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“Oh God, yes Taylor, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I was cummmmmmming again. Tremors surged through every fiber of my being. I rocked back on my knees, pushing into his slamming hips. Harder and harder he drove into me. My orgasm continued, roiling. His orgasm was imminent.

“Ahhhhhhhh mother…I’m going to cum.” Seizing my hips in both his hands and held me still as he came with each stroke. “Yes mom, yes….ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh.”

Damn I came hard. Each time with her was better than the time before. I got to know her body better. Know how to increase her pleasure and she was giving me advice too. I kept the motion going, my cock was still jerking inside her. I was happy to be with her like this. I fell onto her back and grabbed her tits and gently fondled them, kissing her neck, “Mom I love you.”

I was shocked by what I saw, at first, filling instantly with rage, but that quickly subsided as excitement stirred in my loins. I was oddly fascinated and aroused. Realizing withdrawal was the best course of action, at the moment, I retreated, from the sight but not the thought, it followed me.

The unfamiliar noises coming from my bedroom had drawn me back there as fast as I could walk, I approached quietly. I was glad I did. Not being a rash or quick to react, by my nature, I appreciated that I hadn’t made my presence known; they hadn’t heard my feet on the stairs. I needed to think about this. I wasn’t expected home for a couple more hours, so I backed out of the hall and down the stairs, out the door. My son and wife never knew I was there and saw them.

I had seen my wife, having sex with our son, what a sucker punch. However, I couldn’t tear my eyes from them. My anger rose, but I couldn’t sustain it and found myself stimulated. As I drove off, the ghosts of my wife and son haunted me and, to my surprise, I had a full erection.

After Taylor and I were cleaned up and the bed straightened, the guilt hit me again. What was I doing? This time we had found ourselves strangely alone in the house. I tried to resist, once again, I had to make that effort, but I was so lacking in character or moral fortitude, I couldn’t make more than a pretense of it. Two weeks had gone by since we’d had sex on the table. We’d talked and agreed, no more. We could’ve taken chances several times, but didn’t. Why today? I didn’t have time to ponder it any further. Mark, my husband, would be home soon.

Sitting at the table tonight, I couldn’t stop staring at Mom, she was so beautiful. She looked a little tired, but I remembered her face as I ate her pussy this afternoon. When she came, she didn’t look like Mom anymore. I think I had a hard on while I sat there and had to talk to my Dad to get it under control. I wondered how I could talk to him when I was screwing his wife? At first I didn’t connect the two, but tonight, I was feeling shitty over it. I knew Mom was right, we’re doing something very wrong. By the time dinner was over, I didn’t know if I could do it again.

I sat at the table with the family trying to eat dinner. Jenna and Taylor passed it off well. I tried to keep my thoughts even so I could do the same, but I found myself drifting back to this afternoon. The spectacle of them on our bed, him fucking her from behind, her moans of pleasure as she said his name and the aroma of sex was strongly in the air. My loins were stirring and I knew I couldn’t dwell on it or I’d get hard again or let it slip I knew. I didn’t want that. I had a course of action in mind. I wanted to see it through.

After dinner, I went out to my shop for bit like normal. Nobody noticed I took my brief case with me. In it were the tools of my plan. In my disoriented haze this afternoon, I had driven back to work. As I traveled, I took no note of the surroundings; I didn’t know what to do until I pulled in. I didn’t want to reveal I knew about my wife and son, however, I had to know more about it, if it was just that once, which I doubted, or were their trysts often. At work, there was the answer. My company dealt in electronics including surveillance cameras. Being a partner, I could take what I wanted with little attention. Here now I had two wireless remote cameras. They were state of the art, no cables, motion activated and I could zoom and direct them from remotely. They were so small, I could hide them in the bedroom. I had two monitors as well and a miniaturized digital recorder. In the shop, I ran through the setup, programming the signal. Tomorrow was Saturday, I would have a chance to set them up. For now, I would have to get through the night. Satisfied all the gear I needed was in place, I returned to the house.

