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This is a story that goes along with my losing a bet series about the fun with my sister and her husband. If you haven’t read it please try it you might like it. If you like or have comments please leave me a note.

* * * * *

Waking I heard the shower running, Beth must be getting ready to leave already. She had a seminar she was attending in L.A. This week. Needing to piss I decided to go join her. When I entered the john I could see her using the hand held shower spray to stimulate her pussy. We have a clear shower door, as we both like to watch the other when we are in there. As I sat to relieve myself I watched her. She must have been close to a climax because her eyes were closed. I finished and opened the door, she jumped a little then realized it was I.

“Hi sailor want to lend a hand?” she asks.

“Love to.” I replied

Reaching around her back I took a breast in each hand and rubbed the nipple between my fingers. Leaning forward I kissed the nap of her neck. Whispering in her ear how I would love to take her here in the shower and eat her out.

“Silly boy you can’t do that. You know I am having my period you will have to wait.”

“Well at least I can play with you and relieve some of your pressure.”

” I know that wand stimulates you quite well, but the water isn’t as good as my finger is it?”

“Oh no I love it when you finger me while in the shower.”

“In fact you seem to have some pressure yourself.” Grabbing my swollen cock she applied some soap and started to pump me. Growing to its full 9″ she had me ready to burst real fast. I continued to finger her and her breath started to come in short gasps.

“Oh Shit that’s it rub me harder.”

“Ooh fuck this is what I needed.”

She started to shake and become rigid “Oh crap this is good.”

Just then the phone rang I was tempted to let it go but it might be her boss so I answered it.

A sexy voice that I half recognized said. “Hi sailor what took you so long, playing with the wife so early in morning?”

“Whoa oh ah.” I stammered.

“Must have been giving her a tongue lashing still got it all tied up I see.” She purred.

At that I recognized who it was “Sharon you silly girl where are you?”

“In Vegas, headed your way thought I would stay over for a while if I could. Would like seeing you kid? I just quit my job and want to have some fun.”

Sharon and I had been lovers in school. She had introduced Beth to me. I got shivers up and down my spine, thinking about the kind of fun that we had together.

“Sure but Beth will be out of town for a few days.” I said.

“Oh great we will be alone then for a while?” she almost chuckled.

We talked for a while and agreed she would be in this afternoon and spend 2 weeks with us. As I finished the conversation Beth came out of the bathroom. Dressed, and ready to go.

I only had time to tell her that Sharon would be here for a while when the car came to take her to the airport.

When she had gone I felt bad that I hadn’t told her Sharon was going to be here 5 days before she returned. But what she didn’t know was not going to hurt anything.

Thinking about what might happen had me all aroused and excited, so I couldn’t think of work for now. I decided to take a swim and cool down. We live on a 3-acre place so I had the privacy to swim in the nude, as we did most of the time.

When I had completed my normal laps and had settled into a lounger to tan the thought’s of Sharon returned. She had been the first to teach me to eat pussy and gave antalya escort the best head I had ever gotten. Thinking about it got me all stiff and randy feeling. So I started to stroke myself unconsciously.

“What do you think you are doing?!!” shrieked a voice form the porch it was my mother in law Mona.

“Mona? What are you doing here?” I answered. Grabbing a towel form the table beside me.

“John ran off to San Diego. Supposable for a meeting. I can’t reach his office they say his secretary is out.”

” I bet he took that tramp for.” She was half-drunk and half-crying. “Get my bags ill be staying here for a while”

With that she stormed into the house going to the guestroom. When she passed the liqueur cabinet she grabbed the best full bottle of scotch I had.

I got dresses and went to retrieve her bags. By the time I had them all in the house she had drained a third of the bottle and passed out on the bed. Laying there her dress half hiked up her leg’s I could see she wore French cut panties. Deciding to help out I straightened her out on the bed. She didn’t come around so I figured she was out of it for the night and removed her jacket. When she didn’t stir so I got braver and removed her shoes, then her skirt, and finally the slip. Here I was my wife’s mother with only her skimpy bra and panties passed out in my house. Her heavy breasts rising and falling with every breath she took. For the third time today I was getting turned on. My dick at full mast and nothing to do for it. Did I dare get braver and play with her pussy, or maybe get a good look at her titties?

