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Big Tits

Chapter 12 – Preparing to Strip Naked

The next day, acting as if they were two, underage teenagers buying liquor for the first time, Jason and his mother hit the wine store and roamed the aisles, while giggling like children in a toy story.

“How much wine should we buy, Mom?” Jason read the back of the bottles for the amount of alcohol contained in each. Knowing his mother wasn’t much of a drinker, he figured to find the wine with the most alcohol. With table wines ranging from a low of 8% to a high of 14%, he zeroed in on wines that contained 13.5% alcohol.

“Two bottles of wine should be plenty to make us both tipsy enough that we won’t be too embarrassed to remember what we said and/or did,” she said talking low enough, so that no one else would overhear their incestuous plans. “Any more than that and we’ll be sick, instead of drunk. Wine gives me a terrible hangover and makes me terribly ill. I don’t want to risk my clean carpets for the sake of my modesty,” she said with a laugh, while giving him a sexy look.

To remember what we said and/or did? Why would she say that? What was she expecting or hoping to happen? Is she expecting to say and/or do more than he thought she would, when just stripping off their clothes? Is she expecting him to say and/or do more than he thought he would, when just stripping off his clothes? If only by his mother’s comments, he was sexually excited. Then, when factoring in that he was going to see his mother naked and she was going to see him naked, he was totally aroused.

“I agree,” said Jason. “The last time I got drunk on wine, I barfed. Inherited from you, no doubt, I have a low tolerance for alcohol. It only takes me two glasses of wine to get me drunk,” he said lying, while figuring he’d blame his imagined, lewd, horny behavior on drunkenness should he inappropriately touch, grope, and feel his mother’s nude body, once she was nude and tipsy herself.

He imagined grabbing her hand and putting it on his erect cock, while moving her hand back and forth to stroke him. He imagined his mother passed out drunk on the couch and putting his cock by her lips to see, if she’d take him in her mouth and suck him. He imagined touching and feeling her everywhere, while exploring every inch of her naked body with his fingers, mouth, and cock. He imagined acting drunk and unconscious, while allowing his mother to explore every inch of his naked body with her fingers, mouth, and pussy.

Suddenly, he was excited by the thought of not only seeing his mother’s tits but also feeling his mother’s tits, while fingering her nipples. Even though he knew she’d never allow him to feel her breasts and finger her nipples, just the thought of feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples excited him. Then, again, he never thought she’d agree to strip naked either and she did. Suddenly, as part of the naked, Nude Day agreement he made with her, he was excited by the thought of exposing his cock to his mother. He wondered, if she allowed him to touch and feel her, if she’d reciprocate by touching and feeling him, too.

Yet, then again, getting mixed signals from her, with her talking about sex and him only talking about her getting naked, he wondered, if he was opening up Pandora’s box by hoping they’d have sex. Even though having mother and son sex was every young man’s fantasy, especially if he had a hot mother, as was Elizabeth, he wondered how he’d really feel, if he was in a sexual relationship with her? Having sex with his mother could be the best thing he ever did or the worst thing he ever did. He wouldn’t know, until, if ever, it happened.

That evening with all the shades drawn, soft music playing in the background, and candles lighting the mood throughout the living room, Jason looked at his mother in the way that he always looked at his mother, with repressed lust, possibly, for the last time. Done imagining her naked, he was, finally, going to see his mother naked. Finally he was going to see her tits, her pussy, and her ass. Finally, as he always wanted to show her, he was going to show her his cock.

After they arrived home from the wine store horny and sexually frustrated, not even having the time to masturbate over all that she said, all that he imagined seeing of her, and what was about to happen, suddenly, she was ready to strip off her clothes. This is it. He put the wine on the coffee table in the living room and she took her seat on the couch. He looked at his mother for one last time to see her fully dressed, before she willingly stripped nude. She’s ready and eager to strip naked. He couldn’t believe it. Surprised by her gameness to get naked, he never thought she’d be so eagerly aggressive. Even though she willingly agreed to pose naked for him, he figured he’d have to persuade her to strip, after she had a few glasses of wine first.