Laying next to Jenna, in the bed where she had moaned her release just hours before, I got hard as a rock. I wanted to take her and assert my manhood on her. Make her cum as she had with Taylor. Our sex life had been dwindling, maybe that was why she was screwing our son. I pondered taking her, but rejected it, to do so would force avcılar rus escort her into a corner. Instead, I behaved as normal, but only pretended to sleep. When I heard her breathing deep and regular, I rolled on my back reaching down for my stiffened member. I revisited the memory, the sight of Taylor invading his mother from behind. The wet sounds as his cock penetrated her over and over. His hands easily holding her hips as he steadied himself before he came into her pussy. Her ass, though firm, still shook as he hammered her.

Erection in hand, I quietly stroked my engorged organ. My mind aflame, Jenna was no longer a wife and mother, she was now the lover of my son. More like a woman than the mother role I had relegated her to. Thinking of her hot cunt squeezing as she came, I worked my meat, urging it to climax. Her hot wetness, like a glove, tight, like my hand. Faster, faster, ahhh ahhh…she was cooing to Taylor, “I’m cumming.” Not having prepared myself my self for this, I lifted the covers slightly and came on my stomach, rubbing it into my skin so as not to leave tell tale stains on our sheets.

The next morning, after they had finally left, I went to it , working quickly. I installed the cameras from two angles, a side view of the bed and from above in the corner, the frame was from the foot to the head of the bed. I checked the scene on my monitors, zooming in and out. This experience had awoken the voyeur within in me, compelling my need to see more of them. I wasn’t sure if this had been an ongoing affair, or I had stumbled on the first round. Hazarding a guess, I’d say that wasn’t their initial encounter. I was maddened by the thought, but as had become the case, it was quickly dissipated by my curiosity and desire to witness more of their forbidden assignation.

The motion detectors would activate the cameras and catch whatever went on in here. The digital recorder would save it for me to peruse when I got home. The install went so quickly, I had time to set up the monitors in the shop, hiding them from curious eyes in a cabinet. Anyone walking in wouldn’t be able to spot anything different. I was ready now and even eager for them to make their next rendezvous without delay. However, I knew, it wasn’t going to be for at least a couple more days.

Mom and I had a heart to heart a couple days after the scene on the table. “Honey, I’m worried we’re going to get out of control and get caught.”

“Mom, as long as long as we only do it when everyone is out of the house, it’ll be ok.”

“We’re tempting fate darling. My nerves are fraying. I feel so guilty. You’re my son. I’m your mother. We are never supposed to think of each other in this way, much less act on it.”

I couldn’t argue with her there. I was feeling pretty guilty sitting at dinner with my Dad that night, almost sick. But it had disappeared as soon as I was alone with her. She was so hot to me. I agreed to cool it for a while. I had no choice, but it was hard, all I thought about was her and what we did. The last time, wasn’t so rushed, Mom took a couple minutes, while I was eating her, to teach me what felt best to her. I was anxious to go down on her again, see if I did it better.

I thought of that all the time now, but since she was still saying no, I had been sneaking into her room, getting her panties and masturbating with them when she was gone. I would have to have her soon, I hoped to, but I couldn’t push it. I was afraid she’d drop the hammer on me ending all chances to ever make love to her again; to lick her pussy and suck her tits and shove my cock into her. My dick got hard every time I thought of her.

Damnit! Three days had gone by and I’d gotten nothing. Every night I came rushing home, hoping to observe more of them in action. Each night as soon as I could, I went out to shop to review what the recorder had captured. No one noticed as this was my habit to go out there after dinner. Disappointingly, what I found was Jenna dressing, undressing and cleaning, days of it. There were also the other members of our family going in and out of the room, only mundane activity. At the end of the first week, I still had no prize, though, one evening, I was chagrined to find Taylor on the feed as I fast forwarded through the day’s traffic.

He entered, seemingly apprehensive, going straight for the clothes hamper. He rooted through it and found Jenna’s panties, bringing them to his face, rubbing the smooth satiny fabric against his cheek. I knew her panties well, like father, like son. He then pressed the crotch to his nose, breathing in her sweet scent. Ahhhhhhh…my loins reacted at the sight of him doing what I’d recently resorted to. He then took them and licked the panel in which lay up against her treasure all day long. He moved to the bed, sitting down at the edge, he opened his jeans, his hard cock springing out. He masturbated, holding the undergarment to his cheek. I wasn’t excited avcılar türbanlı escort by the sight of this, only the idea that he was lusting for his mother, which did produce a hard on in my own pants. He finished and replaced the underwear, leaving quickly.

