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A story of a son and his Mother, Black cocks, multiple partners, bareback sex, dirty anal sex and cum swallowing, enjoy at your own risk, if not your style please move on to something more gentile.


I rose from bed and walked toward the bathroom in my boxers. My morning wood was straining for relief and bobbed heavily against the thin material. As I passed the door to my parents’ room I noticed movement and glanced in and froze. Standing at the window in her sheer nightgown was my mother, her very lovely body clearly outlined against the bright light streaming in from outdoors. Her legs were parted and I could see her fingers dancing between her legs as a gentle moan drifted across the room like a breeze. I watched from behind her as her firm buttocks would stiffen and then wriggle slightly and again a soft moan. She stood there, frozen as if in a trance, I wondered what was holding her attention so fully.

I felt my cock stiffen even more and could feel the wetness of precum sliding down the shaft as I pulled my cock free of my boxers and gently stroked it as a shiver ran up my spine…I had always fantasized about my mother, but never thought anything would happen, but now I could not take my eyes off her watching something as she masturbated right before my eyes.

I could tell she was getting closer to her orgasm as she would stop and start her touching as if to tease herself and stay so very close to cumming; seeing this made me struggle even more. I finally could not stand it any longer and took a few steps closer to her. I could now smell the aroma of her sex arousing me more. A few more steps, she did not move or even seem to notice me, my cock throbbed like it never had.

A few more steps and I could feel the heat from her body as I stood directly behind her, looking over her shoulder I could see she was watching two large, young black men working in the lawn next door. Both of them were extremely well toned, bare chested in the sun glistened off of the sweat on their chests. It hit me; MY MOTHER LIKED BLACK MEN. I felt my cock surge again at this entire picture.

I could not stand it any longer, I grasped the back of her gown in one hand and the back of her head/hair in the other and pulled her tight to me as I lifted her gown over her shoulders. My cock pushed hard against her bare ass and without so much as a sign of struggle she moaned and I felt her fingers grasping my cock that was now stuffed firmly between her legs. She only groaned again, louder now and with a gentle shuffle of her feet, spreading her legs more widely slipped it into her drenched and swollen cunt. With little resistance I pushed forward and found myself half way inside her. Pulling back a bit I pushed forward again and felt my cock fill her completely.

Groaning loudly now and breathing in gasps she pushed back against me, taking all of me and filling her wanton hole. I could feel her moisture combine with mine and felt our combined juices now dripping from my balls and running down her legs. I ripped the tiny straps to her gown and pulled it over her head as I reach around her and grabbed her large, firm tits, pinching he nipples I could feel her cry out, begging “yes please, hurt me, force me, take me, use me” and then she began to cum, harder and harder her hips returned my thrusts and I felt her legs wobble as her cunt not spasms over and over pulling and milking my cock.

I could take no more and came like a man possessed, filling her with steam after stream from deep in my balls. I came like I had never felt as my cum filled her and then over filled her now streaming down her legs and my balls, globs of cum drizzled everywhere as she cried out over and over begging for more. We both humped until she almost passed out, I steadied her but held her upright so she could continue to stare at her two young black men. Her stare never wavered even as I felt her begin to gently push back on my still hard and throbbing cock. It is wonderful to have a hard, throbbing and quick recovery of an eighteen year old cock!!

I stood my ground and felt the beylikdüzü otele gelen escort full firmness return quickly as I began to fuck into her dripping and leaking hole again, I could feel the pulsations of her cunt as it gripped and pulled at my cock and her groans began once more, low and soft at first, but quickly the thrusts became more in earnest and her breathing in gasps and moans. I felt my balls churning with the need to release a full new load into her gaping cunt. We continued to hump and buck as she leaned forward to fully present her ass to me as I slammed into her. Her grip on the window sill was firm as we rammed harder and faster till once more I felt her slam into me and cry out “please fuck me you black bastard, harder, fill me with your huge black cock and cum” and then she screamed and shuddered for what seemed to be minutes while I filled her with my second and still substantial load of cum. Finally with a gasp and whine, her knees collapsed and she slid off of my cock unleashing a huge dollop of cum and our mixed juices as she fell to her knees. Legs still parted and her cunt gaping wide and sloppy it drained before my eyes. I stepped back and realized what had just taken place. My cock was leaking as it retreated to a more relaxed status and I tucked it back into by boxers.

Neither of us had said a word the whole time, she never looked back to see who was fucking her and even as she kneeled she still looked out the window at her two suitors unknown to them. I stepped back and turned, she did nothing to acknowledge my presence or my movement. With a long look at the total slut before me, her cunt still on full display and still leaking and swollen and stretched, I smiled and turned and walked quietly out the door to head to the bathroom.

