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This is story of mother and her son incest relationship. If you don’t like this genre please don’t read any further. Please do comment and rate the story.

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Chapter 1

On my cousin’s wedding I and mom went to our home village on Saturday. My name is James and her name is Sheila. My relatives came for marriage from US, UK for traditional marriage which was held on Sunday. I was sitting around my cousin’s and aunts in our room doing all catch up for last few years. After sometime I saw my mother entering in the room. When I compared her with my aunts and her friends who came for wedding though they are out of shape and aging they were wearing stunning saris, expensive jewellery, stylish hairdo and lots of makeup to look as 30 year old at age of 50 or so. On other hand mom was wearing very simple sari no makeup and no fancy jewellery; she looked like 50 years old at age of 36. It looked odd and very sad the way my aunts disapproved it. I saw my cousin sister who came in the room found my mother there and started to ask her something which my mom refused. I couldn’t hear what they were asking mother to do. Then one of my cousins went to my aunt and said something to her.

“Sheila, go with girls and get ready for function. You are already late.” My aunt said in commanding voice.

“Ok. Let’s go girls. “mom said and went out with girls.

“You remember Sheila, she can’t deny any order from any one?” my aunt asked her schoolmate clearly unaware my presence.

“Yah! She was such freak can’t say no to orders” aunt friend replied.

“How we used to get our homework done by her. Get her Tiffin in recess time.” My aunt said laughing clearly enjoying those memories.

“Just give order! Your homework will be completed before time. She was such brilliant student no one ever found out our secret.” My aunt friend said and they did hi-fi.

“I guess still she has freaking obey order.” My aunt said.

I slipped out of the room from back door. I was very upset as I am very close to my mother. My father dumped my pregnant mother and my mother took decision to raise me as her child against all opposition from her family. Mom 5’6″ tall slim figure 36 year old lady never remarried after she was dumped at age of 18. Mom works in small company for last 12 years now.

I am now 19 years old or will be 19 in next month 5’10” tall athletic guy. I am brilliant student who never lost his spot in top 3 class ranks. 3 years ago when recession hit all over world, share market crashed; my class teacher asked us to give some kind of write up on this subject. At age of 15 thanks to Economic Times which used to read at neighbor uncle, I had sufficient knowledge about market and all those stuff so I clearly got top marks in the write up. It was our daily custom to share all our daily activities and gossips to each other after dinner. I knew what happened between her boss and his secretary how he got fired. And she knew the good looking girl I liked and used to tease me when she used to attend school for parent meeting. We had no secrets from each other. When I won top marks on recession subject, I told her everything how share market will crash and it will opportunity to invest money and get huge profits from it. She researched on the topic and found I was very correct she handed over all financial transactions to me. As the recession hit her company too she has to work for 2 employees and work on Saturdays also leaving her very little time for her financial activities so for last 3 years I have been looking all her transactions and investments. Last year when market rose to pick again I earned a million bucks from 50 K bucks.

I was so upset after that discussion my aunt had, I couldn’t enjoy the party going on until my mom arrived from beauty parlor. She was wearing her new sari bought week earlier for wedding, very nice hair-do and light makeup. For the 1st time my heartbeat skipped when I saw her. I could not believe what transformation she had. Clearly she was most beautiful looking woman among my mom’s age group. I was clearly proud to be with her entire wedding.

When we came back from wedding next day mom went back to her old ways clearly looking very shabby compared to her wedding appearance. That hurt my pride a lot and my fondness for her made me to vow that I will do her makeover which will be respected by everyone. As my final exam was due next fortnight my college has been closed. I was at home whole day, though I was busy in studying but I realized 1st day I have plenty of free time. I started to form a plan for mom’s makeover. After finalizing my plan going over and over for entire week I started to implement my plan from next week.

Chapter 2

As usual we were having dinner time discussing about her day in office and my studies. I knew she hasn’t taken any leave for last 5 years also worked for half of the Saturdays for all those years.

“Mom you haven’t taken leave for almost 5 years now. And we haven’t been on any trip for ages.” I said with mock anger.

“You know sweetie I have too much ataşehir escort work we couldn’t go for trip. Besides that is helping our financial condition.” Mom said pulling my cheeks.

