Jack nodded his head in agreement, he paid the bill then walked to the car, Jack was carrying Jo’s jacket, he held the passenger door open for her, Jo sat on the front passenger seat, she had let her skirt run up her thighs, she had also spread her legs open, Jack saw the top of her self supporting stockings, he also saw her cream G-string, it was so tight-fitting it showed her perfect Camels Toe, her sex slit was at least seven inches long, Jack felt his cock harden, knowing that she had flashed him on purpose. He placed Jo’s jacket on the back seat then got into the driving seat, Jo smiled at him then said, “Jack, thank you so much for this evening, I think that you and me can have a lot of fun, we must be discreet, I don’t want anyone to know that I’m seeing a younger man on a regular basis, is that ok with you?”

“Jo, I’m happy with that. It will be our secret.”

Jo put her hand on bulge in Jack’s trousers then said, “I’m so happy that you like my big tits, they’re very sensitive when there are sucked and played with, I cum so quickly when that happens, don’t worry about Kay being noisy, I was worried that I’d be too noisy as Bob fucked me as you were fucking Kay.”

“Who’s Bob?”

Jo smiled then as she stroked Jack’s erect cock said, “My battery-operated boyfriend, Jack, I love your cock, it’s so thick and long, I’m going to make him so hard when we get home. We can use my house, but you can’t stay all night, when you visit me don’t park outside my house, drive around to the back of the house, I’ll give you a zapper to open the garage door, the garage is under the house, and I will also show you how to access the house from the garage, I’m so horny for this big boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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