Piss, shower, shave and brush my teeth and I dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen in search of some food. I had heard Mom’s shower also go off as I headed down the steps. I reached the kitchen and found some juice and a breakfast bar and turned just as she walked in, in a matter of fact voice and with no apparent embarrassment she looked at me and said, “You tore my nightgown” and stopped while looking directly at me.

With no idea what to say, I looked directly into her eyes and smiled slightly and said, “Mom, I will be happy to replace it”.

She stopped the conversation asking me what I wanted for breakfast, never mentioning what had just happened between a 39 year old mother and her barely 18 year old son. We ate quietly and then she looked up and said, “please don’t tell your father, he has no idea how much black men arouse me, sorry you got caught up in my obsession.”

I smiled back at her as I said, “our secret”. Then in a moment I continued saying, “but Mom, why do you deny this need?”

She looked back almost blankly, pausing for a long time and then responded with, “but Gary, how could I ever face your Father if I told him I needed to be used by black men?”

Smiling broadly now I said, “who is going to tell him?”

Mom; “But where would I find black partners?”

Me: “Mom, there are two right outside your window.”

Mom; “My God, you’re not suggesting?”

Me; Cutting her off, “not suggesting, telling you that any man, black, green or purple would love to have a woman as hot as you!”

Mom, long pause; “but how would I approach them?”

Me, huge smile; “Mom, you don’t have to, I will do it for you.” Standing I looked directly into her eyes as I held out my hand, leading her to the deck I told her to stand there in her tight yellow shorts and barely there tank top bursting at the seams.

I walked down the steps of the deck, across the lawn and approached the two men, they paused their digging on the new flower bed they were creating and looked at me. I smiled, introduced myself and then asked them if they would consider an offer I wanted to make them. Assuming they thought I wanted to make them an offer of work, I motioned to them to look up at Mom still standing there on the beylikdüzü rus escort deck, almost in shock.

I then asked, “Would the two of you enjoy fucking this lovely lady?” The looked at each other and starred at Mom, I called out, “Mom, take off your top for these gentlemen!”

As if in a trance she reached behind her and untied the top and pulled it over her head. The two men studied her and looked at each other and stated quietly, “Damn!!”

I smiled, and spoke again, “Mom, now the shorts, turn around and show these gentlemen what you have to offer, everything you have to offer!”

With a slight smile, she pulled gently and removed her shorts, no underwear, and just naked female charm. Turning as I motioned to her she spread her legs and dipped her fingers into her freshly shaved and fucked cunt, removing her fingers and licking them clean, she turned again, only to bend over and spread her firm and lovely ass checks widely to expose a tightly closed slightly brown rosebud. She wriggled a bit and stood back up to face them once more.

Both guys again looked at each other and spoke, “Shit man we will fuck her till she cannot even stand up or walk, does she take it in all holes?”

I smiled looking directly at Mom and said, “You bet, you can have her mouth, her cunt or her ass, take you pick or take them all, she is all yours for the next two hours, are you ready?”

Dropping their shovels, they followed me to and up the stairs to the deck. Mom stood there totally frozen, the introduced themselves as Derrick and Damon. Derrick a full 6’6″, about 240 pounds, maybe 25 years old. Damon was 6′ 2″ 220 pounds, I would guess about 20 and extremely stacked, obviously working our beyond the job demands. Derrick spoke up and asked if there was a shower they could use, I looked at the transfixed look of her and told them both, “Not now, Mom likes it hard, nasty and loves the aroma of a working man…all over!”

Laughing loudly they approached Mom and I guided them upstairs to the Master Bedroom. With Mom already naked it only took a few moments for them to strip and expose two very, very well hung (both length and width) back cocks. Mom said nothing but dropped to her knees and began to swallow Derrick lapping at his cock and balls, licking the sweaty and strong smelling body parts as it they were candy. Damon came up behind her and pushing her forward he slid his dark hand across her naked white ass as we all heard Mom moan loudly. Taking his large hand he raised it and then suddenly slapped her ass hard, bright red hand and finger marks rose on her tender white skin. Mom gasped, pulling Derrick’s cock from her mouth she cried out and dropped her head softly saying, “OMG, don’t stop, please use me, take me, I need to be used.”

As she slid Derrick’s cock deep into her mouth Damon slapped her harder and then harder yet, each time she cried out around the cock now buried deep in her throat. As her ass now turned bright red his slaps continued as Mom’s eyes welled up with tears and they streamed down her cheeks. I looked at Mom and ask quietly, “should I stop him?”