“Mom it is not helping us but it was used to help. Now there is no need for more slogging to earn money.” I said.

“What you are saying? We are still on tight budget. And I think you know this.” Mom said clearly puzzled.

“Mom when you have last checked our joint account?” I asked her.

“Maybe month or two” she said casually.

“Mom don’t lie you haven’t seen account for last one year. And for your information the 50 K you gave me is now a million bucks.” I said with pride.

“Oh I am so sorry dear. But that is great news.” Mom said.

“We can buy new TV and laptop for you and also a bike for my cutie pie.” Mom said and I blushed on word and she patted on my back as we moved to living room after finishing dinner.

“How about we go to a vacation after my exams in May?” I asked her as part my plan.

“Mom please put leave we will enjoy in summer somewhere cooler place.” I asked her favor.

“Let’s see what happens. I will speak with my boss about leave tomorrow.” She said hugging me good bye.

“Good night mom.”I said and went to my room.

Next day at mom dinner mom announced that her boss has refused the leave so we can’t go for holiday this summer too. Now it was time to use the information my aunts spilled and to see whether she has same phobia for orders.

“Mom, tomorrow you going to ask your boss for leave again and this time I only want to hear we are going.” I said without overdoing anything and stormed into my room without giving any chance to her of any further conversation. Next day I was eagerly waiting for reaction to my cheek.

“Hi mom” I said when she came back from office.

“Hello sweetie, thank you.” She said accepting water and went to bathroom immediately. Clearly disappointed with that I went back to study again. After hour or so she called me for dinner. I was planning alternate ways to get it done. Just after finishing dinner when we were going to living room turn back towards me and said

“I got the leave. Now are you happy?” she said and pulled my cheeks.

“That’s great news mom. I am really very happy. But you don’t look that happy.” I said winking at her.

“I am happy too. I am really excited about where I am going with my son for summer vacation.” She said in excited tone.

“Mom that is a surprise and I will let you know last day only so you have plenty of time to guess.” I said moved towards my room for study.

“Oh that is not fair. I am one who got leave and all. I need to know.” Mom said now mixture of begging and sternness in her voice.

“Its surprise and you don’t want to spoil it. I know you are enough sport to spoil surprise.” I said in flat voice.

Mom made faces and let me go for studies. After some time I came back to hall and wished her goodnight and went for sleep. I could not sleep very well. My mind was occupied with all sort of new plans to achieve my goal. Next 2 weeks were occupied with exams which I want to do better than any other years not only because mom want me to score good marks but also because my result was due before our planned trip which could fueled high spirits before and during trip.

Start of 3rd week of March was start of my holidays for next almost three and half months of summer holidays. Up to this point my plan was formed completely. I booked tickets and hotel on Monday itself. According my plan 1st thing was to change mom’s way for hair styles and her age old clothing sense. Also make her use make up more often than not. I knew mom won’t accept any beauty parlor treatment or their suggestions like she did when forced by my aunts.

After wedding once she told me she hates it. To find an alternative I started to search on internet for latest hair styles and makeup related videos. To my surprise I found quite a few links to help my cause. On Friday I was so confident that I can try few good hairstyles with her long hair and do role of makeup-man for her. Though I had plan of what to do but haven’t decided how to do it. I decided to be spontaneous about my decisions.

On Friday evening I found that she will be home on Saturday due failure in systems. It was perfect opportunity for me to try some of hairstyles. On Saturday morning in our usual tea chat, I deliberately bought subject of hairstyles. Conversation steered from one point to another on that subject. Finally came to me betting her that I can show her simple and yet elegant hairstyles which she will like.

“Mom if I win you have sport whatever hairstyle I will do for you for next 3 months.” I finished my part of bet.

“And if you lose you will immediately reveal our summer vacation plans plus you will do dishes for next 2 months.” She completed the whole bet with smile on her face.

Though it was kind of heavy bet but I was confident about those hairstyles that I accepted without hesitation. Next 20 minutes I performed avcılar anal yapan escort one updo, one ponytail updo and one braid with her beautiful long hairs.

“I hate to admit but you win my son.” Mom said in rather disappointed tone. “Those are very simple yet more elegant than those parlor hairstyles.”

