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“Hey you, if you don’t hurry up, we’re going to be late for the housewarming,” Deborah called out to her partner, who was still in their bedroom, going through outfit after outfit.

“Keep your pants on, I wanted to wear something special, this is our first time visiting with Mom since she and Nicole got back from their trip,” Bridget smiled. “Besides, it’s your fault we’re going to be late, if you weren’t such an insatiable little bitch, we wouldn’t be 45 minutes behind,” Bridget said as she kissed her wife.

“If you weren’t the hottest slut on the planet, I wouldn’t be such an insatiable bitch,” Deborah shot back. “Heard from your Dad lately?”

Bridget smiled. “Yes, he called yesterday. He likes it in Florida but he still doesn’t understand what happened to his marriage. Poor Daddy — although if I had to choose between Daddy and Nicole, I know who I’d choose,” she giggled.

The chaos of Bridget’s life had all tumbled together over the last year. The very-out Bridget had wanted to marry Deborah, the love of her life. Her Daddy didn’t approve of his daughter’s lifestyle, although he did like Deborah. Bridget had an ally, her mother Brooke gave her full blessings. Ultimately, she gave a lot more than her blessings.

Brooke’s marriage to Evan had been falling apart for a long time, likely years, Bridget knew now. Her mother loved her father, but more as a friend and as the father of her children than as a partner. Brooke was still a fairly young woman with a lovely personality, a pleasant figure and a merry twinkle in her eyes when she was happy. The sad thing was that Brooke wasn’t happy much now. Bridget rarely saw that twinkle in her mom’s eye. She was determined to put it back and formulated a plan with Deborah. A plan that was insane and out there, a plan that many would never have approved of. A plan that proved to be Brooke’s ultimate salvation.

With a bit of guile, some sexy clothes and no small amount of wine, Brooke was seduced by Bridget and Deborah. She joined her daughter and daughter-in-law in bed for a night of passion that opened her eyes to the deep, committed love they shared and the heated passion. It awakened something in Brooke and once awakened, it couldn’t be put back to sleep. Deborah had a beautiful, sensual black friend she thought would compliment Brooke nicely, her friend Nicole. The two of them hit it off immediately; Brooke couldn’t believe the range of passion and lust she found with her new black lover. She tried to keep her marriage intact and see Nicole, but she wasn’t being fair to either of her partners. Truth be told, Nicole had her passion and her soul.

Over dinner one night, Brooke told her girls that Nicole was like a lioness in bed, smooth and sleek, but raw and passionate. “This gorgeous young thing bites and scratches and she doesn’t let you go until you’re exhausted,” Brooke sighed as Nicole held her hand.

“I knew that,” Deborah giggled.

“Yes, I’d forgotten that my girls are such fucking sluts that they had her first,” Brooke teased. She loved seeing the reaction on Bridget’s face when she talked like that; it was so incongruous to her former personality. Brooke knew that the three of them were on the precipice of making it a foursome, but that would have to wait until after her announcement.

“I’m divorcing your father, Bridget,” Brooke said calmly. “I love him, but I’m not IN love with him. I know that know, because avcılar rus escort all this dusky bitch has to do is touch me and I cum. I want that for the rest of my life, so I’m moving in with her to a new Condo and we’re going to spend as much time fucking as we can.”

“MOM!” Bridget laughed. The sexy blonde still hadn’t adjusted to her mother’s new, devil-may-care attitude. It had started before she met Nicole, even before she went to bed with her daughter and daughter-in-law, but it was even stronger now.

“Speaking of fucking, when we get the place set up, we want the two of you to join us for a little fuck party, just us girls. A foursome has been long overdue,” Brooke purred. She looked around the restaurant, saw no one was looking and slid her tongue into her daughter’s mouth while her girlfriend was just as naughtily kissing Deborah. All four women sighed when they broke apart.

“Are we all crazy?” Deborah laughed as she drank some more wine.

“Probably, but we’re all happy!” Brooke giggled, slightly tipsy and very horny. She moved her hand underneath the table and under Nicole’s mini-dress, knowing her lover wore no panties. She stroked the lips of her lover’s cunt and when she removed them, lifted them to her lips and licked them clean.