The weekend came and went. I was getting frustrated. I was going to have to create a circumstance to invite another episode. The idea so occupied my mind, Jenna was questioning if there was a problem. Making a note to be more disciplined and to keep from drifting off in my thoughts, I assured her all was fine. At night, I spent hours thinking of her and Taylor and how to present them once more with an opportunity to consummate their lust. Finally it hit me. I’d tell them I was going to the other office, hours away; I would be gone the whole day and more! In two days, everyone but Taylor and Jenna were headed on a 2 day camping trip with a youth group. It would be the perfect time for me to extend my day, giving them some security, I’d be out of the way too.

Taylor and I had agreed to slow down, not risk being discovered. Well, he’d acquiesced. It’d been a week, and, as after every other time we’d been together, the guilt diminished and yearning returned to me. I found myself thinking more and more about Taylor. When he was in the room, I noticed how handsome he was, the structure of his body, the color of his eyes and the sound of his voice. More and more, these thoughts stole into my mind. The only thing that had grabbed more of my attention was Mark. He’d seemed distracted and distant. Not at all himself. It worried me until I mentioned it to him and then the old Mark was back. Must’ve been work, but I was going to keep an eye on him. I didn’t see how he could know, however, it was worth paying attention to though, if he were to find out, it’d be the end of our family. Did I really want to gamble that away on satisfying my own selfish desires? Further complicating matters, by coincidence, in a couple days Mark was heading to his other office 3 hours away. He would be gone not just for the work day, but late into the night. The rest of the family, but for me and Taylor, were to be away for 2 days. The temptation to gratify ourselves would be immense.

Almost giddy with anticipation, my cock was semi-rigid as I got in the car and drove off. I was going up to the other office. It was the only way to insure I wouldn’t give into the impulse to spy on their activities. As the day wore on, I tried to work and keep my mind on what I was doing. I tried shutting my office door, to keep my employees out for a while, nonetheless it only served to protract the day. Finally I gave in and found a compartment in which to shut Jenna and Taylor and threw myself into work the rest of the day. It had worked, until I left. Now driving towards home, it was difficult to keep from speeding. What would the digital record reveal? Anything?

As they left for their trip, I kissed everyone and waved goodbye. When the door closed, it was if reality was suspended, I entered another realm. Taylor was in the hall, on his face, naked desire. He didn’t move or say a word. His questions, unasked, the answers equally unuttered. I walked directly to him, all resolve, all my promises to myself, shattering with each step. I ended up running into his arms.

I wanted her. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t want to push or take her against her will. As I kissed her, holding her tight in my arms, her body melted into mine, she was so soft. I could feel how much she wanted me, more than the last time. I had no control now that I knew she was so willing. I picked her up and headed for my room.

Jenna met me at the door. “How was your trip honey?” She always stayed up to see me when I was out this late.

I couldn’t tell from her demeanor if anything had transpired. “Oh it was fine, nothing earth shattering. I was very busy, the day flew by. How was everything here?”

“Oh, fine. Quiet with everyone gone. Taylor went out with his friends tonight. He’s back now, work and school tomorrow.” She got me a drink and listened as I recounted the day. I kept trying to read her. Nothing there, Jenna was blank, she would yield no clue.

“I’m not ready for bed and it’s almost 1:00. You can go to bed if you’d like while I unwind for a bit.”

“I had an early morning, getting everyone ready to go, I’m tired. I guess I’ll go now. But don’t stay up too late, alright?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I just need to have this drink and get over the road jitters.”

“Hahahahaa…”, she laughed. I looked at her again. She was beautiful. “Ok. I gotcha.” She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. “Goodnight honey.”

She walked down the hall, the door closed and I was free to go out to my shop. I could barely contain myself. Opening the cabinet, I pulled the monitors out and reset the recorder to the beginning of the day. My heart raced. I hit play to let the avcılar ucuz escort machine tell me the story, if there was one. Suddenly, I was agonized to realize, Jenna’s behavior might indicate, nothing happened at all.

Relief. I was so relieved to be excused. I was glad I would have the opportunity to try to go to sleep without him at my side. I was so remorseful, I had held up like a feather in a whirlwind. No moral fiber. I ran to Taylor for God’s sake.

