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I stood naked in front of my bathroom mirror looking at my reflection. I rubbed my big round pregnant tummy and smiled as I felt the baby kick. It wouldn’t be long now. Only a week away from my due date.

The months had gone by quite fast actually and they had been wonderful months.

Tom was the main reason why everything had been so wonderful. He had kept up his visits to me every week day and our relationship blossomed. In the early months we had been quite adventurous, trying out lots of different positions and having fun role-playing.

We both particularly enjoyed our Dom/sub games. In the first few months I dressed up for him in my black leather outfit and I loved it when he called me his dommy mummy. When I got too big to fit into it, I still would dominate him sometimes as the strap-on harness was adjustable.

We also tried role reversing and Tom dominated me, but he only tried it a few times as my son really didn’t feel right about being strict with me, especially as I was carrying his baby.

As my pregnancy progressed and I got bigger and a bit uncomfortable, our bedroom games were tamed down. I really didn’t have the energy to be aggressive anymore and Tom was concerned if we did anything too physical that it might hurt the baby. But that didn’t stop our love-making. We still had sex every day that Tom visited me. Sometimes it might just be oral or even a hand job, but I never sent my son off to work without pleasuring him until he came. Occasionally when there wasn’t much time, I might not orgasm every day but on the days I missed out, Tom made up for it the next day with his tongue.

I loved it when he licked my pussy and even when I was really big and I felt like a beached whale and not at all attractive, Tom would lick me out and tell me how delicious I tasted and make me feel like a woman again. I loved him so much; he made me feel so special and so proud to be carrying his child.

Over these last nine months as well as being more intimate with Tom on many levels, my relationship with his wife Jen had also improved for the better. Although I had this huge secret regarding my incestuous affair with my son, I didn’t let that get in the way of being getting closer to Jen. She was after all not only my sons’ wife but also the woman that was going to bring up the child I carried inside me. This baby that I made with love with my son.

I had included Jen when I went to my doctor visits all throughout my pregnancy so that she felt involved and could start to bond with this baby even before he was born.

We had all wanted to find out what the sex of the baby was going to be, so that when I went for a scan I had asked both Tom and Jen to come with me. We were all very excited to find out I was having a son and all three of us were discussing names. At last check the list was down to about four possible maybes.

I had also gone out shopping with Jen on many occasions to buy things for the baby and I helped her decorate the baby’s room. It was fun shopping for baby things with her. We brought all the necessary items for a nursery as well as lots of extra accessories that I had not been able to afford when Tom was a baby.

Shopping without a budget was great fun, this baby was certainly going to be spoilt as well as being loved by three parents. Of course I would always be nana to him but in my heart he would be my son and I would love him as such.

I had given up work when I was seven months pregnant. I took maternity leave knowing that I would be coming back to work soon after the baby was born as I wouldn’t be the one actually raising him.

Of course there were lots of questions from my work colleges as to who was the father and so I made up a story that I had gotten pregnant by mistake from an ex-boyfriend and that I had originally planned to give the baby up for adoption but then found out my daughter in-law was having trouble conceiving so I had decided to give my baby to my son and daughter in-law to adopt legally.

I had told the same story to my doctor, friends and other family members. If any of them had any doubts about my story they kept it to themselves. Every one seemed to believe my story and in fact commended me for my selfless actions.

I had also sorted out the legal side with regard to the adoption, so all the papers were drawn up and just had to be signed by all parties once the baby was born. I admit that I did feel a touch of regret when I read those documents. Part of me would have loved to keep my baby and bring up another son. But I knew by giving him to my adult son to raise I would be getting the best of both worlds. I would still get to breast feed my baby and see him every day and I would be making my first born son so very happy not only by making him a father but by saving his marriage. At the same time I would miss out on all the sleepless nights and the expense of raising a child. It was a win win situation really.

My day dreaming as I stared at my reflection while I thought about my experiences halkalı otele gelen escort of the last nine months was interrupted by my son’s voice. I hadn’t even heard him come in.

“You look beautiful mummy,” said Tom as he looked at me from the bathroom doorway.

“I look fat,” I retorted, “I was never this big with you Tom.”

Tom laughed, then walked up to me and rubbed my round belly.