The girls saw Nicole’s expression and Brooke’s gesture. “Mom, were you doing what I think you were doing?” Bridget asked.

“Depends. Do you think I was doing something naughty, like fingering my girlfriend’s pussy? If so, then yes, I was.” Brooke purred, sliding one pussy-soaked finger into Bridget’s mouth. If they were making a scene, Brooke didn’t care — the restaurant might even get more business. Luckily, no one was looking and it was dark.

Tonight was the night and Bridget couldn’t wait. It had been nearly a month since she had been with her mother; feeling the sensual and naughty, incestuous spark between mother and daughter. Deborah was equally impatient; the Korean girl had only met one lover who was Brooke’s equal in bed and one who was close. Deborah was married to the one and her mother-in-law was marrying the other. When Brooke went after you, she took her time and it was all silk and satin, much like her daughter, she loved the tease, the feelings. When you were in bed with Nicole, as Brooke had said, anything was fair game and you’d better hang on, because she held back nothing. Nicole was like a thrill ride and you were exhausted when it was over, but it was worth the work.

“Wow,” Deborah said as Brooke came into the room. Her wife had opted for sexy-trashy, a snug black leather mini, stockings, stilettos and a spangly silver top that Brooke had seen in their favorite boutique and insisted on buying for her. Deborah had one too, hers was gold. Underneath was a tiny, lacy thong, Brooke and Bridget both loved underwear.

The exotic Deborah had gone an entirely different route, deciding to wrap her package and make an unveiling later on. She wore a black pinstripe suit with a white blouse underneath. Underneath that was black & silver lingerie, one of the most expensive sets she owned, stockings and black stilettos similar to Brooke’s. She even had a fedora to complete the ensemble and was a jaunty, sexy little picture.

“Still love me, even if I do make you late?” Bridget asked, bussing Deborah on the lips.

“Fuck it, you’re worth the wait,” Deborah laughed as they avcılar türbanlı escort headed to the elevator and down to their car.

The Condo Brooke and Nicole had purchased was lovely, and huge — Nicole came from money and she also earned good money. Brooke looked lovely, wearing a low-cut, snug black sweater and white pleated skirt with high heels. Nicole was wearing a simple white dress with a slit on one side, showing off her long legs, and high-heeled sandals. They sat down to dinner, which was sumptuous, as Brooke still loved to cook. Deborah was enjoying her meal and Bridget commented “You look happier than I’ve ever seen you, Mom!”

Brooke held Nicole’s hand. “That’s because I’ve found my best friend.” The 44-year old then reached out and took Deborah’s hand and Bridget’s hand. “Make that my 3 best friends!”

“With benefits,” Deborah giggled as she drank her wine.

“Do you think we 4 best friends could go upstairs and have some fun?” Nicole said in a sensual, dulcet tone. Deborah remembered how the black girl’s body felt in bed and was already moist with anticipation.

“Let’s show them the upstairs, lover,” Brooke giggled. “We have 3 bedrooms — one is ours, we’re going to keep one for guests and one we’ve converted to a Play Room.”

“Guests?” Bridget asked.

“A Play Room?” Deborah added.

Brooke nodded. “Some of your father’s and my old friends have stopped talking to me because of my new … lifestyle. Some others have expressed curiosity. THOSE friends we intend to invite over and give them a personal demonstration,” Brooke said sensually.

“Your mother is a total lezzie slut,” Nicole whispered in Bridget’s ear.

“The Guest Room is for those who choose to stay the night or for the two of you if we’ve been partying and you’ve had too much to drink. As for the Play Room … ah, you can see for yourself,” Brooke smiled, having heard her fiancé.

Bridget gasped. The “Play Room” was designed for kink. There was a huge closet and it was full of lingerie and sexy shoes and a vast array of toys. One of the walls was entirely mirrored, the lights were on dimmers and there were also candles nearby if needed. What made the room was a huge bed dead center, it had to have been custom made and could likely have fit 6 women.

“Let’s have some fun,” Brooke smiled, turning her daughter around and kissing her with passion as Nicole was kissing Deborah. Then they switched and kissed again and now Bridget was practically climbing the walls to be naked and fucking.