“Thanks mom and you don’t need take that bet seriously. I was just kidding to show you that I am confident.” I said rather hoping that she will keep her bet.

“No. That’s very gallant of you son. But I lose so I will keep my promise. I am yours for next 3 months. And why I would deny having such wonderful hairstyles.” She said pulling my cheeks and got up from vanity table. “One thing tell me son where did you learned that?” she asked.

“Mom I would like to keep that to myself.” I said winking.

“Oh! This is second secret in week. I thought we are best friends.” Mom said trying to emotionally blackmail me.

“It’s nothing like that mom; just I don’t want to lose my only customer.” I said smiling. She returned back smile and said “As you wish my cutie pie.”

In evening we decide to go out for movie and dinner. Mom called me for doing her hairstyle to her room. After doing hairdo I persuaded her to put some make up.

“I don’t know how to put makeup properly. I have never done myself before.” She broke me the news.

“Here I am mom; I have learned trick or two in that department too.” I said pulling out makeup kit given by my US cousin 2 years ago.

I did light makeup and put faint lipstick. And then I went to my room to change cloths. When we met in hall after 15 minutes; mom was wearing one of her out of fashion sari looking clearly shabby and I didn’t like that at all. Though movie was good and dinner was excellent, I was furious with her for ruining my first attempt to make her look marvelous. I was silent than usual during movie and dinner that she sensed something is wrong.

“What is wrong with you? You were not yourself during all the time in our outing.” She asked me while I went to greet her good night in her room.

I could not contain myself and I started to shout on her in high pitched voice “Your sari mom ruined all the hairstyle and makeup I did. You were looking so shabby today that I was really upset. I hate when you look shabby and hate all these cloths which make you look shabby.”

I pulled out her cloths from her wardrobe. “I hate these cloths and I want to give someone or throw them away. I hope you to get rid of them tomorrow first thing.” I said with great intensity and hatred in my voice and stormed out of her room without giving her chance to say anything.

I could not sleep for long time after our conversation. I wanted to go out and say sorry to her. Once I got up from bed and went to her room just to realize that her room lights were off and she must be asleep. I didn’t know when I slept that night. When I got up in next morning it was 10 O’clock. I went to her room found she was not there. I went to kitchen to say to sorry to her. She gave her half tea to me. I was so ashamed now that I could barely say sorry to her and hung my head in shame, tears started to roll down from my eyes. Mom came close to me and wiped my tears and said “Actually I should say sorry to you for ruining your efforts.”

“No need to say sorry mom.” I said.

“Hmmm… No need to say sorry to each other. I will feel better if you finish tea.” She said.

“Now get ready fast. We need to go out for shopping. I got rid of all those cloths and I don’t have anything to wear.” She told me when I finished my tea.

“Don’t take seriously mom I just overreacted.” I said.

“You were right son yesterday and I got rid all the cloths in morning.” She said.

Within 1 hour we were in malls for shopping. Mom was wearing her sari she wore on cousin’s wedding day only thing that she didn’t get rid of. I took my friend’s car for shopping purpose. We roamed around all the malls across city. 1st time in her life mom bought jeans and t-shirts, shorts, salwar-kameez, miniskirts, and brand new saris. Also she bought new shoes 7 pairs for matching each style. I forced her to buy office suits and pantyhose. Our final shopping cost was 95K. We got several offers and discounts from all the vendors so that we can afford much more than what we thought. Finally after non stop shopping for 7 hours apart from lunch break for 1 hour we were inside coffee shop for having some coffee and snacks.

“I forgot to buy something James.” Mom told me.

“We bought nearly 100 bags still you say you forgot something.” I said with incredulous look on my face.

“I forgot to buy my inner wears. I got rid of them with other cloths.” She told moving towards me and barely audible voice to even me as if feeling very shy.

“Don’t worry mom see Victoria secrets is just across the road.” I informed her with equally low tone.

After half an hour we were inside Victoria’s secrets. The departmental store was newly opened and famous for its boldness. When I and mom entered we blushed avcılar bdsm escort to see model photos sporting lingerie. Mom chose hurriedly what she required and without checking the items in bill we paid and out on the streets in 15 minutes. Only when we reached home we realized our bags have been swapped with someone else. She nearly paid 10 times of her normal shopping. The bag was containing sexy lingerie, one piece, two piece bikinis, and swimsuit as if whoever ordered it was going for some kind of shoot for advertisement.