“How’s my baby today?” he said, leaning down, talking to my stomach.

I moved his hand to where the baby’s feet were so he could feel him kicking. Tom smiled at me and then kissed me with love.

“Good morning mummy,” he said once he pulled away from the kiss.

“Good morning to you too son,” I replied, smiling at him.

“And you are not fat mummy, you’re just nice and round and beautiful as ever,” said Tom, looking into my eyes with love.

It amazed me that even as the months had gone by and I had gotten bigger and bigger, my body still turned him on. Often when he licked my pussy or sucked on my breasts he would rub my pregnant tummy at the same time.

“I have a ten o’clock meeting mum. So we have plenty of time. Are you feeling up to some love-making?” Tom asked as he gave my ass a little squeeze.

I grinned at him and then looked back at the mirror, rubbing my own pregnant belly.

“Are you sure you still want to son? I’m so big now,” I questioned.

“Don’t be silly mum. Of course I still want you. Look at you. You’re absolutely glowing. You look so beautiful and sexy to me mum,” Tom replied reassuringly.

I wasn’t sure if he meant it or if he was just trying to make me feel good, but his words sure did make me feel good. Then as I stood looking at myself in the mirror with my son standing behind me, he reached down between my legs and started to rub me. His hand moving from the crack of my ass, right down to my pussy, caressing me. Damn it felt good. My son’s touch always felt good. I instinctively opened my legs more so that he could have better access. I felt myself getting moist. Tom felt it too as his fingers started to explore me. I moaned at the now familiar yet totally taboo sensation of my sons fingers inside my wet pussy.

Normally I would have turned around and suggested we move to the bedroom and continue in there, but I seemed fixated as I stared in the mirror. I stared at my reflection, my big pregnant belly and the realization of all of what we done just seemed to hypnotize me. I thought of all the sex we had, of how much I loved Tom, of the secret affair and of the baby that would be part of our lives very soon. All these thoughts filled my mind as my body was being pleasured by the expert fingers of a lover that knew me well.

Tom’s magic fingers were working me good. I held on to the hand basin for support as he fingered me, my legs now wide apart. I could see in my own reflection the pleasure I felt by my expressions. I bit my lower lip as I felt myself close to climaxing. Tom knew me so well now, he could tell by my moans and body language I was close and so he sped up. He pushed another finger inside me and finger-fucked me hard until I gave him the desired result. I moaned out loud as I gushed my cum all over his hand.

“Ohh God yes!” I called out in ecstasy as the wave hit me and cascaded through my body. I held on to the hand basin a little tighter for support.

“Mmm good mummy,” said Tom as he kissed my shoulder and then stood behind me looking into the mirror with me.

I still seemed not to be able to move from this spot. I looked into my sons eyes in the mirror and smiled at him. I could see love and desire in his eyes. This was a look I had seen many times and it still filled me with the utmost joy.

Tom reached his hand around me to my mouth, offering me his wet fingers. I opened my mouth and accepted them gratefully. I stared into his eyes in the mirror and licked and sucked my cum from his fingers lovingly.

“I love you mum,” declared Tom to my reflection.

I was unable to answer at that time as I was still sucking on his tasty fingers, but my eyes told him all he needed to know. I had to blink to hold back the tears as my love for my son sometimes overwhelmed me. Tom smiled at me knowingly. Then he kissed my shoulder and removed his fingers from my warm mouth and kissed down my back.

My son kissed all the way down my spine to my ass and then he began to lick between my cheeks. Then he knelt behind me and grabbed my cheeks, prying them open for better access. I felt his warm wet tongue lick up and down my ass crack then rim my puckered hole, causing me to gasp in delight, and then he went to work licking and slurping up my cum from my wet juicy pussy.

It felt fantastic and I was finding that looking at my reflection, seeing myself glow with pleasure but not being able to see Tom in the mirror anymore as he was down too low, was very exciting. It was really turning me on. I was panting and pushing back onto halkalı rus escort his tongue wanting more. I wanted his cock in me now. I needed my son to fuck me again.

“Please fuck me now son,” I begged with lust.

Tom gave my pussy one last suck and stood up, playfully smacking my bare ass as he rose from his knees.