“Well, how do you want me?” She looked at him with unblinking eyes, as if she was his real live model canlı bahis for him to direct or his blowup doll for him to sexually abuse.

A loaded question that filled his mind of her in all sorts of sexual positions, she looked at him with innocent eyes and with expectant, raised eyebrows, as if asking him what color to paint the living room. Instead of twirling her hair with her finger, she was twirling the fringe on the sofa pillow. He couldn’t help but imagine what famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud would think of his mother’s twirling behavior, whenever she discussed the topic of sex with him, specifically incestuous sex.

Twirling, twirling, and twirling, he watched her mindlessly twirl the pillow fringe in the way that he imagined her twirling his pubic hair with her finger, just before taking his cock in her mouth. Twirling, twirling, and twirling, he imagined twirling her pubic hair, while licking her pussy, before reaching up to feel her big tits and finger her hard nipples. Twirling, twirling, and twirling, he couldn’t wait to fuck his mother from the front, the side, and the back.

Just from the sexual anticipation that she’d be without her clothes soon, he was filled with increased incestuous lust and sexual desire for his mother. Now that he was going to see her naked and she was going to see him naked, he wanted to answer her question of exactly how he wanted her by telling her in great detail. Get in bed with me naked and make motherly love to me, while talking dirty to me, he imagined saying. Get on the floor and on your back with her legs spread wide open, he thought of saying. Get on your knees in front of me and suck my cock, he wanted to say that to her, too, but afraid of ruining her getting naked, he didn’t say what he was thinking and so wanted to say.

Still, he wanted to say, I want you in bed naked with me naked beside you, on top of you or underneath you. I want you bent over the kitchen counter with my cock buried in your pussy and my horny hands cupping and feeling your big tits. I want you in the shower up against the shower wall and with your legs wrapped tightly around my waist, while my cock is buried deep in your pussy. I want you out in the garden, so that everyone can see me fucking my mother. I want you on your knees and sucking my cock in front of all my friends and all your friends. Only and again, he didn’t say any of those things. Instead, acting as if he was a psychiatrist and she was his patient, wanting and needing her to take the lead, wanting her to tell him what it was she wanted and how she wanted him, he played dumb.

“What do you mean, Mom?”

She was so sexual. She was so sexy. She was so pretty. Even though he saw pictures of her, when she was younger, just as he couldn’t image how beautiful she must have been before, when she was his age, he couldn’t imagine her without her clothes. In the way she must have driven men crazy, it was no wonder why she was pregnant with him at 17-years-old. The reason, no doubt, why she’s so determined for him to get a college education, even agreeing to strip naked to help him write his story, it’s a shame that she dropped out of high school in her senior year. Sadly, every girl’s dream, she didn’t even make it to her Prom, never mind having that big, expensive, dream of a wedding.

Trying to get in her head to understand what she was thinking, he wondered if she was looking at tonight’s activities, as something she’d do after the Prom that she didn’t attend. He wondered if she was looking at him, as if he was her Prom date. He wish he had known her then. Only, if he knew her then, when she was his age, never having been born and not being her son, he wouldn’t be standing here now waiting for her to strip off her clothes and ready to see her naked. Always a reason for everything, even when not knowing what that reason was, until later, standing at the precipice, the point of no return, there was a reason, no doubt, why mother and son were about to embrace incest and cross the incestuous line.

“What I meant by, how do you want me, would you rather I make a grand entrance by entering the room naked, as if your old mother suddenly embraced nudism?” She waved her arms and danced on her toes, as if she was a prima ballerina, while pretending to be naked.

“No, I don’t think that would work, Mother,” he said becoming even more sexually excited, when imagining his mother making a grand, albeit naked entrance by walking in the living room naked.

“What if I wore my sexy, blue, silk bathrobe with nothing underneath and spent the evening teasing you, by flashing you my tits and pussy, before finally getting drunk enough to remove my robe?”

Now he wondered if she had teased him before by flashing him up skirts and down blouses. All those times he saw his mother’s panties, bra, pussy, cleavage, and tits, all those times that he masturbated over all that he saw, he felt so perversely guilty afterwards. Now, he wondered if bahis siteleri his mother had purposely flashed him for her to masturbate later, over all that she showed him and all that he saw of her. Like mother, like son, wouldn’t that be a riot, if his mother just as perversely perverted as he was?

