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The night my mom first experienced a hit of molly, it was slipped in secretly by me. She was leaving the steakhouse with me arm in arm, then I noticed her jaw grinding. It was the first time in years we had a meal together, and we had some drinks at the bar and grill. I saw that her pupils were dilated, confirming that the pill I laced in her long island ice tea had completely kicked in. I started to get a little handsy, mostly felling on her mid back, rubbing on her arms, and giving plenty of close hugs. We went to play some pool at a dive bar by my apartment.

“Are you cold? You’re shivering a bit.” I asked mom and pulled her under my right arm.

“Not cold, mostly jittery, but calm and tipsy.” Mom told me with wide open eye balls, looking around with a curious expression. “I never felt this before, I’m feel clear headed and dizzy at the same time.”

Doubling down on drugging her up, I gave mom a lollipop with very high THC levels. I was getting mom messed up, tenderizing her psyche until she was butter in my hand. For months I made myself very distant, just brief side hugs and never a kiss even on the cheek. My plan was for the molly to make her sensitive to the touch, then suddenly change our physical affection level. Our affection had been lacking for so long, this should be the shock that gets her to give in sexually.

We were at the bar for about 10 minutes, I brought over a pitcher of pale ale to our pool table I asked her, “You got a nice buzz?”

“My cheeks feel numb and I can fell every part of my hand when I touch them.” Mom explained while rubbing her face. “Everything seems so foggy, am I dreaming?” Mommy was now relaxed from the cannabis candy, sensitive from the molly, and uninhibited from the drinks.

“Come here momma, let me hold you.” I told her as I held her. I haven’t done this very often, mom held me with so much affection, feeling gratified that she regained her boy’s affection.

I was drinking some more, and checking out mom’s figure as she lined up her shots on the ataköy escort pool table. I started to think nasty, I wanted to see mom act like a slut, I wanna see her strip and show off her ass. Imagining her getting freaky on the dance floor, sweaty and hot.

I took her to the dance floor holding hands, swinging her side to side then I held her. I took things up a notch, I wanted to see if she’ll turn into a whore before my eyes. I left mom on the floor to dance solo, I went to find a guy and told him to grind up on her. I found a stranger that was down, he grabbed mom by the hand, then pressed up on her. My heart raced as I watched her open up sexually, she was getting handled by a man. They started to grind, he was pressed up on her and grabbed her close. She let him feel up her thighs a little, then he turned her around. Mom was a gorgeous mess, eyes squinted, grooving on dick, hot and blushing.

I went to them when they stopped, then I cut in to hug her close and tight. She buried her face in my throat, and I felt up her lower back. Mom hugged me tighter as my hands inched lower, and when I finally squeezed her plump ass cheeks she gasped heavily. We went crotch to crotch and started to grind. My palms stays glued to my mom’s ass, and my dick started to press on her. I harder my dick pressed, the deeper she clawed my back.

I took turns dry humping mom with that guy, in just about every position. We pumped her with drinks, dry dick humps, and another pill. By the time it was last call, mom was a stumbling mess. I carried her out of the bar and took her to our ride, placing her in the back seat with me. She curled up to me as the Uber driver took us home, I kissed her and groped her tits. Mom tongued me back for a minute, then I started sucking and kissing her throat up and down. I took her to the apartment, and surprised her with a visit from that guy at the bar. There we were in my living room, giving her the attention only two horny guys can.

“You’re sweaty, you should cool ataköy eve gelen escort down by taking off that top.” The guy told mom as she was sitting in between us on the couch.

“Yeah you’re gonna leave sweat stains.” I added.

She mumbled a response, stared to chuckle and let a couple buttons loose. We starred at her cleavage, as she rubbed her arms and whipped her hair at each of our directions a few times.

“Why you always blushing?’ I asked, as her face was now apple red.

“I’m really drunk, I can barely see.” She mumbled out.

I started sucking her neck and chest, he started doing the same on her other side. I sucked one nipple and he had the other. She massaged our shoulder as we latched on the each of her tits.

“We love watching you dance, give us a show.” He told her when he was done sucking her.

We egged her on to strip, she giggled then started to climb the coffee table dance. “You think I’m pretty?” she asked?

“I don’t know, lets see how pretty you can be.” I told her.

We sat on the couch wooing and whistling, she was excited from the attention. She took her blouse off and she started bending over and wiggling her ass. We started putting singles in her bra and waist band. She turned around and bent completely over, unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. We placed singles in her panties and gave her some spanks.

“I’m putting in a twenty, I think I just bought a lap dace.” I shouted.

I laid back and mom crawled on me. She mounted me, then I started sucking her nipples. She held my head close, and dug her pussy on me. I stood up carrying her, then he got up and pressed behind her back. Mom moaned as she was pinned in-between, scratching and clawing at us. My mom was sandwiched between me and some guy, she’s an incest slut begging for cock now. We carried her to bed and laid her faced down. We massaged her back and ass, then fingered her pussy from the back. I fingered her asshole, then rimmed it up. Mom ataköy grup yapan escort shivered as my tongue worked around her ass, then we spanked and pinched her big round butt cheeks. I flipped her over and we pulled out our dicks. I spread out her thighs, got in front of her as he kneeled at the side of her head.

Mom gobbled his dick up, and I press mine in her pussy. I slide in my head through mom’s pussy lips, and we pumped our hard members in unison. Dicking my mom up at both ends, we started chocking and slapping her. Mom took shots to the face with toughness, with a proud expression on each hit. We choked her up tight, at one point all four hands where ringing her throat. After humping her silly, I pulled her up with her legs wrapped around my waist. I was on my knees, bouncing her up and down my cock. I stuck a couple fingers in her asshole, but when i pulled them out it was replaced by something else.

The guy was laying down stroking himself, then I pick my mom up and stood over him. I could tell he was getting the idea, and was pointing his dick upward. I place mom and I over the center of his boner. I squatted down, and he aimed it in mom’s ass. I pushed my weight back, and pushed her back to him. She wiggled as he placed his dick in her, sliding his cock in her anally. As soon as the dick pushed in her asshole, she screamed. I leaned into mom, chest to chest and humped her harder and faster. He had slow strokes, mom twitched and shivered when he held a deep thrust. Mom bite my throat for the rest of the D.P., closing down harder on me as she got closer to cumming. Mom came and we both thrusted deep and long. Mom creamed on us and bit down as hard as she could.

We eventually had her on her hands and knees, taking turns fucking both ends. I came a few times, he came a couple of times, but we always laid the loads down on mom’s tits, back, face, and in her mouth.

She woke up sticky, covered in hickies, and with hand marks on her face and throat. She would never talk about the sex we had, it was a silent agreement. She would just text me “I need some dick.” but whenever mom visited we, for some reason, never talked about the sex we had and was going to have. I take her to swinger parties, I put ads online for gangbangs, and sometimes mom would just fuck me all night. She is now hooked on my dick, and loves to be shared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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