“Anything you say mummy,” he said with a grin into the mirror.

Then he undressed just to the side of me so that I could see him taking off his clothes as I continued to look into the bathroom mirror.

I saw his beautiful erection as he discarded his clothes over the side of the bath. The sight of his hard cock made my pussy clench in anticipation of more pleasure.

I was tempted for a moment to turn around and drop to my knees to suck on that wonderful tasty cock, the cock that I made many years ago, the cock that made the baby inside me now, that delicious cock that gave me such pleasure. But a moment of hesitation as I admired my sons naked reflection, took that decision away from me and I felt Tom grab me by my hips and thrust the object of my admiration deep into me.

We both moaned in pleasure as my son filled me with his love.

I leaned over the hand basin more, my big breasts hanging low, right into the basin itself. They were huge now as they readied themselves with the impending task of feeding my new son.

We both watched my huge tits sway with each thrust as Tom fucked me. As he began to pick up momentum and pound me harder, my tits started to make a slapping sound as they smacked against the cold basin.

There was something about this sound along with the usual sounds of sex as my son’s hard cock fucked my wet pussy that was so hot. Perhaps it was the way all the sounds seemed to echo a little in this small area of my bathroom, probably a combination of all of it, but it noises we made just spurred us on more.

“Harder son! Harder! Fuck me Tommy. Fuck your mummy hard!” I exclaimed, part order, part begging.

Tom responded to my lustful cries and pounded into as hard as he could. His fingernails digging into me as he held on tight.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Tom called out a moment before he did.

As I felt his warm seed fill me once again, it triggered my second orgasm and I coated my son’s cock with my cream. I felt light headed as the warm fire of pleasure traveled through me and I moaned in elation.

Tom still held onto me tightly as he spurted deep inside me, moaning and grunting as he came.

We were both panting as we rode out our orgasms.

Tom still had his cock inside me. It was softening inside me, when I felt a gush of fluid expel from me and trickle down my legs.

“Oh my God mum!” Tom exclaimed as he felt the liquid gush all over his cock, “Did you just pee on me mummy? Oh that’s so naughty and kinky mum.”

I felt extremely embarrassed. I didn’t think that I had peed, but then again with being so pregnant I was always having to pee. The baby was often pressing down on my bladder, making me uncomfortable and causing me to have to rush off to the toilet on many occasions.

“Oh no! I didn’t mean to son,” I said horrified, “I’m so sorry,” I said feeling terribly embarrassed and unable to look in the mirror anymore.

“Oh don’t be sorry mummy. Actually it felt really good mmm,” Tom replied with lust and I felt him harden again inside me.

I didn’t know what to think. One moment I felt ashamed and then the next I felt turned on as it seemed I had helped Tom had discovered yet another kink.

“Oh you are so wet and slippery in there now mummy,” said Tom as he slowly moved in and out of me once more.

It did feel good and I was starting to get excited and turned on by the idea of us discovering another kinky thing to try, but something didn’t feel right. I felt a nagging feeling in my brain telling me to stop.

“Wait son. Please stop,” I asked and he did. There must have been something in my tone that concerned him.

“Are you ok mum?” Tom inquired as he pulled out of me and stepped back, allowing me room to turn around to face him.

I looked at my son and then I looked down at the puddle on the floor that I had made.

There was no yellowish coloring, it looked just like clear water actually.

“Tom,” I said looking into his eyes.

“Yes mum,” he answered.

“I didn’t pee on you son. My waters just broke,” I said calmly with a smile.

Tom just stared at me for a moment. It took a few seconds for it to register.

“Oh my God! Are you sure mum? Are you ok? I didn’t hurt the baby did I mum?” he asked in a panic.

“I’m fine son. Calm down Tom. Everything is going to be ok,” I said reassuringly.

Tom looked like he was going to freak out any moment now. So I knew I had to take charge and tell him what to do. After all this was my second baby but it was his first.

There had been times during my pregnancy that I had felt nervous and worried about halkalı türbanlı escort what was going to happen, but now that the time had come, I felt strangely calm.

“Well we can’t go off to hospital naked can we now son,” I said cheekily, “So let’s have a shower and get ourselves organized.”

