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(This story is only for those who have no inhibition and can enjoy mom-son, brother-sister and father-daughter sexual relations.)

In part I of this story, I had described how my mom and sis were sexually abused by six rogues posing as ascetics and their followers. They humiliated me and my Dad by groping and fucking my mom and sis in front of us and also forcing them to suck cocks of six strangers in the bus. The worst humiliation was exposing the hard cocks of me and my Dad in front of my mom and sis and then making my mother to perform hand job on me while my sis was made to do the same on my Dad.

A day after we escaped from this ordeal, we reached our home cancelling our further tour programs in the cow belt region. All of us were so shocked and ashamed at what we encountered that we barely talked among us. I thought that my mom and sis would cry a lot after they are in privacy of the family. But instead I noticed a look of disgust particularly in my mom.

After we have undergone the horror of humiliation in the darkness of the forest, the bus driver had dropped four of us near a railway station. My mom and sis had pains in their bodies after the violent way in which they were abused by the rogues. Their faces and bodies were dirty too. Luckily, in the early morning the station premise was not crowded. So my mom and sis got themselves cleaned in the station bathroom.

As the rogues had looted all money and valuables, my father went to the station ATM, withdrew some money and bought some analgesic tablets for my mom and sis. By midday we boarded train to reach our home by next morning. Once at home, we refreshed ourselves but there was hardly any conversation among four of us. All of us were still in a state of trauma and trance.

It was during the breakfast when we all the four were seated that my mom broke the silence with scathing verbal attacks on me and my Dad, “You two are real stupids who not failed to save our honour but were enjoying it like foolish cuckolds and dangling your hard cocks.

Do you realise we both may get pregnant after what these demons did to us? You wish us to bear them? Roshni will be a mother before being married. If you are men at least go and bring Unwanted 72 for us.”

I looked downward unable to face either my mom or sis. My Dad tried to say something but could not as my mother continued her angry outbursts at him, “I never wanted you to confront those goons and endanger your life. But at least, when your own daughter was made to do it on you, you should have been limp.”

Immediately she turned to me, “And you? I expected you to shrink in shame when my hand was forcibly put on your manhood. But you remained hard. Like father, like son – both like studs only female body matters even if that belongs to mom or sis or wife or daughter. Your demonic sexual passion will never subside. I feel disgusted to acknowledge that you’re my son and he is my husband.”

My dad seemed no more ready to tolerate my mom’s accusations and said, “What you underwent is very shocking and shameful. You know none on board could do anything. We are sorry for all that happened. But what you’re accusing is not right. Our physical conditions were not under our control.

And don’t forget that you two were also enjoying the assault after initial reluctance and fear. In fact, you were moaning even inside the bus when that rogue was caressing you like his slut. To be frank, both you and Roshni were humping and moaning when you were taken to the leafy ground.”

We never heard our Dad to speak like this using slang words and were stunned at his outburst. Roshni looked at him and then at me. My mother seemed bewildered too. There was silence for a few minutes. Then my father said, “This event has exposed each of us and both mentally and physically we stand naked before one another. So there is no reason to make a fuss over it and blame others.”

My Dad then said to me, “Go and bring Unwanted 72 for your mom and sis. We all know now they were raped by the goons and there is possibility of their i getting pregnant.”

Before I could go my mom said, “Since we have seen one another and know what happened, you all should know some facts. Your dad said about my moaning on board the bus as the goon caressed me.

Yes, I did moan and like you and your dad my body too responded to his caress even though it was loathsome and against my will. Being adults, you should know that I was physically starving as your dad was so busy with his daily works that at least in last two years he had not even touched me.”

I and Roshni didn’t know how to react. We were all so naked before one another that even the details of parental conjugal life were bare before us. My father said to my mom, “You have not ever let me know your desires and now telling all these nonsense before our children.”

“Why ashamed now?” my mom retorted, “Is there anything unknown or unseen to any of us? Why should I ask you for my wishes? I am still young and fourteen years younger than you. As husband, you should have understood my halkalı eve gelen escort bodily needs as well.”

There was unbelievable silence and awkwardness in the room. I left the room to buy Unwanted 72 as was told. My mom and sis started taking them from the very day I brought them the contraceptive. For next two days everyone avoided talking within the family and each posed to be busy and engrossed in their own world.