“We can change this surely, it’s their mistake not ours.” I suggested mom once we back to home.

“It’s ok. I am not going there again.” Mom said as if matter is closed.

From next day Monday mom’s office routine started all over again. While surfing on internet I found there is opening in MNC for mom’s qualification, experience and skills.

Chapter 3

Finally after some consideration I decided to ask mom to go for an interview with company. I had already forwarded her resume to company and they asked to have face to face interview on Saturday. I thought to ask her on Thursday night but she came late from office and after dinner she went to her room to have sleep. Next morning mom called me.

“James, I am going for shower come to my room after half n hour for doing my hairstyle.”

“Ok mom” I said and after half n hour I went to her room. Her door was open so I entered in the room to find mom was coming out of bathroom in sexy lingerie from our shopping. We both were so confused to what to say and what to do. “Sorry mom I will go out to my room. You will come?”I said and walked towards her instead of going out.

“What did you said? What should I do.” mom asked blushing away.

“I said I am going out.” I said and came out of the door and went straight to my room.

After 5 minutes mom called me for her hairstyle.

Mom was wearing one of her new sari and blouse. I told mom about vacancy in MNC. “Mom, please go for interview tomorrow.”

“No. I can’t go I have office tomorrow and besides this company has given me crucial support when I was alone.” Mom said with her usual sentimental argument tone.

“It’s not like you are betraying company mom. You have served them for last many years and that too on lower salary than market. Also there is no harm in giving interview you can decide whether or not to join after interview.” I said in persuading tone.

“Ok James I will go but what about office tomorrow?” mom asked passing me clips.

“Mom you can tell any of the reason like you have some government or any other urgent work.” I told her.

“See you later honey.” Mom waved me and went to office.

Whole day I did laundry, cleaning, dishes, and ironing then went to gym and then soccer training with team. When I came back it was nearly time for mom to come back. When I finished my shower I heard door opened by mom.

“Hey buddy how was your day?” mom asked in very happy tone.

She rarely calls me buddy unless she very happy she won’t call that way.

“My day was wonderful mom how was yours?” I enquired her eager to know reason for her happiness.

“I will have bath then tell you.” Mom said glee on her face. And mom went to her room. I sat on sofa watching TV while waiting her to come in hall. After 30-35 minutes mom came out wearing her new semi transparent nightie looking extremely hot. She came towards sofa sat next me.

“You did laundry, ironing and dishes too wow that’s icing on cake for me son.” Said mom and hugged me tightly.

“I have ordered Pizza should be delivered in next 10 minutes.” Mom informed me.

“Today my boss appreciated my work in front of whole staff then in evening I met my old schoolmate after 20 years and then you did household work and I am thankful to you for that.” Mom said patting on my back.

“Mom, no need to say thanks I should have done this before and will do daily. I have plenty of time to do all these things and if it lessens some of your work I am really very happy.” I said as if it’s no big deal.

Mom hugged me for nearly 3-4 minutes until doorbell rang. I got pizza and paid bill.

“And that’s why I love you. You are so much caring and mature.” Mom said tears in her eyes.

“I love you too mom. You are so sweet. Thanks.” I said wiping her tears.

“Let us eat Pizza before you again start praising me.” I said.

“Tell me when and where is tomorrow’s interview?” mom asked me.

“It’s 11 o’clock near mall where we bought saris last week. I will arrange car again if you are going.”I replied.

“Yes sure I am going. I thought what you said and there is no harm in attending interview. And car will be very useful.” She said.

“We can reach there in hour so we should target start at 9:30” she added.

“I haven’t given interview for many years I am really nervous.” Mom told me. So we rehearsed interview and possible questions for some time and sharp 11 we went to bed.

Next morning mom woke me up at 8 o’clock and told me she will have bath in half an hour and asked me to come to her room for hairstyle. I brushed teeth then had tea and waited for mom to call me. When finally mom called me it was 8:45. When I entered room; I found mom was sitting on vanity table in bra and panties. She was looking so hot I could not contain myself from stroking my cock. I was lucky mom was not looking at mirror.

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