Sharon would be here before long and I needed to get ready for her.

Sharon arrived about an hour later. When I meet her at the door, I nearly fell over she had obviously been working out the last few years. She had always been a good-looking woman but now she was a real beauty.

Immediately she grabbed me and planted a big kiss on my lips. Respond I held her and smashed her breasts against me.

Our tongues met and danced for a moment.

“Well I see you missed me sailor.”

“Where is Beth?”

“She is in LA for the week. I told you that.” I said. “However her mom is passed out in our guestroom.”

“Darn that means I have to use your room then huh.”

We settled down and had a light salad for supper, then went to check on Mona. She was still out like a lamp so we went to bed.

It was like the 3 years we had been apart didn’t exist. We fell into each other’s arms. Kissing deeply and passionately. I felt the old familiar stirring in my groin. Of course it didn’t help that I had been walking around all day with blue balls not getting any relief. I explained what had been happening to me.

Sharon laughed. “Well let’s see what we can do about some relief for this poor thing.” Reaching between my legs she took me in her hand and started to stroke me real slowly. The velvet soft skin of her hand had me hard as a rock in no time. “You are really stiff,” she said. With this she slid down and took me in her mouth and twisted her tongue all around the head. “Mumm this is good.”

“I can taste the pre-come already.”

“Oh shit yes that is good take it all in baby.” I panted. “I’m about to come.” I warned. No women had ever taken my sperm in their mouth before. I figured she would finish me off with her hand. But she seemed to just take it deeper into her mouth. As I came she had me all the way in with the head down her throat. She sputtered some but kept swallowing and fucking her face. This gave me the best feeling kepez escort I have ever had from a blowjob. As I recovered she moved up and kissed me square on the mouth expelling some of my sperm into my mouth it was great A little salty but smooth also.

Moving down I licked my way to her breasts and licked each of them in turn rubbing her sides and tweaking the nipples with my teeth. Trailing a line of saliva to her belly button I found she had a ring there playing with it with my tongue I slid my hands down under her ass and played with her cheeks, bringing my hands around I found her slit and rubbed it slowly.

“Oh Shit I need you inside me!” She said. “I’ve thought about nothing all day except how good you would feel in my mouth and in my cunt.”

Playing with her some more I placed my mouth on her slit and started to tongue fuck her. She started to buck pounding my chin and nose into her pelvis. Running my flat tongue up and down. Then forming it into a small dick I shoved it in as far as I could. Her legs tightening around my head till it started to feel like she was going to crack my skull. She tasted sweet like honey. Then all of a sudden she let out a scream that I thought would surely wake the dead.

“Oooh…Shit now do me deeper shit… Oh yes.” She fell back on the bed panting. “That was great.”

As she settled down I got between her legs and inserted myself into her slick pussy.

She let out a soft moan as I did.” Some things never change I see you still get ready easy.”

“Seconds are my favorite.”

“What no thirds?”

“Let’s see how you handle seconds first.” I joked.

Pulling her legs up and placing them over my shoulders I got as deep as I could causing her to shiver. With her clit fully exposed to me, I reached down and played with it. Looking directly into her eyes I saw they were all glassy again. She was taking short rapid breaths also placing her feet together did two things caused me to get better friction and placed the bottom of her feet where I could lick and kiss them. Sucking her big toes into my mouth sent her over the edge. Her internal muscles squeezing me and pulsating at the same time.

We fell into a sweaty mess on the bed. Falling asleep in a spoon fashion.

About three hours I awoke feeling something pulling at my dick, she had me in her mouth again. “Ready for those thirds?” she purred.

“If you think you can stand it.” I said remembering how she had loved to be on top; I turned on my back. Smiling she straddled my now ready prick and set down in one smooth stroke.