Taking the cock from her mouth she smiled through the tears and said, “No, please let them have me anyway they want, this is a dream, thank you.” And she swallowed the cock again, now liking his balls and taking each one into her mouth. Hearing her statement, Derrick now pushed her mouth below his balls and she licked his tender area between his balls and his asshole, both Damon and I watched now as Derrick slid forward firmly placing his asshole directly over her mouth and squatted.

With no pause, we watched as her tongue gently probed his ass, covered in sweat and god knows what else. More and more deeply she probed his nasty hole with her tongue. He groaned and spoke us as her tongue now slid deeply into his ass saying, “Damn, this whore is amazing and we are only getting started!” Laughing he pushed harder to force her more deeply onto her tongue. Not missing a beat, Mom continued to lap at his ass as if she had nothing to eat beylikdüzü türbanlı escort for days. Meanwhile Damon was lining up his cock on Mom’s asshole, fingering her now with two fingers and rubbing his dripping cock across her ass, still striking her with his hand on her now almost purple ass.

Then, just as Derrick pulled her mouth back to his cock and buries it all the way into her throat, Damon pushes his swollen cock into her ass, moaning as loudly as she could Damon sank more and more deeply into her ass till his balls slapping on her ass signaled her total submission. Fucking her from both ends the guys stretched her, slapped her, choked her and totally used her for their pleasure. Mom moaned, groaned, gasped for breath and cried in pain and pleasure as she had never felt. I watched as they used my Mom like the whore she needed to be. My cock hard as I watched and became aroused at the harsh abuse she endured. Suddenly her body explodes, shaking uncontrollably, her eyes wide and her cunt draining like a river flowing after a rainstorm, her orgasm overtook her. Feeling nothing but pleasure the pounding and use of her body used by these powerful men shook her to the core as her body generated all the pleasure she could take. Over and over the spasms overwhelmed her, crying, whimpering, gasping, and farting and even pissing she came. I had never seen anything like this, she had never felt anything like this, yet it continued till she passed out.

The guys backed off a little till she regained consciousness. Then as she focused again they continued the abuse of her lovely body. Now slapping her tits, pinching her nipples till she cried out, but begged for more, slamming their cocks harder into her all the time till finally Derrick groaned deeply and loudly and came into her mouth, stream after stream filled her mouth full of his thick white cum, filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. He mouth soon overflowing and now running down her chin and onto Derrick’s stomach. She gasped and choked for breath and then as she caught up with the flow she licked his belly clean. At the same time she felt Damon swelling even more in her sore and stretched asshole knowing soon he would explode as well. As Derrick pulled from her mouth, suddenly Damon pulled his cock, now nasty with the excrement from Mom’s ass and kneels in front of her and pushes the nasty cock into her mouth. Gagging for a moment and then licking this nasty cock as if it was a lollipop, it too explodes in her mouth. Like Derrick the flow was amazing as it filled her to and beyond overflow. Derrick directs the overflow to her face and continues to cum and cover her face, eyes, nose and finally her hair with his cum. All stops.

Heavy breathing, gasping and choking still on Mom’s behalf and my stunned look as Mom looks up at me, covered in cum and sweat, her ass stretched and leaking the combination of her anal contents and Damon’s precum down her thighs, her face and tits covered in cum, and her ass now purple from the beating and her nipples look fire red and even look torn. She kneels forward as she slowly regains normal breathing.

They guys high five each other and bump fists and then look at my Mom and me and they ask me, “so when the whore is ready to go again, call us, there is nothing like a white whore and we have friends too.”

Mom’s cunt twitches and her eyes widen at the statement about friends.

I tell the guys, “Not a problem, this whore will be ready again soon, leave your number for me to get in touch with you, I am sure there is much to come soon, including some of your friends too”

They both shower, hug my still cum covered and filled Mom bye with slaps on her very sore and naked and leaking ass. She cries out with a smile as they walk out the door.

I look at Mom and ask. “Now, did that fulfill your need for Black Cock?’

Almost without a thought she responded saying, “for now, yes!” smiling broadly. Then looking at me still hard and leaking she kneels and continues, “But it appears someone loves the idea of a slut for a Mother, let me take care of you too.” And she did in quick order.

For now, this is where things are, but tomorrow is another day, I lie back on my bed wondering as I stroke my cock; how much of a Black Cock whore is my Mother? I snicker as my cum pours out onto my stomach. I call to Mom to let her clean me up. Life has really changed since this morning, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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