“No, that won’t work either, Mother,” he said. “Other than just seeing you naked, I need something more than that to inspire me to finish my story.”

“I’m not going to give you sex, Jason, if that’s what you’re thinking in needing something more, as inspiration to finish your story,” she said giving him a look that confessed him otherwise.

As if waiting and expecting him to ask her to give him sex, she looked at him with a face full of excitement? Was she waiting and expecting him to take her in his arms and kiss her, while touching and feeling her everywhere? Did she want him to make the first move, so that she could blame him for all that was about to happen.

“I wasn’t inferring that I needed you to give me sex for you to finish my story, Mother. I only meant that I needed more realism than having you just walk in the room and strip naked,” he said looking at her, as if she was sitting there naked.

“Oh, I know. How about this idea?” She put a manicured figure to her lips, before giving him a sexy look. “What if I entered the room fully dressed and,” she looked at him and smiled, “I had you slowly remove my clothes?” Swooning over what she just said, she talked excitedly enough that he knew that fully dressed is how she preferred entering the room and stripping her naked was his choice, too. “We can pretend we’re on a hot date and you’re hot and horny to see me naked.”

Either his mother was getting caught up in the idea of stripping naked for him or she was just teasing him. Maybe she was just reading his mind. He couldn’t tell which. It’s been years, since he’s seen his mother this animated, not since she signed up for that online dating site and started meeting and having sex with men. With that thought in mind, he couldn’t help but wonder if she perceived him as one of her suitors. Maybe she was thinking about having sex with him, after all. Maybe, trusting him enough to strip naked, she finally felt safe enough to be her sexual and sexy self.

“Fully dressed, I think, Mom. I’ve always been horny to see your naked body, I mean, of course, solely for the purpose of writing my Nude Day story,” said Jason not even having to think about his answer. “Yes, as if we were on a hot date and I was your horny suitor, I’d rather you were fully dressed. Having you fully dressed would be so much more realistic, especially if you allowed me the honor of slowly removing your clothes and stripping you naked,” he said enjoying the idea of being on a hot date with his mother and stripping her naked himself. “We could pretend we’re on a Nude Day date. Slowly building up the tension, seeing you in your bra and panty, before seeing you totally nude, would allow me to write a much better story.”

Suddenly Jason’s mind was filled with the thought of slowly unbuttoning his mother’s blouse and seeing the first glance of her cleavage and the top of her bra. One slow unbuttoned button of her blouse at a time, he’d look to see what each unbutton button revealed, before continuing to unbutton the next button. So much better than having her enter the room naked or in her bathrobe with nothing on underneath, the fact that she volunteered for him to strip her naked was something that even if he had thought to suggest, he never would have dared ask her to do, even if he had thought of doing that himself. Truth be told, he’d be happy with any way she wanted to strip naked and for him to see her naked, so long as he got to see her naked. He still couldn’t believe that she was willingly going to go through with this Nude Day charade, just for him to write his Nude Day story, while both of them pretended that, because of his art, that they weren’t crossing the incestuous line. It was as ridiculous, as it was exciting.

Once her blouse was unbuttoned and flayed wide open, he imagined removing his mother’s blouse and seeing her sitting there beside him in her bra with her exposed cleavage. The imagined image of his mother sitting beside him and before him in her sexy, low cut bra made his cock throb with sexual excitement. Visualizing the whole sexy stripping scenario in his mind first, so as to not make any mistakes, once her blouse was off, he’d unzip her short skirt. He imagined having her stand and turn with her back to him. With his fingers trembling, as he unbuttoned the button of her skirt, before pulling down the zipper, he imagined pulling down her skirt to expose her panty. Seeing her in her panties from behind was something he’s never seen before. He imagined the sight of her panty clad, round, firm ass. Once sitting on the couch with her in her bra and panty, he imagined them talking, laughing, and drinking their wine, as if she bahis şirketleri was fully dressed and as if they really were on a hot date.

