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It was June. Hot out, but I was ready.

I was headed back to the east coast to start college early taking several summer school classes. I said goodbye to my brother, hugged and kissed my mom and dad as I walked down the stairs, soon to board my plane. Little did the rest of my family know that kiss I shared with my mother’s cheek held more significant meaning.

The week before I was to leave for college was typical (at first). I spent some time with my close friends, and a lot of time with my family. We were always a close knit family, and I loved my parents and brother very much! However, one summer day changed my love for one particular member of my family; my beautiful mother.

Sandy (my mom) was a tall woman. About 5’10” with shoulder length brown straight hair. She had long legs, green eyes, and 34 D gorgeous breasts. She rarely wore a bra, and didn’t need to, her breasts sagged a little, but were so full that even with the sag, they stood wonderfully beneath her shirt. You could always see her nipples poking through her shirt, but up until my senior year of high school, I never paid any attention to how sexy her breasts actually were. However my curiosity got the best of me shortly before I left that summer day…

I ended school towards the end of May, while my brother didn’t end until the first week in June (we attended different high schools). I woke up one morning with my 9 inch dick harder than a rock from quite the erotic dream. As usual for my morning wood, I wanted nothing more than to beat if off to some internet porn. But something caught my eye the night before.

I noticed while scrolling through my on screen television guide, that our satellite provider had 10 channels of what seemed like very high quality porn. So when I awoke that morning, I decided I would do some exploring of our tv porn. I left my room in my boxers, dick still hard from the dream. My father was at work all day, and my mother would be gone most of the day working out, and running errands. My brother still in school, ensured I would have the house to myself almost all day. As I entered the living room I sat on the couch and flicked on the tv.

I scrolled to the porn channels and found a very appealing title I was dying to watch, “Busty Housewives Vol. 2”. I selected the channel and found a parental control lock. DAMMIT! I was so horny and hard I guessed a few codes no to avail. My frustration built as I tried our other tv in the family room; yup, another lock. The only other tv was in my parents room, and I doubted they would lock their own tv since nobody besides them used that television. As I predicted, no parental control lock!

However, the movie cost 10 dollars to watch. I was scared to purchase the movie, fearing my father would find the charges and know my brother or I was up to no good. Plus, what kind of creep watches porn in his parents’ bedroom?! As I fumbled to turn the tv off I hit a wrong button or two and wound up looking at the purchase history on their tv. What?! I was shocked to say the least when I saw dozens of porn charges previously purchased. Last night, the night before, and the night before that several porno movies were purchased! Oh my goodness, I thought to myself, my parents had been watching porn, together! What surprised me the most was earlier in the morning, there had already been a purchase! “Slutty MILFs” was the title I saw vividly on the screen. The movie was purchased around 8 am, well after my father left for work, and after my brother already started class. I had been asleep and there was only one person else at home at that time, Sandy, my gorgeous mother!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! My own mother had purchased a porno movie while everyone else was gone, and while I was asleep! So many thoughts raced through my head… Did she purchase it by accident? Did she touch herself while she watched it? I couldn’t believe my own mother was this kinky! I was oddly turned on at the thought that my mother had been watching porn! As my curiosity built, I found myself desperate for answers to my questions… I began searching through my parents’ bedroom. In my mother’s drawers I searched for more clues that would help me answer the questions that were speeding through my brain…

The first clue: a personal lubricant I found in her bottom drawer. The bottle was clearly labeled a feminine product. I read the bottle… “Place a small amount of lubricant on fingers, and apply to vaginal surface. Liquid warms on contact”. WOW! My own naughty mother had her masturbation lube in her dresser drawer! I now knew she definitely did not buy the movie by accident!

More questions arose… Did my mom have a sex toy? Was she fingering herself? What exactly was she doing? I began to wonder to her closet to search for more clues… Unfortunately, I found no sex toys or dildos. But I did manage to stumble upon her underwear and bra drawers. I never really thought about my mother in a sexual way at all before. Only on a beylikdüzü escort couple of occasions did I notice how awesome of a body my mother had… She was a little on the thick side… Not fat by any means. She had great tits, and a chubby ass, no gut, but just a little middle aged flab. She was at 45 years old, still a great looking lady though, I just never took the time to appreciate how good looking she really was.