“Come here, baby girl,” Brooke sighed, pulling her daughter close and kissing her passionately. She and Bridget were now half-kneeling, half sitting on the bed, kissing and fondling, removing each other’s tops. Brooke liked the pretty top Bridget had worn, because it didn’t require a bra. Bridget loved the mauve bra her mother was wearing; she fondled Brooke’s tits as she removed it.

“You’re such a slut, Mom,” Bridget sighed. Brooke nodded and said “As are you. We’re all such fucking whores, look at Nicole and Deborah.”

The black woman and Deborah were already wrapped in each other’s arms, naked as the day they were born. Their long friendship also enabled them to know each other’s hot spots, Deborah was already writhing around the bed and her fists were smashing against the mattress. Bridget smiled, she loved seeing those she loved avcılar ucuz escort happy, she loved seeing them happy and having sex even more.

“Can I do something I’ve been wanting to do for MONTHS, baby girl?” Brooke asked her daughter as she watched the other two writhing around the large bed.

“That depends, Mom. Probably. What is it?”

Brooke got off the bed for a minute and went to the closet. Rummaging around, she came out with a large, flesh-colored strap-on dildo. “Fuck my baby with a strap on and hear her squeal like a little lezzie piggie. Can I?”

“Fuck yeah, Mom, of course. Lube it up and screw me with it, I love how you’ve turned into such a fuck-happy whore. God, I can’t wait to feel that big thing inside my hot little cunt! God, how fucking sexy this all is!”

Nicole was on top of Deborah, her dark body grinding sinuously against Brooke’s golden form. Deborah looked over to see her wife and mother-in-law laughing and carrying on, her heart was full of joy and her body was full of lust. She felt Nicole’s slender fingers glide in and out of her cunt and she bucked up against them. If she hadn’t found Bridget, Nicole would have been a frequent bedmate. The way it had all worked out, she had the best of both worlds. They all did.

Brooke was enjoying her newest thrill; at long last, she was truly fucking her hot, sexy daughter. How far she had come in the past year, her first act of rebellion had been piercing her pussy lips, now she was involved in a lesbian relationship and sharing incestuous sex with her daughter and daughter-in-law. As the rubber cock moved in and out of Bridget’s cunt, it rubbed against Brooke’s clit and made her hornier. Brooke’s eyes closed for a moment and she wondered just how much further she could push the envelope?

“Cumming Mom, oh Christ, my Mommy’s fucking my slutty cunt and she’s making me cum!” Bridget groaned and fell over on the bed, panting. “As soon as I’ve got my breath back, I’m going to use that on you Mom, you gorgeous bitch. God, I am loving this!”

“Me too, darling,” Brooke smiled, stroking her daughter’s face and running her fingers through Bridget’s blonde hair. The both looked over to see Nicole and Deborah had also finished and were watching them.

“You two looked like you were having fun,” Deborah grinned, leaning over and kissing her wife.

“You, too,” Brooke smiled. “Deborah, I think Bridget needs a moment to catch her breath, why don’t you come over here darling and eat my pussy? I think I’ve got a lot more orgasms left in me.”

That’s just what Deborah did and when Bridget got her second wind, she and Nicole had some wild sex. The next thing that happened was Bridget using the toy on her Mom, while she ate Nicole and Deborah played with Bridget’s tits. After that, they took a break for dessert and coffee back in the living room.

“Your father called me this morning,” Brooke told everyone to their total surprise. “It seems that he’s having trouble with Brenda.” Brooke said. Brenda was Bridget’s 18-year old younger sister.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“She told him she wants to run her own life and be more like her Mom and big sister,” Brooke responded.

Deborah and Bridget looked at each other. “You don’t suppose …?” Bridget said to all of them and giggled.

Brooke caught on right away. “You think Brenda might be … like us?” Bridget nodded.

“I could call and invite her to stay here for a while or I suppose she could stay at your place, couldn’t she?” Brooke asked. “Lord … both of my daughters. And just a short time ago, I was wondering just how much further things could possibly go.”

Nicole smiled and held her lover’s hand. “Brooke darling, I think you may be about to find out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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