On the third day, as we silently sat for the dinner our parents informed us that they had some issues to discuss with me and Roshni to relieve the suffocating atmosphere of the house prevailing since our return.

My mother then started, “Both me and your father have discussed something and it may seem to be very offensive. Particularly, it may be most dirty by standard values and Roshni’s opinion matters most. So since both of you are grown up, you will give your frank opinions. Remember, nothing will be imposed on any one.”

Both Roshni and me smelled a new trouble and I thought that our parents would be talking of their separation and ask us to take sides with whom we want to stay. As we were guessing, our Dad spoke, “We have been stripped and humiliated before one another. We also know that despite being an assault both your mom and Roshni displayed their gestures to have enjoyed the same particularly while getting drilled. Same happened to me and our son. We can’t hide from others the fact that we all were excited.

Roshni was made to jerk me off and then suck her father clean, while your mother was made to perform hand job on her own son and lick him.”

Our dad spoke so plainly as if nothing unusual about it. I could see Roshni slightly blushing. But our mom said to her, “Roshni, the goons stripped us before one another and forced us to surrender our conventional morality about sex.”

She stopped for a while as if to decide how to speak out and then said, “It was very insulting, shameful and humiliating. But the fact remains that all of us enjoyed a part of it.

What me and your dad discussed is that now that the taboo has been forcibly shattered, should we brood over it, blame and avoid talking to one another or may we totally get rid of the inhibitions and enjoy among four of us. You two give your frank opinion.”

The proposal of our parents resulted in my hard on and like a true incestuous hot dog I thought in my mind about fucking my mom and sis. But I was not sure how Roshni would react. After some silence Roshni addressed, “I never thought in that way. But to admit frankly, my first sexual experience made me hot like a bitch. Mom, when I heard you moaning in the bus I realized that sex is a natural urge and there is nothing wrong in enjoying it be it with a father or a brother. But it should not be forced as goons did.”

“Are you ready, my son?” asked my mom, her glances were almost exploring my inner passions.

I nodded silently. My father said, “Since all agreed, it would be a family affairs and will remain strictly within four of us and when we are at home we will talk without any inhibition.

By the by, your mother complained the other day that she got excited with the goons because I had not done my home work for two years. I will do my homework today.”

Telling this my dad got up, went near my mom and pushed his hands inside her housecoat and started fondling her boobs lovingly. My mom was initially ashamed at his sudden action but my father said, “Both of them know it is a part of the game and the goons started with this.”

Dad unhooked mom’s bra exposing her well shaped tits, which did not sag even at this age. He then said to mom, “I swear, your son’s tool has grown in size looking at your sensuous boobs and seeing me doing this to you Roshni has got wet between her legs.”

Roshni covered her face in shame. My mom said, “Today being the first day, Roshni take your brother to your room and check what your dad said is true or not.”

Then she said to me, “You too check if Roshni is really wet there.”

But my dad interrupted, “No question of first day and separate rooms. If taboo is to be broken, it is to be broken today, now.

It seems your mom is ashamed that I will be giving her service after two years. Everyone of us will be in the same room.”

My dad took my mom in his lap and carried her to their bedroom and gestured us to follow them. Once in the bedroom he made her sprawl on the big bed. My mom’s housecoat and bra were already unfastened and revealed her boobs. She was wearing a butter colour lacy panty. There was a mark just below her left boob and our dad said to us, “This is the love bite she received from the goon.”

I was watching with awe and desire my mom’s slender and smooth legs. My dad said to Roshni, “Check if your sexy brother has grown hard looking at your mother.”

Roshni put her hands to check my hardness. I was already hard and touch of Roshni hardened me further. As Roshni was trying to push her hands inside my trousers, I pulled her near halkalı grup yapan escort me and started kissing her tender lips. Looking at my act of kissing my dad started sucking the lips of my mom. My mom responded with equal passion and moaned inside dad’s mouth.

Roshni had in the meantime, while enjoying my kiss, brought out my erect manhood and said to dad, “You’re right, he is hard like a rock.”

My mom teased, “It may have gone crazy for his sister, who cares for an older women like me!”