That morning I finally appreciated just how good looking. In her bra drawer, I found only two bras… As I mentioned before she rarely wore them, apparently more fond of no restraint to hold back those gigantic melons of hers. I read her bra size… 34 D! I noticed she had large breasts, I just never knew they were THAT big!

I stopped myself, this was wrong. She was my own mother! How weird was I to be looking at, and even touching her bras?! I left the room, still extremely hard and strangely turned on by my findings…

I decided I needed to sleep off everything I had just discovered, pretending none of it ever happened. I tried to ignore my thoughts as I went back to sleep, trying to forget what I had done. I was ashamed about being so turned on by the fact that my own mother had watched porn, and most likely fingered herself as she watched the pornstars on tv perform all the kinky things I had seen on the internet…

When I awoke later that morning, the house was still empty. In attempt to clear my mind I went to go work out.

I returned home that day at around 2 pm. My brother had baseball practice till 6 pm or so, and my father didn’t usually get home until around 6 as well. As I pulled up the driveway, I saw my mother’s car. Oh boy, I didn’t want to face her knowing what I now knew and thought of an excuse that would keep me out of her way… As I thought, I noticed another car in the drive. It was my neighbor’s car. My mother was great friends with our neighbor, Jane. Jane had a family of her own, a husband, a son, and a daughter as well. Her son was two years older than me, and already in college. Her daughter was a year younger than me. I figured they probably worked out together and were busy watching tv and gossiping as usual. Being that my mother had company, it would be easier for me to be around her. Not facing her one on one.

I opened the front door that faced the living room. Typically, my mother and our neighbor would sit in the living room, watch tv, and talk. But the room was empty. No sound from the family room either. Maybe they went on a walk through the neighborhood, I thought. Nothing more crossed my mind as I walked down to my room and changed into different clothes.

After changing, I sat down on our living room couch and turned on the tv. I made myself some food, and began to relax. Since I awoke so horny, and still hadn’t jacked off, I was still very horny. Knowing my mom would be home soon, I didn’t have time to crack open the lap top and get myself off. I was frustrated but figured being horny was better than being caught masturbating by my own mother!

Soon, thoughts about what I discovered earlier crept into my head… I wanted to explore more! I wanted to know more about the sexual side of my mother! I couldn’t get her out of my head. As I sat on the couch I thought more and more about her breasts, her ass, and how hot it would be to watch my own mother get off while watching porn.

I couldn’t take it anymore, those thoughts got me so worked up, my dick began to rise in my pants. I was so hard it almost hurt. I couldn’t believe at how turned on I was by the thoughts about my mom! I gave in, and walked down to her room to explore more. Looking for more insight into the sexual and slutty world of my mother, Sandy…

As I approached her door, I noticed that it was pulled closed. Not shut actually, the door was just pulled up… Strange, I thought, she never closed her door, not that I had noticed… That was when I heard voices. Not one, not two, but three voices.

What a relief, I heard my neighbors son’s voice. Thank god, now I knew I wouldn’t be faced with an awkward situation. Company was over, and I figured my mom was showing off her new rug she had recently bought that was to cover her bedroom floor. It wasn’t uncommon for my mom to have our neighbor’s over. In fact, they came by almost every day and were very close friends. I grew up with our neighbors son, Jack. He was one of my closest friends even though we grew apart after he went off to college.

Strangely, when I neared the door I noticed he wasn’t making casual conversation with our mothers. But rather, he was talking directly at my mother.

“Bend her over Sandy, oh my god that’s hot!” he yelled.

What in the hell?! What did Jack just say? Bend her over? That’s hot? What on earth was going on in there?!

I peered through the cracked door, my parents bed around the corner and out view. I saw jack sitting in the reclining chair, pants around beylikdüzü eve gelen escort his ankles. I saw the tv, flickering images of nude bodies. The volume on the tv was low, but as I studied the tv, I finally made out the scene. There were two men standing beside a very busty woman, who was knelt upon her knees. On the tv, I saw a curvaceous woman with large fake breasts taking the men’s dicks in her mouth. Back and forth she went, bobbing up and down upon their cocks. Taking in almost all of them, holding down for as long as she could.