“Oh. Yes baby you still have the biggest dick I have had.” She smiled and started to hump like there was no tomorrow. Setting up so I could get a firm hold on her titties. Looking over her shoulders I could see the mirror on our chest of drawers. Giving me a full view of her ass and back. My prick sliding in and out of her.

I also caught a glimpse of something at the door to the bedroom. Barely open I caught a glimpse of Mona. Standing there with her hand in her panties pumping like hell. As we continued to fuck she got a funny look on her face, she nearly collapsed. Sharon was really close to coming herself so I ignored the distraction. Working her breasts and fingering her clit again she came like a racehorse. Collapsing on the bed beside me.

Having came twice already I was still hard as hell. I explained that I had seen my wife’s mom watching us I excused myself and headed for the bathroom. Once there I took the other door, which led to my office and manavgat escort went into the hall. There was Mona still looking through the door watching Sharon play with her self.

I walked up behind her and reached around grabbing hold of both her breasts lifting her off the floor.

“You like watching us why not join us.” I said

“Oh stop please… no I couldn’t…” still close to coming she was not sure what to do.

I realized she was still 2\3 drunk and didn’t realize this wasn’t her daughter.

The lights were off and Sharon had a similar build to my wife so she thought it was she.

Spying on us isn’t as much fun as joining us Mona; I placed a tie that I had dropped around her eyes. Just pretend it’s a stranger you are with. I continued to play with her breasts and reached between her legs to find a very wet spot. This set her off.

“ohh shit yes I need that play with me. I need a release, you kids are so sexy like that.”

“Go ahead come for us we want to see you do it.”

Sharon jumped to the chance to grab a breast and placed it in her mouth.

“Mmmum this is sweet so firm.” She whispered.

Mona was loosing it shaking and moaning like crazy.

“Aaaah fuck this is good… shit put it in further.”

With this I leaned her over the side of the bed exposing her cunt both to Sharon and I.

Sharon was first to act dropping down between her legs and sticking her tongue in as far as she could.

Lapping up and down with the wide part of it. Then she took some of the cum and spit and lubed her anus sticking her finger in to the first knuckle.

“Ahhh fuck noooo … don’t that hurts aaaahhh don’t stop shit…”

Sharon pushed even further all the way to where her fist was at the entrance.

I jumped on the bed and set in front of Mona’s face directing my cock into her mouth. Instinctively she sucked it into her mouth. “Oh god yes I want your dick in my mouth John won’t let me do this he thinks it’s dirty.

“Take it all bitch. You need to learn to do it better for him.”

“Mmmum Oooh Ahhh”

“good god it’s big” she was on the verge of a big one. I could tell with Sharon sucking her clit and my dick in her mouth she was on verge of a mind-blowing climax.

“Lick my clitt baby do mommy good. Oh shit yes Ahhh fffuccck me now.”

With this I slid off the bed and moved Sharon away from her. I placed my dick in her womanhood and shoved for all I was worth.

“Ahhh god damn, that is too big.”

“Give me more you prick.” She panted.

I could feel my own climax starting at my toes and boiling up into my nuts. Just then she started to ripple the muscles in her stomach started to contract and her pussy squeezed like a vice.

At this I came like a champ spewing shot after shot into her. We collapsed into the bed.

I could feel Sharon playing with my ass as I lay on top of Mona. Her ass still was trapping my prick between her cheeks.

“That was hot as hell. I like older women.”

“They are so up tight and horny, don’t you think?” I ask.

“Oh definitely.” Replied Sharon.

“What is she going to think when she wakes up sober?” She asks.

“Don’t know. But I want to take advantage of this as much as we can while we have it.”

“You seemed to like eating her as much as you do guy’s. This is new for you or have you became more liberal with your favors.”

“I see you and Beth haven’t talked about me much.”

“Well I haven’t told her we were lovers if that is what you mean.”

“Don’t worry, she and I were also silly.”

“You mean she was your lover too? I don’t believe it.”

“I never thought about that possibility.”

“So think about it. We could have a hole new set of fun.”

With that we sank back into bed and well asleep.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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