My father was then sucking my mom’s nipples. My hands were kneading Roshni’s 36″ asses. My mother had by this time completely pulled down the trousers and underwear of our dad and his manhood was leaping like an angry snake surrounded by grey and black long pubic hairs. My mom drew our attention and said, “With a phallus like that he deprived me for two years. He was so busy with his work!”

“Who knows?” I said, “May be Roshni’s young sexy body made it to stand up after two years of inactivity!”

I had removed the tops of Roshni and unclasped her bra. Her boobs were bigger than mom. My dad looked at them and said, “Take care of your flesh mounds, Roshni. They have grown bigger for your age. They will sag, if they are so big. Watch your mother, how she has maintained her mounds even at this age.”

I slowly carried Roshni to the bed where my mom and dad were already in intimate caress. My dad looked at Roshni and while his one hand was groping the thighs of my mom his other hand started exploring Roshni’s boobs. We were all on fire with the excitement and passion of incestuous forbidden game.

My dad asked me if I had checked whether Roshni was wet or not. In fact, though he had asked me long back to check, in the excitement of kneading her boobs and asses I had forgotten the task. My dad looked admonishingly at me and said, “I will check her. You better check if my caress had made your mother drip.”

With these words my dad went near Roshni and I came near my mom. I began by removing mom’s housecoat altogether from her body. I lifted her hands and freed her from the bra too. My 44 years old mother was now only wearing her panty. Her well maintained body, her sensuous boobs, slender legs, erect nipples were all before me. My cock was hard like that of a stud. The boobs which once fed me milk were now being kneaded by me passionately and my mother moaned. Her erected nipples displayed her rising passion.

I began to grope mom’s smooth thighs when my eyes fell on her clean shaved underarms. I could not resist my temptation and lifted her arms sniffing there. Sweat and perfume made it smell awesome and I kissed there and started licking. My mom giggled at the sensation that my tongue sent inside her. I kissed every inch of my mom’s wheatish back, her arms, her navel. She was enjoying my naughtiness keeping her eyes shut. My dad called me, “I gave you a task to see if your mom is dripping between her thighs and you did not let me know. Just see my progress with your sis.”

I looked towards dad and Roshni. Dad had completely stripped Roshni by then and her big boobs were receiving erotic massage. Dad’s palms were on her boobs like the claws of a tiger playing with its prey. Between his fingers, her erect nipples were peeping seductively. Dad had pulled Roshni’s panty up to her knees and it was dripping with her love juice. In her hand, dad’s hard and big cock was receiving passionate caress. The scene made me crazy. I changed my posture a bit and as my hands remained busy with my mom’s tits, my mouth moved to lick the peeping nipples of my sis protruding through dad’s fingers.

“You should not have both the fruit on the tree, and the one fallen on the ground,” said dad to me, “Enjoy one at a time.”

I moved away my mouth from my sister’s tits and concentrated on my mom. I glided my hand at her back inside the panty caressing her pumpkin like asses. The smoothness of her skin was fascinating. Slowly my hand moved to her cunt and I parted her labia lips with fingers making her groan. She had not perhaps shaved for months and had long curly hairs. I began to play with them pulling them mildly now and then. My mom was moaning in a low voice. I inserted a finger in her pussy hole and moved it squarely inside. My mom shivered and this time moaned louder as she discharged fresh vaginal juice. I reported to my dad, “Mom is wet and her warm juice is flowing down my finger.”

“But your mom is not moaning like she did when she was handled by the goons,” said my father, “She needs more caress, I think. Give her your best service.”

Meanwhile I saw my father was fingering my sister’s pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved. She was occasionally arching the lower part of her body as my dad used his finger to tease her clit. I heard my dad was telling her, “Let me taste how my little baby tastes.”

My dad brought out his finger from the pussy hole of my sis and started licking it. In the carnal game of incestuous impulses we all had grown hot, shameless and were shedding halkalı masöz escort away all inhibitions. I said to dad, “Roshni too is not moaning the way she did in the forest. I think you may need my help.”

Roshni laughed at my words and said, “He is trying to put his hands on both. You take care of mom, dad will take care of me.”