WOW! Another porno! The porn was so hot, I almost forget what was actually happening in my mother’s bedroom! I shifted my focus to Jack. There he was reclining in the chair, stroking his cock! Jack had a fairly large dick, probably 7 inches long, and considerably thicker than my own. He was sitting there, jacking himself off as he was staring not at the porno, but at my parents bed, which was still out of view. Shocked, and confused I didn’t enter, but rather neared closer trying to get a better view…

I heard louder noises now, not coming from the porno on the tv, but from a woman inside the bedroom! It wasn’t my mom’s voice, but the woman was moaning my mom’s name!

“Oh Sandy! That’s right, lick that pussy! Oh my god!! Fuck me with your fingers while you lick that clit, right there! Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

Intrigued, I moved yet closer to the cracked door. Now in view was a mirror to the right of the television. Before I could realize what was going on, I caught myself, pants around my own ankles, harder than ever before stroking my own cock. I was so fucking hard and turned on by all the noises and sights before my eyes, it didn’t really hit me what was going on!

In the mirror I saw my mom laying on her back with her left hand between her legs. Legs spread wide, I saw the neatly trimmed V of pubic hair just above my mother’s clit. She was furiously pounding away at her cunt, two fingers deep inside, shoving her index and middle finger back and forth has hard as she could. Her 34 D breasts sat there on her chest in all their glory. My mom had gumdrop nipples, circled by a fairly wide areola. Nipples perked straight up in the air, her huge tits slightly jiggled back and forth as she continued hammering away at her own juicy pussy!

My god! I had never been more turned on in my life! Picking up the pace as I stroked my own cock, I felt my 9 inches bulge inside my hand. My eyes were soon shifted from watching my own mother finger herself to the woman straddling her face. There was my neighbor, Jane, sitting atop my mom’s face, pussy in clear view.

Jane was more slender than my mother, with a nice rack herself, although smaller than my mom’s. If I had to guess I would say she was a large C cup. She was damn near screaming now, “OH MY GOD! YES! That feels so fucking good, Sandy! Fuck me! Fuck that pretty little pussy! Eat that shit you filthy whore!” Jane had unbelievable legs, spread wide over my mother’s face as she crouched down over her. Long blonde hair now a mess from the crazy sex she was having with my mother!

Crouching above Sandy, Jane’s pussy was in clear view. It was so pink and dripping down on my mother’s face. My mom had three fingers inside Jane, all the while still licking Jane’s clit as fast as she could.

Jane had a clean shaved beaver, pinker than any pussy I had ever seen! Jane had her right hand clasping her gorgeous boobs, holding on for dear life while my mom slurped up all her juices, finger fucking her very hard. All this was still in view through only the mirror, as the bed was hidden around the corner.

“Looks like we have company” said Jack smiling at me, still slapping away at his own cock. In the mirror I saw my mother stop what she had been doing to Jane, and Jane jumped quickly off my mother, and tried to dive underneath the covers of the bed.

My mom, Sandy, slowed her pace and removed her fingers from insider her cunt, but continued playing with her clit.

“Come on in man, the show is just starting!”

Startled, and scared I quickly pulled up my shorts, covering my massive erection as best I could.

Jack stood up, and opened the door, pulling me in. As I stood there, scared as all hell, I noticed a smirk upon my mother’s face. “About damn time you came in!” she said.

Jane, now realizing it was me, came out from under the covers and sat up next to my mom. Fondling my mom’s amazing rack, tugging at her gumdrop nipples, now taking my mother’s left boob in her mouth.

I was horrified, I had been caught watching this raunchy sexcapade going on in my mom’s bedroom! Jack looked at me, still playing with himself and explained to me what would happen next, “We were waiting for you! Since you’re going off to college soon, it is time you join in on all the fun we’ve been having! Once a week, Sandy, my mom, and I meet up and let loose. We’re always so horny, and we beylikdüzü masöz escort figured that the best way to release all this sexual tension is with one another. Look, both our moms are fucking hot as hell, and they don’t get enough cock from our dad’s so why don’t we help ’em out? I usually handle both Sandy and my mom, but they want you now too. We’re gonna fuck them both until we unload on our mom’s juicy titties! Look at them, holy shit your mom has a nice rack!”