I heard Mom go to her room. I could relax now. She must’ve held herself together. I was worried, she was so upset as it got near to the time he was going to get home. She was falling apart. At least I could relax now. If there was going to be a scene, at least it would be hours from now. Finally, I could go back in my mind, remember our love making, how she felt to me, how she tasted.

I carried her down the hall and set her down on the bed and stripped her clothes off. She didn’t have a problem with that, she helped yanking and pulling them off her. I dropped my shorts and was naked in a second. I stood her back up so I could hug her, body to body, skin on skin. Kissing her open mouthed, my tongue searched hers. Her skin was still scented from her morning shower. She leaned into me. I was so hot, I lifted Mom up under her arms, laying her down and getting on top. I kissed her more but broke it off to, kiss down her neck until I got to her tits. Ohhhhh…god they were perfect. I took them in my hands and rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger, making them hard. She sighed. More kisses around the areolas and then I sucked as much as I could into my mouth.

Taylor suckled my breast, drawing in as much as he could and kneading the other one. Producing tingles within, like when I nursed him, almost like the letdown before milk flows. He sucked and chewed, licked and kissed both of them, lingering, relishing them, like he hadn’t been able to the last two times. I was surprised since he started out so heated, but I was delighted to have him pay so much attention to them. The wetness was already gathering in my pussy.

I wanted her pussy now, her juice, the warmth and aroma of it all over my face. I got up on the bed, lying on my back. “Mom, mount up.”

She smiled and jumped up on my chest. “Are you sure? This is what you want?”

“Yes Mom, please.” I grabbed her bottom and pulled her towards my face. “Come on. Sit on my face.”

She wiggled up, put her knees on either side of my shoulders and sank down on me. There is was, pink and beautiful, good enough to eat. Hahahaha! So I did. Starting at her clit, poking out from its hiding place, I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. Just the smallest amount of her honeyed tangy juice was there. I let it stay there for an extra second, enjoying the flavor. I enjoyed the little pearl at the top of her pinkness that I discovered after she showed me and explained what it was. I was putting her lesson to good use. Mmmmm. That was that, I was getting more of that as fast I could. I plunged into her, fucking her with my tongue, swirling inside to scoop out as much as I could, trying to lick every drop possible from her, but then remembering, I how I wanted her to enjoy this too. Slowing down, I used small strokes, fluttering bottom to top and tickling her clit. Mom got excited and pressing further down on my face. With not much maneuvering room, I could only clamp down and sucked her clit and everything else I could get my mouth, stroking now and then with my tongue. I got into a rhythm, like fucking. She rode my face, gently never suffocating me, but she was tensing. Her thighs were squeezing my head. Suck, release, suck, release…building…suck, release, building….her pussy was pulsing in my face…suck release…suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck release…suuuuuuuuuuuck…release…she grinded down on my face…suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…I wanted her to cum…suuuuuuuuuuuuck…cum for me Mom…suuuuuuck…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh….”, she came, screaming my name and gushing all over my face and mouth. “Taylor, Taylor. YESSSSSSSSSSSss…Oh God, yes.” Her pussy pulsating while holding my head like a vice in her thighs, crushing down on me, I just kept sucking trying to get every drop, until she settled.

Taylor had brought me to a swift and total climax. He learned his lesson well. Some other woman would get the benefit of that someday, but for now, I had all the benefits of teaching him. Not wasting a second, I turned around and got between his legs. I had to have his cock in my mouth this time. It surprised him. “Mom, really? You would do that?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to.” Taylor was ready for me, no need to get him up. I took just the head in my mouth and sucked, running my tongue around the rim. He pulled his knees up in response.

“God Mom!” He was smiling at me. That Taylor happy smile I knew so well. Jarring me for a second; reminding he is my son. I shook it off quickly, I had to or I’d stop altogether.

Turing my mind back to his cock, I worked my mouth down his shaft, bit by bit, coming back to the top and going further down each time. He responded, shuddering and gasping as I got to the bottom. Running my mouth up and down, I sucked, sticking my tongue out so it ran up and down his shaft. He murmured, ” ahhhhhh…yessssssss….yesssss…Mom.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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