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Hi there, my name is Tom. I had never had sex until this one experience that I had last week. I live with my Mom, no brothers, no sisters just my Mom and myself. My mom’s name is Jenny she works in a flower shop, sometimes I help her there, but that is not really a part of this story. Now, it is no secret my Mom is very good looking, she has brunette hair, very nice legs, and a heart shaped ass to die for. Most of that last week included mother and me working on the pullout bed of our couch. We spent three full hours on that couch. After finishing, we decided to try it out, just to see if there was a difference in the new springs.

There was a difference, it was very nice and soft, and lots of room to roll around in. We lay there for a little while, Mom said she was so comfortable that she wanted canlı bahis to sleep on the pull out bed for the night. I said sure Mom, go right ahead. I rather wanted to sleep on the bed too, fortunately, Mom asked me to sleep on it along with her, so I agreed. She got some sheets I got the blankets, we were planing to watch a movie Mom had rented, and Mom always rented movies on a Friday.

Everything was set, so I hit play. It was a comedy, very funny. Oddly, Mom hit stop after a very funny part where a man caught his ball hair in his zipper, she hit stop after I said I had done that before. Tom, what are you talking about, do you even hair down there? I was a little embarrassed, I answered though. Yes, of course I do. You’re lying. I am not, I do, I have a lot of hair down there. Then show it to me. I’m bahis siteleri not going to show you, that’s private. And I’m your Mom, just show it to me, then I shall hit play and we will continue to watch the movie. OK, but, you have to show me something. Mom answered with a different idea. I have a better idea, you take off all of your clothes except for you boxers and I shall take of my top, bra and everything. I went along with the idea, stripped down to just boxers. Now it was moms turn. She took off her blouse and then the white shirt under it, leaving just her bra. Her breast were so gorgeous, I suddenly got a rock hard boner. Then she said I think I’ll stop here, for now. She sat down next to me and kissed me rather close to the lips.

Hey Tom, do you want to play a game? Sure mom, but your going bahis şirketleri first. Okay, here is how it works, I get to put what ever I want on any part of your body, private or otherwise. The catch is you can’t move when I do it. Do I close my eyes or keep them open? You have to keep them open. Okay then, start. Relax, put your arms down and just relax. Ok, I am relaxed, now what? She reached her hand behind her and took off her bra, my penis decided to pop its head right out of my boxers, mom leaned down to take a closer look. I saw her beautiful breast and cleavage from where I was sitting. Suddenly mom moved her hand up to where my thing was sticking out, she grabbed the top and leaned down even further. Then she went down on me, stuck the head of my dick in her mouth, her for gosh sakes, and started to suck but only for a few seconds until she pulled the rest of me out and sucked all of it until I shot all through her mouth.

She brings herself back up and asks: did you like that? I answered with an affirmitive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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