Now dressed in just her sexy lingerie, as if she were wearing clothes, instead of just wearing her panty and bra, he imagined her parading around the living room in her bikini panty and 36C bra, while getting snacks and leaning at her waist to change the music and flash him an in between leg shot of her panty clad pussy. He imagined her asking for his help in unhooking her bra and turning to face him, before removing her bra straps and her bra cups from her breasts. As if she were a stripper on stage, he imagined her stand to slowly remove her bra straps to build the suspense, before removing her bra cups and showing him her big breasts, her areolas, and her nipples.

Then, while watching him and looking at him to see how he perceived all that he was seeing of her, he imagined her slowly and seductively rolling down her panty for him to see her brown trimmed pussy, bushy pussy, or bare pussy, he didn’t know which, but he was looking forward to finding out which soon. The image of his naked mother standing before him topless and bottomless was all consuming and he couldn’t think of anything else, except for stripping off his clothes for her, more exciting. Forget about writing his damn story, just as he couldn’t wait to show her his cock, he couldn’t wait to see her tits, her ass, and her pussy.

Finally, having imagined her naked, if it wasn’t enough that he was going to see his mother naked, she willingly agreed to allow him to strip her naked. Maybe, if when he was undressing her, he’d accidentally on purpose touch her breasts, her ass, and/or her pussy. As a bonus, he didn’t know which, either he’d strip naked in front of his mother or she’d strip him naked. Maybe, if when she was undressing him, she’d accidentally touch the bulge that his cock made in his thin, cotton underwear, when she reached out to pull down his underpants. Then, when she leaned forward to remove his underwear, he imagined his cock springing out in her face and nearly impaling her mouth.

He imagined his mother staring at his erect prick. He couldn’t believe his Mom was going to see his cock. He couldn’t believe his Mom was going to see his erection. He wondered if she’d just casually look at his cock or if she’d stare. Maybe, if she had enough wine, she’d reach out and touch him and stroke him, before taking him in her mouth to blow him. He knew she wanted to blow him. He could tell.

“I agree. Adding fodder to your creative imagination and to your story, having you undress me, while pretending we’re not mother and son, but a man and a woman on a date, is much more natural, less contrived, and very sexually exciting, too,” she said taking her second sip of her wine.

There it is again. She mention the s-e-x word again. No doubt, while he’d be satisfied to see her naked and for her to see him naked, she’s looking for some hot sexual action from him.

“Yes, that would be more sexually exciting, Mother,” he said.

“Do you have a preference what I wear?” She looked at him with seduction in her eyes.

Oh, yeah, hmm, what should she wear? What should she wear? Actually he didn’t care what she wore, as he was only interested in what she wasn’t wearing, he wanted to say. Yet, now that he thought about it, it was just as important and sexually stimulating what she was wearing, as what she wasn’t wearing. Suddenly, an entire selection of his mother’s clothes scrolled through his mind, as if he was watching her modeling her fashion in a fast forward, runway, modeling show. She had so very many sexy outfits that made him wild with incestuous desire for her. If only she knew, maybe she did, how many accidental up skirt and down blouses she’s given him over the years, she’d understand his sexual lust for her.

Being that she was his mother, he always thought that her flashes were accidental, but now, being that she’s such a willing participant in his stripper’s striptease show, he wondered if her flashes were more on purpose than by accident. Perhaps, as fodder for her own, private masturbation sessions, she had been teasing him by flashing him for years. Perhaps, over the thoughts of having sex with him and over the thoughts of him having sex with her, she masturbated as much as he did. Wishing he could undress her in everyone one of his favorite outfits, it was difficult to narrow his selection of what she should wear to just one.

“Actually, because you have gorgeous legs and big breasts, Mom, I’d rather you wore a short skirt, a low cut button blouse, panties and bra, of course, and high heels. Being that my story is sexual, you look so sexy in that outfit.”

“I can do that,” she said giving him a sexy look. “Any specific color?”

“You look best in earth tones, yellows, oranges, greens, and browns, Mom. Earthy colors brings out your killer green eyes.”

“Thank you, Jason. You’re such a treasure,” she said fawning all over him, while taking another sip of wine.

“Thank you, Mom, and you’re the best Mom that any son could have,” he said standing to give her a pelvis to pelvis hug.

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