I tried to make light of the situation as I could see Tom was panicking and I hadn’t had any contractions yet so I knew we had plenty of time.

Tom responded to my relaxed demeanor and got into the shower with me.

“Are you sure you are ok mum?” he asked with concern as he lovingly washed my body.

“Yes son. I’m not in any pain yet. It’s ok we have plenty of time,” I replied.

“I just didn’t think I should go into hospital with your cum inside me son. It might raise a few questions,” I said with a giggle.

Tom laughed too, his tension easing.

“Yeah. Good point mum. I don’t think I want to explain that to Jen or anyone else.”

Tom got out of the shower after I had helped him wash himself. I stayed in a little longer and used the showerhead to give myself a good clean out, hoping the doctors wouldn’t detect any cum inside me when they gave me an internal examination.

I got out and as I dried and dressed myself, my good son was wiping up the puddle on the bathroom floor.

Then I went to my room and got my bag that I had packed a month ago, ready for this day. I checked that I had everything I needed and added a few last minute things.

Tom was looking nervous, but now it was an excited kind of nervous and not a panic type.

He came up and gave me a big hug as I was closing my bag.

“Oh mum, I can’t believe it’s actually finally happening. I love you so much mum,” Tom said as he held me close.

“I love you son. So very much,” I replied and then we kissed passionately.

“Are you ready to be a daddy Tom?” I asked when we broke from our embrace.

“Yes mum!” he answered excitedly, “Are you ready? Ready to go that is.”

“Yes son. I just need my toothbrush,” I replied.

On the way back from the bathroom with my toothbrush in hand, I felt my first contraction. It wasn’t too bad but took me by surprise and I had to sit down on my bed and breathe through it. Perhaps we had better get a move on after all I thought to myself. Tom was starting to look like he was going to panic again any moment. I did my best to remain calm but I was beginning to get a little scared myself. It was definitely time to go.

Tom drove me to the hospital and on the way I rang both my doctor and Jen and told them to meet us there.

Jen was of course extremely excited and wanted to ask me a million questions but as she was eagerly asking me everything, I felt another contraction coming on and I told her I had to go and I hung up on her.

This time it really hurt and I cried out in pain. Tom looked scared as he raced to get me there. We were both grateful that I didn’t live too far away from the hospital.

Soon enough we arrived and I checked in. Jen got there about ten minutes before my doctor. She gave both me and Tom big hugs and kisses. I had Jen on one side of my bed and Tom on the other, both holding my hands and talking excitedly about the baby.

Then my doctor arrived and she asked them both to leave while she examined me. My doctor told me I was quite dilated already and it would be a quick labor. I told her I wanted both my son and Jen to stay with me for the birth and she let them both back in.

They both stayed with me during my four hour labor. I took any pain medication offered to me, which helped, but it was still a painful experience as childbirth almost always is. Having the support of Tom and Jen helped me a lot. The birth itself happened quite fast without any complications. Both of my support team watched as our new son entered the world. He arrived a screaming, healthy eight pound baby boy.

The medical staff checked him out, cleaned him up and wrapped him up warmly and soon enough I had my new son placed in arms.

He was beautiful and looked a lot like I remember Tom as a baby. There where tears of joy all round as the three of us took turns holding him and marveling at the miracle that is life.

I wanted just to hold my new son and keep him forever, but I knew the promise I had made and that he would have a great life as my grandson. Tom and Jen were going to make excellent parents.

I was feeling very tired and wanted to sleep and also I knew that Jen needed to bond with the baby, so I suggested she take him out to the visitors lounge to spend some time alone with him and then perhaps ring friends and family and tell them the good news. Jen’s face positively beamed with joy at this suggestion and gratefully accepted him as I passed the baby over to her. She kissed my cheek and thanked me again for everything, then wandered off humming a lullaby as she held on to the precious gift I had given her.

Tom waited until Jen was out of the room, then he leant down and kissed me properly. I could feel the love in his kiss and the look in his eyes only confirmed it.

“I love you so much mum. I can never thank you enough for what you have done for us, for me especially,” he said with emotion.

“I love you too son. I know I have done the right thing and our son will be much loved by all three of us,” I replied.

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