My head was spinning! I didn’t know what to say or do, but before I could react my mom pulled my towards her as she sat up at the edge of her bed. She quicky threw my shorts to the ground and ordered me to toss them aside. Not knowing what else to do, I obeyed my mother. Taking her naked body in as she knelt on her knee’s in front of me. Her tits, as amazing as I had imagined… Sagging a little, full as can be, and wet with the overflowing pussy juices of Jane.

I stood there, lost in thought, and instinct took over. I stood naked, my prick as rigid as could be, sticking straight up in the air. My mom took my rock hard cock in both her hands, grinding up and down along my shaft. I pulled back a bit, hesitating at the thought of my own mother tugging on my dick. She pulled my hard against her, removing one had off my cock and placing it between her legs, going back to rubbing her clit.

“Don’t worry son, mommy is gonna take good care of this huge cock of yours… As long as you don’t tell dad!” she said.

“Sure thing!” I eagerly replied. I didn’t question what was going on, I tried to focus on the sheer pleasure my dick was receiving from the touch of my own mother’s soft hand.

Jack positioned himself beside me, as his mother, Jane, knelt before him and began stroking him as well.

Our mothers kissed. Exchanging tongues back and forth as they quickened the pace on both or pricks. They parted from one another, and before I could react my mom shoved her mouth hard on my cock. Swallowing it whole. OH MY GOD! I had gotten a few blowjobs before, but nobody could take my whole cock, balls deep! I didn’t think, but rather enjoyed the sick, incestuous pleasure feeling my the back of my mom’s throat on my dick. She bobbed back and forth, squeezing her lips on my shaft as tight as she could, gagging on my meat.

Jack’s mom did the same, back and forth they went swallowing their son’s cocks for what seemed like hours! Then, they switched! I watched as my mom took Jack’s cock in her mouth, just as she had mine! Jack grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth as if it were a cunt. I took note of what he was doing, and began to do the same to Jane. I reached down with one hand and cupped her tit with my hand! My god, was it soft!

I saw my mom get up off her knees and lie on her back across the bed. Jack straddled my mom’s stomach, as my mom squeezed her ginormous boobs together, letting Jack slide his thick dick between her pillows. Jane instructed me to do the same.

Sliding my cock between Jack’s mom’s tits felt amazing! But it was even hotter watching him man handle my mother like the dirty whore she was. Sandy flipped jack on his back and pushed me off Jane.

“My turn!” she said enthusiastically as she mounted me. Facing me she sat on top of my cock and eased it inside her! What a feeling! Being inside my own mother was like no other feeling I have ever felt!

“Now sit back and watch while mommy fucks your cock, honey. OH MY! You’re dick feels wonderful! You’re so big!” My mom yelled as she bent over on top of me kissing my neck.

Jack bent over his mother, and slammed his cock deep inside. Jane arched her back and grabbed a hold of my mom’s tits, slapping and tugging on them hard as Jack pounded back and forth deep inside his own mom’s juicy snatch.

As my mom bounced up and down on my dick, I watched as Jane grabbed onto my mother’s rack. Her tits were flopping up and down loudly as she rode me. She let out a few loud high pitched grunts and began to knead her pussy on my hips. I knew she came when she got off, smiled and lied down on her back on the bed.

Jack got out from behind his mother, and moved between my mom’s wet thighs. He positioned himself, and flung his cock into my mom as she cooed and grasped her own large breasts.

Jane bent over Sandy in doggy style position, and demanded I fucked her as hard as I could. Obeying once more, I got behind Jane and felt myself inch deeper inside her pussy until she shook from how far I reached. I grabbd a hold of her hair and pulled tightly as I watched Jack grab a hold of my mother’s hips. I felt my mom’s wet tongue on my balls, as I slammed over and over inside Jane.

Before too long, I felt my sack tighten, “Oh fuck Jane! Im gonna cum!!” I groaned. Right before I was about to loose control I felt Jane release my cock from her cunt, the same way Jack pulled out from within my mom.

“We want to taste our son’s! Shoot your load in mommys mouth!” Demanded Jane…

Loosing all control I placed my dick at the edge of my mom’s mouth. She stuck out her tongue while I jacked my self off into her mouth. Shooting glob after glob of hot juice onto her tongue, watching as excess cum dripped onto those wonderful breasts of hers. Jack shot his cum onto his mother’s tits as they cooed in unison to our climaxes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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