Dad and mom both laughed at our words. Mom was pulling out the panty and very vulgarly said pointing to her quim, “This is where your dad had drilled to bring you two in this world. This is the place that the goons drilled forcibly and now I am waiting eagerly to be drilled by my own son whose tool has become a giant.”

As my mom removed her panty I watched with awe how sexy she looked in her nakedness. I buried my face on her bushy cunt and was moving my face crazily there. Its damp and dirty smell made my cock harder as if it would burst in excitement. Soon my lips took mom’s labia lip between them sucking them to my heart’s content. My mom now moaned louder than ever.

As I heard a suppressed moan, I looked at Roshni and my dad and was surprised to find that Roshni had taken the entire length of dad’s hard cock inside her mouth and caressing his manhood with her lips and tongue. Dad’s one hand was playing on Roshni’s pussy while his another hand was busy with her melon shaped boobs.

In the process of looking at them I had lifted my face from my mom’s cunt for a while and mom pressed my head hard that put my face again on her pussy and she said, “Don’t stop and keep licking.”

I started to lick her again and defying the disturbances and irritation caused by mom’s curly pubic hairs pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy hole licking the walls of her pussy. My mother let out a scream of passion and delight. I got her clit and was teasing it with my tongue. My mom seemed to be in the seventh heaven and was moaning like a possessed woman. Suddenly, she pushed away my face from her pussy and lifted upper part of her body supported on her asses and gestured me to be near her. As I came near, my mom said, “I wish to taste my own come from your mouth.”

My mom pulled my face towards her and we got locked in a lip to lip kiss. My mom started sucking my lips passionately and pushed her tongue inside. Mother-son were replaced by sensual man and woman as we played with each other’s tongue.

Watching us in lip locked game, Roshni and dad too started kissing each other. But in their case my dad was lying on bed and Roshni was on the top. Occasionally between French kisses she would take her sensuous boobs near dad’s mouth and allow him to lick and suck her nipples. While involved in lip kiss with mom I was also watching how big tits of Roshni were hanging like pendulum as she moved her body.

I got busy with mom again when a mild scream drew my attention to Roshni. I found her arching her body rapidly even though her body still was on the body of dad. On closer observation I discovered that dad had inserted his finger in her ass hole and another finger in her pussy hole and was simultaneously moving both the fingers. His right index finger was completely inside her asshole while his two left hand fingers were in her pussy hole. Roshni was moaning in pleasure and excitement.

My mom’s hands slowly moved near her navel where by hard cock was pricking her. She lovingly took it in her palm and started giving mild strokes. She seemed quite surprised at my size and said, “If your thing is this size now, by the time you get married it would be like a giant. You have the built like your father.”

I looked once again at my father. He was sucking Roshni’s cunt and she was moaning uncontrollably and shamelessly asking dad to put his tool in her warm hole. But he said to her, “Look at it once. Before it goes in, I think, you need to lubricate it with your saliva so that your young pussy muscles don’t get hurt.”

It was really a bulbous demon that reminded me the penis of a bull. I was big too but not like dad. Roshni had already started to caress dad’s hard shaft with her lips and tongue. Soon dad and Roshni took 69 position, each giving oral pleasure to the other’s craving genital. I caught my mom’s shoulders and laid her on her back and said, “Let us enjoy like them.”

But before getting in 69, my mom wanted me to hold her head and fuck her mouth. So I started to and fro movement of my dick in her mouth. As I continued I heard Roshni pleading, “Dad, I can’t take any more, make me your whore.”

While mouth fucking my mom, I watched Roshni spreading her legs wide to welcome dad’s tool in her hole. She had slight difficulty initially to take such a big tool in her pussy but after some attempts was able to take it inside her. The two then started the primitive act of incestuous mating. From the beginning as dad pumped her, she raised her body upwards to get more of the thrusts.

Mom and me were too excited to watch them and had no time or patience for resorting to 69. Particularly when dad started rapid thrusts in Roshni’s love spot and she started uttering dirty words between her loud ecstatic moans, it had terrific effects on both of us. My mom lifted her legs up to her boobs exposing her craving love hole and guided my dick inside her slippery and warm pussy and waited till my tool was completely buried inside. The touch of her curly pubic hairs on my scrotum created more sensations on me and I started ploughing her love hole.

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